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Movement 2015 – Recapitulat-ION



It’s been a few short weeks and my heart is still racing from Movement Detroit. Held in the Heart of Detroit’s downtown just along the Detroit River, Movement is easily one of the largest events to ever happen in this city. Tens of Thousands pour through the gates of Detroit’s Hart Plaza each of the three days of the festival… And at they end of the night – They all file out.


Since its inception in 2000, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) has evolved into a masterpiece of international presence. Hosting over 100 DJs from around the world, the event – now titled Movement – boasts nearly 100k attendees over three days.


Six major stages are positioned in Hart Plaza, three of which are sponsored by Thump, Beatport and Redbull respectively. The giant Movement Stage is positioned naturally within the plaza’s primary amphitheater and was home to acts like Art Department, Loco Dice, Dogblood, Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, and DJ Snoopadelic (yes, that’s Snoop Dogg). The Beatport stage was positioned just along the river and was home to Catz n Dogz, Soul Clap, Ataxia, Dubfire, Maya Jane Cole, and Nicole Maudober. My personal favorite stage was the Redbull Music Acadamy stage which was home to Method Man, Disclosure, Hudson Mowhawke, Danny Brown, People Under The Stairs, Jets, Ben UFO, Brodinkski and Squarepusher. Oh my gosh… This lineup was simply insane.


Considering Detroit is known around the world as the birthplace of Techno, it’s only right that Thump Magazine (the music channel for Vice Mag) would sponsor the “Made In Detroit” Stage. Each day this stage held space for day long showcases. The Ghostly International Showcase which closed with Matthew Dear was easily one of the highlights of the festival. On the final Day, my mind was blown as the festival drew to a close and I found myself in the presence of Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May performing “Hi-Tech Soul”. Two live production audio engineers with the addition of a live percussionist reminded me of the true essence of music. It was enormous to see live drums played along side an electronic performance of this magnitude.


Beyond the Festival itself, the entire city seemed to open its doors to host after parties, mimosa brunch events and other extracurriculars. We found our way to into the TV Lounge for Soul Clap, City Club for Maceo Plex and Skream, and of course the infamous Old Miami for Seth Troxler’s Need I Say More IX day party. Wow… I don’t think anyone slept all weekend.


All around, Movement proved to be far beyond the scope of imagination. I will surely be headed back next year for another round of high potency shenanigans. Thanks for the Motor City…















no shoes

All photos are the work of Ms. Ally Cat aka Allison Roberton. Strictly film. Thank you!


Grim – “Rewind EP” OUT NOW!

Grim Ep Cover

The latest release from us here at Ganjaology is the Rewind EP from the increadibly talented artist Grim. We are so excited to present to you these carefully crafted set of beats from this 17 year old Californian. Based out Irvine, CA this Producer/DJ has been cranking out looming low end for the past 3 years.

When I came across the EP’s title track, I was so stoked on the sounds that I immediately messaged Grim, this trio of tunes was just too perfect to pass up. Each tune is unique to itself yet they all come together to showcase Grim’s versatility. With somewhat of a ragga overtone, grim shows his love for sub bass music with the three tunes.

The EP starts of with the skanker of a tune “Rewind”. The tune is upbeat, relaxed and grooves along nicely with Grim’s signature percussion. Next he takes the sound deeper with the tune “Don’t Sleep” which if you’re into the dark side of Dubstep this one’s for you. To end the EP Grim has created an absolute sub stomper, “Burn”. From the second this one drops I can’t do anything but groove to it. So once again turn up your subwoofers, grab whatever you want to relax, and enjoy these tunes from the young man himself, Grim.

Out now! Free Download: HERE

Land – Ganjaology Exclusive Guest Mix

Land, Ganjaology, Guest Mix

Just in time for NYE, Seattle based producer and DJ Land has provided for us this revelatory mix. Probing deep into the sexy and curious sounds of DnB, footwork and future bass, the mix features sounds which will caress the ears and sooth the senses.

The story begins at the end, that is to say that the mix starts off with a sample from the Epilogue from Brave New World. Quickly setting things in motion, this mix takes the listener full tilt into a land of magic and mystery, where one can bend the laws of physics. It is here in this strange land we may learn a little bit about the man, the magician, the creator – Philip Frost aka Land.

From his time as a youth in North Carolina, Frost was fascinated with the sounds of new and different music. He found excitement in alternative frequencies and was specifically drawn to the stimulating future sounds of Jungle. After purchasing his first pair of Technics in 1995, Frost began learning the craft of DJing. Using the moniker FROST, Phillip shared the stage with many large acts including Method One, Icey, Diesel Boy, Decoder, Tech Itch, and more.

In the year 2000, Frost moved to Nashville and began his journey into production. He was working simultaneously with Altruistic Productions to launch a new nightclub. Frost soon learned that his preferred style, which is more focused on the IDM side of the sound spectrum would be supported better in an alternative environment. After an exciting few years of production, promotion and planning in Nashville, Frost left his south eastern roots and headed west.

For the past few years, Frost has resided in Portland, OR where he has been involved in a number of large scale productions including participation as an event planner for the large outdoor event known as TECH TREK. Working with Horizon Events, he was pivotal in manifesting the hugely successful RESOLUTION which kicked off 2012.

Currently, one may find Land performing up and down the North West Coast of the United States at any number of clubs or festivals. His focus in sound centers around 2step, Bass, DnB, Techhouse, and Techno. In 2013 he launched his label AmitiGroup Recordings. Look out for big things from this man in 2014 as he’s clearly on a path toward greatness.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this mix of seriously engaging selections which will keep your ears excited for the next hour. Enjoy!

More from Land here!

And here.

Decibel Festival 2013 – Ten Year Teaser


FrumLater – Live at The Living Room :: Shambhala 2012

FrumLater, Shambhala, Ganjaology

Here’s a nice heady dance mix for ya… Caught this set by FrumLater last year on the Living Room Stage at Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC. He was filling for someone. Someone awesome, which is why I was there. But honestly, I don’t remember who that was now. I do know that this man waxed the dance floor that evening. DAMN.

Catch him at Shambhala again this year. See you there!

Tonight! Ganjaology in Portland, OR, @ The Slate

Last FridayTonight in Portland, Oregon, the artist collective known as TMK1 is throwing their monthly art & music event at The Slate.  TMK1 has recruited Ganjaology, Abigail Press, and Dash EXP to bless the speakers with heavenly bass driven beats throughout the entirety of the event.  With 4 hours full of live painting, hung art, and some very rare tunes, this Last Friday is going to be a great way to get your night started.






This event is FREE and All Ages!
@@@ 2001 NW 19th Ave #104 @@@
Portland, OR

Featuring Art From Kristina Griffith

Beats Antique Show at the Newport

You can tell a lot about a band by looking at their audience. As the crowd trickled in early Tuesday night to the Newport in Columbus, the wide array of influences bestowed by Beats Antique could be seen reflected in their followers: festival-goers donning the latest in glowstick technology, leather clad Danzig disciples, aspiring bellydancers, and a substantial amount of 40-somethings of various Indo-European descent.

Much like their audience, the “Animale Mechanique” show put on by Beats Antique was remarkably unique as far electronic music performances go. It stood out from any other acoustic, visual, or dance performance I’ve ever seen, for that matter. The word “eclectic” comes to mind, but I’m not sure it does justice to what i experienced. A combination of acoustic Eastern European instrumentation and 808 drum machines, glitchy samples, and belly dancing would deem this show more worthy of the “Performance Art” category.

The show started out with belly dancer/frontwoman Zoe Jakes doing a dance routine to a minimal bell percussion loop. As her performance moved forward, drummer “Sidecar” Tommy Cappel and multi-instrumentalist David Satori came in, adding dirty drum machine rolls and violin phrases, until finally bringing in the full array of samples and loops along with the more dramatic side of the light show. With the addition of a live drum-kit to the already big-room sound, the atmosphere took on a dramatic, almost movie-trailer feel to it.

As the 2-hour set rolled on, Jakes changed into different elaborate outfits according to the tone of the music, and Satori got more and more experimental with his plethora of instruments in constant flux. At one point, Satori was playing a banjo with a drumstick filtered through a wah-wah pedal while Jakes danced behind a blank projection screen, her silhouette accented by a large headdress and other bulky but elegant accessories. I also heard melodica and trumpet from Satori, and a dueling drum feud between him and drummer Cappel. Other highlights of Jakes’ dance display included a mermaid love song with opening act Lynx, crystal-clad deer antlers, and a giant white linen dress puffed up by a fan (Marilyn Monroe style) with blue polka-dotted lights projected onto it. The audience was constantly receiving new forms of stimuli as the live performance progressed.

The band upped the tempo toward the end of their set in logical fashion, flexing more of their EDM, post-dubstep muscles for the kids. For one of their cinematic finales, they covered BassNectar’s “Voodoo” and brought out the super hype lights to reveal a sea of people jumping in unison. By the end of the show, the band was prancing around in animal masks, along with some of the better dancers in the crowd who were brought up on stage to join. Top it off with confetti canons and you’ve got yourself an awe-inspiring experience.

Below are a few favorites from the group’s latest EP entitled “Contraption Vol.II

The first track is number four off of the  eight track EP and it’s truly a beautiful one. It’s sort of drunken rhythm will have a crowd swaying side to side as if they were an old western saloon hanging out with Tom Waits. The smooth sung vocal harmonies drive the song along as they are accented by perfectly timed strings and raw acoustic guitars. The song’s title “Crooked Muse” should give you a good idea of the song even before listening. You may find yourself singing along by the time the chorus comes along.

The second is actually the next track on the EP and it shows truly what group can do production-wise. The track entitled “Hero” is a perfect mix between the past and the present, the analog and the digital, the live performance and the studio. It opens with beautifully crafted string harmonies that have so much emotion in them that you cant wait for the beat to drop in. As the complex percussion comes in, there is a equal mix of organic sounding drums and chopped audio to give a nice EDM accent. As the song flows through the groups complex arranging style they continue to build up until such an epic synthesized drop with an incredible tremolo synth mixed with the pre-existing instruments. This track is truly a remarkable composition that accurately depicts, as they put, a ‘Hero’.

Check out Beats Antique: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or their website

more photos c/o Vince Frascello can be found here

13 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Tipper

Just 14 Days ’till Decibel and I’m feeling lucky, twice. Seven is my lucky number… which happens to also be the number of days in a week as well as representing the seven sacred directions. What this means is that in two weeks or two times seven days, the only direction I will be headed is to Decibel Festival.

Today we will have a listen to the world famous engineer of sound, Tipper. Well known to electronic music enthusiasts, UK producer David Tipper is an originator of what we now know as Bass. During the 90s when EDM was still in the womb, Tipper was in the lab experimenting with new and different frequencies never before introduced as music. Finding security in the science of bass, Tipper began his journey into the realm of experimental music performance.

One of the reasons I like Tipper is that when it comes to bringing the bass, this man booms! Around 2000, Like the Jamaican sound system engineers that forged the way for low frequency modulation, Tipper built a mobile sound system. In fact, with the help of friend Richie Warren, he built two. A pair of lucky 1970s black Dodge Chargers were outfitted with hydraulic lifted,  fully powered bass stations. Each consisting of 6×18″ subs along with Funktion One mid/tops speaker units; these babies bounced. They would roll around bumping tunes so loudly that they once received complaints from The Prodigy’s stage manager for disrupting the show by playing too loudly in the parking lot.


Since then, Tipper has produced for, played for, and partaken in just about everyone’s projects. As one of the world’s most advanced audio engineers, he is known for his experimental approach to creating some of the best dance music to ever be heard by earth people.

Here’s some music to keep your ears occupied until the next two weeks are up and my luck’s run out. Once that happens, I guess I will have to give in and get my tickets to Decibel Festival. I’ve been hoping to get some media passes so I can spend my money on buying music instead.

My fingers are crossed. All seven on each hand.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!

Self Help – Gingko Biloba

Welcome Self Help back to Ganjaology as we present his brand new piece of sound art, which is (as you may have already guessed) absolutely incredible.  With the idea for this song stemming from an afro-funk sample and  over a year of thought and hard work put into every aspect of this “afro-tropical-house” beat, Self Help has come to terms with his beautifully bassy creation and is calling his finalish draft, Gingko Biloba.  Gingko Biloba also known as the Maidenhair Tree is a rare species of tree found in China that has no close living relatives and has been used in traditional medicinal practices in the past.  Is it a coincidence this song, which contains healing powers of it’s own, carries the name of an ancient healing tree?  I think not.  Self Help is one aware being, and this is his medicine that he’s giving out to the world, through one of the most ancient forms of administration. Through Music.   Enjoy this tune, it’s made up of nothing but love and positivity, and be sure to check back for more Self Help in the future!

Self Help on FACEBOOK


Self Help on Twitter

Kahn & Neek – Percy

Kahn and Neek need to release this tune. Straight up. Such a nice vibe, and a crazy sound. Below is another smooth and melodic tune by Kahn. Check em both! Biggin up Kahn and Neek! Shutup every soundboy!

Buraka Som Sistema – Komba

Set for release on October 31, Enfuchada recording artists Buuraka Som Sistema’s much anticipated album ‘Komba’ will certainly mark a new page in the story of the exuberant electronic music project from Portugal. The album is the second major release from the group since their first album ‘Black Diamond’ in 2008. Since then the band has been touring the world, rocking dance halls, clubs, festivals, and dusty streets – creating an atmosphere that would make a man with a cane walk straight and the young and strong wobbly kneed. With influences ranging from all corners of the globe, Buraka’s driving rhythms enlighten listeners’ ears with sounds of Kuduro, Hip-Hop, EDM, Samba and Funk.

The album ‘Komba’ is named for an Angolan religious ceremony held seven days after someone has passed away. During this ceremony, friends and family gather to enjoy the finest food and drink and to celebrate the life of the deceased. Ironically, the idea that the best party of your life will happen after you are dead is the theme for the album. Think of it like this. If the best party happens when I die, I should make the most of my life right now. The better the party when I’m alive, only more alive can that party be when I die.

Be sure to pick up ‘Komba’ on its release date this Halloween, and in the mean time check out some of the videos by the group below. The first two are releases from the new album, and the last is simply… RAW.

‘(We Stay) Up All Night’ feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor

Hangover (BaBaBa)

“Buffalo Stance” from album, ‘Black Diamond’. Check out the original track from 1989 here.

Watertonic – Super Cake

So…I walk into the kitchen to go get a slice of 2 day old birthday cake (shouts out to myself!), cut it, take a bite of it, and head back into my office.  Without looking at what is playing or at how much cake I am devouring, I suddenly realize that my taste buds and ear drums are simultaneously on their way to heaven.  What kind of cake am I eating? Funfetti with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top.  What’s the name of the song I am listening to? SUPER CAKE! Haha…yes this really just happened.  Super Cake is the brand new track from Watertonic and it was released on SoundCloud two days ago.  This song is very minimal with an incredibly deep and slow build right in the middle of it.  Dancey and trancey is how I would sum this one up.  I love the sounds Watertonic is brining into this world so keep an eye out on Ganjaology for new tunes coming from the South American bass producer!

Alicia Keys – No One (HLM Remix)

Oh what a morning.  After a late night of celebrating my birth with a beautiful group of cultured friends, all I could possibly do this morning was taking a quick stroll down the street to my favorite coffee shop, get a mocha, relax in the sun while sending positive vibes into the Seattle community, and appreciate the life given to me.  While I was reflecting, a car pulled up next to the grassy plot I was on with their speakers turned up just enough so I could hear the music.  I recognized one of the most beautiful voices on this green planet as Alicia Keys instantly.  The specific song was No One, which I have heard people refer to as the most beautiful song of 2007.  The car was not next to me long, but it was just enough time to get the R&B queen’s song in my head for the day.  After getting home, I was listening to a few different  remix’s of No One when I came across this spectacular re-work by HLM, a  producer/remixer based out of Orange County, California.  HLM did an incredible job of keeping the soulful and intense feeling of Alicia Keys lyrics, letting them build up and the piano run its route backed up by a sleepy synth , then turning the track into an all out dance floor rager with a kicking bass line that makes you want to jump on top of the tallest object in proximity to your person with your arms waving high above your head.  Good job HLM.  Check out his SoundCloud page HERE, where you can listen and download 39 other HLM remixes.  Okay…click play now if you haven’t already! BIG UPS! WEST COAST SWAG!