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Decibel Festival – Bassdrop Community Bass Session @ The Crocodile

Attention Decibel Festival goers!  Tonight at The Crocodile a very special party is being thrown by Seattle’s own, Bassdrop Music.  Blessing the Belltown venue with bubbly bass beats will be Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst.

 Following this stacked lineup is Bassdrops AFTER HOURS party featuring Pressha, Tonzafun!, Dirty Byrdz, Dot Diggler, and Mcfunk Bros.  See you tonight!

3 Days (plus some hours!) ‘Till Decibel…BORETA

So as all you bass lovers and Bassdrop Music supporters have been getting stoked for their musical Showcase on the 29th at The Crocodile, Bassdrop Music has been getting ready to break us off with a nice surprise to make the night a lot more exciting.  BORETA of The Glitch Mob is going to be headlining at the Bassdrop Music Showcase!  One of the leaders in glitch-hop will be throwing down a high energy performance along side Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst.  This night just got a lot more epic.

See you there!

Savage Rehab – The Drums

Again Savage Rehab bring an absolutely huge track! First heard this one on their D&BTV mix and since then have been dying to grab it. The Drums is a bit more mellow than their usual dark and energetic sound, perfect for listening to after an exhausting day. It has a very different vibe than most DnB you hear these days; it’s a bit similar to Baltimore, by Sigma, in terms of the light hearted feel, but instead has very relaxed qualities where Baltimore has a more lively sound. If you haven’t been keeping up with Savage Rehab, give their soundcloud a look and check out all their new tunes!

Grafix – Holding On (Phetsta Remix)

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured Phetsta on the ol’ Ganjaology but after hearing this track I had to post it. Holding On is suuuch a smooth track; it’s got a very mellow but ironically energetic feeling to it much like certain Netsky tracks. Just a really cool track to kick back and listen to on a Monday night, have a listen below and make sure to support this Australian producer by buying the track on Beatport since it just got released today!!


Freeze – Guess Who

Forthcoming on Cold Blooded Recordings comes this maaaassive track Guess Who by Freeze. This track has a really unique sound to it, it’s got some very eerie qualities to it but brings a very deep and spacey bassline as well. Give it a listen below and make sure to listen on some quality speakers!!

S.P.Y. B2B Nu:Tone

Holy shit! I always love a good DnB mix but damn, this one is like nothing I’ve seen before. Both S.P.Y. and Nu:Tone absolutely destroy the D&BTV decks, if you can listen to this on a good system, do it, even if it means going to someones else’s house. On top of this being an amazing mix, it wasn’t even planned, people proposed the idea during the stream and they went with it. Check it out above off of the Hospital Records Takeover of D&BTV. Big ups to the people who had the idea for the B2B!