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Innatek Sessions, B Side Liquor Lounge & Arcade, Ganjaology, Future Bass

6.19 Friday
Resident DJs :: Man Amen + Thunder St. Clair
Every Third Friday
BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
Cleveland, OH
No Cover

Big up our partners Heart and Sole, GANJAOLOGY, Flower City Gift Shopand RWD FM plus all the homies that have contributed to the inspiration for this event.

We GIVE THANKS to you!


150619 Innatek Sessions Poster w Logos 11x17


InnaTek Sessions, Cleveland, Blackbird, Man Amen, Thunder St Clair, BSide

5.15 Friday
This Month’s Guest :: Blackbird (Cleveland, OH)
Resident DJs :: Man Amen + Thunder St. Clair
Every Third Friday
BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
No Cover // 21+


Join us Friday 5.15 at BSide for an evening of high potency UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC!!
This fresh monthly event will feature local and national DJs mixing the best in internationally recognized high vibrational sound system music. Get up and get inspired.

This one’s for the true heads… And the dancer types ūüėČ

SEE Y’ALL FRIDAY 5/15 at #BSideArcade!!

Big up our partners Heart and Sole, GANJAOLOGY, Flower City Gift Shop and RWD.FM
– Plus all the homies that have contributed to the inspiration for this event –
We GIVE THANKS to you!

B Side Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Hts Blvd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
Below Grog Shop


Dub Side Select – Thursdays at BSide CLE

DubSideSelect, Man Amen, Damian Lauderbach, Ganjaology, Cleveland, BSide


Rotating selectors playing the very best in sound system music.
Ranging from roots reggae, ska and steppas, to¬†dub, contemporary and dancehall…
This night is built to inspire positivity, build community and create vibes.

Thursday May 7 – Damian Lauderbach + Man Amen
Thursday May 14 – Paulie Walnuts + Jorge Cervantez + D.Lauderbach
Thursday May 21 – DJ Red-I + DJ Candi Fresca
Thursday May 28 – DJ Gino XL + King Dom

#BSideArcade #DubSideSelect


BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Heights BLVD
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Ganjaology, Dub Side Select, Cleveland, Man Amen, Damian Lauderbach

DubSide Select – 420 Special – BSide CLE

Ganjaology, DubSideSelect, Man Amen

#DubSideSelect kicks off at BSide in Cleveland this Monday 4/20. DJs Damian Lauderbach, Man Amen, J. Hanna will be mixing it up with some reggae hits, deeper dub and dancehall jams to keep the dance jumpin’. Plus, chat with Cleveland NORML and The Free Clinic about what’s being said about cannabis these days.


Stay tuned for more info about DubSide Select every Thursday in May!!

INNATEK SESSIONS – Kickoff Event // Friday 3.20 // BSide in Cleveland


For those kickin’ round the rustbelt, Ganjaology Resident selector #MANAMEN will be teaming with Cleveland local THUNDER ST CLAIR to bring you INNATEK SESSIONS –¬†an evening of high potency UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC.¬†This fresh monthly event will feature local and national DJs mixing the best in internationally recognized high vibrational sound system music.

Get up and get inspired. This one’s for the true heads.


Big up our partners Heart & Sole, Ganjaology, Flower City Gift Shop, and RWD.FM plus all the homies that have contributed to the inspiration for this event. We GIVE THANKS to you!

Link up with us on Twitter #INNATEK SESSIONS #BSIDECLE


BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Hts Blvd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
Below Grog Shop

Cashmere Cat – Grog Shop Cleveland – WEDS 3/3/15

Cashmere Cat, Ganjaology, Grog Shop

Young Norwegian producer, Cashmere Cat will be performing at Cleveland’s premier east side venue The Grog Shop this Wednesday March 4th. CC aka¬†Magnus August H√łiberg has made serious waves on a global scale in the last few years since the release of his debut EP Miru Maru in 2012. Famous for his intelligent remixing of some of todays hottest hip hop and R&B acts Cashmere Cat has cornered the market with this a creative style of future bass all his own.

He will be supported by Cleveland locals Sean 2:16 and DJ Corey Grand. Plus be sure to head down to The Grog’s sister club B Side Liquor Lounge after the show for sounds by Noah Peele.


Rasper & Thunder St. Clair – The Lost Project File

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.32.45 PM

Free music from the Cleveland based producers Rasper and Thunder St. Clair! Check this clean produced, heavy bass track from to of Cleveland’s finest. If you dig it, the two have kindly offered it as free download on Rockers!

Damian Lauderbach – No Bass No Fun [Mix]


Check out this Reggae mix from one of Cleveland’s finest selectors, Damian Lauderbach. This hour and a half mix is filled with nothing but positive bass music, and good vibes. One after another Damian sifts through nothing but beautiful tunes so sit back, relax, and enjoy the mix!

Maxo Kream – Clientele (Feat. Ski Mask Malley)

This song came out a few months back. Maxo Kream and Ski Mask Malley went in on it, check it out below. Free Ski Mask Malley!!

Rasper – Burrow EP

Rasper Image

To bring in the new year, Cleveland based deep dubstep producer, Rasper, is going to be releasing some low frequency sounds on the Ohio label, Rockers Dub.

Burrow EP is made up of three tracks that all carry fat sub lines and are riddled with a nice distant percussive feel.  The EP flows very well together, and can easily be played a few times through back to back.

¬†Deep dubstep may have taken a back seat in the world of electronic music, but the genre is still very much alive. ¬†With producers such as Rasper in every corner of the globe, this genre will hold it’s ground and be there for all the true heads.

Grab a free download of Where I Call Home (track 3), and when Burrow EP drops, make sure to get a copy on Juno!



P√°le – Silverstair (J. Hanna Bootleg) [Free DL]

J. Hanna get ’em! Coming with a silky smooth unofficial remix of Pale’s single,¬†Silverstair¬†(which was a dance floor killa in 2012), the young Cleveland/Nashville based producer brings together the sounds of yesterday and today all into one beautiful re-work. ¬†J. Hanna did a nice job of keeping the energy of the original track the same, while creating a new higher energy beat to back up the melodies. ¬†You’ll be hearing a lot more from J. Hanna in 2014 and the following years! ¬†Big ups everyone involved in the original project and big ups this exclusive J. Hanna bootleg!

J. Hanna




Jim-E Stack – Is It Me (J. Hanna Bootleg)

Ganjaology, Jim-E Stack, J. Hanna, Bootleg

Cleveland native J. Hanna has stolen the show with this one. Not only has he effectively bootlegged this sultry tune from NYC based producer Jim-E Stack, but he’s done it with such imagination and vigor that I question whether he should even fess up. I guess, like with any bootleg, you have to give it up to the original… but seriously, J. Hanna comes with a crushing remix of what was already a super hype tune. Be sure to stay tuned for new music from both J. Hanna and Jim-E Stack.

Big up fellas!!

More from J. HANNA

More from JIM-E STACK

DO$EMONEY Album Review

I had to really meditate on this album to even get on a level high enough to post about it. These trapped out philosiphers ¬†have created a set of tracks that deliver you a dose of higher thinking in the utmost hood fashion. Trap Rap’s first boy band, consisting of Goldfacemoneywatch, Mondo the Moonrock, Kick Dose, Boy Bando and Believe, has created all of their media from scratch. From the intricate production, to the crisp engineering, to the next level lyrical content, Dose Money has birthed this unique album with their Dosed Trap flavor and done it all themselves.

Now, there’s a few different levels to this album. Beyond this perfectly imperfect trap sound, there’s an underlying theme to this group of tracks. This album’s aim is to bring a higher level of thinking in the form of trap music. In other words this album is meant dose all of East Cleveland in one fell swoop. Each of the songs stick close to the dose topic but talk about specifics like the necessity of having multiple cell phones, or moving weight in bulk in order get the best profit margin, topics that need to be properly discussed.The groups first single “Halloween” is all about ‘serving of the porch like its halloween’, one could say the group in this song is trapping a higher sense of existence. When teamed up with the dark, crisp visuals shot by Dose Money’s own Believe, the track is truly complete.

All of these tracks come together to form the groups carefully crafted debut album “DO$E”. I must warn you, before you click play, make sure to allow a solid amount of time to let this album set in and deliver you the intended mind opening experience.

Check out ¬†DO$EMONEY’s debut single “Halloween” below and grab the whole album for free!

Tha Geeks – “Tip Toe”

We gotta say big ups to the homies over in Cleveland, THA GEEKS! ¬†They’ve been hard at work over the last couple years…from traveling the world…to keeping the positive beats flowing out of CLE…to assuming the large roll of keeping proper greenery around…they’re definitely putting in the work to keep a buzz. ¬†This track in particular, Tip Toe,¬†catches my attention because of how well everything throughout ALL of the production flows. ¬†From the catchy lyrics to the smooth screwed video to the incredibly beautiful beat…this tracks an underground banger, and 100% original. ¬†You’ll be seeing these cats around…make sure you say what up!

Tha Geeks on Facebook


Midwest based producers J Hanna (Ganjaology) and Willob wanna make sure you’re not forgetting to dance your spring away , so they just remixed Rihanna’s oh so popular track, Pour It Up. ¬†With an electro-trap vibe throughout the entirety of the song, and a solid four to the floor thump, I have a feeling that this remix will reach a wide range of people who listen to everything from house to pop to dubstep. ¬†Enjoy this free download and watch out for Willob’s upcoming EP CONTROL FREAK, which will be released May 1st. ¬†Big ups fellas!

niceFingers – imagiNative

niceFingers - ImagiNative - Street Ritual

Cleveland boys turned LA sound sorcerers, niceFingers have really been making waves since they hit the blessed coast in 2011. Consisting of long time homies Dave Schneider and Nick Waterhouse, the colors run deep with these two. Being from Cleveland myself, I’ve had the pleasure to know these guys through some of their development. In fact, I happened to play little league baseball with Nick, and later went to school with both of them in Columbus. Funny how the game changes.

After a huge success with their feature length album Intercontinental Beat Collection in 2012, niceFingers has collected a sweet little buzz. Performing around the California circuit through much of last summer solidified their place in the west coast electronic music space.  Their momentum has allowed an energy conducive to creative expression to emerge, which is clear with their latest release, ImagiNative. The project paints a beautiful picture of interstellar frequencies floating in with the tide; gently lapping against the remote beaches of an exotic far away planet. We lift our glasses to you fellas. This is beautiful music.

Be sure to check out their Album, Intercontinental Beat Collection. Get it here for free!

niceFingers FB

niceFingers SC

Diluted – Sinking Coitus

Sinking Coitus. ¬†Let’s break this down.

Sinking : a : to go to the bottom  b : to become partly buried (as in mud) c : to become engulfed

Coitus : physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements

Ohio based producers Elliot Nash and Sal Miller, who together make up DILUTED, have been creating some extremely exciting and progressive music that falls into the way too vague genre of BASS MUSIC.  This is their song, Sinking Coitus, which is a sexy, smooth, downtempoesque piece of audio art.  Sinking Coitus features a gorgeous french vocal sample that does quite a good job at keeping you in a hypnotized state throughout the entirety of the song.

Unless all you listen to is heavy metal and Borgore, I think it’s near impossible not to find some level of enjoyment from this music. Enjoy!¬†



Loyal Divide – “Vision Vision (Selp Help’s 808s & Cartoons Remix)”

I thought that I’d share this gem with you all, it’ll really set your weekend off in the right manner. Check out this sick remix from Self Help, positive vibes as always! If you dig it, grab the free download as well.


Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (Self Help Ghetto Disco Dub)

When Self Help releases…we write…about everything…! ¬†Ohio’s lead player in the underground bass music scene is stepping up the awesomeness of summertime with his new remix of Department Of Eagle’s song,¬†No One Does It Like You. ¬†What a proper title for this song too. ¬†Why? You might ask? ¬†Well…because no one does it like Self Help. ¬†No One Does It Like You¬†has all the addictive qualities Self Help has been pumping out through speakers world wide over the last couple years. ¬†An unmistakeable bouncy bass line…samples chopped up with the utmost style…and melodic builds and breakdowns that have feet two stepping and percolating in every direction on the dance floor. ¬†All the technical aspects of this remix are great and I could continue to say positive things, but my favorite thing about this track and a lot of the remixes Self Help has done is the fact that the originals are still worth listening to too. ¬†A lot of producers are putting out remixes that sound great…but you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to the original song. ¬†For Self Help that is not the case at all and this leaves him ranked very high up there in my top artists list. ¬†He has a great ear for good, authentic, emotionally moving music, which is reflected by the tunes he chooses to remix and in his versatile, genre-limitless DJ sets. ¬†Self Help’s Ghetto Disco Dub of¬†No One Does It Like You¬†is a free download so be sure to add this one to your library! ¬†Also worth checking out is the video for the original song by Department Of Eagles. ¬†Enjoy!

niceFingers – Intercontinental Beat Collection

Intercontinential Beat Collection - niceFingers

What are we supposed to do with all this great music!? I mean seriously, there have been more extraordinary musicians surfacing this year than ever.

Once again, here we have some stellar synth work by a pair of intergalactic sound boys with roots in our home land of Ohio. I met Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider of niceFingers while in school in Columbus. It was just a few years ago that they were beginning to get their fingers dirty while bouncing around town getting into what the ColumBASS scene had to offer. As their fingers grew and danced to the rhythm of their beating eardrums, Nick and Dave went their separate ways to collect inspiration from the far reaching corners of the globe. With one man in China and the other in LA, niceFingers stretched their imaginations skyward to create a symphony of satellite traded synthetic sound.

This is Intercontinental Beat Connection. The album is available via BandCamp for a suggested donation of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! But you know, pay what you will. 

niceFingers SoundCloud

niceFingers BandCamp [FREE DL!]

niceFingers Facebook

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for another big album from this now reunited pair of killer creators set for release later this year.