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Sub Focus – “Tidal Wave” (Feat. Alpines)

This one gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. Sub Focus has blessed us with yet another crisply produced banger. I love how the tune has a different feel in each drop with the half time to start and double time to finish. I could talk about the production end of this tune for paragraphs, I think its better to just listen though. Check it!


Artist Highlight – CloudHead

Cloudhead is a name that should be on your list of upcoming artists to keep an eye out for.  This producer from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, is coming with some very serious sounds! I don’t have too much info on Cloudhead, so lets let his music speak for itself.  Enjoy!

Wilkinson – Tonight (After Midnight Mix)

Just a couple more days till the release of Wilkinson’s EP on RAM and I could not be more excited. Such a huge release and I have no idea why I didn’t post this song earlier…. Anyways, the original mix of, Tonight, is amazing needless to say. Usually when there’s an alternate mix to a song I just discard it because it doesn’t touch the original’s sound but this one is like an entirely different song in itself. The After Midnight Mix is filled with massive basslines and has a really unique groove to it. If you haven’t heard the other two songs off the EP yet, Pistol Whip and the original of Tonight, you have to check them out. Big ups to Wilkinson!

Firedog – Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6

This is an enormous multi-genre (hence the name of the mix), hour and three minute long, super mix, put together by Budapest, Hungary’s, György Preyer, better known to the music world as Firedog.  Whether your favorite style of bass music be moombahcore, DnB, grime, electro, dubstep,  or drumstep, you will get an equally heavy dose served to you from Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6 .  Firedog puts no limit on the levels of bass he throws around here.  Enough reading, it’s time to listen! Click play, then download this mix (for free, duh!) and make sure to let it play out at the next party you have and keep an eye out for more Firedog mixes on!  

Liquid Stranger – Wetware Warfare EP

Man…. Liquid Stranger is seriously too kind. Wetware Warfare was just released for free in celebration of his 30,000 followers on facebook, and oh my lord, each song destroys speakers. There are 5 songs total, 3 Dubstep, 2 DnB. My favorite is the Lockstep VIP of Babylon Beast, mainly because it’s Drumstep (in my opinion) but also it’s just got this rhythm to it that other producers just can’t touch. Then there’s Get To The Point which he did with Excision and although the producers are similar in style you can hear both of their influences; the song is so well put together, it really reminds me of the other track that the two did together One which has this groove to it and an overall ambient vibe. Although those two are great they all are soooo amazing and Liquid Stranger remains my favorite Dubstep producer. Welp, I’m not gonna try to explain much more so have a listen below and grab the Ep in WAV or 320 on his facebook!! Big ups Martin!!! (click here for his facebook)


There are many reasons to look forward to Halloween.  Candy, girls in the sexiest of costumes, costume parties, you get to decorate your house like a zombie mansion…the list goes on.  My favorite thing about Halloween deals with music, and that would be all the amazing mixes that are released along side the great American holiday.  The most noteworthy mix I have come across this year is Figures Monster Mix, which is Mad Decent World Wide Radio’s 71st edition of the show.  This mix is absolutely devastating!!! In Figures own words…

“From the dark and creepy depths of my hard drive I’ve sown together a mix of heavy originals and unreleased edits just in time for a Mad Decent Halloween podcast.” ~Figure

Here is the tracklist.  Happy Halloween and I hope you get extra wicked with this mix!

1. Specimen A – Jaws
2  Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead
3  Figure – Boogie Man (Oblivion Remix)
4  HavocNdeeD  – Headspin (King Remix)
5  Figure – Mr Hyde
6  Figure – Werewolf (VIP)
7  Figure – Beetle Juice
8  Excision and Downlink – Existence (VIP)
9  Figure – LeatherFace
10 Figure – Vampires
11  Kanji Kinetic – Zombies
12  Figure – This Is Hallowen
13  Urban Assault – Halloween
14  GrimeHouse -The  Exorcist
15  Figure – Aliens (VIP)
16  Phaze – Doomsday
17 Tommy Lee and Figure – Pounds of Blood
18  Fast Foot feat Mc Cyanide – You’re Dead (Figure Drumstep remix)
19 Figure – Boogie Man


*Hidden Track  Misfits – Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit)


Metrik – Between Worlds EP

ANOTHER MASSIVE VIPER RELEASE!!! Although there isn’t much to know about this upcoming Metrik EP there has been a few teasers and I think that’s all you need to hear to know that this is gonna be one of the bigger DnB releases this month. One of the songs I am really excited for is T-2000 which sounds like a drumstep track (my favorite), the other tracks you’ll have to assess for yourselves cause I gotta get goin’ and they are only clips. I’ll have more posts up when there’s more info, as for now check out these previews!!

[UPDATE] Nightdrive has been released for free by UKF Drum & Bass, check it out below and download the 320!! Big ups to UKF & Metrik for their kindness and generosity!! Definitely just made my day!

Metrik – Nightdrive

EP Sample

T-2000 Sample

David Starfire – Rites Of Passage Mix

It’s the last night of Burning Man.  I am sitting in our RV discussing what time we are going to leave, the temple has just burned, and I realize that David Starfire (who I somehow missed every other day) is playing a set at…I think it was 3am, right after Freq Nasty.  We can not leave yet.  The car can get packed, but we can not leave.  Sure enough.  It was the best decision I could have possibly made that trip.  We get over to the Hookah Dome and the crowd is going absolutely nuts.  There were so many people in animal attire and with masks on that it felt as if I were in a dusty sea of mermaids, minotaurs, and elves.  Could you ask for a better environment to see some of the craziest worldly dubstep/drumstep music ever produced? Definitely not.  David Starfire left a lasting impression on me as the last act seen of my first year of Burning Man, and set our groups energy right for the 18 hour journey home.  Enjoy this mix from Mr. Starfire title Rites Of Passage.  This set is the theme music of Burning Man 2011.   We will see you on the playa next year! 


While going through some random youtube vids, looking for a new song, I stumbled upon this HUGE drumstep tune. The song I found was Magic Fountain (Royalston’s Drumstep Remix) by Art vs. Science. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what was to come of it but I waited for the drop and ohhh man, the song is massive! It’s got a very dark and spacey drumstep vibe to it. The bass is kind of like that transformers sound that you get from Excision tracks while bringing heavy drums and spacey synths in the background with something of a grimey melodic sound. If only there was more of these songs out there… this will suffice for now though. So here’s Royalston’s massive remix of Magic Fountain by Art vs. Science


If you are like me, and you love Dubstep and Drum & Bass, there is nothing better than a massive Drumstep tune. Drumstep hasn’t been as prominent as the two huge and growing genres DnB and Dubstep. Because of Drumstep’s small amount of productions, I usually just refer to it as a hybrid or a sub genre. Dr. Ozi (recently featured in an article by itsthejhanna) has been becoming a prominent part of my itunes and surely will be a big name as long as they keep producing huge tunes such as Coconut Water. Their heavy electro sound resonates through each song while still changing it up so each song is different. Ozi’s latest release is a remix of Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now, they applied a grimey deathstep type bass to the song while keeping the drumstep break down’s and tempo up. The breaks give the song a huge and very addictive rhythm to the song. Overall, this song is just awesome and hopefully these guys make it big cause they deserve it. Here’s the song, they were kind enough to give a free download so make sure to hit that up and make sure to check out more of Dr. Ozi on their soundcloud!

DnB Highlight #3! Talk To Frank

While listening to Digiraatii’s latest mix online I heard some crazy crazy facemelting tunes. One of which that caught my ear with it’s HUGE drop was J. Rabbit’s remix of Talk To Frank Originally by Virus Syndicate. The drop is up there with some of the biggest in all my time listening to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Everything about this song is just awesome, it’s bass is deep as hell and it hits so hard. The lead has a jungle sound and although you know something huge is coming when the “You can say no, you dont have to get high its cool, but i got flake, blues, MDMA, and Peruvian nasal fuel” picks up you have no idea how massive the drop is. Now this is more Drumstep than anything however it fits the DnB Highlight bill. Anyways… Here’s the song and the download link!! More DnB Highlights soon to come!

DnB Highlight! – Tantrum Desire

Last month Tantrum Desire released his remix of Blind Cobblers Thumb by Futurebound. The song hasn’t seemed to have hit off yet but wow is it good. The bass is very powerful, much like songs like Space Time by Delta Heavy and Tarantula by Pendulum. Overall the song has a jungle sound to it sticking true to older Drum & Bass and sounds of older DnB icons like Aphrodite. As the song builds there is a feeling of something big to come and when the song kicks in it goes hard. It’s spacey sound and fast pace will definitely be killin’ dance floors around the world for years to come. Now listen up!!

Datsik & Excision – 8Bit Superhero (Megaman)

This symphony of synths, put together by two of Canada’s biggest names in dubstep, is sure to be blowing up all over the web in the coming weeks. I’d heard that Datsik had been dropping it at recent shows but hadn’t been able to find a good version of it online. It’s heaviness, melody, grime, and beauty, all thrown in a blender with some nice northern womps. Check it! J Hanna out.

Some New Hard Hitting/Heavy Ass Drum n’ Bass

Drum n’ Bass has been running along side dubstep since dubstep first came about. In some ways I think of drum n’ bass as dubstep’s faster and more metal influenced predecessor. You can see how the two parallel each other with the sub/hybrid genre drumstep. Now a lot of people might not be as in love with drum n’  bass and just stick with dubstep because they prefer heavy HEAAAVVVY bass. but I would say they might not have heard the right stuff. One song that has been popping up on various compilations that I frequent would be Space Time by Delta Heavy. This song is massive!  It’s on the new Drum N’ Bass Arena and I found out about it through UKF Drum & Bass. The drop…for a lack of better words, drops hard and seems to come out of nowhere. The bass line on the song has a dubstep sound to it while keeping the rhythm of a drum n’ bass track. If Dubstep’s slower pace isn’t doing it for you at the moment I highly recommend this song because it’s kind of like if you gave Dubstep a shot of adrenalin. So here it is, you can get it on beatport right now, Space Time by Delta Heavy.

Another song with a very notable  all around dirty, grimy, and mesmerizing sound is No Problem off Chase & Status’s new album No More Idols. The song immediately makes you want to move with it’s fast pace and hypnotic synths. Like Space Time it also was featured on Drum & Bass Arena: Evolution.  Chase & Status are hitting the Drum & Bass charts hard and they have recently kicked off their US tour and were featured at Coachella. Check it out below, big ups to Chase & Status for this one.

Last but not least is the heaviest of this list. Off of his new album, Mechanoid Meltdown, Liquid Stranger puts out Shake My Ass. The song starts out with a thumping bass and a trancy sounding intro, then gets right into the drum n’ bass tempo with it’s huge bass lines and powerful drums. The song is what a lot of dubstep wishes it could be. If you like deep and heavy bass, this song will definitely satisfy you. Buy the whole album on Beatport!  Now, here is Shake My Ass.

Pendulum Rumors…

About a week ago I sent Rob Swire a message on Facebook.  I was not expecting anything back but felt it was worth a shot.  I asked him “Are you guys gonna release any more dubstep tracks?” and after a few minutes I heard the little “bloop” Facebook gives you when you receive a new message. His response was “Yes, but under a different name.” I’m really excited to see what has to come of the new group with an unknown name.  To this day, Set Me On Fire still has one of the heaviest drops I’ve heard and Rob Swire’s Drumstep Remix of Witchcraft truely defines the hybrid genre.  Take a listen and keep an ear out for new music from Rob Swire!

Make sure to listen in 720p!