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Bambooman – Dulcet EP

Ganjaology, Bambooman

I found this album while digging around on Bandcamp the other night. UK sound creator Bambooman, has captured my ear space and left me lifted. Haling from Yorkshire, UK – Leeds based sound creator crafts a sonic landscape full of textured percussion and atmospheric synths. Dulcet will inspire your nervous system. Enjoy!

Buy It Here.

Bluetech, Pressha, Nordic Soul, Young Benoit – Nectar Lounge 2/16

Ganjaology, Bluetech, Nectar Lounge, Pressha, Nordic Soul, Young Benoit

Pahoa, Hawaii native Bluetech will be gracing the stage at Nectar Lounge this weekend with local support by Pressha, Nordic Soul and Young Benoit. With Bluetech’s recent release of his new album Space Chronicles Vol. 1 just last week, the show is sure to jam packed with updated sounds to satisfy your craving for star studded intergalactic earth riddims. Check out sounds from each of those performing below and be sure to RSVP on the Nectar Facebook where you can also find the ticketing link. See y’all at the show!



Raffertie – ‘Rain’ (Teebs Remix)

Ganjaology, Rain, Raffertie,

In Seattle, it rains. That’s the bottom line. Shout out to all the water up here in washing-town.

This tune is quite different. Listen…

Bass Coast – A Marketplace of Imagination [2013 Festival Recap]

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

The first weekend of this beautiful sun soaked month, the Ganjaology team made our way up to Merritt, BC – the new home of BC’s boutique music festival – Bass Coast. In prior years, the event has been held on native land in Squamish just North of Vancouver. As the event was growing, it became apparent after last year that it was time for a larger, more scaleable venue. With their eyes glistening, and their hearts open, organizers Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson – better known as the Bass Coast Girls – set out to find Bass Coast a new home. When they found themselves nestled in the hills beside the Coldwater River in Merrit BC, they knew that they had struck gold.

River Pano

It is here in Merrit that all the magic happened. With more than a handful of world class music acts, several various types of workshops, a feast of food, the headiest of art vendors and installations, and the freshest of fashion – Bass Coast was a marketplace of imagination.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Three massive stages housed the music acts, each equipped with enough sound to curl your hair. Maybe being around all this bass is what gives The Librarian those tight bouncy curls which she playfully threw around during her set on the Bassment Stage. The backdrop for the Bassment was an awesome array or hexagonal shapes, which when illuminated created an incredible display of geometric intricacies. Other acts to perform on the stage include Machinedrum, Daega Sound, Evy Jane, Justin Martin, Calamalka, Self Evident, Taal Mala, Goth Trad, Lorne B, Grenier, Luciterra and Chris Murdoch, Dark Sky, Sanctums, Natasha Kmeto, and Jets.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Across the way from the Bassment was the infamous Radio Stage which was home to the morning radio show each day. In the evening, the frequencies intensified, allowing for darker, deeper energies to surface. Home to Mat The Alien, Om Unit, Max Ulis, Neighbour, and DJ Cure to name a few, the Radio Stage held space for some of the most radical of music acts. Others to perform on this pulchritudinous platform include Funk Hunters, Barisone, Little Dinosaur, Kir Mokem, Erica Dee, The Fungineers, Adam Shaikh, Willisist, Desert Dwellers, Westerly, Sweet Anomaly, Tor, Paul Brooks, JPod, Humans, Longwalkshortdock, Nautilus, Jimmy Edgar, and Spilt Milk.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Finally, one of my personal favorite stages, was the Slay Bay. Nestled in the trees by the calm flowing river, Slay Bay provided a respite from the high energy, sun soaked spirit of the other stages. Standout acts included Michael Red and Random Rab, with their monday morning close out sets. Other highlights from this zone include the Lighta! Reggae Jam, Philth kids, Alphabets Heaven, Dan Solo, Wax Romeo, Mama Miche, HxDB, Woodhead, Isis Graham, Tank Gyal and Mandai, JF Killah, and Ryan Wells.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

When we weren’t raging near the subs, snuggled in a hammock, cooling off in the water, or simply listening… One might find us at the smaller, alternative stages which hosted an incredible array of music and workshops. The Bigger Brain and Alter Stages housed these more intimate gatherings. While enjoying yoga, meditation and breathing, or delving into the magical world of alchemy and spice – whether transfixed by the science of Mantra, engaged in contact improvisation dance, jumping in on the freestyle cypher, or twirling yourself with Sacred Circus – these spaces held fast for participants to… Well yes, to participate. Big up to Michael Red and Gabriel Soloman of Chambers and Ydna Murd, the 8 limbed DnB drummer for turning my world inside out from deep within the Bigger Brain.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

All in all, I must say… Bass Coast was bigger, badder and busier than ever this year. I simply loved it. From the music and art to the workshops and water sports, Bass Coast participants had their hands and hearts full of enlivening experience to create a wonder filled weekend. We look forward to another rendezvous in the forest this time again next year. Until then, we will be buzzing, building and abounding with positivity… basically bursting at the seems with anticipation for the next installment by the Bass Coast Girls. Big thanks to all that had a hand in the creation of this simply stunning event.

Bravo y’all. Much love and appreciation…

Your Friend,

Mickey Mars

PS. Big Thanks to Cody Puckett for all of the spectacular photos seen here.

More from Cody at his website!

Be sure to check back for the Bass Coast Residual Frequencies Interview Series here at Ganjaology… Stay tuned!

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

CP 1

Bamboo Shelter

CP 10

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

CP 11

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Bass Coast, Ganjaology

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

More info about the Bass Coast Project here:


Michael Red – Low Indigo // Lowi 1&2

Michael Red, Low Indigo

It’s a wonder how frequently we allow the frequencies of our daily lives to govern our emotions and send us into swirling patterns of ever rolling tides. As I begin to awake to the reality that my experience is simply a song, a beautiful sonnet of intermingling notes, chords and phrases – I find the importance of filling my ear space with uplifting sound.

With the many opportunities for listening, it is sometimes difficult to choose the frequencies that we allow to penetrate.  For those out there, that share my excitement in cutting through the illusion – I recommend the music of Michael Red. This Vancouver-based dance floor don, also happens to be one of the West Coast’s leading  sound scientists. His work with the Low Indigo project is truly an experiment in the science of sound, a testing ground for new found frequencies.

Is it true what they say about the possibility that we can heal through sound? While this music may not be specifically targeted at healing any specific trauma, I feel that there is deep healing power and spiritual significance in these sounds. Tune in to Low Indigo with Michael Red’s Lowi 1&2, and allow yourself to truly listen. Everyone will have a different experience.

What is yours?

Be sure to catch Michael Red this summer at one of his many exciting festival dates including Bass Coast and Shambhala among others. He is famous for his early morning sets, so don’t sleep. Or wake up early…

Thriftworks – Terry D // Untz Mix April 2013

Thriftworks, Terry D, Ganjaology

For the past two months I have hit replay on this album day after day like religion. I think that its been just enough time for me to digest the fullness and freshness of this beautiful piece of sonic art. Terry D by Thriftworks takes electronic music to a new level of passion, a new height of creation. With impeccable production and mastering, Terry D is an album to spend some time with. Bubbling synths and magical sweeps, wrapped around twisted hip hop and poetic sound frames characterize this fascinating release.

Pick up the album digitally here. Name your price!

Luckily for those of us who have been patiently waiting, Thriftworks has just released his newest collection of sounds. In this rare and exquisite mix, filled with mostly unreleased music, Thriftworks takes us on a journey of magnificent proportion. Wow… Upside down that’s Mom. Wow.



ganjaology, thriftworks, untz mix

Peep some ultra rare footage below. We have BluPrint moving, DayDreams singing and Thriftworks cranking!


More here.

Kaiju – Hedmuk Exclusive Mix (Feat. Toast)

Ever since listening to their PYC session and FKOF mix, I’ve been hungry for more weighty indulgence ushered in by the dark dragons of Kaiju.  Entering this new year, Kaiju’s Exclusive Mix for Hedmuk’s bass music blog marks my first highlight of feeling those next level forces of 2013.  Also known as some of the serious sound scientists on 
Osiris Music, Kaiju, leads you on a journey full of the freshest surges and the heaviest of Dubs. The introduction simply says it all, “lay back and meditate.”  Their cutting-edge, melodic bass riddims roll in with rumbling growls and towering drops that manifest the thickest sound nodes.   Creating frequencies well-suited for Cymatic Therapy, Kaiju’s vibrations slay with keen and deep penetrating sounds, suited to stir every single sense.  The pulsing percussion of punching kicks and snares will surely lock your ear drums into this captivating underground realm.

Kaiju & Killawatt – Cave Of Wonders (Dub)

Kaiju & Perverse – Named After Heroes (Dub)

Kaiju – Snaggle Puss (Dub)

Kaiju – Close Break VIP (Dub)

Kaiju – Fall Guy (Dub)

Kaiju – Clang (Dub)

Kaiju – Seven (Dub)

Kaiju – Silverfish (Osiris Music)

Perverse – Cross Examination (feat. Beezy) (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Noisia – Dipolodocus (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Kaiju – Wrong Turn (Dub)

Kaiju – Atomic (Dub)

Kaiju – Think Twice (Dub)

Gantz – Catalyst (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Kaiju – Joke Shop (Dub)

Kaiju & Nanobyte – Faded (Dub)

Kaiju & Truth – Untitled (Dub)

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Kaiju – Roodbwoi (Dub)

Kaiju – Sniper Situation (Dub)

Kaiju – 3 + 2 (Dub)

Click here for more Kaiju Sounds

Check out more bass music exclusives from Hedmuk here

Julian Sartorius – Beat Diary

Felt tipped pen. Sticks on an elevator shaft. Cymbal Monkey. Mallets striking harvest wheat.

These are only a few of the dynamic instruments that Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius has used in his year long Beat Diary project. The mission was to create one beat, each day for a whole year; using only the sounds of his environment. No effects, no loops, just Julian and his drum kit, plus any interesting sounds he could throw together using a field recorder with an overdub button.

Covering a wide range of music, Julian has been studying percussion and sound from a young age. While much of his work could be called jazz, hip hop, experimental or world music; his style cannot be classified. Specializing in unusual, unprocessed, acoustic sounds – Julian’s music embodies the soul of an artist. Though different than pretty much anything I’ve heard before, the Beat Diary work is enriching and enlivening. Spirited and full of life,  this music is sure to make you move.


The sounds are being released today through Swiss label Everest Records as a 12 LP set which includes each of the 365 beats accompanied by 365 photos to tell the story. Also included is a download code for digital copies of the songs. Only 365 of these exclusive box sets are available, so get it while you can.


Robert Glasper – Black Radio Recovered :: The Remix EP

I had the special pleasure a few weeks  back to catch a set by the inspirational future jazz project, Robert Glasper Experiment. Piano man Robert Glasper and his team of hip-star jazz cats tore it up at Harlow’s in Sacremento. With Experiment in the name, The Robert Glasper Experiment is certainly that – experimental.

This futuristic funky hip-hop jazz crew consists of Glasper on piano and the infamous Fender Rhodes, Chris Dave on drums, Derrick Hodge on bass, and an eccentric front man Casey Benjamin who plays both saxe and vocoder. Most recently the band has had huge successes with the release of their hit album Black Radio released in 2012 with Blue Note Records. The album features a number of guest artists including Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco and Bilal, Shafiq Husayn, Musiq Soulchild, and Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def).

After this widely acclaimed release followed by an extensive summer tour around the world, it was only right that last month they release a remix EP based on the album entitled, Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP. This remix EP features some of the same artists along with Pete Rock, Black Milk, ?uest Love and The Roots, Check out a few of the tunes from the remix album below…

And remember, if you like the music – buy the music. It’s available through the Robert Glasper Experiment website here

Photek – KU:PALM

DnB pioneer, Photek is back in action with his first album released in over 10 years! After a brief escape into other musical realities, Photek resurfaced on the dance scene in 2011 with his release of the Avalanche EP, shortly followed by the Aviator EP. With a grammy nomination in 2012 for his Daft Punk remix on the TRON soundtrack, Photek has set the stage for his smashing new album…


Intelligent and dynamic, KU:PALM is a fine blend of old and new. The album focuses more on sonic frequency and fluidity than genre specific  pattern building. Each track can be connected to the last, creating a well written, interwined album. Though each song stands alone, the album offers a comforting cohesiveness. Blending elegant sound aesthetics with high level composition, KU:PALM leads us on a sonic journey through space and time.

Known best for his futuristic drum and bass sounds of the early to late 90s, UK born Rupert Parkes aka Photek has been at this a long time. Since his inception into the global dance scene in 1992, Photek has produced an impressive array of music including DnB, downtempo, deep house and experimental. Some labels with whom he has worked include Tectonic, Rudeboy, Virgin, Sanctuary, and DnB legend Goldie’s Metalheadz label; along with his own Photek Productions. Now after 20 years in the scene, Photek has revamped and reenergized to bring us an album that is as pleasing to the soul as it is to the ears. This is KU:PALM.

We’ve listed a few tracks to give you a taste of what can be expected from this album, along with Photek’s recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

To purchase KU:PALM, use one of the links below…



You may also lend support by following via Facebook and Soundcloud.

The Cannabinoids featuring Erykah Badu – Decibel Festival 2012

How many MacBooks does it take to produce pure magnetic harmony? In the case of Erykah Badu and the Cannabinoids, 8 is the magic number. Run by a team of 9 high vibrational beings, these computers aid in the synthesis of a simply awesome array of sound. Using keyboards, turntables, drum sequencers on top of live drums, and a theramin; the Cannabinoids combine synthetic and organic elements of production to create a symphony of intelligent vibes.

At Decibel Festival this year, these guys packed the Paramount Theater in Seattle with an excited crowd of Seattlites and travelers alike. It felt like quite a few of the folks I met at Decibel this year were from out of town. Makes sense…

Who wouldn’t travel to see such an incredible lineup of artists?

EB and the Cannabinoids were just one of the amazing acts this year at DB Fest. Exploring the science of addiction, this team of sound scientists has come up with a powerful hypothesis: that the combination of synthetic and organic can produce simply stunning results.

Big up to The Confluence Group for the crystal clear footage!

Check out more of DB Fest from Confluence here.


13 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Tipper

Just 14 Days ’till Decibel and I’m feeling lucky, twice. Seven is my lucky number… which happens to also be the number of days in a week as well as representing the seven sacred directions. What this means is that in two weeks or two times seven days, the only direction I will be headed is to Decibel Festival.

Today we will have a listen to the world famous engineer of sound, Tipper. Well known to electronic music enthusiasts, UK producer David Tipper is an originator of what we now know as Bass. During the 90s when EDM was still in the womb, Tipper was in the lab experimenting with new and different frequencies never before introduced as music. Finding security in the science of bass, Tipper began his journey into the realm of experimental music performance.

One of the reasons I like Tipper is that when it comes to bringing the bass, this man booms! Around 2000, Like the Jamaican sound system engineers that forged the way for low frequency modulation, Tipper built a mobile sound system. In fact, with the help of friend Richie Warren, he built two. A pair of lucky 1970s black Dodge Chargers were outfitted with hydraulic lifted,  fully powered bass stations. Each consisting of 6×18″ subs along with Funktion One mid/tops speaker units; these babies bounced. They would roll around bumping tunes so loudly that they once received complaints from The Prodigy’s stage manager for disrupting the show by playing too loudly in the parking lot.


Since then, Tipper has produced for, played for, and partaken in just about everyone’s projects. As one of the world’s most advanced audio engineers, he is known for his experimental approach to creating some of the best dance music to ever be heard by earth people.

Here’s some music to keep your ears occupied until the next two weeks are up and my luck’s run out. Once that happens, I guess I will have to give in and get my tickets to Decibel Festival. I’ve been hoping to get some media passes so I can spend my money on buying music instead.

My fingers are crossed. All seven on each hand.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!

Shlohmo – “Pretty Boy Swag Remix” / “Forgot I Was Here”

Damn, I just had to do a post about this dude. Shlohmo coming from the New York is killin it with the sounds. I hadn’t truly taken in any of his music until now, and it is SUPER dope. He’s got this loose organic feel to his experimental electronic music (generalizing of course). Every tune that I’ve come across on youtube has had its own vibe, melody, swag, everything. Check out these two tunes, the first being a remix of Pretty Boy Swag… so sick. The second is a more relaxed tune that has more of a steady beat than alot of his songs and such a beautifully crafted melody. Check em.

Dynamic – Up in my World

Here is to another beat stuck on repeat.  If you love those rapid hat hits, ambient bass, or funk spliced jungle-jazz then heres the sound for your ears.  Dynamic   establishes this one with liquifying dnb, pouring the foundation for a vocal sample so timeless and nostalgic it dances in and out with the smoothest of class.  Recently released under the worldwide label, Rubik Recordings, “Up in my World” is a must for any aural adventure.  Let the music set your free.

Check out more Dynamic here!

Fifty Grand – Rabid Mastiff

Rabid Mastiff.  That’s a slightly unsettling image isn’t it?  Brooklyn based producer Fifty Grand has recently released her second LP, Aural Sects, through her BANDCAMP, and on it, is this heavily synthesized piece of art for your ears entitled, Rabid Mastiff.  From the moment I clicked play on this one something about the song drew me in.  Is it because of the push and pull feel you get from the thick synth line? Or is it was trapped out drums that follow the beautiful piano melody?  Is it the erie vibe that keeps you in a trance? I think it’s a combination of all of the above, plus a little extra touch called love thrown into the mix.  You can tell when an artists loves what they do.  Fifty Grand has done just that.  She carries a unique and very deep emotional sound with her music that you can feel in your heart.  She’ll be an artist to keep an eye out for over the next few years!


Artist Highlight – Animal Laughter

Kissimmee, Florida, is a place that I have heard of, a place I have passed through while riding the Amtrak from Tampa to Orlando many times, a place I have heard stories of, and also a place that sits in my head as an economically broken and beaten southern city that has very little left to offer. Or, that’s what I thought until I recently heard the beautiful and intriguing bass music of Animal Laughter.  With a style that would sit nicely on the West Coast, Animal Laughter is coming with a very smooth, sexy, 808 driven sound that you can play in any setting.  I can imagine hearing his tunes in a club setting…at a nice lounge style lunch restaurant on the beach…on one of my favorite mix cd’s on a long road trip…this cat is really versatile.  The two tracks that stick out to me the most are his Color Motion tunes (the original mix and 808 edit).  These are just downright sexy tunes meant for a bedroom.  The 808 edit of Color Motion has got that new juke bassline and you guessed it, that 808 drum kit that just smacks! I don’t have too much more to say about Animal Laughter, except you should definitely show some love for the Florida resident who is bringing positivity back to his town, and stay tuned for more coming from this youngin’.

Pericles – Portal Hopping (Forthcoming on Vermin Street 6/19!)

Happy Holidaze! We’ve got some brand new fire to help heat up your sub on this fine memorial day weekend from Pericles,  one of the funkiest southern bass magicians you’ll find in the States.  Currently residing in South Carolina, Pericles has been hard at work putting all the finishing touches on his upcoming album,  Ancient Desert, which is being released through Vermin Street on the 19th of June.  This track Portal Hopping is the first official preview of what’s in store to kick start everyones summer vibes.  This song has truly caught my attention.  From the full bodied synths to the immense drums, all the way down to the most subtle sweeps and clicks, Portal Hopping has everything plus more to keep the song flowing like liquid and still hit as hard as a hammer.  If this doesn’t help set off your summer then I don’t know what will!  Stay tuned for a full album review and extended write up of Ancient Desert next month.  Big ups Pericles!  Big ups Vermin Street!

Piri Piri – Mami (Cedaa Remix)

Cedaa is holdin’ the bass scene down up in the North West releasing nothing but pure fire to heat up your speakers.  This is his remix of Piri Piri’s, Mami.  Filled with clicks, claps, crashes, barks, twirls, zooms, and that oh so recognizable Cedaa bassline, you’ll have your body grooving to this one in no time.  Enjoy. 

Konnor – Bubbly

Do you ever feel like you’ve been to space before?  Maybe in a past life…maybe in your dreams…maybe you went yesterday with Richard Branson for $200,000…What if I told you I knew an electronic duo that could take you there?

Konnor, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, has officially touched down on Jupiter with this track entitled, Bubbly.

The whole Konnor EP was made over the course of 2011 and 2012 and features production by none other than Cleveland’s Joe Manfredi and  Atlanta’s Connor Shirley.   As for the album art, it’s another BIG BLUNT (also known as Evan Edwards of Thumbnugget) original design.  Check out this spacey track Bubbly, and if you’re into the tunes follow Konnor on Bandcamp HERE.

Cualli – Merkaba Craft

“Cualli is an Aztec word for something which is inherently good and I want my music to reflect that.” – Cualli

Envision music festival, once again, has brought some new found musical knowledge to my brain by introducing me to the tunes of Cualli, of Denver, Colorado.  I met Aaron Holsapple, aka Cualli, kickin’ it under a shady structure early one afternoon while dodging the sun and waiting for some of the dankest falafel known to man kind to finish cooking.  Cualli was mad cool and told me he was playing later in the evening at the bar stage so I figured I’d check out the tunes.  WELL DAMN…evening rolled around, I think it was around 11pm, and Kll Smth and myself were on the move towards the bar stage to check some truly unique and inspiring bass sounds from Cualli.  Cualli came in on the most positive tip and kept the energy flowing high through his entire set, which consisted of incredible guitar solos, a violinist on stage, and more smiles than I’ve seen in a long time.  It was definitely an energizing performance to watch.  Merkaba Craft is one of my favorite Cualli tracks off of his newest ep, Elixir, that I want you all to check out.  This song has a lot of different elements from start to end…heavy synths that almost whine, a nice kick that keeps your feet moving, an INCREDIBLE transition to pure positivity, and a guitar solo to top it all off!  There will definitely be more Cualli on, but until then, check out his SoundCloud HERE, for more tunes.

Okay…I can’t put up just one Cualli track…here is another personal favorite, Jungle Love.