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If you are like me, and you love Dubstep and Drum & Bass, there is nothing better than a massive Drumstep tune. Drumstep hasn’t been as prominent as the two huge and growing genres DnB and Dubstep. Because of Drumstep’s small amount of productions, I usually just refer to it as a hybrid or a sub genre. Dr. Ozi (recently featured in an article by itsthejhanna) has been becoming a prominent part of my itunes and surely will be a big name as long as they keep producing huge tunes such as Coconut Water. Their heavy electro sound resonates through each song while still changing it up so each song is different. Ozi’s latest release is a remix of Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now, they applied a grimey deathstep type bass to the song while keeping the drumstep break down’s and tempo up. The breaks give the song a huge and very addictive rhythm to the song. Overall, this song is just awesome and hopefully these guys make it big cause they deserve it. Here’s the song, they were kind enough to give a free download so make sure to hit that up and make sure to check out more of Dr. Ozi on their soundcloud!


Dr. Ozi

Here’s a young up-and-coming duo from Ontario, Canada that I came across on soundcloud that really caught my ear. They definitely have their own sound with intricate patterns and builds. Their new song Coconut Water was just posted up hours ago, and I had to throw it up here.  We’re really diggin’ these guys style, keep watch for them. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them on the beatport front page soon. Heres a couple of my favorites: