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Lassitude (Jakwob Remix)

Jakwob, aka ‘The Prince of Wobble’, aka ‘The Beast of Bass’, aka ‘Bitch Suck My Dick Cuz I Look Like a Bass Line’, crushed the game (yes, again) and pumped out this ridiculously catchy and orgasmic remix of Dj Fresh and Sigma’s Lassitude.  Scroll down the page a little and you’ll see the original.  The original is off the hook, astounding, spectacular, and beautiful.  I would say the original Lassitude  shares similar qualities to a blunt after it’s been rolled with the freshest sativa available.  Ready for  the question? What are you going to do with that beautiful blunt if you got no flame to spark it!?  Thankfully, Jakwob hits us with an answer and swings the fire our way with this devastating remix.  BAM! The blunt has been lit and we are smoookiiiiiin’ baby!  Both tracks compliment each other in a glorious way and, well, thats all that needs to be said about this one!  BUMP THIS ‘TILL YOUR SPEAKERS POP!


Pendulum Rumors…

About a week ago I sent Rob Swire a message on Facebook.  I was not expecting anything back but felt it was worth a shot.  I asked him “Are you guys gonna release any more dubstep tracks?” and after a few minutes I heard the little “bloop” Facebook gives you when you receive a new message. His response was “Yes, but under a different name.” I’m really excited to see what has to come of the new group with an unknown name.  To this day, Set Me On Fire still has one of the heaviest drops I’ve heard and Rob Swire’s Drumstep Remix of Witchcraft truely defines the hybrid genre.  Take a listen and keep an ear out for new music from Rob Swire!

Make sure to listen in 720p!