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Thievery Corp – Culture Of Fear ( Hawri ‘n’ Mandy Remix)

Ahhhh what a nice intro! I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for horns.  They’re uplifting, positive, wails tend to make me unable to hit next song on my music player.  What we have here is a song by Thievery Corporation entitled Culture of Fear, and remixed by none other than one of Ganjaology’s favorite Canadian duo’s, Hawri ‘n’ Mandy.  Once again they’re proven their skill on the mic (S/O Mandy) and shined through with their production level(S/O Hawri).  I would not be surprised to see this song being on one of Thievery Corps remix albums sometime.  Check the tune! It’s big! You’ll be dancing by the end, no doubt.