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Artist Highlight : Future Simple Project

Future Simple Project was a name that wasn’t incorporated in my music library, and in fact, wouldn’t have meant anything to me at all until I went to Envision music festival earlier this year.  I came across Miraja and Mikey Fisher playing quite possibly one of the most energy packed and enthusiastic sets at this enchanted music festival.  With a crowd dedicating 110% of their energy to the dance floor, stars shining through the tree tops in the jungle, more beautiful women than you knew what to do with,  and Future Simple Project delivering an exclusive mix of grimey, glitchy, wobbles against smooth dub style bass lines, there was nothing else anyone could have asked for at that moment.  Needless to say, I left their show with a new love for the music these two artists are producing and am very proud to support their bass music & artist collective, Dub Animals.

Here are a few tracks to check out!





Cualli – Merkaba Craft

“Cualli is an Aztec word for something which is inherently good and I want my music to reflect that.” – Cualli

Envision music festival, once again, has brought some new found musical knowledge to my brain by introducing me to the tunes of Cualli, of Denver, Colorado.  I met Aaron Holsapple, aka Cualli, kickin’ it under a shady structure early one afternoon while dodging the sun and waiting for some of the dankest falafel known to man kind to finish cooking.  Cualli was mad cool and told me he was playing later in the evening at the bar stage so I figured I’d check out the tunes.  WELL DAMN…evening rolled around, I think it was around 11pm, and Kll Smth and myself were on the move towards the bar stage to check some truly unique and inspiring bass sounds from Cualli.  Cualli came in on the most positive tip and kept the energy flowing high through his entire set, which consisted of incredible guitar solos, a violinist on stage, and more smiles than I’ve seen in a long time.  It was definitely an energizing performance to watch.  Merkaba Craft is one of my favorite Cualli tracks off of his newest ep, Elixir, that I want you all to check out.  This song has a lot of different elements from start to end…heavy synths that almost whine, a nice kick that keeps your feet moving, an INCREDIBLE transition to pure positivity, and a guitar solo to top it all off!  There will definitely be more Cualli on, but until then, check out his SoundCloud HERE, for more tunes.

Okay…I can’t put up just one Cualli track…here is another personal favorite, Jungle Love.

The Human Experience – Bucureşti

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  This is  The Human Experience.  I met David Block, better known in the music world as The Human Experience, at Envision Music Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica, two weeks ago under the most pleasant of circumstances, and at one of the most peaceful and magical festivals in the world.   Before my journey down to Central America I was unaware of how strongly I would be inspired by the new music I was getting exposed to and by all the spectacular and talented people I would meet along the way.  The Human Experience was one of those spectacular and talented people.  He’s as authentic a human being as I’ve ever met.  His music is a direct reflection of the energy he carries with him and at the same time expels through his kind and wise words on a daily basis. Open your mind and let his song Bucureşti echo through the walls of your heart and the speakers of your lovely home.  Bless up and light up!