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Bass Coast 2012 – A Weekend of Wonder

It’s been three weeks, and whispers of Bass Coast can still be heard echoing through the old growth forests of the Pacific North West. For miles the trees have been in conversation about a consciousness that is beginning to manifest itself in human space. Bass Coast is a cosmic gathering of like minded individuals brought together to share in this new understanding. Through music and dance, creation and collaboration, healing and heart; Bass Coast supports this progression toward a new paradigm.

Held in Squamish, BC along the banks of the Elaho River, Bass Coast 2012 was paradise. Imagine a beach party beside a winding river, overshadowed by glacial mountain peaks under a diamond sky. The festival was an extra-ordinary gathering of beautiful smiling faces, enveloped in lush forest, dancing to dastardly beats. Bass Coast participants were consumed by prodigious beauty, natural and synthetic alike.

Oh, and don’t forget the full moon vibration holding strong through the weekend…

For three days, we were immersed in an environment conducive to the highest forms of art and expression. Whether relaxing by the water, tuning in to one of the many conscious workshops, or collecting and connecting in the village; every Bass Coast participant could find him or herself involved in exciting and enlivening daytime activity. The festival offered a shaded workshop space on the beach for early morning yoga, daily dance instruction, and group meditation; a geodesic dome space for knowledge sharing which included workshops on unified field theory, Ableton Live, and Chinese astrology; and a pyramid housing a larger-than-life alter to promote alter-native expression and enlightenment. All this was amplified by an abundance of art installations of all shapes and sizes.

Days filled with creativity and conscious conversation created a perfect platform for the nights ahead. As the sun dipped behind the mountains and the stars began to reveal the light behind their glittering gaze, the real excitement ensued. Three undeniably awesome stages complete with superior sound systems, held space for an awesome array of local and international musicians. The DJs represented at Bass Coast are easily some of the most progressive and enthusiastic producers and performers of our time. The Canadians came in steaming hot with sounds by Daega Sound, Bevy Swift, Calamalka, Neighbor, Jpod The Beat Chief, Librarian, Kir Mokem, HxDB, Mat The Alien, and the Lighta! Crew, just to name a few. Among the internationals was Machinedrum, Lafa Taylor, Noah D, Justin Martin, and Danny Corn, along with many more.  One could not have been at all of the performances if she wanted to. That said, there were times at which we found ourselves aligned on so many levels it felt as if we were at multiple places at once.  With the high level of conscious expansion demonstrated at Bass Coast, this scenario is certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

The energy at Bass Coast was high to say the least. Organizers Liz Thomson and Andrea Graham have outdone themselves in their fourth year with the Bass Coast Project. In their mission to support the local electronic underground arts community, the Bass Coast Project is surpassing expectation. The people are beautiful, the music phenomenal, and the workshops exciting and informative. Kudos to all that helped to make Bass Coast what it has been – an opportunity…

To contemplate, to educate, to innovate and to CREATE!

We’ve listed some music for you guys to check out below, and look out for some specific artist highlights to come over the next few weeks.

See you in Squamish next year for Bass Coast 2013!


Big up to Zac Cirivello of Black Rock City, LLC for sharing the photos seen here.

Check out a few more below!

Russ Liquid – PURPLEZ MIX

This is the kick start to a having the freshest and most stress free day of your week.  Russ Liquid…on a Saturday morning…with a fatty spliff… on the front stoop…accompanied by a mimosa (no not the artist).  Sound alright to you? Okay, perfect, have fun and enjoy!

The Californian bass scene is ON FIRE. GOD DAMN!

Dubamine – Informer

Dubamine is comin’ in tuff with his new track Informer.  It’s got that distinct Dubamine sound…drums that hit your soul rather than just your ears, a bubbly wobble walking you through the scene, and a worldly vibe that leaves you no choice but to sway and smile… I think you’ll all like what you’re about to hear.  This tune is worth letting the neighbors hear! 

Cloud D – Under The Influence