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Skeptical – Imperial [EP]

Don’t know where to start with this other than Skeptical‘s production is downright next level. The production that is showcased in each of these four tracks is not only motivating to me but should be listened to by all producers and studied. The UK based Dubstep and DnB producer has found the perfect balance of cleanliness and grimeyness in each track.

This 4 track collection is set to release on January 19, 2015 on Exit Records. I can’t decide which track is better, just check it yourself.

The Lost Tapes Pt.1 w/ Daega Sound – Interview from Bass Coast 2013

Daega Sound, Bass Coast, Ganjaology

Muffled kick drums and filtered snares echo into your auditory field as distant serpent synths weave gently into your awareness. Soon, splashing cymbals and rising sonic tides elevate your ears into an ocean of technical intricacies washed and tumbled by waves of emotionally driven atmospherics.  Imagination takes over and you’re launched into the land of Daega Sound. To breath underwater never felt so natural.

Hailing from a forested coastal island in the Strait of Georgia  beyond Vancouver, this dynamic pair of Canadian dub producers come together to create an undeniably unique sound. Known for their technically advanced rhythms and dynamic synth work, Daega Sound seamlessly fuses the frequencies that we may commonly refer to as Dubstep, Drum n Bass or Techno. With their strikingly keen ability to navigate the depths through their music, it’s no wonder that these boys literally shared the same womb. If you’ve ever seen these guys perform, one thing is clear… They are brothers.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Daega Sound at Bass Coast in Merrit BC last summer. Unfortunately, shortly after the interview the recordings vanished. Like a long lost treasure which surfaces at the opportune moment, the recording has been recovered, just in time for Bass Coast 6 – Mutiny. #YAR!

Check out the interview below and be sure to tune in to some of the tunes from Daega we’ve included throughout this article. The boys had the opportunity to follow up to share what’s new in the world of Daega Sound since last year. Jump to the end for that, but don’t miss what they had to say about Bass Coast, what’s happening in the world of electronic music, and the bass music scene’s dirty word “Dubstep”.

So tune in, listen up and recognize that no matter how someone may choose to categorize your favorite music, only one phrase fits when describing the music of Ben and Josh Searles. This is Daega Sound.

Daega Sound, Bass Coast, Vasho Photography

Check out more from Daega Sound on Facebook and Soundcloud. Also check out their recent releases with Brooklyn bass music label Tuba Records. Lastly, be sure to check back at GANJAOLOGY this coming week for The Lost Tapes Pt. 2 with Michael Red!

See you all at Bass Coast, August 1-4 in Merrit, BC!!

Here’s the interview…

MICK :: Alright, this is Mickey and Nala with Ganjaology and we are here at Bass Coast with Daega Sound. Why don’t you guys just introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the project?

BEN :: My name is Ben, This is my brother Josh…

JOSH :: Hey

BEN :: And we make bass music, and well…

JOSH :: All kinds of stuff

BEN :: A lot of what we put out is in the 140 dubstep world, although we’ve got a release coming out soon with Loxy and Resa on the Cylon, which is a 170 DnB release.

JOSH :: We come from a pretty diverse background in music. We were trained classically when we were younger. And so as we sort of grew up, we started to thirst for some new sounds and stuff and as we didn’t grow up in the sort of mainstream world of music, we didn’t go pop or mainstream we sort of went underground, deeper and deeper and we never looked back or came out of it.

MICK :: Sweet. So, are you guys Vancouver based?

BEN :: Ya we live just outside of Vancouver, a short ferry ride, about 40 minutes outside of Vancouver. We are some what isolated so we can focus, we’re also close enough to the city that we can stay connected. It’s a perfect kind of balance.

MICK/NALA :: Ya we’re both familiar with that ferry ride into the city, we do it to in Seattle.

JOSH :: Oh no way.

BEN :: Killer…

JOSH :: I love it. It’s the best because you get the best of both worlds. We like to be not distracted… You know and in a place like that it’s like one stop light between you and the grocery store, get like good maximum studio time. In the winter anyways, summer’s ridiculous.

MICK :: Absolutely. Ya so it’s like “underground…” I guess, would you use an other words to describe your music?

BEN :: It’s kind of introspective.

JOSH :: Ya, and it really melodic, soundscape-y.

BEN :: Atmospheric, Soundtrack-y, a lot of people call it deep…

JOSH :: But it’s heavier and headier than “deep”. It’s not slow. It’s pretty syncopated. Ben was a drummer growing up and I played guitar so we kind of had a good thing going with rhythm and melody so there’s always those things are always the mainstays but everything comes from another place. We just do whatever, we’re like conduits.

BEN :: We used to DJ like drum n bass and techno, so you hear a lot of that drum n bass in there.

JOSH :: The neat thing about that sound, about the 140  “dubstep” sound, at least when we got into it, there were little bits of everything. Like there was DnB elements and there were some techno elements in there. Some dub, well lot’s of dub. We both are huge into like reverb, delay and all this. So it was a good sound for us because we were writing all sorts of stuff and we could kind of coalesce these into one place where we could focus it.

MICK :: And you guys are brothers, is that true? I mean blood brothers?

BEN :: Yes. Yes..

JOSH :: Ya we been doing this a long time. Our mom was a choreographer and a dancer and our dad was a composer…

BEN :: Haha, ya been doing this kinda thing for a little while.

MICK :: Ya, I come from a drummer father and my mom’s a dancer.

JOSH :: Oh cool, ya we spent a lot of time backstage thinking…

BEN :: “Oh.. those are some cool lights and buttons.”

MICK :: Nice. So maybe you guys can talk about any new releases, maybe recent releases that you’ve done or you’re working on.

BEN :: Ya we put our first record out on black box, which is probably one of our biggest releases. It’s a UK label, it’s got acts like Headhunter and Kryptic Minds and Jack Sparrow and a lot of guys that we sort of looked up to for a long time, and still do. And in our sets you hear a lot of those guys.

JOSH :: Ya we’ve played a lot of their stuff and a lot of stuff off their label. And we have another upcoming release with the in the fall. We put some stuff with a newer imprint, Tuba.

BEN :: Well, they’ve been around for a little while actually.

JOSH :: This is our fourth release, I think. So we’ve got another one coming up and then as Ben said the Locksee and Rez, it’s a CX Digital… Our first official drum n bass release. So branching a bit. We’ve had plans for an album, sort of sneaky in the background for a while and we thought we were going to be able to pull all that out this year, but…

BEN :: Ya, it’s gotta take it’s own time.

JOSH :: We’re not a quantity type of couple of producers, we’re more like the Tool. Putting one record out every four years sort of thing. You know, put the time and effort in to make it count.

BEN :: When we’re letting the ideas percolate it’s always nice to spend a summer going and checking out new acts and new sounds and getting new inspiration and you take that energy back into the studio. Get in the shed. It all sort of steeps and it comes out in new ideas.

JOSH :: Were gonna be doing… As far as performance, we’ll be keeping up our writing as we have been. We’ve got ideas to launch a new Daega Sound music store, so we’ll be able to do a lot of our own stuff. But also, as far as performance goes we’re gonna stick to the two by four now, so we have a lot more scope and range as far as DJ sets go… With four decks. And then we’ll be doing a lot more live stuff coming up. We’ve got enough material that it makes it worth it.

MICK :: So you guys run two decks each?

BEN :: Ya, two decks and two mixers.

JOSH :: It’s like a brother thing, you know. Everything has to be shared. He’s got two turntables, I want two turntables.

BEN :: Ya it keeps us from getting bored.

JOSH :: Two deck sets are fun, but you know. You can just do so much more.

MICK :: Well cool. This is a good seg-way into we’re here at Basscoast, so why don’t you give us the scoop on Bass Coast. What’s this gathering all about?

BEN :: This is like a big extended family out here.

JOSH :: Pretty much every level of infrastructure here has  got people from our crew.

BEN :: We’ve been around since the first one, so you see the evolution go from like 700 or 800 the first year and there’s thousands this year. The production each year, it’s just grown. And it’s sort of getting into its adolescence now. It’s getting to feel more comfortable with itself and the systems. Its a new site here, so they had to go through a lot of learning curves I’m sure to get on top of everything that goes with getting a new sight, but from the front it’s seamless. It’s been an awesome experience.

JOSH :: It’s kind of like an outdoor Mutek in a way, where you have really high level production sound, lights, and talent – but you’re in an outdoor setting in that way.

MICK :: Cool, so any words of wisdom for up and coming musicians out there?

BEN ::  The one thing that we’ve always been told and what’s kept us going is perseverence. You just don’t stop.

JOSH :: And to be really honest with what you do. Write the music that moves you, not what you think is gonna… You know, because I think people are receptive to honest music so just let it come naturally and just don’t give up. That’s what we were told.

BEN :: And our older brother Ron is an engineer and he always says… While there’s a lot of music out there right now, more than ever before with the technology that’s available, there’s always room for good music. People will always be ready to hear good stuff, so don’t be afraid.

JOSH :: The other thing is that everything takes its own time.

BEN :: Music is sort of a life long interaction or relationship with the individual that is creating it, or a part of creating it. It’s always been there, it’s always gonna be there. You now, take your time with it.

JOSH :: We like to think of music lasting forever. You know, you think of some of those composers that wrote in the 1500s and it’s still being played today. That’s sustainability. I mean that’s what I classify as timeless.

MICK :: You’re a part of Lighta! is that true?

BEN :: Ya we’re a part of the Lighta! Sound.

JOSH :: Ya, I guess we’ve only been Daega Sound for about 5 years. This is our fifth year now, In 08 so it just kinda got blown there. And that’s when we joined up with the Lighta! guys which is great because they’re a good bunch of guys to roll with. Good inspiration, support.

BEN :: We’ve got some sort of compilation ideas coming along with a whole bunch of us that are making music as well, putting music out. So it kinda makes sense that we do something together like that.

JOSH :: Ya we do events together. It will be nice to see where that goes this year.

MICK :: We recently did an interview with Self Evident where he mentioned you guys and he said that, Daega has been saying that there’s a reimergence of dubstep in it’s truest form. So do you have anything to say on that?

JOSH :: It was Youngsta actually that I remember reading an article on talking about that in Europe because in the UK… Imagine the ripple effect. You drop a stone in the water in the UK and it as it moved out it kinda stopped. But I think theres a whole new generation. I think the young guys that were into the “bro-step” are growing up a bit and searching for stuff thats a little deeper.

BEN :: They’re curious.

JOSH :: They’re curious and there’s bigger numbers now toward that sound. Or it feels that way at least.

BEN :: We’re just at the point where another wave is about to spill over.

JOSH :: It does feel like that. We’re always listening to new music and what’s going on and there was definitely a period where things were kinda quiet.

BEN :: We were talking to Goth Trad earlier and he was saying that there’s a lot of guys doing stuff in the 130 bpm range in the UK now but you see in Holland and Belgium a lot more 140 happening.

JOSH :: It sort of moves around the world like that, that sound.

MICK :: It’s a beautiful culture we got going on.

JOSH :: It’s really fucking cool.

BEN :: It’s a big international family.

MICK :: Cool, well much respect to you guys.

DAEGA SOUND :: Yes, thanks!

GANJAOLOGY :: It’s been a year in the life… What’s changed since last year’s Bass Coast?

DAEGA SOUND :: We’re always refining the sound and how we go about creating and performing it, it’s an ongoing evolution. There’s a bunch of new dubs in the stock pile and tunes coming out including a 12″ up next with NYC’s TUBA imprint. Our Daega Sound Music store will be online soon, excited to see that coming to fruition. Also keep your ears peeled for Daega Sound radio shows in the near future.


Thanks to Vasho Photography, Bass Coast, and Daega Sound for the photos.

Bass Coast, Bass Coast Mutiny, Ganjaology

Land – Ganjaology Exclusive Guest Mix

Land, Ganjaology, Guest Mix

Just in time for NYE, Seattle based producer and DJ Land has provided for us this revelatory mix. Probing deep into the sexy and curious sounds of DnB, footwork and future bass, the mix features sounds which will caress the ears and sooth the senses.

The story begins at the end, that is to say that the mix starts off with a sample from the Epilogue from Brave New World. Quickly setting things in motion, this mix takes the listener full tilt into a land of magic and mystery, where one can bend the laws of physics. It is here in this strange land we may learn a little bit about the man, the magician, the creator – Philip Frost aka Land.

From his time as a youth in North Carolina, Frost was fascinated with the sounds of new and different music. He found excitement in alternative frequencies and was specifically drawn to the stimulating future sounds of Jungle. After purchasing his first pair of Technics in 1995, Frost began learning the craft of DJing. Using the moniker FROST, Phillip shared the stage with many large acts including Method One, Icey, Diesel Boy, Decoder, Tech Itch, and more.

In the year 2000, Frost moved to Nashville and began his journey into production. He was working simultaneously with Altruistic Productions to launch a new nightclub. Frost soon learned that his preferred style, which is more focused on the IDM side of the sound spectrum would be supported better in an alternative environment. After an exciting few years of production, promotion and planning in Nashville, Frost left his south eastern roots and headed west.

For the past few years, Frost has resided in Portland, OR where he has been involved in a number of large scale productions including participation as an event planner for the large outdoor event known as TECH TREK. Working with Horizon Events, he was pivotal in manifesting the hugely successful RESOLUTION which kicked off 2012.

Currently, one may find Land performing up and down the North West Coast of the United States at any number of clubs or festivals. His focus in sound centers around 2step, Bass, DnB, Techhouse, and Techno. In 2013 he launched his label AmitiGroup Recordings. Look out for big things from this man in 2014 as he’s clearly on a path toward greatness.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this mix of seriously engaging selections which will keep your ears excited for the next hour. Enjoy!

More from Land here!

And here.

Camo & Krooked – All Night

First heard this song back at Snowbombing in April, and have been dying to hear songs off their upcoming album. After re-listening to All Night over and over again for the past day or so, I can only say that I am even more excited to see what new material they have in store. My favorite aspect of this song, which has been oddly controversial, is the so called ‘anti-drop’. Although artists like Enei, Mefjus, and Emperor have been dabbling with this form of drop in the Techstep DnB world, I haven’t heard much of it in the melodic stuff that Camo & Krooked are quite well know for. So have a listen, and deeeefinitely keep your eyes peeled for any new C&K stuff!

Congo Natty – Jungle Revolution [Out July 1st w/ Big Dada!]

Congo Natty, Rebel MC, Jungle, UK, Ganjaology, Jungle Revolution

UK dub heavyweight, Congo Natty aka Rebel MC is gearing up for a massive release next month through Big Dada Records. The album features ten tracks of pure energy from this pioneer of Jungle Music. Incorporating Roots Reggae, DnB, and contemporary bass music – Jungle Revolution is music to spark inspiration, to fuel the fire of revolution, and to engage the masses to create positive change. The label Big Dada, to which Congo Natty was recently signed, is a sort of independent segment of UK based giant, Ninja Tune.

Check out the teaser film along with the music video for the tune “Revolution” below, and be sure to show your support by purchasing directly from Big Dada Records. Also, don’t miss the Machinedrum remix of the tune “UK Allstars”, featured by Fact Magazine. Peep it here.

Bless up.



The Upbeats – Diffused

Big one coming from The Upbeats (AKA Crushington)! Wasn’t sure the path that this track would take when I first heard it building, but I couldn’t have been more satisfied with it as it broke down into an incredibly smooth yet intense vibe. Diffused has been getting a ton of support from the likes of Noisia, Drum & Bass Arena, UKFDnB, and many others so when it gets released next week it will definitely be getting plays by your local Drum & Bass DJ’s left and right. Check out the music video above, and make sure to grab it next week off Beatport!

Moving Fusion – Turbulence

By no means is this a new tune, but it is probably one of my favorite DnB tracks from the late 90’s. Moving Fusion has been around for quite a while now, and has been releasing some immense tracks on RAM such as one of my personal favorites, Makosa. Turbulence just has that classic Drum & Bass vibe to it, from its crisp snares to its deep and distorted basslines. Hope you guys enjoy this one, and lastly, happy belated thanksgiving!

Cyantific – Liberty EP

God I’m behind, I have been finding so many tunes that I had been waiting for have just been released. This one really blindsided me though, and I couldn’t be happier to finally have it. Cyantific has been absolutely killing the DnB scene lately with collaborations with Dimension as well as his solo releases. After playing one of his newer tunes, Detroit, nearly every day pf the past month, I have been dying to get his Liberty EP. With school keeping me busy, I have lost track of when a lot of releases were happening, but sure enough, I checked Beatport and there it was. Each track ties in Cyantific’s unique, old school, and melodic sound, and you can really pick up on the care that went into each track. Grab this one if you’ve got the money, I know I’ll be saving to grab it on vinyl. Enjoy this one and keep your eyes peeled for more releases on Cyantific Music!

Original Sin – Mad World EP

This is one of those EP’s that you go through, and you just wait for that one tune that you aren’t quite as into as the others, and you never hit it. Every single track off Original Sin’s latest release, which is available now, seriously blew me away. They maintain his traditionally loud, jump-up, style of DnB, while exploring new more melodic aspects with the track Soul Food. If you are attending any DnB shows in the next little bit, expect to hear these. There are a lot of other posts I need to do, so I’m keeping this one short, but check the previews below and grab the EP now on any of the ‘EDM’ sites.

Hadouken – Bad Signal (Prototypes Remix)

If I could have one tune released early right now it would for sure be this one. DnB heavyweights, The Prototypes, always put out such huge tunes, and this is a perfect example of their talent. Bad Signal starts up with a very melodic intro but quickly moves into a super energetic build. It retains it’s melodic qualities throughout the song, but delivers such heavy bass lines that are sure to get people moving. If you go to any DnB shows in the next little while, I’m sure you’ll hear this one get dropped, and on a side note if you get the chance to see The Prototypes live, do not pass up that chance. Big up to the UK based production/dj duo, can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for the rest of 2012.

Ed Solo DnB Mix 2002


This ones dedicated to Selekta Long Duk! Here is an older DnB mix from one of my favorite DJ’s, Ed Solo.  I got the pleasure of seeing him at the Winter Music Conference in…I think it was 2010…and was absolutely blown away by his set of breaks, DnB, dubstep, and The Beatles.   This mix was recorded in 2002 and has got some deep vibes coating the whole thing.  Enjoy this classic!

Bredren – Pulsar

Inside this alive universe, beams of pulsars like Bredren’s, utilizes its heavy forces shoot ing through your soundscapes atmosphere. Engineered by the brilliant combo of one half Requake the other a member from Orphans, plugs heavy bass inside the layers of sequenced percussion.  The deeper heavy hits perfectly complements the light taps of rawed percussion but coexists in the same gravitational pull that will leave you in a state of bass hypnotism.  Keep your hungry ears peeled for more from these brilliant minds.

KI HOON LEE – Undercover

Bang bang goes this man’s drum and bass game!  Ki Hoon Lee, the Korean don of DNB, fires away with 8-bit snares and jungle tech flares kicking against the rolls of deep, droning, monstrous bass.  This track has a license to kill with Lurka like drum kicks infused into heady, growling bites. This track drops infinite clips with countless notes of ingenious creativity.  Be ready because these dense strokes of sound will pump your ears with serious voltage.

!Click here for more of Ki Hoon Lee’s DNB!

Pendulum – Another Planet

Been listening to the Hold Your Colour album a lot lately since I re-bought it in a physical version. Just thought I’d throw this one up for anyone out there who’s into DnB and appreciates old Pendulum. Although Slam got most of the publicity I really think that this track, Another Planet, might have been one of the best tracks on the album. Well that is a little unfair to say due to each track bringing it’s own flavor to the album. Regardless, it’s an amazing tune and if anyone out there somehow hasn’t heard this/heard Pendulum at all (which would be pretty ridiculous), then check this out, on good speakers, in a place where you won’t be disturbed so you can take in all of it’s intensity!!! Anyways, I am rambling, but I miss Pendulum and hope they come out with another PURELY Drum & Bass album. Big ups everyone, enjoy!

Conrank feat. MC Zulu – Verbaliser (Savage Rehab) [Repost]

Godddd damn, songs like these are perfect examples as to why I’m always posting Drum & Bass. Savage Rehab again blow me away. I could easily go deaf from listening to their tunes due to the necessity of cranking up whatever speaker I’m using as far as possible. The duo are quickly becoming a prominent name in the DnB community with tracks like this, their remix of Crucial, Walk The Bass, and tons more. Verbaliser has such a good groove to it, every time I listen to it I just get that feeling of wanting to get up and move. On top of it the bassline is so smooth but it hits sooooo hard, words seriously can’t do it for this song, give it a listen below! Also hit Savage Rehab up on Facebook to check out other masssssive songs!!

Sub Zero – Your Flex

God this tune is so huge. I first heard it on Tantrum Desire’s February Technique Podcast and since then have been hooked on it. It actually just got released about 5 days ago so lucky for you guys you don’t have to wait to get it. The track is loaded with suuuch heavy basslines and has an overall grimey sound to it. Sub Zero has been killing the DnB world as of lately with a very steady output of tunes that absolutely destroy speakers. If you haven’t heard much of his other tracks then definitely get on that. Your Flex is just one song off of his Bi Polar EP off of Playaz Recordings so also make sure to check the rest of that EP out. Big up Sub Zero for this one!


Sub Focus – Out The Blue

Ohhh man, Sub Focus kills it with this one. Out The Blue reminds me a lot of tunes that Netsky has been putting out such as Give & Take and his remix of Skream’s Anticipate; all of these tracks have super up beat vibes and are overall energetic songs. It’s a nice change of pace compared to most of my library of music which can be rather dark. As of right now Out The Blue is due to release April 29th. Sadly that is a bit of a ways away but for now have a listen to a chunk of the song on Sub Focus’s soundcloud below.

Die & Break – Grand Funk Hustle EP

Ohhh my god, this EP might be one of the biggest releases to come around since Shogun Audio’s Way Of The Warrior EP. Each song on the EP brings so much heat and has some filthy basslines. My favorite of the 4 is the title track Grand Funk Hustle, it has a smooth sound but has a very low drone like bass that will blow you away (listen on some quality speakers or headphones for a proper experience). I haven’t heard too much from Die but if your familiar with any of Break’s past works such as Framework or Don’t Look Down then you’ll know how big of a release this is already. For those of you who are new to his sounds just listen below. The EP is forthcoming on Digital Soundboy February 20th so make sure to grab it then. Big ups Die & Break!!

DJ Marky Live at +160 Buenos Aires – Argentina

So I’ve been a big fan of DJ Marky for a while now and it seems everything he does, from mixes to individual songs, has the best vibes  around. This is a mix he did in Buenos Aires and out of many of the mixes I have heard, this is definitely one of the best ones. A mojority of the songs have very old school sounds to them, and it gives a sense of being there during the early stages of DnB; however it still retains the new sounds such as tracks like Marka by Dub Phizix and Tonight by Wilkinson. Such a huge mix, give it a listen below and grab the free download.

June Miller – Half Top Feelings (Amoss Remix)

I swear there is nothing better than some minimal DnB to help relax. Haven’t heard too much from either the original artist, June Miller, or Amoss, but this track was a really nice surprise. I usually find myself browsing through a lot of average songs while looking for some new tunes but I just happened to find this one coincidentally matching my general mood. Amoss’s remix of Half Top Feelings reminds me a lot of tracks by Dub Phizix, both have kind of darker ambient influences as well as some very deep and spacey basslines. Give it a listen below!