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Truth Ft. Datsik & Yayne – Too Late

Out of all the shows I traveled to and was able to add energy to by breaking out some very rare moves on the dance floor, one show I will never forget is Datsiks set at Shambhala a few weeks ago.  It was my first time seeing him, and for some reason (probably due to living in Seattle) I envisioned the crowd being overrun with Skrillex loving 14 year olds on too much ecstasy.  It was totally the opposite though!  The crowd was full of Datsik lovers from all over who were as positive, fun, and enthusiastic as you could find.  Shambhala is 19+ too so that really took care of a lot of the nonsense you see going on at his and many other big dubstep artists shows in the States. The Village stage at Shambhala was BUMPIN.  Datsik played everything from dubstep, to electro, to moombahcore, and beyond.  All of a sudden an hour and a half had gone by and I needed to sit down.   I can’t remember if this track was dropped at the Shambhala 2012 Datsik performance, but it’s dope and brings back some good memories.  It’s a song called Too Late  which was produced by Truth, some of the deepest dubstep artists in the game, and features Datsik and Yayne.  The melody is gonna be stuck in your head after hearing this one one time.  Enjoy!

Thanks to this one is a FREE DOWNLOAD too! Get this in your music library


Ganjaology Guest Mix – BLEED (Shift Recordings)

Ganjaology is proud to announce a new guest mix that our big homie Bleed, representing Shift Recordings, did for us to kick off the Halloween energy that is about us this month.  Bleed kicks off the mix with a HUGE original, unreleased tune entitled I LOVE HATERZ.  The sample is from one of Kat Williams stand up comedies that I’m sure most of you have heard 1000 times before…but never like this!  This mix is enormous.  It’s an hour and six minutes long and touches on all different areas of dubstep.  Your ears may or may not be bleeding after you’re finished listening to this one.  Enjoy the heavy vibes!






Corner Of Ya Block – Original Mix – High Rankin
I Call Shots (Symbl Remix)
Stomp – Original Mix – Richie August
Track 10 – Stenchman (Dub)
Teflon ft Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Kelly Dean & Steady
Supaskank – Kidonabike
Nothing – Culprate
Jane – Riskotheque, Triage
Kamikaze – AntiSerum, No Thing
Enemies – Bare
GearBox (VIP) – UltraBlack
Bad Bitches – Hulk
Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz) – Kanye West
Roughed Up – Mantis
Psycho Skank – The Widdler
Rise From The Ashes – SPL, Messinian
Let Us In – Tetsuo
Track 02 – Stenchman (Dub)
Smoke Screen – Surpass & Cease
Pull Up – Megalodon
Sippin On Some Syrup (Acapella) – Three Six Mafia Ft UGK
Simon Says (Dubstep Bootleg) – Pharoah Monche
Dumbo Riddim – Wulf
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Layer Cake – DJArtery
I Make Bass – High Rankin
AngelDust – Hulk
Forever (SPL Remix Alternate Version) – Drake (Ft. Lil Wayne & Eminem)
Sunset Trippin – Bleed
9.Left The Room – Skream ft P Money
Middle Finger – Skrewluce
Out for Blood – Bleed
Spitfire EQ – Tetsuo
MeetMeOutside_VIP – Symbl
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Sellin Bass [BLEED REMIX] – Lukki
Raw Eggs – Banana Bomber
A Millie (Excision & DatsiK Remix) – Lil Wayne
Fracture – Dubtek
Dark Circles – J:Kenzo, TZR, Bleed
Exodus (HavocNdeeD RemiX) – Bob Marley

Datsik & Z-Trip – Double Trouble


Yes, we all know the mighty Datsik, from his hip hop influenced beats to his destructive mechanical basslines that trademarked his sound. This Canadian producer has made his way to the top of the bass music scene quickly, and this is why. I stumbled upon this preview last night and as soon as i hit play i was hooked by the swung heavy hitting percussion. Another amazingly clean production from Datsik, this time with DJ Z – TRIP in the works doing something a little different . Check it out.

Datsik & Bassnectar – Elevate / YES

Sooooo happy this is out, been waiting for Elevate since last June when I saw Datsik and Bassnectar down at Starscape in Baltimore. You can really hear each artist’s influence on the song and both styles blend so smoothly. The other song YES is probably my favorite of the two it’s got a Drumstep style to it with the 175 BPM but has a lot of Glitch hop influences. The artists were also kind enough to give both of these tracks away for free!! Have a listen and download em here!



Hulk – Bang Boom Ping Pow!!

Check out this extra rowdy mix by Hulk! That’s right… We got Megalodon, we got Dodge and Fuski, we got Trowa… Datsik, J. Rabbit, and that new Diplo Track. Oooh damn. Some like it rough.

Tear it up Hulk!

Diplo & Datsik Collaberation! – Pick Your Poison

OH DAMN! OH SHIT! DIPLO AND DATSIK ON ONE TRACK! Very rare track, heard this for the first time in mid July and it’s just recently been released. Diplo songs always makes me smile just listenin’ to them, they are really unique and he definitely has a good thing goin’ for him, you can really hear his part in the song. And of course Datsik brings the heat with his heavy ass wobbles and overall powerful sound (i.e. Firepower). The unique sound of both producers put together is nothing short of awesome. When two very different sounds come together they are usually either a disaster or something amazing, it’s obvious which one of the two this song is. Check this shit out, big ups to Diplo & Datsik for this one!!

Datsik & Excision – 8Bit Superhero (Megaman)

This symphony of synths, put together by two of Canada’s biggest names in dubstep, is sure to be blowing up all over the web in the coming weeks. I’d heard that Datsik had been dropping it at recent shows but hadn’t been able to find a good version of it online. It’s heaviness, melody, grime, and beauty, all thrown in a blender with some nice northern womps. Check it! J Hanna out.