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CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo (Unlimited Gravity Remix)

Pure beauty.  That’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I finished listening to Unlimited Gravity’s remix of Smokey Taboo, by CocoRosie, for the first time.  I can’t really describe what ‘pure beauty’ looks like or what it feels like…it’s beyond words…but you’ll know what I mean when you experience it first hand.  Click play, kick back, and enjoy a good bowl of ganja while you’re taken to a new level of chill through the amazing work of Unlimited Gravity.


Banditz and Self Help – Spine Waves EP

It is with much pleasure that I proudly announce the release of Ganjaology’s first EP, entitled…

Spine Waves EP

Featuring Ohio’s own dance floor killa – DJ Self Help – along with Orlando’s hottest young dubstep duo – Banditz – this release is sure to put some energy in your spine. Transcending genre labels, the Spine Waves EP is a unique blend of beautifully crafted electronica and bass. The project involved the development of two songs from both production teams which were then traded and remixed. This exciting platform for creation has resulted in a release that is fresh, fun and full of energy. Banditz bring the heavier, bass driven, break your back energy; while Self Help brings the lighter, uplifting, bounce ‘tuh dis vibe. Together the Spine Waves EP is a testament to the magnificent power of co-creation.

The six track EP is available for digital download from the Ganjaology Bandcamp, here. All the funds will be put back into the Ganjaology Project so that we can continue providing you with the best music we can get our hands on. Please help us to do what we love most, creating a platform for CREATIVITY, POSITIVITY, and BASS MUSIC. We appreciate the support!

And now… SPINE WAVE!

PS. When I listen to this album, I get the sense that there is electricity literally flowing through my spine. My face swells, my hands tingle, and my feet get numb. If you’ve had a similar experience with this or any other music, you might be experiencing what is called Kundalini energy. It is the energy that flows up your spine from your base or root chakra. Often this is the sensation we get when something “vibes” with us. If you think you feel me, do some research. Tap into that power. It lives within all of us. Open the door. Expand your mind. Experience Spine Waves.

Commodo – Rec Room

Gotta get this one up… Here’s a toast to the jazzier side of life. Commodo comes full of expression with this beautiful tune featuring velvety bass, signing drums, and trading vibes, flute, piano. I first heard this on Commodo’s mix for Percussion Lab. It’s definitely worth the listen. The track was released in 2010 with Untitled Records. Tune in to the vibes!


WU LYF – We Bros (Young Montana? remix)

Treat yourself good today.  Start the day off with some healthy stretches to get your body in the awake state it needs to be in.   Lead that stretch session with some healthy sounds by created by Young Montana? and Wu Lyf.  Follow your stretch session with a healthy bowl of your cities finest greenery.  Good morning…Ganjaology style… BIG UP YOURSELF!