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DB Fest Pre-Party :: 9/19 Refuge PDX :: Christian Martin, Nordic Soul, The Perfect Cyn, Ben Tactic, Ganjaology and More!

Ganjaology, Christian Martin, Nordic Soul, Refuge PDX

Ganjaology has teamed with some of the best in the business to bring you an exciting event to prep for one of the finest festivals the global electronic scene has to offer – Decibel Festival. The event will be held Friday 9/19 at Refuge PDX in Portland and features sounds from DJ/Producer and co-founder of Dirty Bird Records Christian Martin of San Francisco, plus the founder of Decibel Festival, Sean Horton aka Nordic Soul of Seattle.

Supporting acts include Ben Tactic and Lincolnup of Portland’s premier dance night Bubblin’  –  Richie Staxx of Rose City Underground – Jose Sosa of Beatrox – The Perfect Cyn – Anna Langley –  Josh Romo – and lastly ManAmen and Chris T of Ganjaology.

The night kicks off early with the local talent beginning at 9pm. Refuge will be providing full bar service, plus food catering, two stages with superior sound and plenty of good vibes to carry you through the night. Be sure to catch up with the Ganjaology crew as we’ll be holding it down to close out the open air Bamboo Stage between 1 and 2am. The party goes until 4am so come prepared to party!

Refuge PDX :: 116 SE Yamhill St :: Portland, OR 97217



Ganjaology, Christian Martin, Nordic Soul, Bubblin, Refuge PDX


Decibel Festival 2013 – Ten Year Teaser


Machinedrum – Eyesdontlie

Machinedrum, Eyesdontlie, Ninjatune

Fresh off the press from Ninjatune, comes Machinedrum’s newest single “Eyesdontlie.” This shimmering splendor explores the 170 bpm tempo range with cutting originality. With a seductive half time feel supporting beautiful vocal samples and driving percussion, Machindrum has spun beauty into this web of frequencies. The official release is scheduled for July 29, 2013 and can be pre-ordered directly from Ninjatune here. Be sure to catch Machinedrum at one of his west coast festival dates this summer including What The Festival near Portland, Bass Coast in Nicola Valley, BC and Decibel Festival in Seattle.


Decibel Festival Artist Highlight – :: MORRI$ :: – Quick Cash

This dude MORRI$ makes some crazy futuristic beats for ya brain.  This latest track Quick Cash  is some motivational music for all you out there on the grind and hustlin’ hard!   He’s going to be performing at Decibel Festival this year in Seattle, WA… get ready for the end of the summer extravaganza featuring this young musical prodigy along with an insane list of other artists.  VIBES!



Post Decibel Artist Highlight – MIMOSA


Remember when dubstep first hit the states and all of your favorite DJ’s were playing this new sound from the UK?  That’s pretty much what is going on with ‘TRAP’ at the moment.  Producers and DJs who are definitely NOT from ATL have taken the Dirty South sound stemming from producers like Lil’ Jon, Zaytoven, Drumma Boy, and Lex Luger, and given it a new spin that incorporates all sorts of EDM genres into the mix, ultimately creating a new EDM sub-genre, appropriately entitled, TRAP.

Thursday at Decibel Festival I spent the day and night running around from party to party and literally EVERYWHERE I went I heard the distinct sprinkler snare drum rattling and the ever so distinct Trapaholics sample “DAMN SON WHER’ED YOU FIND THIS!?” before I entered each venue. Oh yes.  I was entering the trap.  I heard a quite a few DJ’s dropping a LOT of the same songs from artists like UZ, Flosstradamus, and Bauerr, which is cool…all the songs are hot, but their stage presence and energy didn’t quite compare to the music they were playing.  I wanted to see hands up in the air, DJ’s singing along to the songs they were playing, I wanted to see them on the mic, and most of all I wanted to see the DJ getting the crowd hyped!

My last destination of Thursday night was The Showbox to go check out Mimosa.  Now…I’ve been keeping up with Mimosa for a while now and having heard some of his newer mixes over the last year I already knew that the young Californian bass prince was going to be bringing a next level energy for this Decibel Festival, and would outshine a lot of artists due to his ability to captivate the crowd.  As I was walking up to The Showbox, I didn’t hear any snare drums…no Trapaholic samples…no 808 kicks…was I at the right place?  As I got inside Tipper had just finished up his set and Mimosa was walking on stage.  I had arrived at the perfect moment.  Mimosa came on stage and blew everyone out of the water.  With a joint lit, he proceeded to play more than an hour of next level, future trap beats, most of which I had never heard.  I’m pretty sure a lot of them were unreleased original tunes that he was saving for that night.

My homie Galen, of The Confluence, was there shooting video of Mimosa and got this SICK shot of Mimosa dropping Antiserum and Mayhems Brick Squad Anthem (which is the PERFECT example of trap), with the tightest images of the Space Needle, Smith Tower, and other Seattle buildings booming in neon colors behind him.

As I expected, Mimosa absolutely destroyed (I mean that in a good way) the showbox and left everyone sweaty as ever with a smile on their face.  If you’ve got talent…might as well use it! Big ups Mimosa.  You did it again.

Photo Credit : Eva Blue

Post Decibel Festival Artist Highlight – Nina Kraviz

One of my favorite things about Decibel Festival is going to showcases where you know nothing about the artists playing, except that they play damn good music, and leaving the club craving to hear the new sounds you just experienced again and again.  Saturday night of Decibel Festival was a huge night for music.  There was basically just too much to pick from so I let my buddy make the decision.  We opted to go for a show he was extremely stoked for and I knew nothing about.  I was diving into an unknown realm of bass.

The Russian techno queen I went to see goes by the name of Nina Kraviz.  She is one of Moscow’s most sought after DJ’s at the moment, and made her way into many peoples sound systems earlier this year with her debut on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix.  Upon my arrival to Q, the new Capitol Hill night club, I really didn’t know what I was getting my ears into.  I walked inside, and instantly a thumping low frequency being projected from Funktion-One speakers settled deep with my body.  It was a thump that would not sway, a thump that always hit on the quarter note, and was interlaced with metallic splashes, dings, with a sexy voice over top. I had entered the world of Nina Kraviz.

For the next hour and half I grooved and boogied my heart out at the front of the stage with the speakers with giant disco balls blessing the club with spectacular lighting and everyones energy thundering around me until it was time to move to the next venue to continue my musical exploration.  It was hard to leave.  Q was filled up with techno and house lovers of all ages, all backgrounds, and all with the same love for the music, but I had another showcase to go check out, so I had to go.

What’s the moral of this short story?  Listen to Nina Kraviz’ music, GO SEE HER LIVE, and let’s hope she’s invited back to Decibel Festival next year!

Video Credit: Galen Oakes courtesy of The Confluence.

Decibel Festival – Bassdrop Community Bass Session @ The Crocodile

Attention Decibel Festival goers!  Tonight at The Crocodile a very special party is being thrown by Seattle’s own, Bassdrop Music.  Blessing the Belltown venue with bubbly bass beats will be Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst.

 Following this stacked lineup is Bassdrops AFTER HOURS party featuring Pressha, Tonzafun!, Dirty Byrdz, Dot Diggler, and Mcfunk Bros.  See you tonight!

Bassdrop : Community Bass Sessions AFTERHOURS : 29 September 2012

So Bassdrops Community Bass Sessions show on the 29th at the Crocodile with Boreta, Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst, is gonna be sick.  Their AFTERHOURS party is gonna be just as fun, if not more bumpin!  It’s featuring a Pressha, Tonzafun, Dirty Birdz, Dot Diggler, and the Mcfunk Bros.  The venue is not announced, nor will it be announced to the general public.  You’ll have to call the info line the night of the party and get directions.  Get on the Facebook page to get the number, and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!  Seriously… lets get this party poppin’…show love for the people throwing parties in your city.  Big up yaself!



Decibel Festival…It’s Almost Here!

Our beloved hometown of Seattle, WA, is hosting quite possibly one of the greatest and most musically diverse electronic music festivals in the world.  It goes by the name of Decibel Festival.  If you’ve been out of the loop on what’s going on in the music world in the North West, I’m sorry.  But you’re reading this so you’re not TOO late!  Decibel Festival is hosting more than 160 artists from around the world and will be taking over 14 different venues for 5 days starting this coming wednesday.  Passes are still on sale, will run you about $240 after taxes, and get you into MOST events. Check out the line up!

3 Days (plus some hours!) ‘Till Decibel…BORETA

So as all you bass lovers and Bassdrop Music supporters have been getting stoked for their musical Showcase on the 29th at The Crocodile, Bassdrop Music has been getting ready to break us off with a nice surprise to make the night a lot more exciting.  BORETA of The Glitch Mob is going to be headlining at the Bassdrop Music Showcase!  One of the leaders in glitch-hop will be throwing down a high energy performance along side Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst.  This night just got a lot more epic.

See you there!

7 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Bonobo

8 Days ’til Decibel and I’m itching like a monkey!

I need someone to come pick these creepy little bugs out of my hair that keep whispering in my ears, “Quit you job and just do Decibel.” Who knows, maybe that’s what needs to happen.

Speaking of monkeys, once again Bonobo will be bouncing around DB Fest this year making the dance floor go bananas. Last year I had the pleasure of seeing him with support from DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid along with Opiuo. Easily one of my favorites, Bonobo brings an eclectic sound that is sure to make you move. This year he will be playing alongside Eprom and the infamous DJ Shadow, with visual support by Zach Walker.

Check the event details here!

11 Days ’til Decibel – Kid Smpl

When it comes to creating art with Sound, 22 year old Joe Butler aka Kid Smpl of Seattle, is painting sonic frescos. With his lush and loving synths, burrowing bass and sweeping atmospherics, Kid Smple is creating music to dream to. His EP Escape Pod, which was released earlier this year is definitely one worth checking out. Listen to it here, and check back in a few months for news about his upcoming release with Hush Hush Records.

12 Days ’til Decibel Festival- Machinedrum

Machinedrum has been making an incredibly large impact on tens of thousands of peoples musical tastes this summer with his heavy West Coast touring antics.  So far in 2012 I’ve seen him in Seattle and at Bass Coast. This month he’s coming back to Seattle for an appearance at Decibel Festival. He always comes with a ridiculously high energy level and drops tracks back to back that has the crowd doing every snap dance they can remember from 2006.  I love it!  This is one artist at Decibel you definitely don’t want to miss so get you Decibel Festival pass before they’re gone!

14 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Erykah Badu and The Cannabinoids

15 Days until Decibel, and I’m feeling like it can’t come soon enough. Decibel Festival is a city-wide Seattle based electronic music gathering focused on providing a cosmic resonance chamber for the sounds of the times through the collective conscious of those attending. Featuring an extensive array of exciting electronic musicians from all over the world, Decibel 2012 is projected to be a week worth taking off work. Each day starting now, we will be updating you with new music to highlight the artists that will be represented at Decibel Festival.

We will be starting it off big on day one by highlighting the music of one of my favorite artists of all time, Erykah Badu. Teaming with an incredible band of outstanding musicians aptly labeled The Cannabanoids, Badu is redefining soul. I first became infatuated with the sounds of the goddess when she released her full length album Mama’s Gun in 2000. Ever since, I have periodically pressed play on the sounds of Ms. Badu, only to fall in love with her frequencies over and over again.

Tweleve beautiful years later, I have the opportunity to hear my favorite female performer of all time perform with a collection of creators that are sure to surpass any unfounded expectations I may have set for them. The following mix was recorded live at the Red Bull Music Academy through a symphony of 8 laptops, 3 turntables, 6 keyboards, 4 drum machines, and a Theremin. The artists featured include Symbolic One, Jah Born, Picnic, RC Williams, DJ Big Texas, Rob Free and A1, along with Erykah herself.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see this incredible showcase of real soul music.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!

Decibel Festival – Bare Necessities Party

 This is a pretty epic video! It was put together to help keep the memories of Mt. Eden’s recent US tour alive.  Luckily the fun in the US is not over for the dubstep duo from Auckland, New Zealand, because they are headlining a show at The Showbox (downtown) next Friday for Decibel Festival!   Be sure to get tickets HERE before they are all gone.  Mt. Eden will be accompanied by Ill-esha, Breakage, and Triage.  Yeah…this show is gonna be one to remember for 2011.

Ill-esha – Hunting Season

Breakage –  Higher

Triage – Pitbull