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Rasper & Thunder St. Clair – The Lost Project File

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.32.45 PM

Free music from the Cleveland based producers Rasper and Thunder St. Clair! Check this clean produced, heavy bass track from to of Cleveland’s finest. If you dig it, the two have kindly offered it as free download on Rockers!

Nu Lonn Duke – Vs Dionysus [Album]

nu lonn duke pic

This 6 track EP comes straight to you from the San Diego based duo Nu Lonn Duke. Each track has its unique soundscape, all providing an individual vibe and ambience perfect for anytime of day.

These two producer/engineers have created an abstract EP that is not only easy to listen to but enjoyable and audibly intriguing. Stream the album below and download it for free!

Grim – “Rewind EP” OUT NOW!

Grim Ep Cover

The latest release from us here at Ganjaology is the Rewind EP from the increadibly talented artist Grim. We are so excited to present to you these carefully crafted set of beats from this 17 year old Californian. Based out Irvine, CA this Producer/DJ has been cranking out looming low end for the past 3 years.

When I came across the EP’s title track, I was so stoked on the sounds that I immediately messaged Grim, this trio of tunes was just too perfect to pass up. Each tune is unique to itself yet they all come together to showcase Grim’s versatility. With somewhat of a ragga overtone, grim shows his love for sub bass music with the three tunes.

The EP starts of with the skanker of a tune “Rewind”. The tune is upbeat, relaxed and grooves along nicely with Grim’s signature percussion. Next he takes the sound deeper with the tune “Don’t Sleep” which if you’re into the dark side of Dubstep this one’s for you. To end the EP Grim has created an absolute sub stomper, “Burn”. From the second this one drops I can’t do anything but groove to it. So once again turn up your subwoofers, grab whatever you want to relax, and enjoy these tunes from the young man himself, Grim.

Out now! Free Download: HERE

Skrillex – Recess (Album)

I was originally going to do a post on the tune with Chicago’s Chance The Rapper, but the more I listened, the more I realized that the whole album deserved a post. Skrillex really flexed his wide variety of production skills with this collection of songs. From the heavy songs with OG MC’s Ragga Twins, to the ravey club sounds of the Kill The Noize collaboration, Skrillex shows his expertise in EDM production. But it doesn’t stop there, he takes hip/hop and breaks references, there are influnces from garage and house, and then there’s the downright abstract production of Doompy Poomp.

The album goes from energetic peaks to deep melodic troughs. Its pretty clear that a lot of time was put into this album, and although it has an overtone of a Club-like vibe, Skrillex has provided a little bit for everyone. On his soundcloud the producer dedicates the album to “all the artists and fans that continue to support and propel this scene into amazing new places” showing his love for more than even just making the music but for the whole community of people contributing to electronic music. Some people may not like the heavier stuff, some people may not like the minimal stuff, but if you give this album a listen I guarantee you’ll find something that perks your ears up.

If you’re not into heavy Club or Electronic Music I’d steer you towards  – 3. Stranger, 5. Coast Is Clear, 8. Doompy Poomp, 9. Fuck That, and 11. Fire Away. If not, just check em all because from the production to the mixing to the mastering is all very well done. Biggup to Skrillex.

Support the artist and Buy the album on Beatport or iTunes


Doshy – Malfunction

Doshy never ceases to amaze me. His imagination and creativity constantly pushes his music forward and in my opinion pushes the envelope of what sounds fresh and new in the electronic game. The mesh between his older hip hop roots with his 808 based sound (to generalize), along with what sounds like influences from Trap and Dubstep, this German producer’s sound keeps moving in new wild directions. His newest, “Malfunction” is truly an example of this. The production is clean and crisp, the melodies are fresh and he breaks the mold percussion-wise. Check out the tune below, and grab it for free from XLR8R!

Koreless – MTI (Taiki & Nulight Bootleg)

I’ve been following the english duo Taiki & Nulight for some time now. Ever since their more prominant dubstep days, they’ve been making awesome music full of wonderful sounds all tied together with clean production. These days the two have been producing more house style music and this tune below is brand spankin’ new from them! The best part is they’ve been kind enough to give it out for free!! Check out the tune and grab it if you’re feelin it!

Big ups to Taiki & Nulight!

Mura Masa & Stooki Sound – “Rvre”

I’ve really been diggin’ music that utilizes spaces, more so than clouding up the tune with sound after sound. This tune really does exactly that, you’ll hear what I mean when the drop comes. The UK producers Mura Masa and Stooki Sound have created yet another subby banger that you can chill to or you can spin into club sets. This one is set to be released on Sep. 17th so keep your eyes peeled!

The minimal, trap influenced bass music is where its at – check this one.

Nightizm – “No God Only Us”


The Toronto based producer Nightizm has done it again!  His most recent tune titled “No God Only Us” was just released today on his soundcloud for FREE so g’wan and grab it!

This guy’s style is really unique. His ambient synths consistently carry a late-night vibe, and mesh so perfectly with his perfected trap sound. The melody in this song that bends throughout the spacey chords is the icing on the cake for me. Big things coming from this producer, don’t sleep on him.

Seize the Night!

Yung Nation – Shawty Wussup (Murlo Remix)

The English producer Murlo has such a beautiful style of production. His tunes have a club feel but they all maintain certain universal appeal that stretches further than the club music lovers. This remix is truly amazing. It’s club ready, but the vibes are so nice that honestly playing this tune in any setting could make sense. Out for free, just click the link below!

Hybrid Theory – “Whats Going Down”

hybrid theory

Dope sounds coming from the Birmingham producer Hybrid Theory!

This tune has everything you would need to get the crowd moving. The groovy shuffle, the positive vibes, and a nice housey vocal! This ones got me moving in my seat as I write this post. No news on a release for this one but we’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Big ups to Hybrid Theory and if you dig it check out more of his tunes on his soundcloud HERE. Don’t sleep on this awesome artist!!

Catt Betwixt – “Check My Back”

Check My Back Artwork

Catt Bewtixt, also known as Sander van Donkelaar and Kevin Bastiaenen, are an electronic production duo out of The Netherlands. These two young guns hailing from Eindhoven, have been creating some tunes that should not be overlooked! The 15 and 16 year old producers are creating a very nice blend between hip hop, house, chillout, and dubstep. Their love for club music, as well as the recent trap boom has motivated them to create this type of music, and they’re doin it in a big way. The tune below titled “Check My Back” instantly had me hooked. There’s such nice low end in this trappy beat, as well as that strange vocal sample makes the tune feel nice and spacey. If you get down with this one, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD and check out the rest of their soundcloud!

Disclosure – “You & Me” (Flume Remix)

Well… This track has been out for 13 hours and it already has almost 200,000 plays on sound cloud. If that doesn’t tell you that this song is a tune, just listen for yourself. Flume aka Harley Streten, is a 21 year old DJ and Producer from Sydney, Australia. He’s definitely got some skill on the production end. I have yet to hear a mix from him but with this type of audio talent I’m sure he can spin a few tunes. This one is unique, it’s production is clean, and the vibes on it are sick! Check this one below if you’ve got a second.

Muramasa – “Birdcage Chain”

The trap producer Muramasa has killed it with this tune! The tune entitled Birdcage Chain has such an amazing vibe to it. I’ve never heard such a nice balance between the true trap sound, an orchestral feel, and a touch of tribal. I’m telling you, DO NOT sleep on this producer. His entire EP is diverse and heavy hitting. You can purchase it HERE if you feel inclined (I strongly encourage it) or you can grab it for free here.

Self Evident – You Need Me – Dancehall Mix! [DOWNLOAD THIS!]

Summer vibes never die! Just as the rain is getting ready to star penetrating deep into the souls of everyone in the North West and Snow is beginning to fall out East,  one of West Canada’s most prominent bass music artists, Self Evident, has just released a dancehall mix that preaches the energy of every summer.  This 30 minute mix could inspire thoughts of what’s to come in the summer of 2013…or…it can trigger all the positive memories of this past year, 2012, and years prior.  Any inspiration you take away from this mix is going to be good.  Embrace the sounds that Self Evident is spreading!



Bryzergold – Launch (FREE DL!)

Orlando, FL, dubstep heavyweight Bryzergold is bringing the deep eerie vibes with this one!  Launch is his new track that’s being released FOR FREE through Sub-Bass Productions.  This song has got classic Bryzergold wobble that’s captivated people form the South East, all the way to South London, only this time Bryzergold has got a sub line that really carries the weight of this heavy tune, Launch.  I’m loving the sound he’s crafted with this tune and the hard work he’s been putting into the Orlando scene.  Check out his Soundcloud for more free downloads, mixes, and previews of what’s to come from the young producer!  Big ups!

Bryzergold on Soundcloud 

Bryzergold On Facebook




The three tunes below are so beautifully crafted. They have also been given as gifts to us bass music fans as a present by the Kiwi Duo. They have quite a minimalistic sound yet they still manage to keep a rather large sound. The percussion is what gets me initially, and then the genius that surrounds the rhythm sets in. The soothing melodies, the perfectly big ambience, the deep sub, all of its amazing. Check them out, I think you’ll dig.

Megalodon – September 2012 Mix

Brand new mix from Megalodon!

Megalodon – No Request (Like This Mash up)
Disonata & BadKlaat – Disonata & BadKlaat – Colossus
Bisweed – Mosquito (Disonata Remix)
Noah D Ft. The Grouch – Just Right (Asahis remix)
Laxx & Farkas – Arcade
Antiserum & Mayhem – Bricksquad Anthem
Unnatural Forces & Skoop – Party VIP
Snarebox – Bounce
Disonata – Confined
Filth Collins – Bulletproof Vest
Laxx – Step Back
Temo & Apollo – Kung Fu
Vodex – Cycloptic (VIP)
4Flexx – Forcefield
Hizzleguy – Polkadots
Temo Ft. Buggsy – Set Them Alight

Skriptah – “Vulgar”

Yessss! I absolutely love coming across producers from the states that have crisp production in the deep dubstep stylie. Skriptah hailing from San Fran has some great sounds on his soundcloud, which you can access here. So, if you dig this stinkah go check out more of his tunes, you wont be disappointed! The tune below stuck out to me honestly because of the little reverse sound before each kick and snare. Its such a subtlety but it guides you into each hit in such a nice way. Not to mention the heavy wobs that roll throughout the song. Grab Vulgar for free below, its a big one. Big Up Skriptah and the entire US Dubstep massive!!

Ben Tactic – Tremorlator (Percolator Refix)

It’s time for the Percolator.

Take a ride in the ESOLADE : The Purple Tape

 Dj Eso, of Keyel, aka co-owner of Heart & Sole, aka Clevelands next local legend, brings a extra smooth mix for the world to hear entitled Take A Ride in the ESOLADE : The Purple Tape. I’ve known Eso for more than a couple years now and he’s always been one of the freshest cats on the block.   Whether it be the smooth vibes he’s pushing through the parties speakers, or fresh kicks that stay cemented onto his feet, you’ll always know when Eso is around!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more mixes coming from Eso in 2012.  And watch your girlfriend!