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DnB Highlight! – Tantrum Desire

Last month Tantrum Desire released his remix of Blind Cobblers Thumb by Futurebound. The song hasn’t seemed to have hit off yet but wow is it good. The bass is very powerful, much like songs like Space Time by Delta Heavy and Tarantula by Pendulum. Overall the song has a jungle sound to it sticking true to older Drum & Bass and sounds of older DnB icons like Aphrodite. As the song builds there is a feeling of something big to come and when the song kicks in it goes hard. It’s spacey sound and fast pace will definitely be killin’ dance floors around the world for years to come. Now listen up!!


Smoke Screen-Born To Roll

Take some smoking inspiration from Cleveland and Smoke Screen with their new release Born To Roll.  These dudes got rhymes for days and remember…YOU A LYIN’ MOTHAFUCKA IF YOU SAY YOU AS HIGH AS WE BE!!! Peace.

Ganja Highlight – Permafrost

          As you can tell, Permafrost got it’s name from the white icy color it has from the heavy amount of THC crystals clinging and encrusted in the bud.  This is a VERY potent strain of ganja that has a strong, fruity smell that is noticeable from miles away! Okay, not miles…but you get the idea.  The taste is very distinct, for it leaves flavors of exotic fruits and flowers in your mouth after the smoke is gone.  The smoke, may I add, is thicker and heavier than many other strains I have smoked recently.   Is this due to the frostiness?  You tell me! Enjoy this smoke with a nice cup of coffee and some fresh baked pastries to top the experience off.

Ganjaology Podcast: The Deep Space Search For Bass

This podcast was put together by The Ganjaologist and J Hanna to bring you some of the heaviest bass rhythms found in our galaxy in recent years. The songs you are listening to have been put together through daily inspiration drawn from the beauty of nature in the North West and the always amazing, never dull, club scene out of the South East. Enjoy this beastly mix with the sub turned up high, your spliff rolled fat, and the neighbors knocking on your door! BIG UP YOURSELF!