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Gaudi – Live at Cervantes – 10/24

2015-10-24 - Gaudi

Hailing from London, Gaudi, known by many as the king of world bass, is back in North America and is scheduled to make an appearance at Cervantes on October 24th in Denver, Colorado.   Along for the ride will be Kaminanda, Cualli, and Digital Vagabond, all of whom are know to captivate crowds across the Americas and beyond.

Having last released ‘Dub, Sweat, & Tears’ in December 2014, it’s expected Gaudi has some new material to play for the world.  Gaudi’s live performance features synthesizers, CDJ’s, a theramin, sometimes one of the top vocalists in the world, and his own unique ability to improvise and create an unforgettable arrangement of music right in front of your eyes.

Ganjaology will be giving away a pair of tickets for this show, If you’d like to enter to win, follow the easy steps below.

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Winners will be announced on October 22nd!

 See you at Cervantes!

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Sonic Bloom Artist Highlight – Cualli

Sonic Bloom is bringing one of Colorado’s own (and one of our personal favorites) to their incredible festival this year.  Cualli has been steadily releasing music since 2010,  and with his recent arrival back home from a three month excursion in Costa Rica, he will be bringing a fresh new energy and strictly positive vibes to Humming Bird Ranch.

From his engaging live performances featuring himself, a computer, and several live instruments… To his insanely creative production that feature recordings from his trips around the world, live instrumentation, and software production… Cualli has proven time and time again that music is not only his passion, but his way of speaking to the people and Mother Earth.

“To make a change in the world we must make a change in ourselves. To heal the soul of the Earth we must heal the souls in ourselves. We are one with the Earth. We are one with the cosmos. I give thanks for the opportunity to play a part in this time here on Earth. I give thanks for the opportunity to connect through music. I give thanks for life.” – Cualli

Since my first introduction to Cualli back in 2012, at Envision, I have had the pleasure of watching his music spread throughout the conscious music network of the world in a truly loving way.  I’m excited for more projects to come from this talented Colorado native and really stoked for his performance at Sonic Bloom 2015!



Cualli – Summer Mix 2012

Summer has finally arrived out here in the great North Fresh.  Along with the mild heat wave, which to us seems like an inferno, and full days of the glorious yellow god beating down on us, tanning our sun deprived bodies, comes a collective energy dispensing  strictly positive and inspirational vibes.  I have seen this energy expressed by people worldwide in a variety of interpretations.  From music, to visual arts, to the art of storytelling,  all the way down to the art of thinking, people are expressing themselves.  One artist who’s form of musical expression has been catching my ear is Cualli.  You may know him from the West Coast bass music scene…maybe you caught one of his two shows at Envision music festival…maybe you’ve seen his name on the lineup for Global Dance Festival (who are celebrating their tenth year of existance this year!) and Syntonic Music Festival, both of which are happening later this year, or maybe you know him for his unique and emotion packed music he’s been releasing over the last few years.  WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE, Cualli is taking the bass music scene by storm, and coming with a VERY different sound.  This is his Summer Mix that he recorded for Envision Music Festival, but just recently released.  It’s all originals, many of which are unreleased, so take advantage of the rare listening experience you’re about to dive into and turn up the volume wherever you may be.   This mix will leave everyone in the surrounding environment with nothing but smiles on their faces. Big ups Cualli!

11.11.11 (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
Fibonacci (Unreleased – Mystery of the One
Quad (Unreleased – Love Craft)
Bless it (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
East West (Unreleased -B Rixile)
Egypt (Elixir)
Apple Hawk (Unreleased – Love Craft)
7s (Unreleased -Mystery of the One)
Mucho Amor (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
Elixir (Elixir)
Dream Song (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
Jungle Love (Elixir)
Numeral (Unreleased – Love Craft)
Love Craft (Unreleased – Love Craft)

Cualli – Merkaba Craft

“Cualli is an Aztec word for something which is inherently good and I want my music to reflect that.” – Cualli

Envision music festival, once again, has brought some new found musical knowledge to my brain by introducing me to the tunes of Cualli, of Denver, Colorado.  I met Aaron Holsapple, aka Cualli, kickin’ it under a shady structure early one afternoon while dodging the sun and waiting for some of the dankest falafel known to man kind to finish cooking.  Cualli was mad cool and told me he was playing later in the evening at the bar stage so I figured I’d check out the tunes.  WELL DAMN…evening rolled around, I think it was around 11pm, and Kll Smth and myself were on the move towards the bar stage to check some truly unique and inspiring bass sounds from Cualli.  Cualli came in on the most positive tip and kept the energy flowing high through his entire set, which consisted of incredible guitar solos, a violinist on stage, and more smiles than I’ve seen in a long time.  It was definitely an energizing performance to watch.  Merkaba Craft is one of my favorite Cualli tracks off of his newest ep, Elixir, that I want you all to check out.  This song has a lot of different elements from start to end…heavy synths that almost whine, a nice kick that keeps your feet moving, an INCREDIBLE transition to pure positivity, and a guitar solo to top it all off!  There will definitely be more Cualli on, but until then, check out his SoundCloud HERE, for more tunes.

Okay…I can’t put up just one Cualli track…here is another personal favorite, Jungle Love.