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Decibel Festival Recap – DB and Surefire Boat Party

Surefire is a name that lives up to the potential it promises. This year at Seattle’s own Decibel Festival, the Surefire team kept summer blazing all the way through to the last week of September with the DB Fest Surefire Boat Party. Suns Out Guns Out is one popular maxim that could describe the energy at this Friday afternoon cruise around Lake Union and Elliot Bay. The event featured some of the scene’s most filthy dance DJs including EPROM, Starkey, Ginz, Danny Corn and Tyler Tastemaker. For four hours this team of talented sound sorcerers manned the musical helm while a group of swagged out party people’s played crew. The expedition was led by one of the funniest ship Captain’s I’ve ever seen. It’s not often that the Captain of a commercial boat will spend the entire outing with a cigarette drooping from the corner of his mouth. Whether it was the beautiful people, the trippy beats, captain smokey or a combination – one things for sure… The Surefire Boat Party surely was FIRE!



The Cannabinoids featuring Erykah Badu – Decibel Festival 2012

How many MacBooks does it take to produce pure magnetic harmony? In the case of Erykah Badu and the Cannabinoids, 8 is the magic number. Run by a team of 9 high vibrational beings, these computers aid in the synthesis of a simply awesome array of sound. Using keyboards, turntables, drum sequencers on top of live drums, and a theramin; the Cannabinoids combine synthetic and organic elements of production to create a symphony of intelligent vibes.

At Decibel Festival this year, these guys packed the Paramount Theater in Seattle with an excited crowd of Seattlites and travelers alike. It felt like quite a few of the folks I met at Decibel this year were from out of town. Makes sense…

Who wouldn’t travel to see such an incredible lineup of artists?

EB and the Cannabinoids were just one of the amazing acts this year at DB Fest. Exploring the science of addiction, this team of sound scientists has come up with a powerful hypothesis: that the combination of synthetic and organic can produce simply stunning results.

Big up to The Confluence Group for the crystal clear footage!

Check out more of DB Fest from Confluence here.


5 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Starkey

Out here on the West Coast, some folks can get a big head about the scene and all the amazing opportunities available. Many wanna talk about the Best Coast  or Blessed Coast, thinking this is the only real Bass Coast. Philadelphia producer PJ Geissenger aka Starkey reminds us that the sounds coming out of the East can truly embody that high flying eagle – creator energy.

Producing predominately dubstep and grime, Starkey’s tunes transition gracefully through hip-hop, street bass, and ambient as well. When he’s not laying down devilish sets around the globe, Starkey teaches music theory at the University of Philadelphia. Look out for this guy as he develops his sound over the next few years!

Check the recently recorded mix Starkey did for the Мишка Bloglin Keep Watch Mix Series, and don’t miss this man at DB and Surefire Boat Party next Friday. Separate tickets are required and are sure to sell out, so get ’em now!

8 Days ‘Till Decibel…GINZ

Everyone involved in the bass music world has heard the song Purple City, produced by Joker and Ginz.  You’ve experienced the vibes in clubs, on radios, bumpin’ out of cars, and soon to be bumpin’ out of The Islander Yacht on Lake Union this Decibel Festival.  Multiverse Music founder (also the man who teamed up with Joker to create the 2009 smash hit Purple City), Ginz, is going to throwing down a wicked performance at a day time boat party alongside Eprom, Starkey, B. Bravo, Danny Corn, and Tyler Tastemaker.  This is going to be a show worth calling off work for.  Many of you will have to…it’s on a Friday starting at 1:30pm!  Anyways, be expecting to hear hours full of of futuristic bass tunes, LOTS of exclusives you won’t be able to get your hands on for months, and then some all time classic dubstep anthems.  Here is a mix Ginz did last spring.  Of course, it’s nothing but pure fiyah! Enjoy.


13 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Tipper

Just 14 Days ’till Decibel and I’m feeling lucky, twice. Seven is my lucky number… which happens to also be the number of days in a week as well as representing the seven sacred directions. What this means is that in two weeks or two times seven days, the only direction I will be headed is to Decibel Festival.

Today we will have a listen to the world famous engineer of sound, Tipper. Well known to electronic music enthusiasts, UK producer David Tipper is an originator of what we now know as Bass. During the 90s when EDM was still in the womb, Tipper was in the lab experimenting with new and different frequencies never before introduced as music. Finding security in the science of bass, Tipper began his journey into the realm of experimental music performance.

One of the reasons I like Tipper is that when it comes to bringing the bass, this man booms! Around 2000, Like the Jamaican sound system engineers that forged the way for low frequency modulation, Tipper built a mobile sound system. In fact, with the help of friend Richie Warren, he built two. A pair of lucky 1970s black Dodge Chargers were outfitted with hydraulic lifted,  fully powered bass stations. Each consisting of 6×18″ subs along with Funktion One mid/tops speaker units; these babies bounced. They would roll around bumping tunes so loudly that they once received complaints from The Prodigy’s stage manager for disrupting the show by playing too loudly in the parking lot.


Since then, Tipper has produced for, played for, and partaken in just about everyone’s projects. As one of the world’s most advanced audio engineers, he is known for his experimental approach to creating some of the best dance music to ever be heard by earth people.

Here’s some music to keep your ears occupied until the next two weeks are up and my luck’s run out. Once that happens, I guess I will have to give in and get my tickets to Decibel Festival. I’ve been hoping to get some media passes so I can spend my money on buying music instead.

My fingers are crossed. All seven on each hand.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!