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Eric Dingus – Is There In Truth No Beauty

Callisto – Dulcimer Dubs EP – Now Available!

Now available on Ganjaology Records is Callisto’s debut ep, Dulcimer Dubs. 


Callisto – Dulcimer Dubs EP – 4.20.15

Ganjaology has a special release coming up on April 20th! Callisto’s highly anticipated EP, Dulcimer Dubs, will be dropping at 4:20am on 4/20/15.  Featuring the title track, Dulcimer Dubs, Callisto’s second work, Dynamic Expressions,  and two remixes from Cleveland natives J. Hanna and Self Help, this ep is a great collection of world inspired electronic music.


Sevdaliza – The Suspended Kid [EP]


This EP is a great example of where pop music is going to be going in the next year or two. Drawing production inspiration from more underground outlets like Trap, Dubstep, Deep House, and HIp-Hop the EP provides a fresh array of songs. When you mix those inspirations with Sevdaliza’s entrancing vocals and incredible song writing, you get fresh, unique music that will set trends for plenty of others to follow.

Check the sounds below and buy the EP on itunes


Loww – Fi – Mosaic (Grim Remix)


Out now on Sublimated Sounds,l is the talented west coast DJ/Producer Grim’s remix of Loww Fi’s deep tune Mosaic. As always, Grim has nailed it with the production and re-imagined an already deep tune in his signature grim fashion. The whole Mosaic EP is available now exclusively on Juno now so g’wan and support these talented artists!

Salve – Peacemaker

Daega Sound – Under Pressure EP [12″ Drops 9/15 on TUBA NYC]

Tuba NYC, Daega Sound, Ganjaology

BC bass music creators Daega Sound prepare for their newest release with NYC future dub label TUBA. The release, set to drop September 15th on 12″ vinyl and digital, features three stellar tracks which clearly demonstrate the creative talent held by brothers Ben and Josh Searles aka Daega Sound.

Each track featured on the EP has its own unique blend of sound while together they create a fully complete release. Technical drumming drives the tunes while deep sub bass and curious atmospherics lay the ground work. Intelligent melodies carry us home.

Have a listen to the preview here and be sure to grab a copy on digital or vinyl when it drops next month. Also, be sure to check out more from TUBA NYC. These guys are really doing some exciting things. Their catalogue includes releases from J:Kenzo, Truth, Compa, DJG, Moldy, Juss B, Subreachers, Prism, AxH, & D-Operation Drop, among others.

More from Daega Sound here.

Waldo – Nsde/Outsde EP





Grim – “Rewind EP” OUT NOW!

Grim Ep Cover

The latest release from us here at Ganjaology is the Rewind EP from the increadibly talented artist Grim. We are so excited to present to you these carefully crafted set of beats from this 17 year old Californian. Based out Irvine, CA this Producer/DJ has been cranking out looming low end for the past 3 years.

When I came across the EP’s title track, I was so stoked on the sounds that I immediately messaged Grim, this trio of tunes was just too perfect to pass up. Each tune is unique to itself yet they all come together to showcase Grim’s versatility. With somewhat of a ragga overtone, grim shows his love for sub bass music with the three tunes.

The EP starts of with the skanker of a tune “Rewind”. The tune is upbeat, relaxed and grooves along nicely with Grim’s signature percussion. Next he takes the sound deeper with the tune “Don’t Sleep” which if you’re into the dark side of Dubstep this one’s for you. To end the EP Grim has created an absolute sub stomper, “Burn”. From the second this one drops I can’t do anything but groove to it. So once again turn up your subwoofers, grab whatever you want to relax, and enjoy these tunes from the young man himself, Grim.

Out now! Free Download: HERE

Andreilien – Antikythera EP

Andreilien released the Antikythera EP earlier this year, but I’ve still been bumpin it so much I had to re-post it for all those who had missed it.  Andreilien is always coming with a next level sound, and this EP is no exception.  Let this be heard through all neighborhoods around the world.

Pete Graham & Chris Lorenzo – Reminiscent Love EP

Anytime I catch wind that Four40 Records has a new release out I get excited.  The latest release Four40 put out is by Pete Graham & Chris Lorenzo.  The name of their EP is Reminiscent Love.  From the eerie intro, all the way to the catchy wobble ridden bass line, the first track off Reminiscent Love, I Love You So, has gotten me hooked on this new take on house.  Enjoy the EP and grab a copy for yourself off Juno!



Dubamine – Bust ‘Em EP – Out Now!!

Bust 'Em Art

We are proud to announce Ganjaology’s first release with multi-talented creator Dubamine! The Bust ‘Em EP features four tracks filled with drippy synths, crisp percussion, and bubbling dub baselines – all packaged into a visionary dub selector’s dream pack. Whether your tastes tend toward the heavier side of dubstep or the more reggae influenced, vibes oriented rub-a-dub stylee, the Bust ‘Em EP has something for you.

Native to Santa Cruz, based in New York – 22 year old Lucas Heinel is Dubamine. Already receiving accolade from some of the scene’s heaviest hitting DJs, the sound boy is on track to be one of the hottest up and coming artists of 2013. His tune “Wicked Dub” was recently featured on a mix by legendary UK selector, Cessman. With plans to release a series of EPs followed by a feature length album through Ganjaology Records, Heinel has his work cut out for him.

When asked, “Why Dubamine?” – Heinel replied that the name highlights the idea that within each of our brains is a little receptor specifically targeted to resonate with the sounds of dub. The Bust’em EP, available for free download June 1st, is just a teaser of what this sound boy scientist can do. We invite you to awaken your consciousness with a pure dose of Dubamine!

To get things started, the first track entitled Bust ‘Em sets the precedent for this sinister sound pack. The track features classic vocal samples carefully inlaid atop a burping bass line, smacking drums and a stack of spacey dub synths. Bouncy and delicious, this one definitely defies gravity.

Next up is another round of dopeness, aptly titled Dro. Featuring an acapella of E40’s “Pimpin Smokin Dro”, this hard hitting track will surely find it’s way into the crates of many.

For those that thought the EP wasn’t quite gutter enough, the tune Gutter Punk certainly exceeds expectation. Heavy synths and smacking snares characterize this dastardly track.

Lastly, we have Dubamine’s self proclaimed favorite of the release, Vita Mon C VIP. Throw this one in the mix for a straight to the vein dose of Dubamine’s vital dubs. One question, “Are you feeling alright!?”

Dubamine on Facebook

Dubamine on SoundCloud

Ganjaology on Facebook

Maddman – Good Day EP – Dank N Dirty Dubz

A couple days ago I was looking around at some of the new releases when I came across some of the most beautiful dubstep I’ve heard in ages.  Florida native, Maddman, just released an EP called GOOD DAY on Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz that carries strictly positive energy and represents the lighter side of the dubstep genre.  Gorgeous melodies intertwined with Maddman’s deep sub lines leave the Good Day Ep  well defined and very fresh.  Enjoy this one! Big ups Maddman! Big ups Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz!

Nightizm – “Danger Zone EP” (Free Download)

The Toronto based producer Nightizm, has just released a nice two track EP free for download on his soundcloud as well as bandcamp! The EP has a trap sounding base however you can hear Nightizm’s unique sound within it, which I love.

The first track titled “Zone Four” has a dark spacey vibe to it, with amazing sub work to go along with the massive pads. It moves along with deep chords and spacey verbs while the sub subtly blows your mind. The second of the subby duo, “Plight” has the same dark vibe yet it maintains its own character with various reverberated samples and pads with more of a traditional trap sound. Both of these tunes are well produced sub/trap masterpieces from Nightizm, sure have your head bobbing and your sub thumping. Big ups to Nightizm for this one!

Check the tunes below and follow the artist on Facebook as well!

Muramasa – “Birdcage Chain”

The trap producer Muramasa has killed it with this tune! The tune entitled Birdcage Chain has such an amazing vibe to it. I’ve never heard such a nice balance between the true trap sound, an orchestral feel, and a touch of tribal. I’m telling you, DO NOT sleep on this producer. His entire EP is diverse and heavy hitting. You can purchase it HERE if you feel inclined (I strongly encourage it) or you can grab it for free here.

Savage Rehab – Step Inside / Neck Funk

Haven’t posted up one from these guys in a while, but if you haven’t been keeping up to date with them, get on that!! As always Savage Rehab smashes it with a blend of old school sounds and the latest of DnB. Neck Funk has a very upbeat vibe to it, and is perfect for brightening up your day if you’re still experiencing gray weather like we are here in Cleveland. Step Inside on the other hand brings a bouncy sound that is sure to get you moving. Both of these will be out hopefully soon on their Saxxon EP on V Recordings. As always, big up to Savage Rehab!!

niceFingers – imagiNative

niceFingers - ImagiNative - Street Ritual

Cleveland boys turned LA sound sorcerers, niceFingers have really been making waves since they hit the blessed coast in 2011. Consisting of long time homies Dave Schneider and Nick Waterhouse, the colors run deep with these two. Being from Cleveland myself, I’ve had the pleasure to know these guys through some of their development. In fact, I happened to play little league baseball with Nick, and later went to school with both of them in Columbus. Funny how the game changes.

After a huge success with their feature length album Intercontinental Beat Collection in 2012, niceFingers has collected a sweet little buzz. Performing around the California circuit through much of last summer solidified their place in the west coast electronic music space.  Their momentum has allowed an energy conducive to creative expression to emerge, which is clear with their latest release, ImagiNative. The project paints a beautiful picture of interstellar frequencies floating in with the tide; gently lapping against the remote beaches of an exotic far away planet. We lift our glasses to you fellas. This is beautiful music.

Be sure to check out their Album, Intercontinental Beat Collection. Get it here for free!

niceFingers FB

niceFingers SC

Cessman – Inner Vibes EP [Dubliminal Records Apr. 8th]

April 8th is going to mark the release of an absolutely massive EP from the UK’s, Cessman.  The name of this EP is Inner Vibes, and it couldn’t feel more appropriate to have such a chilled out name.  This EP has got nothing BUT positive vibes!  As you may have already read in the title, it’s going to be released through Cessman’s own label, Dubliminal Records, and consists of four very inspiring, dubby, tracks that are very similar in the sense that they’re all awesome and will DEFINITELY make you glad you’ve got a sub, but at the same time the patterns and sounds throughout each song are very different, ultimately leaving you (the listener) with a non-repetative 4 track EP that’s gonna make the neighbors cranky.  Big ups Cessman! We’re looking forward to Inner Vibes! 

Two Fresh – Watch This! EP [Free Download]

Here is Two Fresh’s latest EP, Watch This! . This first thing that grabbed my attention when I came across this on soundcloud was the incredibly awesome art work done by…?  Drawing inspiration from as many genres as you can imagine,  these twins are packing some of the freshest sounds I’ve heard all year.  Some Purple is definitely the hardest track on there.  They really went in on that synth line!  Check it out, and be sure to grab your free copy.

Knight Riderz – Positive Vibez EP (Muti Music)

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed that Canada is becoming a huge leader in the North American bass music scene, and artists are popping from cities across the country up left and right.  Most recently I caught wind of Knight Riderz latest EP, Positive Vibez, which was released on Muti Music a couple weeks ago.  Having heard previous tunes of his such as For Real and Killer, I had an idea of the huge, glitchy, sounds I was going to hear.  All four tracks are infused with a surplus of bass, contain a crisp wall of percussion, and an all around fresh sound that’s hard to find in a lot of electronic music today.  I hear a lot of producers trying to add too much noise to the music and fill every space that doesn’t already have a sound in it.  With the Positive Vibes EP I’m hearing the opposite of that.  Knight Riderz took a very mature route with this EP and although it’s glitchy, wild as ever, and really gets your blood flowing, it is a sound that is clearly crafted by a seasoned professional who shows a lot of care and passion for his work.  If you haven’t already got Knight Riderz Positive Vibes EP in your music library you’re missing out on some serious bass sounds! Do yourself a favor and grab the EP.  You’re also able to download the song Positive Vibes HERE, exclusively from

 Also worth checking out from Knight Riderz is the brand new, all original mix that he just finished for Dub Selekta up in Victoria, BC.  It’s got tracks from Positive Vibes along with brand new unheard awesomeness from the 2013 Knight Riderz Remix EP Million Miles which will be coming out on Seclusiasis on the 21st.

Here is what Knight Riderz had to say to Dub Selekta about this mix…

“Hella stoked on be able to showcase this new mixtape with the one and only Dubselekta! This mix is a 100% original Knight Riderz material with a bunch of exclusives, remixes, edits, collaborations and freshly released music. The Dubselekta podcast gives a good glimpse into both the present and future of the Knight Riderz project. Watch out for the new Million Miles EP coming out on Seclusiasis on Dec.21st. In the meantime head over to beatport and pick up the Positive Vibez EP here.” – Knight Riderz