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Atyya – Aurical EP

The Lost Tapes Pt.1 w/ Daega Sound – Interview from Bass Coast 2013

Daega Sound, Bass Coast, Ganjaology

Muffled kick drums and filtered snares echo into your auditory field as distant serpent synths weave gently into your awareness. Soon, splashing cymbals and rising sonic tides elevate your ears into an ocean of technical intricacies washed and tumbled by waves of emotionally driven atmospherics.  Imagination takes over and you’re launched into the land of Daega Sound. To breath underwater never felt so natural.

Hailing from a forested coastal island in the Strait of Georgia  beyond Vancouver, this dynamic pair of Canadian dub producers come together to create an undeniably unique sound. Known for their technically advanced rhythms and dynamic synth work, Daega Sound seamlessly fuses the frequencies that we may commonly refer to as Dubstep, Drum n Bass or Techno. With their strikingly keen ability to navigate the depths through their music, it’s no wonder that these boys literally shared the same womb. If you’ve ever seen these guys perform, one thing is clear… They are brothers.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Daega Sound at Bass Coast in Merrit BC last summer. Unfortunately, shortly after the interview the recordings vanished. Like a long lost treasure which surfaces at the opportune moment, the recording has been recovered, just in time for Bass Coast 6 – Mutiny. #YAR!

Check out the interview below and be sure to tune in to some of the tunes from Daega we’ve included throughout this article. The boys had the opportunity to follow up to share what’s new in the world of Daega Sound since last year. Jump to the end for that, but don’t miss what they had to say about Bass Coast, what’s happening in the world of electronic music, and the bass music scene’s dirty word “Dubstep”.

So tune in, listen up and recognize that no matter how someone may choose to categorize your favorite music, only one phrase fits when describing the music of Ben and Josh Searles. This is Daega Sound.

Daega Sound, Bass Coast, Vasho Photography

Check out more from Daega Sound on Facebook and Soundcloud. Also check out their recent releases with Brooklyn bass music label Tuba Records. Lastly, be sure to check back at GANJAOLOGY this coming week for The Lost Tapes Pt. 2 with Michael Red!

See you all at Bass Coast, August 1-4 in Merrit, BC!!

Here’s the interview…

MICK :: Alright, this is Mickey and Nala with Ganjaology and we are here at Bass Coast with Daega Sound. Why don’t you guys just introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the project?

BEN :: My name is Ben, This is my brother Josh…

JOSH :: Hey

BEN :: And we make bass music, and well…

JOSH :: All kinds of stuff

BEN :: A lot of what we put out is in the 140 dubstep world, although we’ve got a release coming out soon with Loxy and Resa on the Cylon, which is a 170 DnB release.

JOSH :: We come from a pretty diverse background in music. We were trained classically when we were younger. And so as we sort of grew up, we started to thirst for some new sounds and stuff and as we didn’t grow up in the sort of mainstream world of music, we didn’t go pop or mainstream we sort of went underground, deeper and deeper and we never looked back or came out of it.

MICK :: Sweet. So, are you guys Vancouver based?

BEN :: Ya we live just outside of Vancouver, a short ferry ride, about 40 minutes outside of Vancouver. We are some what isolated so we can focus, we’re also close enough to the city that we can stay connected. It’s a perfect kind of balance.

MICK/NALA :: Ya we’re both familiar with that ferry ride into the city, we do it to in Seattle.

JOSH :: Oh no way.

BEN :: Killer…

JOSH :: I love it. It’s the best because you get the best of both worlds. We like to be not distracted… You know and in a place like that it’s like one stop light between you and the grocery store, get like good maximum studio time. In the winter anyways, summer’s ridiculous.

MICK :: Absolutely. Ya so it’s like “underground…” I guess, would you use an other words to describe your music?

BEN :: It’s kind of introspective.

JOSH :: Ya, and it really melodic, soundscape-y.

BEN :: Atmospheric, Soundtrack-y, a lot of people call it deep…

JOSH :: But it’s heavier and headier than “deep”. It’s not slow. It’s pretty syncopated. Ben was a drummer growing up and I played guitar so we kind of had a good thing going with rhythm and melody so there’s always those things are always the mainstays but everything comes from another place. We just do whatever, we’re like conduits.

BEN :: We used to DJ like drum n bass and techno, so you hear a lot of that drum n bass in there.

JOSH :: The neat thing about that sound, about the 140  “dubstep” sound, at least when we got into it, there were little bits of everything. Like there was DnB elements and there were some techno elements in there. Some dub, well lot’s of dub. We both are huge into like reverb, delay and all this. So it was a good sound for us because we were writing all sorts of stuff and we could kind of coalesce these into one place where we could focus it.

MICK :: And you guys are brothers, is that true? I mean blood brothers?

BEN :: Yes. Yes..

JOSH :: Ya we been doing this a long time. Our mom was a choreographer and a dancer and our dad was a composer…

BEN :: Haha, ya been doing this kinda thing for a little while.

MICK :: Ya, I come from a drummer father and my mom’s a dancer.

JOSH :: Oh cool, ya we spent a lot of time backstage thinking…

BEN :: “Oh.. those are some cool lights and buttons.”

MICK :: Nice. So maybe you guys can talk about any new releases, maybe recent releases that you’ve done or you’re working on.

BEN :: Ya we put our first record out on black box, which is probably one of our biggest releases. It’s a UK label, it’s got acts like Headhunter and Kryptic Minds and Jack Sparrow and a lot of guys that we sort of looked up to for a long time, and still do. And in our sets you hear a lot of those guys.

JOSH :: Ya we’ve played a lot of their stuff and a lot of stuff off their label. And we have another upcoming release with the in the fall. We put some stuff with a newer imprint, Tuba.

BEN :: Well, they’ve been around for a little while actually.

JOSH :: This is our fourth release, I think. So we’ve got another one coming up and then as Ben said the Locksee and Rez, it’s a CX Digital… Our first official drum n bass release. So branching a bit. We’ve had plans for an album, sort of sneaky in the background for a while and we thought we were going to be able to pull all that out this year, but…

BEN :: Ya, it’s gotta take it’s own time.

JOSH :: We’re not a quantity type of couple of producers, we’re more like the Tool. Putting one record out every four years sort of thing. You know, put the time and effort in to make it count.

BEN :: When we’re letting the ideas percolate it’s always nice to spend a summer going and checking out new acts and new sounds and getting new inspiration and you take that energy back into the studio. Get in the shed. It all sort of steeps and it comes out in new ideas.

JOSH :: Were gonna be doing… As far as performance, we’ll be keeping up our writing as we have been. We’ve got ideas to launch a new Daega Sound music store, so we’ll be able to do a lot of our own stuff. But also, as far as performance goes we’re gonna stick to the two by four now, so we have a lot more scope and range as far as DJ sets go… With four decks. And then we’ll be doing a lot more live stuff coming up. We’ve got enough material that it makes it worth it.

MICK :: So you guys run two decks each?

BEN :: Ya, two decks and two mixers.

JOSH :: It’s like a brother thing, you know. Everything has to be shared. He’s got two turntables, I want two turntables.

BEN :: Ya it keeps us from getting bored.

JOSH :: Two deck sets are fun, but you know. You can just do so much more.

MICK :: Well cool. This is a good seg-way into we’re here at Basscoast, so why don’t you give us the scoop on Bass Coast. What’s this gathering all about?

BEN :: This is like a big extended family out here.

JOSH :: Pretty much every level of infrastructure here has  got people from our crew.

BEN :: We’ve been around since the first one, so you see the evolution go from like 700 or 800 the first year and there’s thousands this year. The production each year, it’s just grown. And it’s sort of getting into its adolescence now. It’s getting to feel more comfortable with itself and the systems. Its a new site here, so they had to go through a lot of learning curves I’m sure to get on top of everything that goes with getting a new sight, but from the front it’s seamless. It’s been an awesome experience.

JOSH :: It’s kind of like an outdoor Mutek in a way, where you have really high level production sound, lights, and talent – but you’re in an outdoor setting in that way.

MICK :: Cool, so any words of wisdom for up and coming musicians out there?

BEN ::  The one thing that we’ve always been told and what’s kept us going is perseverence. You just don’t stop.

JOSH :: And to be really honest with what you do. Write the music that moves you, not what you think is gonna… You know, because I think people are receptive to honest music so just let it come naturally and just don’t give up. That’s what we were told.

BEN :: And our older brother Ron is an engineer and he always says… While there’s a lot of music out there right now, more than ever before with the technology that’s available, there’s always room for good music. People will always be ready to hear good stuff, so don’t be afraid.

JOSH :: The other thing is that everything takes its own time.

BEN :: Music is sort of a life long interaction or relationship with the individual that is creating it, or a part of creating it. It’s always been there, it’s always gonna be there. You now, take your time with it.

JOSH :: We like to think of music lasting forever. You know, you think of some of those composers that wrote in the 1500s and it’s still being played today. That’s sustainability. I mean that’s what I classify as timeless.

MICK :: You’re a part of Lighta! is that true?

BEN :: Ya we’re a part of the Lighta! Sound.

JOSH :: Ya, I guess we’ve only been Daega Sound for about 5 years. This is our fifth year now, In 08 so it just kinda got blown there. And that’s when we joined up with the Lighta! guys which is great because they’re a good bunch of guys to roll with. Good inspiration, support.

BEN :: We’ve got some sort of compilation ideas coming along with a whole bunch of us that are making music as well, putting music out. So it kinda makes sense that we do something together like that.

JOSH :: Ya we do events together. It will be nice to see where that goes this year.

MICK :: We recently did an interview with Self Evident where he mentioned you guys and he said that, Daega has been saying that there’s a reimergence of dubstep in it’s truest form. So do you have anything to say on that?

JOSH :: It was Youngsta actually that I remember reading an article on talking about that in Europe because in the UK… Imagine the ripple effect. You drop a stone in the water in the UK and it as it moved out it kinda stopped. But I think theres a whole new generation. I think the young guys that were into the “bro-step” are growing up a bit and searching for stuff thats a little deeper.

BEN :: They’re curious.

JOSH :: They’re curious and there’s bigger numbers now toward that sound. Or it feels that way at least.

BEN :: We’re just at the point where another wave is about to spill over.

JOSH :: It does feel like that. We’re always listening to new music and what’s going on and there was definitely a period where things were kinda quiet.

BEN :: We were talking to Goth Trad earlier and he was saying that there’s a lot of guys doing stuff in the 130 bpm range in the UK now but you see in Holland and Belgium a lot more 140 happening.

JOSH :: It sort of moves around the world like that, that sound.

MICK :: It’s a beautiful culture we got going on.

JOSH :: It’s really fucking cool.

BEN :: It’s a big international family.

MICK :: Cool, well much respect to you guys.

DAEGA SOUND :: Yes, thanks!

GANJAOLOGY :: It’s been a year in the life… What’s changed since last year’s Bass Coast?

DAEGA SOUND :: We’re always refining the sound and how we go about creating and performing it, it’s an ongoing evolution. There’s a bunch of new dubs in the stock pile and tunes coming out including a 12″ up next with NYC’s TUBA imprint. Our Daega Sound Music store will be online soon, excited to see that coming to fruition. Also keep your ears peeled for Daega Sound radio shows in the near future.


Thanks to Vasho Photography, Bass Coast, and Daega Sound for the photos.

Bass Coast, Bass Coast Mutiny, Ganjaology

Westerley Live @ Shambhala 2013 – Living Room Stage

Big shout out to Westerley for this huge dubstep mix!

:Michael Red on the Mic:

1) Author – After Time
2) Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive
3) The Others – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)
4) Dcult – US
5) LAS – Blood
6) Karma – Smear Dub
7) Gantz – Lifebound
8) Deafblind – Humanism
9) Gantz – U Wont Mind
10) Catacombs – Badman Culture
11) Piezo – The Omen
12) Daega Sound – Rainmaster
13) Sleeper – Species
14) D-Operation Drop – Genesis
15) LAS – Minus 2
16) Commodo – Space Cash
17) Gantz – Stayer
18) Amit – No Mercy
19) Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
20) Chewie – Mesmerized
21) Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
22) Perverse – Tribute
23) Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
24) Benton – Wormholes (Soap Dodgers Remix)
25) Thelem – Elemental Fears
26) J Robinson – Mysticism
27) Matt U – Frequency
28) Daega Sound – Under Pressure
29) Demon – Door 13
30) Biome – Black Widow
31) Asylum – Blindfold
32) J:Kenzo – Ricochet
33) Daega Sound – The Ridge
34) Westerley – Keys Of Time
35) Daega Sound – State Of Mind
36) Amit – Acid Trip
37) Fatboy – Sick (Artikal Remix)
38) Ipman – Persistent Dread
39) Goth Trad – Born To Know
40) Ipman – Sensory Deprivation
41) DJG – Time Is The Fire VIP
42) Killawatt – Static Tension
43) Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
44) J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
45) Icicle – Caffeine
46) J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
47) Ipman – Signal Motion
48) Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
49) Chapta – Late Night Jazz
50) Asylum – Afterlife
51) Wayfarer – Reflections
52) Dub Phizix – Yukon
53) Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptikal Remix)
54) J:Kenzo – One Drop
55) Chimpo ft. Dub Phizix & Skeptikal – Buzzin’

Westerley LIVE at Bass Coast 2013

1. Versa – Vuelvo
2. Asylum – Afterlife
3. J:Kenzo – Ricochet
4. Chewie – Mesmerized
5. Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
6. Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
7. Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law
8. J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
9. Gantz – Lifebound
10. Perverse – Tribute
11. D-Operation Drop – Lapse
12. Gantz – You Wont Mind
13. Commodo – Space Cash
14. Mentha & Murk – 1992 (Ipman Remix)
15. LAS – Blood
16. Sick – Fatboy (Artikal Remix)
17. J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
18. Loefah – The Goat Stare
19. Quantum Soul – Underworld
20. Amit – No mercy
21. Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
22. LAS – Minus 2
23. Gantz – Stayer
24. D-Operation Drop – Genesis
25. Sleeper – Species
26. Daega Sound – Under Pressure
27. Biome – Black Widow
28. Asylum – Blindfold
29. Youngsta – Poseidon
30. Matt U – Frequency
31. Piezo – The Omen
32. Catacombs – Badman Culture
33. Daega Sound – Rainmaster
34. Perverse & Gantz – Seismic
35. Killawatt – Rolling Dunes (Ipman Remix)
36. Amit – Acid Trip
37. Sleeper & District – The Risk
38. Westerley – Keys Of Time
39. Biome – The Road
40. Daega Sound – State Of Mind
41. Goth Trad – Born To Know
42. Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
43. Killawatt – Static Tension
44. Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
45. Youngsta – Destruction
46. Icicle – Caffeine
47. Deafblind – Humanism
48. Dcult – US
49. Dubtek – Extension
50. Wayfarer – Reflections
51. Thelem – Harmonic Fractals
52. Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
53. Chimpo ft Dub Phizix & Skeptical- Buzzin’
54. Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)

Highcast #018 – Daega Sound

This is the latest ‘Highcast’ featuring the Canadian deep dubstep legends, Deaga Sound, is straight fiyah!  With deep rhythmic bass lines and intricate, yet clean percussion patterns, this fifty minute mix is what any true dub head craves to listen to.

HighOnBeats did a very nice Q&A with the Daega Sound brothers to accompany this mix that’s worth checking out too…. Click here to read it.

Enjoy this heavyweight mix!

Track Listing
1. Daega Sound – Sea of Tranquillity (Intro)
2. Daega Sound – Abyss (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
3. Daega Sound – Under Pressure (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
4. Twisted & Rakoon Feat. Beezy – Secluded (Dub)
5. Daega Sound – The Ridge (Dub)
6. Daega Sound – Second Strike (Dub)
7. Gantz & Beezy – First Born (Dub)
8. Daega Sound – In Your Space (Dub)
9. Gantz – U Won’t Mind (Forthcoming Black Box)
10. Killawatt – Press On (Osiris Music)
11. Daega Sound – The Movement (Forthcoming Bass Coast Download)
12. Daega Sound – State Of Mind (Black Box)
13. Amit – Acid Trip (Tempa)
14. Kryptic Minds – Askum (Tectonic)
15. Daega Sound – Spirit (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
16. Daega Sound – Fonica (Crude Recordings)
17. Killawatt – Mystic Vocation (Osiris Music)
18. Amit Feat Rani – Stay With Me (Exit Records)
19. Proxima – Thermal Vision (Tempa)
20. Daega Sound – The Way (June Miller Remix Forthcoming Fathom Recordings)
21. Daega Sound – Falsehood (Forthcoming DPR)
22. Daega Sound – Rainmaster (Dub)




Self Evident – Gearing Up For Bass Coast [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview!!]

Self Evident Interview Image

If you’re not already a part of the Vancouver bass music scene, you likely aren’t yet privy to the distinct sounds of Self Evident. This BC native is known for his high grade, genre flexing DJ sets and masterful production. Sticking mostly to the heady, subterranean type vibes, Self Evident’s sets move through dubstep, future bass, raw dub, trap, footwork, jungle, juke and other ill defined contemporary frequencies. The bottom line is that the man has a knack for creating sonic landscapes which push the musical envelope and create opportunity for vibrating gyrations of the pelvic kind.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Self Evident when he was performing in Seattle. While kicking back and enjoying some classy beverages, we chatted about everything from birds to bees to bass… Check out the interview below.

Also, I’ve included some essential sounds by Self Evident. Feel free to toggle to your hearts desire. Just today, he is releasing his 8 track album, Rubbaman with Really Good Recordings. Be sure to cop that on Beatport!

In just a few short days, Self Evident will be headed up to Merrit for the weekend to participate in BC’s most bossed up bass music festival… Bass Coast. He will be performing among other superb acts including the whole team from Lighta! Sound, the infamous Librarian, Michael Red, Goth Trad, Machinedrum, HxDB, Om Unit, Dan Solo, Daega Sound, DJ Cure, Neightbour, Mat The Alien, Random Rab, The Fungineers, Alphabets Heaven, Calamalka, and many more. If you’re going, don’t miss Self Evident’s solo set along with the Lighta! Reggae Jam…

bc banner

Here’s the interview. Big up and many thanks to Ben for his kindness in sharing with us!

GANJAOLOGY: Alright… We are here in Seattle. This is Mickey Mars with Ganjaology. I’m here with Self Evident.  He’s from Vancouver BC. So do you want to just tell us a little bit about yourself?

SELF EVIDENT: Self Evident. Vancouver BC. Representing Lighta Sound!.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Very nice. Welcome. So ya, this is your first night playing in Seattle?


GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Well we are looking forward to checking it out. I hope you are enjoying your time in Seattle so far.

SELF EVIDENT: It’s beautiful here.

GANJAOLOGY: Great! Let’s start with the basics. How did you originally get into music?

SELF EVIDENT: Definitely having older siblings helps, like my brother’s four years older than me, and he got into electronic music pretty early. He introduced me to a lot of seriously old school dance music which gave me sort of that leg up that a lot of those british guys have, as far as knowing about electronic music when they were kids. And then… How did I get into shit?

GANJAOLOGY: Did you play any instruments in school?

SELF EVIDENT: I did, I was a musician. I was in a few bands, like playing guitar and stuff. And I guess Max had DJ’d for a long time, I’ve been producing for a long time. And then we sort of traded off those skills a little bit, so that helped. And then, a huge influence was when my brother did a Tuesday weekly called Grime Sessions out of the back room in Shine Night Club in Vancouver, and that still has such a huge impression on me. I used to go to every Tuesday and get really drunk and dance super hard to grime music, and I still… that’s probably the biggest influence on me besides like, dancehall is pretty big for me. But grime does something deep inside of me that I can’t explain, like more than any other style.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice, that’s funny. Well my next question was what is your biggest inspiration, haha…

SELF EVIDENT: Well I still collect grime on vinyl. It’s like one of my hobbies. I have a pretty serious vinyl grime collection, and also UKG and two step. Still collect that on vinyl.

GANJAOLOGY: Any specific artists?

SELF EVIDENT: Ahhhh… Nope.

self evident banner

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Perfect. Haha. That’s awesome man, well we’re looking forward to seeing what you play tonight.

SELF EVIDENT: I guess hip-hop is a huge influence on me too. Gangster stuff. I remember, I think, that my brother bought this NWA tape, “Hundred Miles and Runnin'” And back then you actually had to be of a certain age to buy a thing that was explicit material. I remember him buying that. I couldn’t have bought it at the time. And listening to it. That was a big influence for sure. Lot’s of hip hop. Big influence.

GANJAOLOGY: My mom made me return the Cash Money Millionaires, Juvenile album.

SELF EVIDENT: Oh my god, hahaha. Hilarious.

GANJAOLOGY: Right!? Anyway, I’ve seen you perform a couple times. Always in Canada. I gotta say Canada is unbelievable. The bass scene up there is pretty awesome. Vancouver primarily, but Canada in general. So what can you say about that?

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, I feel really blessed with what’s going on in Vancouver right now. We’ll even get headliners in from London who are like… The scene is even more into the music than in England. You know what I mean, like really dedicated fans. And not only that but fans that know their shit. Like I learn shit from my fans. “You need to check out this” or “you need to check out that” They’re on to it. And their really… Maybe a lot of conditioning from the early Dub Forms parties, but people are open to hear something that they never heard before. They’re almost expecting that from me and from other DJs, you know. They’re ready to give me the fucking, “What the fuck is that shit stuff”

GANJAOLOGY: Ya that’s awesome! So ya, we spoke a little bit about your brother, but I have to ask. Obviously you guys are connected. I’ve seen you at the same events, doing the same shows, stuff like that. You came out with the Eastsiders EP last year, which was awesome! That one track has been echoing in my head all summer.

SELF EVIDENT: “Numba One Stunna?”



GANJAOLOGY: “Move ya, Move, Move…” Like aaahhhh. So do you guys have any new releases that you’ve been working on together?

SELF EVIDENT: Working on lots of stuff with my bro. He’s very meticulous about what he puts out so don’t know when that stuff will surface. Really stoked for my collabos with Subcorr. Double Intention is our R&B one, and Blockout is the grime one that we’re working on. Those are going along really well.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Are those going to be EPs or full length?

SELF EVIDENT: We have a whole album produced with the R&B one. We’re just working with a vocalist right now to write some songs. And then the Blockout one, we have about five or six tunes just about done. Just about  to start chopping them to labels. Grime with a little bit of dubstep with a future kind of influence.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice that’s awesome. Ya I think one of the things that has majorly impressed me personally is your ability to transition between different genres, and really to just bring a certain level of play. It’s like your sound, but yet you’re moving through a lot of different stuff. I wanted to ask specifically about the Wepa! album. I heard that and it’s just way different, and super cool. So would you tell us a little bit about that one.

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, I met this guy Will Eede from Argentina, and my buddy Dustin (Gameboy) spent a little time in Mexico. And they kinda had a history with Cumbia music and they introduced me to Cumbia, and it was really intersting. Anytime I hear something that’s like so out of the pallet that I know, it’s always like wow. There’s something I can take from that. Whenever I hear something super fresh, I instantly have to go and make something with that influence right away. Anyway, through working with them got super influenced by a lot of the Latin artists. Chancha Via Circuito, Super Guachin, Black Mandingo. But right now kinda working on a little bit of a druggy, trippy sort of indiginious music influenced thing with Will Eede. And then, with Gameboy, we’re hopefully gonna be doing a project with Lido Pimienta who’s out of Toronto. Really, really talented singer who’s originally out of Columbia. So that’s on the horizon for that. 


SELF EVIDENT: And if possible, I’d like to mention my co-lab with Yan Zombie that we’re working on right now. It’s like some mad Dr. Dre Chronic shit meets future bass. Really, really excited for that. That man is a king on the keyboards. Which kinda gives me that thing which I don’t have quite yet, which is that live keyboard playing.

GANJAOLOGY: Great. So I’ve seen you a couple festivals as well as clubs. Do you have a specific favorite place to play or general vibe that you like?

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, my brother’s night’s at Open Studios are pretty legendary. Just such a good vibe there. He always puts together a great lineup. Michael Red of course used to put on the Dub Forms parties there in the really early dubstep days, bringing all the early dubstep innovators before people were on to that shit. So that space is amazing. Obviously I have my monthly at the Astoria which is a little more grubby gangsta style.

GANJAOLOGY: What’s the name of that night?

SELF EVIDENT: That’s a good question. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and I still don’t have a name for my monthly. Haha, I actually thought about one while laying in bed last night… And I forgot it. I though it was the one though. It will come back to me. Thinking of a name for something is hard!

GANJAOLOGY: Any big plans for the summer, plans for the year? Anything you are particularly excited about?

SELF EVIDENT: Well Bass Coast Festival of course. Probably… As far as like, for real heads, future heads… I don’t see another lineup in all of North America which has that much quality at the top of it. You know what I mean? Like, not just… I don’t want to name names, but not just shit that the masses are into or know about. You know, like stuff that the real heads wanna see super bad. It’s just a massive lineup, in that sense. Andrea, her taste in music… To have someone picking all the music like that, it’s awesome.

GANJAOLOGY: Yes. Very excited. We’ll be there for sure.

SELF EVIDENT: It’s weird. It’s the only festival I’m playing this year though. I go five last year so…

GANJAOLOGY: You’re pushing the production then, huh?

SELF EVIDENT: Working on it, ya. Oh for sure. Working on a whole album right now. It’s kinda grime, dubstep, kinda thing. It’s weird, there’s a wickid resurgence in dubstep right now. Proper dubstep is coming back. People like Kahn obviously. He’s a big part of why this is coming about. A lot of people are like, “Oh shit. I wanna hear this again” Daega has been saying it to me for a couple months, or even longer than that. I just played in New York City for a guy that does a monthly called Reconstruct, They have a serious following for proper dubstep in NYC right now. Their shows are selling out and they’re bringing all those big names again, and they’re doing it proper.

GANJAOLOGY: Anything you care to share that you haven’t said already?

SELF EVIDENT: August 23rd I’m doing a show at the Astoria with Monolithium from Victoria, and Bevvy Swift from Montreal, and Crusha who just got a release on Mad Decent! And Kimmy K, it will be one of her first sets. She’ll be opening up. Should be good. I think that’s it. And shout out to HxDB, everyone in Lighta! of course, Librarian… Who else should I shout out? Oh my god, they’ll hate me. Ok that’s about it.

GANJAOLOGY: Awesome. Thanks!

Daega Sound – The Movement (Bass Coast Exclusive)

Ganjaology, Daega Sound, Bass Coast

We are so so excited to be headed up to Bass Coast this year. The festival for future heads is here. This one’s not for the masses. Alternatively, this event is for those that know their electronic dance music. Those that aren’t afraid to experiment with frequency. Those that are moved not just by the music, but by the community, by the sanctity of the forest and by their own personal connection to the sound. Here we have an exclusive tune, free to download, courtesy of the proper dubstep kings out of Vancouver, Daega Sound. Check it!

Get more info and free tunes by heading over to the Bass Coast website… Right Cheaa!

nonXero Remixes Rhythm & Sound with Exuberance!

Ganjaology, nonXero

So I’ve been really digging the music I have from the classic Berlin dub duo Rhythm & Sound, and I was searching for some new tunes from them when I came across this remix by Toronto based dubstepper, nonXero. While at first I was skeptical, after hitting play, I was immediately sucked in. The flavor with which he highlights the tune is exquisite. Crisp and clean, yet echoing with rushes and sweeps, the track breaks, builds, breaths and bellows… bursting with delicious atmospherics and heavenly bass.

If you are not already hip to the music coming from nonXero, I would highly recommend you tune in. He is a staple of the Toronto electronic scene and heads up 1N 7H3 M1X Records. I added a few additional tracks for y’all to groove to. Many of these include DL links. Get served!

Big up nonXero, the Toronto bass scene, and most importantly… yourself.


Lightning In A Bottle – Artist Highlight – ill-esha

With only one week left to prepare for the legendary West coast music festival, Lighting In  A Bottle, thousands of people are getting ready to congregate and celebrate all the beauty of life through music, dance, and all other art forms, in Temecula, California.

With tons of artists to see throughout the course of the five day extravaganza, there are a few names you should put at the top of your ‘Do Not Miss’ list.  Ill-esha is definitely on that list.  Native to British Colombia, Canada, but currently living in Denver, Colorado, ill-esha has been a name in the bass music community for years now and has released music on Dub Police, Subway, Street Ritual, Muti Music, Simplify, and most recently, Gravitas Recordings.

Ill-esha captivates the crowds attention 100% when she is performing.    March 2012 I was able to catch a live performance (that I accidentally stumbled upon) at Envision music festival in Uvita, Costa Rica.  The energy from that night has stuck with me ever since.  Between DJing, singing over her own tracks,  covering genre’s from glitch-hop to midtempo to dubstep, triggering samples and playing keys,  ill-esha displays a true love for the music she makes and plays.

Below are some examples of the sounds ill-esha has been pushing for the last few years along with the title track of her new album Whiplash Recovery. 




“Ganja Rush”

“Ganja Rush”,

or the Regulation of a Natural in the Land of a Thousand Kisses,

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

The prohibition has ended. Welcome to the second G…. Rush.

For the first time in the history of American capitalism, the tobacco and alcohol industries are going to get some serious competition. Their markets will shrink a substantial amount; may be 25%.

How is this going to happen you might ask?

Very simply: the new kid on the block is called cannabis (C). Its consumption and its trade is now, as we speak, being legalized by the state governments of Washington and Colorado. You can now walk the streets of downtown Seattle while puffing on a (C) cigarette, freely. I was doing so last month one evening. A policeman walked by me. He did not say a word, nor did he even look in my direction. But he for sure smelled it. I suspected he probably smoked it too…

A new society awareness is being invented by the American population. One can draw a direct parallel with the 1930’s when alcohol became finally legal.

Only one must add to this comparison a fact of pure wonder, the one that will change the world as we know it: cannabis acting as the “health angel”, which in turn will prove alcohol (as well as tobacco) as “hell’s angels”. An iconic, societal combat is about to begin.

We will separate our study in two parts:

The first explains how cannabis teaches you the creative process, which starts with the thought process and finishes with the emotional one, while the link is played by the nervous system. Creativity is the voyage between the thought and the emotion. To travel the distance, we depend on the nerve. We ride on it.

We must therefore protect the latter — which is what alcohol (A), tobacco (T) and cannabis (C) do so well — in order to facilitate the creative process. Only we will explain how one of those three actors, (C), does it so much more effectively, because, among other reasons (those two being linked):

It creates much less side effects than the two others; which, in turn, makes (C) a much better actor on neuro-transmitters.

The second part will explain how the (C) makes you physiologically aware of the deficits of (A) and (T), and their taxing on one’s psycho-physical wealth. We all know about how bad those two compounds are for us (except for the moderate consumption of wholesome, pure, synthetics free red wine). But here, we will explore how (C) gets you to the feeling of such deficits, which in turn will subconsciously dictate behavioral and life style changes. And that for the better.

Photo by Noom Srisunakorn

Free Downloads From Self Evident (Vancouver BC)

 Here are some new free downloads from one of the most outstanding  producers in Vancouver, Self Evident.  You’ve heard his name before, or maybe not…either way…start clicking download! These are some of the best free tunes I’ve heard in a minute.


Knight Riderz – Positive Vibez EP (Muti Music)

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed that Canada is becoming a huge leader in the North American bass music scene, and artists are popping from cities across the country up left and right.  Most recently I caught wind of Knight Riderz latest EP, Positive Vibez, which was released on Muti Music a couple weeks ago.  Having heard previous tunes of his such as For Real and Killer, I had an idea of the huge, glitchy, sounds I was going to hear.  All four tracks are infused with a surplus of bass, contain a crisp wall of percussion, and an all around fresh sound that’s hard to find in a lot of electronic music today.  I hear a lot of producers trying to add too much noise to the music and fill every space that doesn’t already have a sound in it.  With the Positive Vibes EP I’m hearing the opposite of that.  Knight Riderz took a very mature route with this EP and although it’s glitchy, wild as ever, and really gets your blood flowing, it is a sound that is clearly crafted by a seasoned professional who shows a lot of care and passion for his work.  If you haven’t already got Knight Riderz Positive Vibes EP in your music library you’re missing out on some serious bass sounds! Do yourself a favor and grab the EP.  You’re also able to download the song Positive Vibes HERE, exclusively from

 Also worth checking out from Knight Riderz is the brand new, all original mix that he just finished for Dub Selekta up in Victoria, BC.  It’s got tracks from Positive Vibes along with brand new unheard awesomeness from the 2013 Knight Riderz Remix EP Million Miles which will be coming out on Seclusiasis on the 21st.

Here is what Knight Riderz had to say to Dub Selekta about this mix…

“Hella stoked on be able to showcase this new mixtape with the one and only Dubselekta! This mix is a 100% original Knight Riderz material with a bunch of exclusives, remixes, edits, collaborations and freshly released music. The Dubselekta podcast gives a good glimpse into both the present and future of the Knight Riderz project. Watch out for the new Million Miles EP coming out on Seclusiasis on Dec.21st. In the meantime head over to beatport and pick up the Positive Vibez EP here.” – Knight Riderz





Ill-Esha – Making Friends At Altitude – A MiniMix

Ill-Esha has been known for making some of the funkiest and moving gltich-hop this world has ever seen.  This mini mix entitled Making Friends At Altitude, is just another display of the talent this West Coast based producer poses.  Here is what Ill-Esha has to say about this mix in her own words…

“The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio.

“Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and the transformation it has affected throughout my life. Paying homage to the raging glitch hop basslines and midtempo funky vibes of the mountains, but also the sincerity, love and pure energy that its people have shown me and inspired in me.

I thought I’d weave the two EPs together to make this minimix, and throw in a verbal layer of friends both real and imaginary through acapellas. Featuring three of my extremely talented MC friends – ProbCause (Chicago), Chadio Treetrunk (Vancouver) and Joe Mousepad (San Francisco) – plus some people I wish I actually knew, I hope you enjoy this montage of original music and fresh energy!!!”


Cover Art excerpted from Aaron Geeraert’s piece created specially for the track “Imaginary Friends”

Tracklist (All Tracks Produced by ill-esha, x = acapella)

The Only Cure (Imaginary Friends)
Mood Swings (Imaginary Friends) x ProbCause “Flex” (The Recipe, Bonafyde)
Imaginary Friends (Imaginary Friends)
Lakeside (Imaginary Friends) x ill-esha “When The Bass Drops” (original w/I-Cue, Envloop)
Altitude Sickness (Altitude Sickness) x Chadio Treetrunk “Victoria Block” (unreleased)
Tropic Thunder (Imaginary Friends) x Joe Mousepad “Chicken Scratch” (Joe Mousepad vs Glitch Hop, Street Ritual)
Oxytocin ft. Ronnie Sumrall (Altitude Sickness)
Capricious Nights (Altitude Sickness) x Outkast “Ms. Jackson”
SwaySway (Imaginary Friends) x Aaliyah “Rock The Boat”
Mountain Opus ft. Samuel Wexler (Altitude Sickness)

Dan Solo – Prism Face EP [Really Good Recordings]

Calgary producer, Dan Solo is gearing up for a – REALLY GOOD –  release with Really Good Recordings. The EP features two Dan Solo originals plus a number of remixes by some of BC’s most dynamic underground production artists. The original tracks feature deep round drums and spacey synths, creating an atmosphere destined for the dancehall. Each remix brings in new elements to really round out the originals. The Wax Romeo will surely receive some immediate attention with it’s nod toward tasty midtempo boogie funk. MrGeography really picks things up with his laser infused re-fix, while Self Evident slows it down, adding some interesting vocal samples. The release will be available for purchase from Really Good Recordings via Beatport on December 10, 2012.


Self Evident – You Need Me – Dancehall Mix! [DOWNLOAD THIS!]

Summer vibes never die! Just as the rain is getting ready to star penetrating deep into the souls of everyone in the North West and Snow is beginning to fall out East,  one of West Canada’s most prominent bass music artists, Self Evident, has just released a dancehall mix that preaches the energy of every summer.  This 30 minute mix could inspire thoughts of what’s to come in the summer of 2013…or…it can trigger all the positive memories of this past year, 2012, and years prior.  Any inspiration you take away from this mix is going to be good.  Embrace the sounds that Self Evident is spreading!



Decompressed Mix By: Da Moth

Fall is definitely here.  Festival season is pretty much over (with a few exceptions still) and everyone is in this very calm decompression mode.  With winter right around the corner you’ve only got a few weeks of decent fall weather left to properly party outside (unless you’re Canadian).  Da Moth recorded this mix at the LA decompression to finalize the vibes that were captured and spread around the festival scene this summer.   Every single track on here is stellar!  I think you’ll easily let this mix play through the full hour and a half.  LISTEN!

Truth Ft. Datsik & Yayne – Too Late

Out of all the shows I traveled to and was able to add energy to by breaking out some very rare moves on the dance floor, one show I will never forget is Datsiks set at Shambhala a few weeks ago.  It was my first time seeing him, and for some reason (probably due to living in Seattle) I envisioned the crowd being overrun with Skrillex loving 14 year olds on too much ecstasy.  It was totally the opposite though!  The crowd was full of Datsik lovers from all over who were as positive, fun, and enthusiastic as you could find.  Shambhala is 19+ too so that really took care of a lot of the nonsense you see going on at his and many other big dubstep artists shows in the States. The Village stage at Shambhala was BUMPIN.  Datsik played everything from dubstep, to electro, to moombahcore, and beyond.  All of a sudden an hour and a half had gone by and I needed to sit down.   I can’t remember if this track was dropped at the Shambhala 2012 Datsik performance, but it’s dope and brings back some good memories.  It’s a song called Too Late  which was produced by Truth, some of the deepest dubstep artists in the game, and features Datsik and Yayne.  The melody is gonna be stuck in your head after hearing this one one time.  Enjoy!

Thanks to this one is a FREE DOWNLOAD too! Get this in your music library

Artist Highlight – Drifts

          There’s  an INSANE amount of artists living in Canada that are so loved in their home communities, at the festivals that flourish in the mountains during the ever so short Canadian summer, so supported by local venues, radio stations, and above all the Canadian people, that there is no need to tour around the States (or outside the West Coast for that matter) and therefore all you wonderful bass music lovers in good ol’ Amurrrica are not exposed to the musical movement that is taking place in our Northern tree covered neighbor.

          A group that I had the pleasure of camping with this summer, and who fall into this category of “Canadian artists you probably have not heard of if you’re American”, is DRIFTS.  I met Justin and Ryan together shortly after the official Ganjaology landing at Shambhala Music Festival in August. They had just come back from some sort of epic mission somewhere on the festival grounds.  The specifics of what they were up to, where they were coming from, and where they were going are unknown and not particularly important now.  What I will tell you is that these two came into camp with such a high energy and welcoming smiles that you couldn’t help but like the two right off the bat.  Justin’s a little more reserved and well spoken.  Ryan really knows how to party.  Together, they’re a duo going by the name Drifts, who create really heavy, happy, bouncy beats that are infused with all sorts of funky synth lines.  On top of that , they sprinkle a little love and… BAM! It’s time for you to get your daily dose of Drifts.     They only have a few tracks up on SoundCloud right now, but I’ve heard some of what’s to come… you bass lovers will be blessed by the sounds of Drifts in many magical ways for years to come.  


1. Luke Vibert – Ambalek
2. B.Bravo – Just Listen
3. Com Truise – Future World
4. Audit – Back to Normal
5. Poldoore – Banana Hammock
6. Robot Koch – English Money
7. Heyoka – Moth Dub
8. Bluetech – Polychrome
9. Timonkey – Heaven and Earth
10. Toddla T – Streets so Warm feat. Wayne Marshall feat. Skream
11. Mimosa – Up in the Clouds
12. Naive Machine – Robot Ramification (Virtual Boy Remix)
13. Tipper – Cuckoo
14. Ghostmutt – Thoroughbred
15. Pavel Dovgal – Kiss Purple
16. Paper Tiger – Deep Sea Space
17. Alphabets Heaven – Boosh
18. Slugabed – Mountains Come Out Of the Sky
19. Jon Wayne – Andrew
20. Hot Chip – Look at where we are (Major Lazer vs Junior Blender Remix)

Moontricks – The Ignition EP [Really Good Recordings]

Welcome to Ganjaology.  Let me hit you with some quick info.  Mat The Aliens new record label Really Good Recordings has just released some of the most original, non-overproduced, organic, and overall appealing glitch hop I’ve heard up to this date.  The group you’re listening to goes by the name of Moontricks and is made up of long time friends and Canadian residents Nog and Mr. Mercy.  The name of their EP is The Ignition.

When I hear the word Ignite I think of a match lighting…or some sort of flame bursting into existence.  When I hear The Ignition EP I hear a that flame being lit.  That flame represents a new take on Glitch Hop and a new appreciation for the more minimal side of the genre.  That flame then turns into a steady fire consisting of beautifully hot guitar melodies and scorching bass lines that burn away any silence in the surrounding area.

I can’t really pick one song out of the four to call my favorite…the EP is short enough to listen to all the way through without the thought of changing any of the songs occurring.  In fact, I’d like there to be a few more songs!  Oh well…I guess we’ll have to wait for the next release.  One last thing I would like to note before wrapping this up is how well Moontricks incorporated breaks into all of the songs on The Ignition EP. It gives the whole EP a very airy and spacious feel and adds as much character to the music as all the funky bass lines, drums, synths, and guitars do.

Listen, Share, Support, Burn A Fatty.



DJ Dubconscious – Skankin’ and Rockin’ Promo MIX

DJ Dubconscious has spent the last decade enveloped in vibrations emanating from some of the most sinister sound systems ever created. With roots in Toronto, Mr. Jake L aka Dubconscious has been listening to reggae influenced bass music since his days as a youth in the East Ontario Jungle and Drum n Bass scene. Having bounced back and forth from Toronto to Vicoria, to Nelson, to Vancouver – Dubconscious has developed into a superior selector of today’s finest dub sounds. We recently had the pleasure of partying with this badboy soundboy at Shambhala, where we kicked back and got comfortable while he was playing the Living Room Stage. His set was easily one of my favorites.

For those that couldn’t be there, here’s his 2012 Summer Promo Mix. Enjoy!