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Ganjaology at Hempfest 2014 – Bassdrop Music Village

Ganjaology, Hempfest, Bassdrop Music

Summer is in full swing and herb enthusiasts around the world are preparing for a bountiful harvest season. With an exciting turn of events occurring in Washington this year related to cannabis legalization, we’re in for one of the biggest and most burgeoning Seattle Hempfest events yet. Coming up this weekend along the Seattle waterfront at Myrtle Edwards Park, Hempfest is the world’s largest event advocating cannabis exploration, use and legalization. Basically, if you’re into all things herb… HEMPFEST IS THE JOINT!

Our good friends over at Bassdrop Music have procured an awesome stage equipped with stellar sound and an exciting lineup of local electronic acts, plus a handful of guest speakers. We’re lucky enough to have been invited to showcase our skills and represent Ganjaology with a sunset set at the Bassdrop Village stage on Sunday August 17th. Be sure to show up early in the day to catch all the exciting activities Hempfest has to offer, but don’t forget to come kick it with DJs Man.Amen and Callisto of Ganjaology as we close out the festival starting at 6:30pm on Sunday. Peep the full three-day lineup below and be sure to check out some of the smokin’est acts performing at Hempfest on the Bassdrop Village stage!


More info on Hempfest here.

Bassdrop Music, Hempfest, Ganjaology



Visionary Art with Alex and Allyson Grey – Elements of Bass Recap

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

We recently had the pleasure of participating in an extra-ordinary event here in Seattle in which the music and art communities came together to give thanks to the elements.

Hosted by Seattle bass music collective Bassdrop Music as their four year anniversary party, the event  featured music from some of the hottest West Coast producers, plus some of the city’s freshest local acts. To top things off, world famous visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey participated by doing live painting during the event. Naturally this enlivening event was entitled Elements of Bass.

Many find that the four common elements Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are the basic elements of the universe. We are here to contend that in this time we are moving beyond this knowledge of the elementals in this basic sense. We are living in a time of expansion, connectivity and collaboration. For this reason we redefine the elements of creation as music, art, dance and healing. The folks over at Bassdrop did a great job of bringing these aspects together into an inspiring event with EOB.

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

For those that don’t know, Alex Grey has become famous for his ability to diagram energy flows in the human body. His attention to detail is unrivaled by any living artist of his ilk. To spice up the evening, our good friends at Bassdrop Music coordinated a discussion with the Greys, so that we young creators could get a glimpse into the minds of these visionaries.

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

During the discussion, Alex and Allyson shared their views on contemporary art, music, and culture and how it relates to the historical perspective. The theme of the presentation was centered on consciousness and how music, art and other forms of creative expression can color the human experience.

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

A strong through line which permeated the talk, was the idea of sacrament and how certain substances can bring us into a more clear space of awareness, both individually and as a collective.

From the ancient art of consuming Soma, psychedelic mushrooms or even that famed flora known to grow on grave of King Solomon – we humans have been creating, cultivating, and consuming sacraments of various form and texture throughout time. Like the infamous talks given by the late great Terrence McKenna, the Greys stressed the importance of knowing and using these plants and other substances to the benefit of consciousness, while warning of the dangers of misuse. Many of the slides displayed shared imagery of art old and new which had quite obviously been influenced by the use of psychedelics. A personal favorite is the image of the little mushroom men carrying smaller mushrooms and feeding them to one another. Alex states, “Ok, this one is quite clear… Someone was high!”

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

The Greys shared their view on the legalization of cannabis in the NW calling what’s happening in Washington and Colorado a benchmark. It is quite clear that like the team here at Ganjaology, Alex and Allyson value cannabis for its many beneficial properties beyond the commonly recognized lofty high that comes with smoking it. Whether it’s used to reduce pain, stop nausea, settle the mind or expand conscious awareness, one thing is clear…

The use of cannabis in appropriate dosage promotes CREATIVITY, POSITIVITY and the creation and enjoyment of BASS MUSIC!


We want to extend a big thanks to Alex and Allyson for sharing their knowledge and participating in the event both as speakers and live painters. Further we want to give thanks to Bassdrop Music for organizing the event along with all of the others that had a hand in bringing us together. Big up all the musicians that performed including Mat The Alien, Christian Martin, Bluetech, David Starfire, BizZara, Selecta Element and Triple CrownSean Majors, Kozmo, and all the others. Lastly we can’t leave out the local artists that participated including Burgandy Viscosi, Damon Conklin, Sarah Jorgenson, The Graffiti Defense Coalition and more!

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

Like Allyson’s secret script, no amount of language could begin to decipher the excitement we all shared in this phenomenal event. Again, thanks to everyone involved. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Elements of Bass, Alex Grey

All photos featured here are the work of Kari Champoux. Thanks KC!

Further Thanks to Culture Yard Productions, Aunt Donna’sWithin SodoTiberio’s Catering, Heady HQ Cascadia, Steampunk Evolution.



For the last 4 years the Bassdrop crew has been stepping up to the plate in a major way and bringing top notch artists from around the world to our club doorsteps here in Seattle, WA.  To celebrate 4 full years of success, positivity, hard work, and harder play, Bassdrop will be hosting Elements Of Bass, a night of art and music featuring live painting from the living legend Alex Grey and musical performances from Christian Martin, Mat The Alien, David Starfire, Bluetech, and a huge local lineup including Ganjaology!


////// – ////// TICKET INFO ////// – //////
Support the events and music that you love, buy pre-sale tickets! 

Tier 1: $12 TICKETS! (Sold Out!) 

Tier 2: $20 TICKETS! (Sold Out!)

Tier 3: $35 TICKETS! (Sold Out!)

Tier 4: $45 TICKETS! 

Tier 5: $55 TICKETS! 

Tier 1 VIP: ARTIST MEET & GREET: $80 (Limited Amount!)
Tier 2 VIP: ARTIST MEET & GREET: $100 (Limited Amount!)

Attend an insightful 45- minute presentation where Alex Grey & Allyson Grey will speak about their visionary art with explanations of new and old art pieces. Shake hands and personally thank the Greys for their amazing contributions to the art community and for coming to Seattle! They’ll be available for book signings after the presentation. 
Local art enthusiasts such as Burgandy Viscosi, Sid Arthur aka Agent Orange, and Golda and Justin from Graffiti Defense Coalition, Damon Conklin and more will also speak about the impact of art in their lives. Snacks, juices, teas and coffee will be provided for VIPs. 
We want you to come early to the Meet N Greet venue space, get familiar with the surroundings and get comfortable in your seat. The Meet N Greet will be held at 2310 2nd Ave in Seattle, then we will move towards the Elements of Bass party held at Within Sodo to watch the Greys paint live with 4 rooms of music, an Art Gallery, a Vendor Village, food and drinks and dancing! 

////// – ////// – ////// – ////// – ////// – ////// – ////// – //////

Bassdrop has teamed up with The Secret Cup! Buy a combo ticket and get entry into Elements of Bass & The Secret Cup which will be held June 7th @ 7 Point Studios! 
Buy combo tickets here:

Need help getting to ELEMENTS OF BASS?


Splatinum to Release Funkonology! [Interviewed Live at The Crocodile, Seattle 11/15]

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

Seattle based mad sound scientists Splatinum rocked the Crocodile Friday night as one part of the sold-out Bassdrop Music event which also included performances by Wildlight and Polish Ambassador. Decked out in their undeniably awesome USA jumpers, this energetic pair of intergalactic musical messengers took the stage by storm, playing an all original set featuring tunes from their upcoming album Funkonology.

Before the show, we had the chance to meet with the boys in the green room to chat a bit about the project, their new release and what’s happening in this heady little bass circuit which we call home. Adam and Andrew, which together make Splatinum, were humble yet hilarious… and artfully playful in their responses.

Check out the interview below, and be sure to cop the new album when it drops in December!

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

Get your copy of Funkonology here!

Also, be sure to stop by Monkey Loft in Sodo 12.20.13 for the album release party!


Big thanks to Bassdrop Music for putting together the event and getting us connected to do the interview. The evening was purely a success.

Now read on to hear for yourself what Splatinum has to say…

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

GANJAOLOGY: This is Ganjaology and we’re here with Splatinum at the Crocodile in Seattle where they’ll be opening up for The Polish Ambassador. So why don’t you guys introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about Splatinum.

ADAM: I’m Adam. I’m one half of Splatinum, along with the man sitting right next to me…

ANDREW: And I’m Andrew. I’m the “Splat” in Andrew’s enum. So we started making music officially as Splatinum four years ago and it’s been an awesome ride since then. We both share a lot of the same musical tastes and both came up in the scene in the South East, and then reconnected again here in Seattle. We realized that we were both making the same kind of music and eventually decided to blend it together into one project.

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

ADAM: Ya it was really about breaks and breakbeat when I first got into it, Adam was already putting out records and I was buying his records. We were both more into this Florida / UK Breaks kind of sound, which evolved into stages of garage and drum n bass for me for a while. It sort of came full circle for me when I came out west to Seattle, I discovered Laptop battle and I got all into this kind of computer music. It was all about making music on a laptop and I thought that was really cool, to make music that sounded like electronic music… It sounded like it was made on a laptop. I felt like this is new, this is something different. This is pioneering technology!

ANDREW: Ya for sure and I think that kinda pushed us into only wanting to do live performances of our own stuff. We both competed in laptop battles which is this great thing which got started in Seattle. It is similar to like a DJ DMC battle, if you’ve ever seen one of those guys, except it’s strictly for laptop musicians who do these three minute rounds.  You come out and basically bring out your bangers…

ADAM: Single elimination, three minute rounds, and you get one controller. It’s pretty fun.

ANDREW: Ya they’re great. So doing those, and me having the production background of releasing stuff… I used to do an all hardware Live PA. I used to do that back in the South East for years. And then I got into DJing because I was like, oh I just need like 30 pounds of records instead of a truck full of gear. Now we fit everything in a laptop and like three controllers… and well, it’s nice.

GANJAOLOGY: You touched on some influences, but how would you describe your sound now?

ANDREW:  We’ve gotten a little groovier in the recent past for this new album. And a little funkier than we have in the past. I think we started out a little more hard edge and then…

ADAM: You know, it’s funny because the grooves that we’re making now have more space. Sometimes they’re more easy going, but I think in our early days we were just trying to write music that sort of progressed through this story line, and we sort of never let up.

ANDREW: Super dramatic…

ADAM: But now we just use more musical techniques to drive the interest of the song and the direction of the song like verses and choruses and bridges. And chord changes and stuff like that. And I think we’re just more aware of what’s happening with the music. And so, I think that we’ve developed more patience with the groove, which is interesting. I guess, we’re doing more funk influenced stuff too.

ANDREW: This album is one that we’ve put together fully as an album from the beginning. We really tried to write songs for the album, whereas our first album was a collection of all the stuff we had written up until that time. Which was cool, but it was pretty varied. But this one we set out to consciously approach it as an entire album and to have songs that really were interrelated to one another.

ADAM: I think the approach to song writing is just a little different. Before whenever we’d make a tune it was as if we had this linear approach to answer the last thing that was just created. But what was cool about collaborating is that in passing it back and forth we could keep this passion and fire going just by answering each other with whatever happened in the tune. But now I think we have this kind of Gestalt view or overview perspective. We have more of a vision when we approach something so it unfolds easier in that regard. Maybe we just know more of the options. It’s not as linear.

ANDREW: All of our stuff, you can kinda follow from the beginning. It’s kind of an on going musical conversation between me and Adam. With a lot of jokes.

ADAM: Yes, a lot of jokes.

GANJAOLOGY: Awesome. So tell me, this upcoming album… It’s called Funkonlology?

ANDREW: Yes, so when we started Funkonology, we realized pretty early on that it’s more than just an album. And that it was highly researched and based on the science of sound, and really is a self improvement tool. So for anyone that wants to come listen to it, it’s full of healing bass waves. It’s really good stuff.

GANJAOLOGY: So you guys seem to be focused on the science behind the music, which now in the digital age is obviously very important. You have to really know what you’re doing with the tools that you’re given. I wonder specifically, are you using any targeted frequencies? You mention healing.

ANDREW: Ya so there’s all sorts of different sacred frequencies that you can work in. For us its’ really an intuitive process. Half science, half intuition. We find what works. I think most of the science comes in with the usage of the tools and mechanisms in the production process.

ADAM: Where it becomes scientific is when you’re exploring the different axes of sound and the limitations and the various dimensions of the software that you’re using.

ANDREW: And psycho acoustics. There’s a difference between the science of the physics going on versus what the human ear can interpret, and the further the human brain… And then deeper than that, the soul.

ADAM: There’s a balance between the visceral component of heavy bass and the psychological component of the harmonics and how they setup the drops or how they build tension and release and all of that. It’s scientific but it’s also emotional.

ANDREW: It’s like you can go out and listen to really hard, angry music all night, and that’s what you’re going to walk away with. For us, we’ve really always wanted to make music that allowed people to have some sort of release, some sort of transformative experience, hopefully a positive one every time.

ADAM: When we sit down to make a tune, we’re just trying to bring to life a fantasy about a dance floor, to inspire movement and to imagine what the peoples’ reactions will be.

GANJAOLOGY: Yes, that’s super cool. I think there’s major benefit in just movement. Let alone what’s actually being ingested, but the response in movement. Let’s talk a little bit about the scene. Is it EDM, dubstep, electronica… How do you guys fit in?

ANDREW: We started out when it was still super underground. Even the large parties that I went to when I was just a wee tike… It might be a 5,000 person party but it will still feel super underground. It would be in some weird converted warehouse space. You couldn’t really play in any clubs. And it’s been awesome seeing this music, which I love, which no one understood for years, to see it now… Finally the stuff that I like is getting some love and excitement around it.

ADAM: Ya, I grew up in North Carolina. It was tough. You had to really dig deep to discover electronic music. I DJ’d empty rooms for years. I think it was partially because it was harder to access. To hear the fresh new music that was just disappearing into someone’s new crate, you had to go to the store and listen to actual records.

ANDREW: You had to call your friend at the record shop and let him know, “Anything you get new in the shop this week, hold it for me. Make sure you don’t sell it.” Everyone would do like 500 white labels, like test pressings of something and then each record store might get like one or two copies of each. So you had to have a good relationship with the guy at the record store so you could get the white label, so that you could get the freshest stuff. Whereas now, it went from there being gatekeepers to it being this internet based thing where it’s less about getting the advance release from an established artist as it is about finding that guy that has two tunes on Soundcloud, and they’re amazing. Then it’s about getting up with him like “Hey, why don’t you send that music to me.” So I think that’s what the DJs are doing now. That’s how they’re crate digging as opposed to going to the stores looking for vinyl.

ADAM: Nowadays, it’s so much easier for someone to decide to learn about electronic music and to go discover it.

ANDREW: It’s perfectly suited for this age. It’s technology based music being spread through fast paced technological channels.

ADAM: We were discussing this earlier. This build in EDM has been going on for years. It’s been a slow rise, but I don’t think this is some flash in the pan freak occurrence. People love to dance!

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

All photos seen here were taken by Travis Tigner. Thanks!

Ganjaology & Bassdrop :: Unofficial US Cannabis Cup Afterparty Weekend!!

Ganjaology, Bassdrop, Cannabis Cup,

It’s Sunday and the vibes have carried us through a sun soaked morning and into an echoing #dubinthesunday session. We invite you to join us for an evening of purely positive frequencies.

This is Ganjaology x Bassdrop :: Unofficial Cannabis Cup AfterParty Weekend.

— 120 N. 35th Street, Fremont —

We have Dub Champ at the controls right now, and upcoming performances by Suntonino Bandanaz, Aaron Daniel, Unite One (full live band!!), Paul Wheeler, Sonny Chiba, and Blacklist. Music till 1:00am.


We are doing $5 SUGGESTED DONATION at the door, but bring your friends because NO ONE GETS TURNED AWAY. All proceeds go directly to the artists so please help us continue to provide you with freshest of the fresh events all year long. Bless…

We want to see you smiling faces grooving with us here in Fremont at Culture Yard. Celebrate summer with us before sheds for real. RSVP via Facebook here.


Tonight! BUKU live in Seattle!

There is definitely NOT a lack of bass music to be stoked about this week in Seattle.  Tonight  Damn Son and Bassdrop Music have teamed up to bring you one of the East Coast’s hottest underground producers, BUKU, straight from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Having spent the last year getting his name out to the world, Buku will be showing Seattle exactly how the East gets down.  With support from artists such as Diplo, Kastle, and Starkey…this is definitely not the last you’ll hear of Buku.

See you out tonight!

Bassdrop Music and Neumo’s Presents – Ott & The All Seeing I with KiloWatt and HZ Donut [2/21/13 at Neumos]

This  Thursday in Seattle, Bassdrop Music has a very special evening planned indeed. UK sound sorcerer Ott along with his band, The All Seeing I will be gracing the stage at Neumo’s. With support by HZ Donut of Seattle and KiloWatts of Philadelphia this will be an exciting  display of progressive electronic music!

It’s not every day that performing electronic musicians bring with them to the stage a full band. Ott is certainly an exception. Maybe in more ways than this. With more than 10 years of production under his belt, this purveyor of hypnotic rhythms and psychedelic sound is making his way round the world to share his music. Still in touch with early dub influences like Scientist, King Tubby, LKJ, and Prince Far-I, Ott has continued in their legacy to produce the leading edge of electronic dub music today. This is not a show to miss.

Please check out the FB page for more info and be sure to like Bass Drop Music!


And here’s a word from the Ott himself…


Seriously stunning production on these.

Big up to Seattle’s own HZ Donut for his work in the music scene up this way. Here’s a mix he’s done to get ready for Spring!

Ok, KilloWatts. Wow, this guy is on top of his game right now. From his roots in Texas to his home in Philadelphia to his international collaborations, the man called KiloWatts has some high voltage sounds in his pack. Come prepared for a storm. It might not be the work of of Zeus, but Seattle is certainly going to see some electricity and feel that thunder…

Yup, you know what I mean. 



Bassdrop Music… Giving away the goods for FREE!

If you live in the Pacific North West, you have likely heard of Bassdrop, Seattle’s premier promotors of that beautiful music which has become collectively known as BASS. After three hard years if throwing some of Seattle’s hands down heaviest parties, Bassdrop has decided to take the leap into Labelhood, …but before they begin slanging sexy riddims all across the universe by way of any number of commonly known beat portals, Bassdrop has decided to grace the bass heads that check in to the exclusive channels with a few sound samples.

Here we have a pair of mixes that speak to the quality of the music that Bassdrop deals in. Be warned, these rhythms will make you move. Don’t hesitate. Hit the switch on these free downloads and manifest that perfect evening environment to facilitate the moving of your hind parts!

First up is KAT1LYST with his Tropic Thunder Mix. This collection of frisky selections is perfect when enjoyed with friends that don’t fear fun. Smile damnit, and dance.


This next one really doesn’t need words. But just because it is so severely dope, we have already written about it. Check the post along with the track listing here.

Pressha goes deep with this one. Enjoy!

Big ups to Bassdrop and their whole camp! It is inspiring to see what can come out the the collective consciousness when sharing some of our favorite freedoms: Creativity, Positivity, and Bass Music.

Check the following links for upcoming Bassdrop Events!!

Bassdrop Music & MindField present – OPIUO, HZ DONUT vs. NOISEMAKER, KAT1LYST & DJ ZARA
Bassdrop Music presents SOUTH SOUND SESSIONs Vol. 1

Seattle might as well be a music festival…

Well folks, once again, we had another weekend stacked with an amazing musical lineup for Friday, Saturday, and tonight, Sunday.  The music scene in this city is absolutely outstanding and now that summer is right around the corner all the hibernating bass-heads are starting to make their way out of their caves and into the light…the light of the disco ball on the dance floor that is.

          To start off the madness David Starfire headlined a show Friday night, with support from HZ Donut and J-Sun, at Countour, down in Pioneer Square.  The whole party was put on by Bassdrop Music, which a  notorious record label in Seattle known for their heavy bass shows (hence the name Bassdrop).  They pulled a good crowd to the show once again! Big ups to that whole crew!  Anyway, back to David Starfire.  I had heard of him previously, but was not prepared for the type of sound he was bringing to the table for Fridays show.  Mashing up dubstep, world beat, breakbeat, and hip-hop, Starfire got the crowd on the dance floor instantly and held the captivity of the crowd until the bitter end, which happened to be quite pleasant as the night was not over yet.  Here is a track David Starfire did with Freq Nasty called  Sita Ram-Dub Kirtan All Stars.

As 2am was rounding the corner and Contour was closing down, ManAmen and myself made a quick move up to the Electric Tea Garden for the T2-B2 birthday bash that was going on all night! All night meaning until 10am!  That is Miami style poppin’ off in the North West for sure!  Upon entering, the sounds of tech-house filled the air and a sea of colorful and passionate dancers was before us being led by the good sounds and vibes of the local Seattle DJ legend Sean Majors.  This was my first time seeing Sean Majors, as it was my first time seeing David Starfire, and also my first time at Electric Tea Garden!  I found out a lot on Friday about music along with where the best after-parties are at!  Sean Majors has been a DJ from the age of 16 in the early 90’s and has since made an huge impact on the dance scene in the North West.  He has played almost every major venue in Seattle many times over and can be seen in a variety of settings including 1000+ people shows all the way down to the small intimate after party at 4am.  Majors beats keep you groovin’ unitl the sun is on the rise and the bass is nice and deep at all times.   He is a little guy with a big presence and I look forward to seeing him again at Electric Tea Garden.  Check out this mini mix by Sean Majors and Gene Lee!



After a very late and successful Friday night with the high energy level set by David Starfire, I woke up with beats still in my head and the need for a Dance Party cupcake from Cupcake Royale.  After getting some giant super wet burritos from Taco Guyamas on Broadway and cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, ManAmen and I prepared for the evening ahead of us in different ways.  I burnt the rarest of ganja and got my maximum level of relaxation on while he prepared himself for a 12 hour work day ahead of him. Ouch!  Only one of us could make it to Neumos later in the night for Mimosa and Paper Diamond.  I pre-gamed the day away and when ManAmen and I split ways I was prepared for the evening to come.

When I got to the show Paper Diamond was halfway through his set and was tearing the speakers up!  His set consisted of almost all original tracks and was bringing a huge sound with his next level beats and heavy heavy drops.  It was yet another first for me seeing this brilliant producer/DJ and he was truly impressive with his technique and musical taste.  His music is very original and his stage presence is very positive and brings a fun feel to the show.  I really liked the fact that he was using an Ipad to dj his set!  Here is Paper Diamond’s hit Paper Cuts.

Paper Diamond finished his set with style and Mimosa came on and…OPENED UP HIS SET WITH A GUNSHOT AND THE FIRST DROP FROM DOCTOR P’S BIG BOSS!!!!  That was a highly unexpected and huge intro.  With red lights going off in the background, Tigran Mimosa took the show from a dance party to a madhouse in a matter of seconds.  The theme of the next hour and a half was set and Mimosa made sure the last stop of his tour was the best stop.  Dropping banger after banger and incorporating massive dubstep hits of his own mixed with tracks such as Doctor P’s Watch Out, and Flux Pavilion’s Bass Cannon, Mimosa left the crowd crippled from the bass and did some serious damage to the sound system at Neumos. Needless to say he will be back again after getting such a large amount of love from Seattle last night.  58 Degrees is one of my favorite new Mimosa releases with it’s beautiful melody, and it made the crowd rage extra hard last night! Enjoy his sounds and check out his soundcloud for more new tracks!  This is just the start of a beautiful summer…