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Farkas – “Tribal Dance”

Biggin up the Swedish producer Farkas on this one. There isn’t an actual date for the release yet but it has been set to release sometime in 2012 on Biscuit Factory. This one’s quite the ravey tune, with its four to the floor vibe. Tribal Dance has been getting plays from a lot of the UK dubstep DJs and I’m sure will be getting plays by all once it becomes available. Blast this one out your speakers and get yaself movin’!


Kraeyshawn Videos

LA based videographer turned swagged out lady rapper viral video star, Kreayshawn is doing it LARGE! Check out a few of my faves from this true to life (Lil B said it best) “PRETTY BITCH.”

Note: The majority of Kraeyshawn’s videos come with the instructions to smoke a blunt first. I count 5 videos below. Shwishers come in packs of… You get the picture.

Quote of the day: “I fuck with Shakespeare.”