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Beats Antique – SPRING MIX 2013

With winter over and the beauty of spring among us, Beats Antique has just released an extraordinary hour long mix featuring tunes from themselves (obviously) and some of the worlds most progressive producers such as  Tipper, Opiuo, Filastine, and DJ Shadow, just to name a few.  Beats Antique’s Spring Mix embodies the positive cool breeze that has been blowing through with the kick off to this years sunny season.  This will definitely help pass the time with positivity until summer officially arrives.



Beats Antique has successfully made it back from Egypt in once piece and they are now getting ready for their New Years Eve performance at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Now is your chance to enter a free ticket giveaway for New Years Eve with Beats Antique.

Just send an email to with “Ganja + Beats Antique” in the subject line and provide us with your phone number.  You could be the lucky winner of two free tickets! Contest goes through Dec 31 at 12pm. 

Take a look at what Beats Antiques live performance is like if you haven’t seen it before…

NEW!! Beats Antique – Skeleton Key (Official Video)

Here is a brand new video from Beats Antique for their song, Skeleton Key

Beats Antique – Contraption V.II – Animale Mechanique Tour

The last three weeks have represented the kick off of Beats Antiques Animale Mechanique tour, which is their fall tour celebrating the release of their new EP entitled Contraption Vol. II.  Today is the release date of Contraption Vol. II!  For those of you who have been out of the loop the last five years let me fill you in on what you’ve been missing.  Beats Antique is a trio leading a growing musical movement that fuses electronic and world music together.  They incorporate live instruments such as strings, brass horns, and drums, with elements of glitch-hop and dubstep, creating a sound that is as unique and straight forward as their name.  Their live shows are recognized world-wide as some of the most enthusiastic and entertaining performances of our time.  Combining live musical performance with choreographed dance incorporated with animal costumes and magnificent lighting,  this fall you’ve got the chance to see them in one (or as many as you can afford to travel to) of 35 cities across the US.  This is a show you will NOT want to miss. Take a look at the cities down below that are being blessed with the tour and also have a listen to their mixtape they released for the tour!

Here is a 48 minute mix Beats Antique did to kick off the tour!

Beats Antique – Revival (David Starfire Remix)

Here is a a track I knew I would love instantly simply based off of the artists involved.  Beats Antique plays one of the best live performances I have ever seen in my life and David Starfire creates world electronic music that is years ahead of it’s time.  This track is impossible not to enjoy. So enjoy it.

Beats Antique 4/1/11 [RECAP]

Ever heard the common joke in DJ circles, “How do you kill a dancefloor? …play Dubstep.”

Well folks, the joke is over. Case in point; the unbelievable, undeniable, unfathomable frenzy of freakiness that made me quiver in the loins at the first drop of the Beats Antique show this month at the Showbox. This trio takes Dubstep to a whole new level. Incorporating world rhythms from across the musical spectrum with supremely sexy belly dancing and booty shaking, this show quaked Seattle like a damn natural disaster.

Opening DJ, better called digital percussion design data master, ESKMO reigned supreme. His crunching snare sounds and strange sub bass resonated with listeners as he  stirred it up for the crowd. Careful not to skip his most recent hit track Cloudlight, Eskmo provided relaxing rhythms coaxed by carefully incorporated percussion and singing. His music is quite extraordinary to say the least.

As tension loomed, the crowd was found dumbfounded as the house lights came on only for a sound engineer to announce that due to unfortunate circumstances, Beats Antique will not be performing. But wait…pouring in from behind the crowd comes a stream of figures outfitted in animal masks holding signs written on ripped cardboard: APRIL FOOLS!! From here Beats Antique set it off. The drummer was live, the beat conductor was swagged out in striped overalls with a rad conducor’s cap, and the dancers exhibited a type of sexiness that questions the reasoning behind making this an all age shows. Feathers, fur, masks, beads, belly dancing, booze, and the best kinds of smoke. This was a show for the dream journal for real.

Shout out to BZ all the way from Chicago along for the ride!!

Bless up to the BEATS