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Decompressed Mix By: Da Moth

Fall is definitely here.  Festival season is pretty much over (with a few exceptions still) and everyone is in this very calm decompression mode.  With winter right around the corner you’ve only got a few weeks of decent fall weather left to properly party outside (unless you’re Canadian).  Da Moth recorded this mix at the LA decompression to finalize the vibes that were captured and spread around the festival scene this summer.   Every single track on here is stellar!  I think you’ll easily let this mix play through the full hour and a half.  LISTEN!

Pericles – Ancient Desert [DROPS TONIGHT!]

Tic, tic, tick. The new Pericles album drops at midnight and I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages!

For centuries the soul of Pericles has been searching; selectively sourcing incarnate bodies that have served him  in his quest for a unified consciousness. As the arms of time swing into alignment on the cosmic course of creation, Pericles has found a vehicle with which he can finally share the ancient knowledge he has amassed  during his travels. Ancient Desert tells the tumultuous story of a universe, torn from the ether and tossed into existence. Having become an ever expanding system of sacred beings, desperately drifting through the sands of time; our universe has created for us a key to unlocking the treasures of tomorrow. The vibrations that Pericles has channeled here will serve to share with us the lessons, learned over millennia, in order that we may one day return to that beautiful unity from which we were born.

Since his inception into the consciousness of Pericles in 2007, South Carolina’s premier bass producer has released two full length albums along with quite a few mixes and compilations from labels including Abstract Logic Recordings, Waveform Modulations, Glitch.FM and Vermin Street. With his heart burning a space in his soul, Pericles  represents the Wondrous Temple of Boom, and has played at South East burns such as Transformus and Alchemy. Artists that have shared the stage with this energetic creature include Shpongle, Ott, The New Deal, Nasty Nasty, Freddy Todd, Ana Sia, Alex B, Ben Samples, Pretty Lights, Eprom, Mochipet, Big Gigantic, Ooah, Quetzatl, Eliot Lipp, Signal Path, and Conspirator.

With remixes by Freddy Todd, Charlie P, and Brad Bitt, Ancient Desert will not go unnoticed. Check out this teaser tune, and pick up the whole album when it releases on BeatPort tomorrow!

Also, check the links below for more music from Pericles.

Sun Beams Album // Pericles Bandcamp [FREE DL]

Ancient Desert Mix //

Dolphin Crunk //


Ohm Wrecker – Float EP

Ohm Wrecker, formerly known as Dubble Pennetration of Bellingham, WA are getting it in. As a part of BassDrop Seattle’s regular set of phenomenal electronic music performers, Ohm Wrecker has been rocking Seattle area parties since 2009. This year they will be releasing their first EP with Tycho records entitled Float.  Check out the tunes below and keep your ears out for these guys. They will surely be found floating freely around the Blessed Coast festi scene this summer.

aminorGlitch – Precesion of The Equinox

Gotta give it up to the homies for this one. Florida friend turned Denver dancehall glitch giver, Chris Edwards aka aminorGlitch is tearing it up. Actually we dropped our boy off in Denver after Burning Man with nothing but his computer, a mixer and his undeniable charm. Bigs ups Chris for doing it right with the move over to the Blessed Coast.

Check out these soothing sounds and kick back tonight.

Elevate your mind – Expand your consciousness – Energize your body – Enlighten – Bless up

Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up (David Starfire Remix)

Here is one of my favorite tracks from David Starfire.  I heard him drop this track at Burning Man and couldn’t find it online when I got back.  That would be because he just released it to the public a little over a week ago.  In David Starfires own words…

“I’m finally giving away the Bob Marley “Get Up Stand Up” Remix I produced and have had a lot of requests for it since I’ve been playing it out the past few months. I’m hoping it will be a theme song for all of the people standing up for our rights with the current “Occupy” situation that is happening all over the world. I hope through music that this could spark more interest of others to become politically active too. ” – David Starfire

David Starfire – Rites Of Passage Mix

It’s the last night of Burning Man.  I am sitting in our RV discussing what time we are going to leave, the temple has just burned, and I realize that David Starfire (who I somehow missed every other day) is playing a set at…I think it was 3am, right after Freq Nasty.  We can not leave yet.  The car can get packed, but we can not leave.  Sure enough.  It was the best decision I could have possibly made that trip.  We get over to the Hookah Dome and the crowd is going absolutely nuts.  There were so many people in animal attire and with masks on that it felt as if I were in a dusty sea of mermaids, minotaurs, and elves.  Could you ask for a better environment to see some of the craziest worldly dubstep/drumstep music ever produced? Definitely not.  David Starfire left a lasting impression on me as the last act seen of my first year of Burning Man, and set our groups energy right for the 18 hour journey home.  Enjoy this mix from Mr. Starfire title Rites Of Passage.  This set is the theme music of Burning Man 2011.   We will see you on the playa next year! 

Santa Swag on Funky Earthship

They say that art represents first and foremost that which manifests in the eye of the beholder. By that logic, the image above depicts the carrier in which we experienced a most magical adventure down in Black Rock City this past month. Swagging super tough in our satin slacks with beards blessed white, we brought the Kris Kringle crew on board the Soul Train only to rock so hard we damn near rocked the wheels off. As we neared our next stop to no where, we distributed gifts from our satchels, stitched special by Mrs. Claus and were gone in a flash. On Dancer, on Prancer, on Ganji on Gretta!! Oh damn. Dressing up like old St. Nick is just too much fun.

The piece is by Mike Dubisch, of San Diego. Check out more of his art here.

Oh yes, and what do we have here. A dirty freak out funk mix!? Oh I think I will have a listen. Thanks to Keith Griffiths AKA Funkademia of Manchester for the tunes.

Shotgun Radio – A Bad Place feat. Mimi Page (Minnesota Remix)

               Hypnotizing, mesmerizing, and definitely a song for all the ladies in the night scene, Minnesota brings the world another incredible remix.  This time it’s of Shotgun Radio’s, A Bad Place, featuring Mimi Page.  This track is fucking long!  That’s all good though…it gives your head time to dive into the song, come back out, and enjoy every second of it.  Minniesota has a powerful style that shares the likeness of fellow purple producers, MartyParty, and Mimosa (all three of whom played multiple times at Burning Man this year), that incorporates a deep driving bassline and a hyper melody.  The deadly combination leaves the dance floor filled with an ass shaking crowd of girls.  What a beautiful scene.  Minnesota is going to be on tour for the next couple months so keep an eye out for a show near you!  He brings more energy than than the crowd can handle and will be in Florida, California, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Colorado, , Iowa, and yes…Minnesota, until the end of November.  The purple take over is on the way! 

Narcotic Rhythms by OPIUO

Hailing from New Zealand, via Melbourne, Australia; Opiuo is spreading his sound around the globe with superb energy. Appearing along side artists like Freq Nasty and Marty Party on the 2011 Monsters of Bass Tour, Opuio is making a name for himself as a premier DJ/producer at an international level. We recently had the opportunity to see  Opiuo along with plenty other heady artists in Black Rock City, Nevada this past week at Burning Man. I must say, his performances cut through all the craziness of the festival and forced me to listen, making Opiuo one of my favorites from the week.

Below, I’ve included a handful of must listen tracks so that y’all can get a taste of this nasty narcosis – ENJOY!

Opiuo – Robo Booty

Ray! – Good Times (Opiuo Remix)

Neighbor + Spilt Milk – Get With This (Opiuo Remix)

Modestep – Sunlight (Jacob Plant Remix)

BANGER. What more can I say…

Oh ya, WE’RE GOING TO BURNING MAN!! This is such an awesome tune accompanied by exquisite album art, perfect for the upcoming excitement. If you too will be burning this year, be sure to find Team Ganjaology during the festivities for free t-shirts!!

Plus – Here’s a rowdy mix by Russian DJ, Serg Tachini. Sergi brings the noise with this promo mix, putting his home town of Nizhnevartovsk on the map.