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Murlo – Quartz EP

The LWP004 Release off of Low Up Records is a great EP to say the least. This London Based producer, has put together a nice, smooth set of club tunes that have a very melodic feel. All of the percussion throughout the EP is crisp and clean, with elements of both electronic and organics within them.

The ethnic vibes on the track entitled “Prism” really come through clearly with the eastern sounding melody, as well as what sounds like some sort of asian horn or flute. The title track for the EP – “Quartz”, its a very interesting tune. It starts off very minimalistic, but in a good way. The strange vocal sample bounces around until the track breaks down into the nice lead which was introduced in the beginning. The dimension that the producer has placed behind the synth line creates such a full feel. As it moves forward it builds with moving sounds and interesting synth lines as well. It ends up feeling very full with different instrumentation and leaves you wanting to get on the dance floor.

My personal favorite is the track “Soundboy”. This one is sooo smooth. That vocal sample is so sick, straight up. The sample teamed with that synth stab, drops the song seamlessly into another dancey club anthem. It’s definitely the highlight of the album for me, and the EP as a whole is a winner.

It’s nice to hear original vibes as always, and Murlo has delivered exactly that. Check the tunes below and go support Murlo and Low Up Recs by grabbing this EP if you get down with it too!



Snarebox – “Bounce EP”

OMG This release is a big one. With the title track on the EP, “Bounce” being such a big tune, and the two supporting 4×4 club bangers, this EP is set to do numbers. I knew there was something to the london based artist when I saw DJs like Taiki and Nulight and LAXX tweeting about how big his tunes were. I hadn’t even heard the artist Snarebox until now and this EP shows that this dude is serious. Go and grab this as soon as it comes out on Subway!!

Bloodfire & Buchan – “Bump That”

The english and the belgians make great dubstep together, here is one example. This swung stinkin skanker is heavy and will get you moving your feet. Check it out and blast it loud. Happy friday!

Wayfarer – Gozu

Wait… What? This Scotland based producer only has shy of 300 followers? This stuff needs to be viewed, listened to, and promoted because these tunes are just to big not to. Wayfarer has definitely established his swag, and if you dig the track below you should check the rest of his page out. Gozu caught my ear while skimming through his tunes. His ethnic, staccato and rhythmic wobbles create a sound that seemingly doesn’t exist in the dubstep world. Check the tune out, its massive.

Megalodon – “Tripple Bypass”

If you’ve ever read any of my other posts you’d know that I’m a promoter of anyone who sticks close to the garage/dubstep feel that originated out of England. Although these guys are fellow Yankees, they keep the dark dubstep feel and have a great unique sound. This swung banger is sure to get any head boppin and has these weird stabs that provide a dark heavy sound. Biggin up Megalodon on this big tune, Check IT!

Farkas – “Tribal Dance”

Biggin up the Swedish producer Farkas on this one. There isn’t an actual date for the release yet but it has been set to release sometime in 2012 on Biscuit Factory. This one’s quite the ravey tune, with its four to the floor vibe. Tribal Dance has been getting plays from a lot of the UK dubstep DJs and I’m sure will be getting plays by all once it becomes available. Blast this one out your speakers and get yaself movin’!

Vibration Lab – Future Reggae Dubstep Mix

“With my mind blown from the sounds of Vibration Lab’s Future Reggae Dubstep Mix and silence now filling the air, I eagerly clicked the play button to start it all over again.”  – Dr. Ganji“Our purpose is to make ‘Future Reggae’ music and spread a positive message to the Universe.” – Vibration LabResearchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana.
The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two but can’t remember what they are.

Dj Cut La Vis – Rootstep Blend Vol. 6 – Mitoo Elliot

This is quite the mash up brought to you by none other than Dj Cut La Vis, of Brighton, England.  The two tracks are a mash up of Jackie Mitoo and The Soul Brother’s Ska Shuffle and Missy Elliot’s Pass that Dutch,  Both of which are extremely lively tracks.  AND HOW GOOD DO THEY SOUND TOGETHER!?  I’m blown away and thoroughly impressed with this one.  I’ve already clicked “save to favorites” on SoundCloud and would love to find a 320 of this.  Keep your ears posted for more “Rootstep” from the UK dj!

Hizzle Guy – Fused

Here is a new and incredibly hot track from Hizzle Guy, one of the seven members of GangGoon Dubz from Brighton, England.   This track falls under the EXTRA TOUGH HEAVYWEIGHT DUB folder on my hard drive.  The original Fused flows very nice with its repeatative wobbles and is probably a little better for grandma’s ears than the Fused VIP, which is meant to destroy speakers.  Listen to them both, you will definitely have one of them on repeat in no time.



50 Carrot – Carrots On A Plane

This track has been on steady rotation around my house for the last few days.  It immediately brings a good bouncy feel too your body and then moves towards the direction of the moon.  Okay… I’m a sucker for repetative, spaced out, dubstep and this is a nice example of it.  I’d be happy if this track went on for ten minutes…but it doesn’t…so enjoy this short clip!