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Sonic Bloom Artist Highlight – Cualli

Sonic Bloom is bringing one of Colorado’s own (and one of our personal favorites) to their incredible festival this year.  Cualli has been steadily releasing music since 2010,  and with his recent arrival back home from a three month excursion in Costa Rica, he will be bringing a fresh new energy and strictly positive vibes to Humming Bird Ranch.

From his engaging live performances featuring himself, a computer, and several live instruments… To his insanely creative production that feature recordings from his trips around the world, live instrumentation, and software production… Cualli has proven time and time again that music is not only his passion, but his way of speaking to the people and Mother Earth.

“To make a change in the world we must make a change in ourselves. To heal the soul of the Earth we must heal the souls in ourselves. We are one with the Earth. We are one with the cosmos. I give thanks for the opportunity to play a part in this time here on Earth. I give thanks for the opportunity to connect through music. I give thanks for life.” – Cualli

Since my first introduction to Cualli back in 2012, at Envision, I have had the pleasure of watching his music spread throughout the conscious music network of the world in a truly loving way.  I’m excited for more projects to come from this talented Colorado native and really stoked for his performance at Sonic Bloom 2015!



Homegrown Northwest Reggae Festival // July 25-26 in Carnation, WA

Homegrown NW Reggae Festival, Ganjaology

NW reggae lovers rejoice… the Homegrown Northwest Reggae Festival is just around the corner and the lineup is looking hot! The event focuses on reggae acts local to the Pacific North West, while featuring a handful of acts from beyond our cozy coastal zone. If you’re looking for a respite from the city this upcoming weekend, hit the 90 east and you’ll be at Cook’s Farm in Carnation, WA within the hour!

The HomeGrown NW Reggae Fest was founded by two local musicians, Mike Yarosz and Bill Ulsund with a mission to provide a musician-oriented festival lineup focused on the true ensemble nature of reggae music. The theme of the event is “The best local reggae music the Northwest has to offer…” so if you know your locals, you can expect a deep rooted family vibe with this two-day festival. Many of the bands perform locally at Seattle’s hottest spots for reggae music including Nectar Lounge, Barboza, Neumo’s, and The Crocodile. Noteworthy NW locals include Indubious, The Highlife Band, YogoMan Burning Band, The Approach, Two Story Zori, Positive Rising, The Mystic Arrows, Wet City Rockers, The Hooky’s, Positive Rising, Tribal Order and many more!

Headlining the event are Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah, from Springfield, Missouri.  The lead vocals of Josh are sung in a forceful falsetto over guitar-centered melodies.  His album mate and co-songwriter Skillinjah performs in a dancehall toaster style, with rapid-fire lyrics that weave drama, humor and hi jinx in with style.  Also from outside the Northwest are headliners New Kingston, a true family band from Brooklyn, New York by way of Jamaica.  Three brothers perform contemporary reggae infused with hip-hop and R&B with their father, world-renowned reggae bassist Courtney Panton.

With 20 stellar bands, two stages and two full days of live reggae music, the Northwest Homegrown Reggae Festival is sure to please. So grab your spliffies, coolers and camping gear and head to Carnation this coming Friday. And if you need a head start, be sure to catch The Original Wailers at Nectar Lounge Thursday July 24th. Large up the NW community!


RSVP for the event on Facebook.

Purchase tickets here!


Mat The Alien – Bass Coast Decompression Mix [Dub Selekta]

Ganjaology, Mat The Alien, Dub Selekta, Bass Coast

If you’re not already hip to Mat The Alien, it’s time to inform yourself. This man is one of the well kept secrets of the Pacific North West. Originally from England, now residing primarily in  BC, Mat The Alien holds down a weekly event at Maxx Fish Lounge in Whistler with Andrea Graham aka The Librarian, one of the creators of Bass Coast. Mat is also the founder and head of Really Good Recordings, a premium bass music label based in BC, Canada!

Here we have ground breaking mix from Mat The Alien, which he did for the BC based music blog Dub Selekta and their Bass Coast Festival Decompression Series. This is packed full of tunes, plus some very rare DJ tricks that only Mat can do. If you’ve ever seen him play, you will know what we’re talking about. His skills are out of this world, hence… The Alien!

More from Mat on his Soundcloud here.

Symbiosis Gathering 2013 – Skipping Stones Into The Future

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

The Ganjaology team recently returned from an enlivening journey down the blessed coast, where we traveled to Oakdale, CA to participate in one of the summer’s most inspiring events – Symbiosis Gathering. For those that are not familiar, Symbiosis Events is a production team which hosts gatherings around the world focused on music, art, healing and collaboration: all necessary elements which will launch us into our new collective paradigm.

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

From the larger-than-life art installations, to the live painting and stunning galleries… From the the variety of workshops, dance classes, and theatre performances to the magnificent marketplace of fashion and food… From the perfectly tuned sound systems to the astounding musical talent which kept us moving through the night – Symbiosis Gathering  was a glance into our freely floating cloud-based foundations of the future.

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group The Ganjaology team recently returned from an enlivening journey down the blessed coast, where we traveled to Oakdale, CA to participate in one of the summer's most inspiring events - Symbiosis Gathering. For those that are not familiar, Symbiosis Events is a production team which hosts gatherings around the world focused on music, art, healing and collaboration: all necessary elements which will launch us into our new collective paradigm. From the larger-than-life art installations, to the live painting and stunning galleries... From the the variety of workshops, dance classes, and theatre performances to the magnificent marketplace of fashion and food... From the perfectly tuned sound systems to the astounding musical talent which kept us moving through the night - Symbiosis Gathering  was a glance into our freely floating cloud-based foundations of the future.

With respect to the music… (breath) Wow. Words cannot describe the level of talent represented at Symbiosis this year. Six major sound stages were on the scene with superior sound systems to carry us through the weekend. Each stage had it’s own flavor, hosting many artists, all of whom were top notch in their respective fields.

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

To highlight, The Juke Shack was a favorite with the team, hosting artists like Max Ulis, Shawna, Ana Sia, Pumpkin, Samo Soundboy, Sabo, Brodinski, T. Williams and Popof. Surrounded with water on all sides, The Empire of Love held space for Lapalux, Vibesquade, Christian Martin, Love and Light, Delachaux, and more. Maybe the largest of the stages was The Big Island which was home to some of the biggest acts including STS9, and Poliça, plus performances by Vau De Vire Society, Sambadrop, Saul Williams, Shakti Bliss, Odesza, and Pyronauts.

The Pantheon was one of the most magical of all the stages with it’s jaw dropping design, mixing the future with the ancient. Artists represented here include Thriftworks, Kilowatts, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Ott, Kyrstyn Pixton, Dakini, Bird of Prey, and The Human Experience, plus workshops on bass mantra, mycology, comedy, slam poetry, Qi Gong, and the sought after class with Claire Thompson & Freq Nasty, Yoga of Bass.

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group The Ganjaology team recently returned from an enlivening journey down the blessed coast, where we traveled to Oakdale, CA to participate in one of the summer's most inspiring events - Symbiosis Gathering. For those that are not familiar, Symbiosis Events is a production team which hosts gatherings around the world focused on music, art, healing and collaboration: all necessary elements which will launch us into our new collective paradigm. From the larger-than-life art installations, to the live painting and stunning galleries... From the the variety of workshops, dance classes, and theatre performances to the magnificent marketplace of fashion and food... From the perfectly tuned sound systems to the astounding musical talent which kept us moving through the night - Symbiosis Gathering  was a glance into our freely floating cloud-based foundations of the future.

For a more relaxing environment in which participants could experience both live and digital music alike, The Living Room zone was a meeting place for participants who wanted to have a coffee, grab a slice and just kick back before heading from the camping zone into the main festival arena. The homies Lafa Taylor and Nico Luminous performed here to close things out Monday morning.

Last but not least, my personal favorite stage was The Cove. With two side by side platforms for the performers, this stage was literally TWO GOOD! The audience was setup with a large grassy hill which fed into a sandy dancefloor beside a beautiful beach. The stage was packed with insatiable sounds all weekend, but Saturday night was certainly a scene to remember. The lineup, in order, starting at dusk included Bluetech, Starslinger, Cashmere Cat, Lunice, RL Grime, BOGL vs. Dials, Danny Corn, The Librarian, and Random Rab to set the morning off right. Others to perform here were Gaudi, The Coup, Mr. Carmack, Phaeleh, Shpongle, El Papachango, Dirtwire, Sidecar Tommy, Emancipator, Plantrae, Nahko & Medicine For The People, Chet Faker, Ryan Hemsworth, Mount Kimbie, Laura Low, Secret Bass Guest – Mimosa, and the digital dancefloor don An-Ten-Nae who dropped strictly bangers. God bless great music.

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

All in all, the gathering was a huge success. Those that made it out will continue to spread the word about the symbiotic breath that we shared this weekend. We are moving, stretching, pulsing and perspiring with newly found energy to build, to collaborate and to create. Symbiosis Gathering was an opportunity for the many levels of participants to engage in this new space and to put forth what he or she could muster to add to the already incredible alchemical production of idea into matter. From the organizers,  volunteers,  musicians, and vendors to the the sound techs, the production crew, and the ticket holding festival participants; everyone had a hand in making Symbiosis Gathering the cornucopia of creativity that it was.

We are standing at the edge of a sparkling sea of creation. In our hands are the stones that will ripple our very souls into the future. Use your imagination. Hold your base. Define your stone…

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Big thanks to The Confluence Group and all the photographers who’s works are represented here. Scroll over each image to see the name of the photographer. Photographers include Zipporah Lomax, Setareh Vatan, Samantha Rhea Lawson, Piak Boonlert, and Mario Covic. Also, catch more footage of the gathering by The Confluence Group here. Thanks!

[vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″] [vimeo color=3f1548″ width=”600″ height=”337″]

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Ganjaology, Symbiosis Gathering, The Confluence Group

Bass Coast – A Marketplace of Imagination [2013 Festival Recap]

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

The first weekend of this beautiful sun soaked month, the Ganjaology team made our way up to Merritt, BC – the new home of BC’s boutique music festival – Bass Coast. In prior years, the event has been held on native land in Squamish just North of Vancouver. As the event was growing, it became apparent after last year that it was time for a larger, more scaleable venue. With their eyes glistening, and their hearts open, organizers Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson – better known as the Bass Coast Girls – set out to find Bass Coast a new home. When they found themselves nestled in the hills beside the Coldwater River in Merrit BC, they knew that they had struck gold.

River Pano

It is here in Merrit that all the magic happened. With more than a handful of world class music acts, several various types of workshops, a feast of food, the headiest of art vendors and installations, and the freshest of fashion – Bass Coast was a marketplace of imagination.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Three massive stages housed the music acts, each equipped with enough sound to curl your hair. Maybe being around all this bass is what gives The Librarian those tight bouncy curls which she playfully threw around during her set on the Bassment Stage. The backdrop for the Bassment was an awesome array or hexagonal shapes, which when illuminated created an incredible display of geometric intricacies. Other acts to perform on the stage include Machinedrum, Daega Sound, Evy Jane, Justin Martin, Calamalka, Self Evident, Taal Mala, Goth Trad, Lorne B, Grenier, Luciterra and Chris Murdoch, Dark Sky, Sanctums, Natasha Kmeto, and Jets.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Across the way from the Bassment was the infamous Radio Stage which was home to the morning radio show each day. In the evening, the frequencies intensified, allowing for darker, deeper energies to surface. Home to Mat The Alien, Om Unit, Max Ulis, Neighbour, and DJ Cure to name a few, the Radio Stage held space for some of the most radical of music acts. Others to perform on this pulchritudinous platform include Funk Hunters, Barisone, Little Dinosaur, Kir Mokem, Erica Dee, The Fungineers, Adam Shaikh, Willisist, Desert Dwellers, Westerly, Sweet Anomaly, Tor, Paul Brooks, JPod, Humans, Longwalkshortdock, Nautilus, Jimmy Edgar, and Spilt Milk.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Finally, one of my personal favorite stages, was the Slay Bay. Nestled in the trees by the calm flowing river, Slay Bay provided a respite from the high energy, sun soaked spirit of the other stages. Standout acts included Michael Red and Random Rab, with their monday morning close out sets. Other highlights from this zone include the Lighta! Reggae Jam, Philth kids, Alphabets Heaven, Dan Solo, Wax Romeo, Mama Miche, HxDB, Woodhead, Isis Graham, Tank Gyal and Mandai, JF Killah, and Ryan Wells.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

When we weren’t raging near the subs, snuggled in a hammock, cooling off in the water, or simply listening… One might find us at the smaller, alternative stages which hosted an incredible array of music and workshops. The Bigger Brain and Alter Stages housed these more intimate gatherings. While enjoying yoga, meditation and breathing, or delving into the magical world of alchemy and spice – whether transfixed by the science of Mantra, engaged in contact improvisation dance, jumping in on the freestyle cypher, or twirling yourself with Sacred Circus – these spaces held fast for participants to… Well yes, to participate. Big up to Michael Red and Gabriel Soloman of Chambers and Ydna Murd, the 8 limbed DnB drummer for turning my world inside out from deep within the Bigger Brain.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

All in all, I must say… Bass Coast was bigger, badder and busier than ever this year. I simply loved it. From the music and art to the workshops and water sports, Bass Coast participants had their hands and hearts full of enlivening experience to create a wonder filled weekend. We look forward to another rendezvous in the forest this time again next year. Until then, we will be buzzing, building and abounding with positivity… basically bursting at the seems with anticipation for the next installment by the Bass Coast Girls. Big thanks to all that had a hand in the creation of this simply stunning event.

Bravo y’all. Much love and appreciation…

Your Friend,

Mickey Mars

PS. Big Thanks to Cody Puckett for all of the spectacular photos seen here.

More from Cody at his website!

Be sure to check back for the Bass Coast Residual Frequencies Interview Series here at Ganjaology… Stay tuned!

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

CP 1

Bamboo Shelter

CP 10

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

CP 11

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Bass Coast, Ganjaology

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

More info about the Bass Coast Project here:


Symbiosis Gathering 2013

Each year it seems that the festival season ends later and later.  Eventually…there will be no festival season, for it will become a lifestyle for most attendees…   A year long journey of travel, sharing, music, spirituality, dancing, and joy…. For some this is already their reality,,,

In September there are many noteworthy festivals worldwide.  There is Decibel Festival in Seattle…Outlook and Dimensions Music Festival in Croatia…and then there is Symbiosis Gathering taking place in Oakdale, California.  This five day festival, Symbiosis, is during what some would consider to be the most beautiful time of the year.  The heat of the summer has ended, and the cool fall air will just be starting to settle in most areas of the Northern hemisphere.  This sounds like the perfect time to throw a music festival…

Featuring artists such as STS9, Lunice, Gaudi, Ryan Hemsworth, Star Slinger, Ott, Shpongle, and Phaeleh, Symbiosis has done an exceptional job of gathering artists from all corners of the globe to create the ultimate lineup for participants and artists alike.  And like Lightning In A Bottle and Bass Coast, Symbiosis will be held at a new location this year.  I hear the environment may be a little more hospitable than previous years…and there is a lake you can swim in!  This is sounding good…

Here is a little preview of just a few of the artists you’ll be seeing at Symbiosis


Photosynthesis Six // July 19-21 // Neah Bay, WA

Well folks… Summer is here, and all of our plant friends are in full bloom. The trees are singing, the flowers are crooning, and festival season is in full swing. I’ve been lucky enough to have been selected as a stage manager for the upcoming Washington state electronic arts and music festival, Photsynthesis. This weekend, I’ll be headed out to Neah Bay, WA to participate in the headiest of heady NW festivals.

I am beyond excited.

For those that don’t know, Photosynthesis is in her 6th year, and will be hosting an outstanding lineup of music, art and workshops. The event will be held on a parcel of land operated by the Makah People, just south of Cape Flattery on the Washington Coast. This year, I’m pleased to announce that the art will be curated by our good friends at Tribe 13 Gallery. Many other artists will be represented.

See a full list of artists here.

Now for the music. I can’t very well list all of the exciting acts that I wish to see. But check here for a list for yourself. Below are just a few examples of the kind of tunes you might expect to hear at Photo. Check it out!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Photosynthesis, Ganjaology

Do you have your pinecone yet? If not, be sure to catch up with my dude Carl from Third Eye Pine Cones to cop one for yo-self.


On The Road to Shambhala 2013 – Video Contest [Ends Tomorrow!!]

Shambhala Music Festival

Well folks, the time has come to begin thinking again about summer time. While it may not feel like it yet, Shambhala Music Festival is right around the bend. Check out this exciting teaser featuring footage from last year.

Do you recognize anyone? Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to win your way into one of Canada’s most highly regarded events of the summer. Instructions are below.

Good luck!



★ PRIZE: A ticket to Shambhala 2013

★ HOW TO PLAY: Name as many artist cameos in the SMF Presents: On the Road to Shambhala! video as you can.

★ WHO WINS: Entries with the highest # of correct names will be entered into a draw for the ticket.

★ HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: Email your answers to with Subject Line: ON THE ROAD TO SHAMBHALA. Also, throw in a note that you found out about the contest through GANJAOLOGY.


★ Please number your list, for example…

1. First artist you see

2. Second artist you see

Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC

The video features fresh beats by BC locals, Clyphs (Woodhead & S2)

The track, “Out Front” available to download for free here!

Bevvy Swift – Feelings Mix Series [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview]

Bevvy Swift - Feellings - Ganjaology

When it comes to music that resonates your soul as deeply as it rattles your speakers, the frequencies radiating from Vancouver native Bevvy Swift are truly turned up and tuned in. Since his start as a DJ and producer in 2004, Bevvy has focused primarily on creating hip hop influenced bass music. Incorporating sounds from the future into rhythms of the past, Bevvy’s compositions are as deep rooted as they are high tech.

His work with DJ partner Shaun Galaugher and their duo Glitchy & Scratchy has been a platform for which Mr. Swift has been able to turn up the dial on his musical output. Together, through a combination of in depth studio work and many club and festival dates across Canada, the pair has an impressive resume of both performance and production. We had the distinct pleasure of catching these two together for the first time at a NYE after-after-house-party on New Years Day in Vancouver in 2011.

Though much of his creations may be dance focused, siding on the glitchy trip hop – Bevvy Swift is by no means a man of shallow ears. His mix series Feelings, which we are featuring here, can attest to his deep knowledge of the power of sensitivity, emotion and love when incorporated into music. The three part series features songs which paint emotional landscapes for the listener. With an intimate connection to each tune, Bevvy has moved from DJ to story teller with this series. Let these sounds sink in as they wash over you, and pay attention to what you feel. Are you too, moved by this music?


We had a chance to speak with Bevvy about the Feelings mix series, giving him the opportunity to provide his own account of the project. We also touched on his recent endeavors, upcoming projects and plans for 2013. Let’s here what he had to say!

GANJAOLOGY : What’s up. Let’s start with what’s your name, where you from? Any musical affiliations to note, labels, partnerships, etc.

BEVVY : Bevan Marco Ruebsaat Bartlett, born march 3rd, 1986, Grace Hospital, Vancouver BC. I’ve been going by Bevvy Swift since I started DJing in 2004, while Glitchy & Scratchy came about a few years later. I’ve released music with San Francisco’s Muti Music; Vancouver-based label East Van Digital; and’s sister label, Woofercookers.

GANJAOLOGY : How long have you been involved in music? Tell us a bit about your roots.

BEVVY : My parents were traveling folk singer/teachers before they settled down to have kids – so needless to say music has been a huge part of my life since day one. I started collecting records at age 5 (the beatles mostly), and started playing guitar at 13. Around the same time I fell in love with hip hop, and was lucky enough to be in a high school that was just starting a digital music composition program. I wanted to make beats for lyrics, but most of the rappers in my school either sucked or wanted some mainstream ass beats or both, so production at that phase was not taken too seriously. I was experimenting with sounds and having a great time doing it. Once I got out of high school I got my first job, and turntables were the first thing I bought. I spent the next couple of years gigging around vancouver’s rave scene mostly, playing breakbeats, hip-hop, and drum n bass. During that time I met and befriended DJ Global (aka El Mongoose, aka the Greenskeeper, aka the other half of Glitchy & Scratchy) and he lit a little fire under my ass to get writing beats again. Our idea was to take the elements we liked from the rave stuff (big bass, punchy drums, blippy, drippy synths) and write hip-hop beats for the future. Once we realized that someone, somewhere might actually want to hear what we were doing, it was game on!

GANJAOLOGY : Your bio says, “Bevvy draws from the electronic sounds of the past to make the hip hop of the future.” Tell us about some of these influences.

BEVVY : Videogames and sci-fi mostly. I grew up without TV, and thus found myself very susceptible to its influence when exposed. I was deeply intrigued by people in the past speculating about what the future was going to be like. Games like Metroid, Contra, Chrono Trigger; movies like Dune, Star Wars, Total Recall… It was like this beautiful marriage of nostalgia and possibility, and i think those are two things that influence my music more than most.

GANJAOLOGY : Tell us about your involvement in the BC Bass scene. What makes the culture so rich?

BEVVY : As soon as I started going to raves around age 16, I knew I wanted to get my hands dirty. I used to help promoter friends flyer, that kind of thing; started DJing very soon after that. I didn’t put on any shows of my own until 2007, when Global and I teamed up with fellow glitch hop producers J.Me.J and Application to form the Integrated Grime Unit, whose purpose was to make sure everyone in Vancouver knew about this awesome new style of music… haha, and then the world! At that time, the old guards of broken beat – DnB & breakbeats – were fast losing peoples interest, and dubstep was just catching hold of vancouver’s underground. It is much thanks to other local sound pioneers (namely vancouver’s “Lighta!” boys), and the musical open-mindedness of the day that we were able to reach anybody.

GANJAOLOGY : I caught your sets at Bass Coast and Shambhala this past year. What other festivals did you play? 2012 highlights?

BEVVY : In 2012 I played at Loki Music Festival, Diversity, Sync, as well as Basscoast and Shambles… hope i’m not missing any. Diversity was my fave time this summer i think. So low key and relaxed, only getting ravey when called for. Shambles & Basscoast are always a good time too, no surprises there. I love driving long distances – and post-festival driving, when everyone else is passed out. It’s one of my favorite times to be alive!

GANJAOLOGY : Today we are listening to your Feelings mix series. The selections are a bit more deep and lovey than what you usually play. Any words to go along with the sounds?

BEVVY : Big personal paradigm shift for me this year, further in the direction of disclosure and honesty. Disclosure as in saying what you truly feel, and honesty, as in truly meaning what you say. The tunes included in the series are all very close to my heart, so much so that if asked, I could tie a specific emotional experience to each one… but don’t ask. My first few weeks in montreal left me listening to my “on repeat” playlist and steeping in all these feelings, and it felt like i needed to do something to release – to get it out there – so i could move forward, musically and personally. I never thought recording mixes would take so much out of me, but i am infinitely glad it did. If we dont let music affect us, what’s the point in listening? And by the same token, if we don’t let life affect us, what is the point in being alive? Open that heart thingy. You’d be surprised what finds its way in.

GANJAOLOGY : The wisdom creeps in. This is very true. Any upcoming events or festivals on the horizon?

BEVVY : Late march will see me open for NASTYNASTY in Montreal; all night, secret location! That same week I’ll be playing at a graffiti battle. I had a chance to play at the last graff event my first week here, and was blown away. Montreal has a really diverse arts scene, one I wish I had more time to get deeper involved in. As for summer 2013, only time will tell…

GANJAOLOGY : Surely it will. You have an upcoming release, want to talk about that?

BEVVY : Sure! on March 12th, Muti Music (home of Herobust, ill-Esha, Mimosa, Ill Gates, R/D…) is putting out an EP of remixes from my first album, Monochrome. On the release are diverse re-workings from label boss Dov, BC future music homies HxDB (who is going to be here in MTL soon), and the Philthkids, with a leftfield/dancefloor hybrid from cali native, Hypha. as i said, its pretty diverse for a four track ep, but thats the true beauty of remixes.
I also have a remix for the homey Mylesaway coming early summer on Mat the Alien’s imprint, Really Good Recordings. Myles goes deep and dark with this release, and my remix of his Badman Drone is probably one of the heaviest tunes ive ever written – so much so, that i was considering releasing it under one of my many yet-imaginary aliases.

GANJAOLOGY : Looking forward to hearing all that! What more can we expect in 2013?

BEVVY : My next album for muti is in the works, keep an eye out for that later this year. Chunky drums, neck-snap rhythms, and funky ass basslines. Future retro shit. I also have a couple of side projects on the go, which may at some point this year become front projects. Late night stuff, vocal stuff. Late night vocal stuff.

Big Shout to Bevvy for all his hard work and willingness to share his thoughts.

Today he celebrates his 27th birthday.

Happy Birthday Bevvy!

Much love and respect from the whole team here at…


Bevvy Swift

FEELINGS (a love story) full tracklisting:


Lift You Up………………………………………ViLLΛGE
Cycles…………………………………………….M. Constant
Highest Jump…………………………………..OL
Motivation……………………………………….Frank Grimes
Another Girl [Machinedrum rmx]…………Jacques Greene
Pyramids (epic ass video version)…………Frank Ocean
Birds……………………………………………….Subp Yao
Bottle Service [ft. Shlomo]…………………..Groundislava
See You In The Morning……………………..Anxious Forbes
Alone [Kastle rmx]…………………………….JMSN
Columbia Clock & Dagger Pt. 2……………Aalo Guha
I’m God…………………………………………..Clams Casino

PT. 2 – OVER (& over & over)

3rd Soul…………………………………………Jim-E Stack
Nothing Between Us…………………………ViLLΛGE
Roll With The Punches………………………Peverelist
Seven…………………………………………….Max Ulis
Sunshine………………………………………..Submotion Orchestra
Forgive Me (for messin’ up)……………….Two Inch Punch
Saudeleur……………………………………….Sick Whips
On My Roost……………………………………Shoulda
Ol’ Lady Love Songs………………………….Imaginations Treetrunk

PT. 3 – HEAD (over heels)

Ode to Bear……………………………………Mount Kimbie
Fifth Ave………………………………………..Gold Panda
Andrew’s Dead………………………………..Jonwayne
Candyman……………………………………..Prison Garde
Right on Time…………………………………B.Bravo
Trying to Get Over…………………………..Prison Garde
Pad Kontrol…………………………………….Georgia Anne Muldrow
Afternoon Soul………………………………..Gramatik
Orbit162………………………………………..Decepticon Bootleg Machine
Get Free……………………………………..Major Lazer ft. Amber

Bevvy Swift

2013 Gem & Jam Festival – Tucson, Arizona

To kick off February this year, the world famous Gem & Jam festival will be taking place for it’s 7th year, in Tucson, Arizona.  Featuring music from Michal Menert, Nit Grit, Vibesquad, Random Rab, and Polish Ambassador, and live painting from Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Oliver Vernon, Damon Sole, and Des10, this is going to be a very rare exhibition of music, art, creativity, diversity, and acceptance of everything amazing.

Gem & Jam will be taking place February 7-9th, which, incredibly, is right before the 59th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show…aka…the largest gem show in the United States.  With almost half a million in town for both events, you should probably just take a week and a half off for this adventure…

Ohio Bird – By Alex Grey

Cannabaccus – By Alex Grey

Secret Writing Magic – By Allyson Grey

Requiem For A Dream – Oliver Vernon

Collaboration Mural between Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon – Flagstaff, AZ

Pipe Dreams – Des10

Gydyr – Headless Hollow

Hello Wonderland escapees!  We had to give a quick shout out to our homie Gydyr who hopefully you saw during your time at the festival.  Gydyr was chosen to perform at Insomniac’s Escape From Wonderland art car stage this past October because of his submission to the Discovery Project that was taking place prior to the festival.  The Discovery Project was a project that asked artists from around the world to submit their music to Insomniac, and they would then pick several winners who would earn the right to perform at this years event.  Gydyr came into this competition burning hot with an electro/techno track entitled Headless Hollow.  After hearing this track once, there is no questioning the fact that he put in some serious work, and in return is putting out some serious vibes!  This is a free download from the Californian producer.  Be sure to add it to your music library! Big ups Gydyr!  See you sooner than later!

Barisone – Makin’ Babies on The Moon

I was just recently turned on to this DJ and I gotta say that his music is superb. Santa Cruz native, Barisone has been tearing it up this summer. Performing at a number of large and small gatherings, many of which I attended; I’m surprised that I didn’t hear about him until now. Now based in Portland, Barisone has been touring around the West Coast performing at many of the most high vibrational festivals the scene has to offer. His eclectic style incorporates elements of hip hop, reggae, soul and future bass among other sub genres of sexy electronic music.

This mix  is particularly good. I might go so far as to call it “bangin”, which works nicely with the title… Makin’ Babies on The Moon

Enjoy this sensual music and be proud of your creations. We are intergalactic children of the universe. Whether here on earth or on the moon, love your creations like they were your children and they will always be there for you.

Tracklist –

Intro- Hi Fi
Heal – Robot Koch feat. John Lamonica
Notice Now (Pedro 123 remix) – Trim
Day Dreamer – Last Japan
Ohno Ohno (Nah Like remix) – KNC
Frippertronics (Krueger remix) – Umba
Winkelstreben (Ghislain Poirier remix) – Pole
Look at Me (Bok Bok remix) – Lil’ Scrappy
Would You – Bruises
You Never Stop – Bwana
Hold On – Sepalcure
One Kiss – Sinjin Hawke & Morris
Stretch Out (The Quest remix) – Mista Wish
Drank in My Cup – Kirko Bangz
All Over Me (Monster Playground remix) – Magnum
Broken Heart – Doctor Jeep
Grind – Krampfhaft
Bomp – Sugarpill
Visions – Nasty Nasty
Play – Goapele
Lego – Lady Leshurr
Infectious – Stereotyp Meets Cerebral Vortex
Diamonds – Cryptical
Empty Town – GLC
Katy on a Mission (Captain Planet Remix) – Katy B
Beat That Chest (Auer The Lordz Team remix instumental) – Dreadsquad
Hide & Freaks (Barisone edit) – Kid Sister x Digital Underground
Everything You Got – Lloyd Banks
Insurance – Asher Roth feat. ZZ Ward
Good Morning Summer – Paperwolf
You – Creep feat. Nina Sky
Thought Withdrawl – Lukeino & The Heights
Work It (Nicolas Jaar remix) – Missy Elliot
Iced up – Baauer ft. BHB
Don’t Break my Love – Nicolas Jaar
Toot Toot inst. – The Electric
Echoes of Silence (Kid Khaos remix) – The Weeknd
Jupiter – Free The Robots
13.3.35 (Natural Self remix) – Belleruche
Blue Truth – Jamie Woon
Scale it Back (Oknai remix) – DJ Shadow feat. Little Dragon
I’m Glad You’re Mine – Al Green

6 Days ’til Decibel Festival – B. Bravo – Teeko

So there’s two purposes to this post. First off the tune below, which is part of an EP released yesterday, is just downright funky. The perfectly crafted grooves that have the feel of the 70’s but the production quality of today, accurately show the two producers talents and capabilites. The duo hailing from the Bay Area, California have been musicians for quite sometime. Although the two have created quite an electronic feel, they have both been influenced by many jazz and funk artists, which can be heard in their music. Teeko, who has toured from coast to coast, as a DJ and as a Jazz musician has made quite a name for himself today. B. Bravo is nothing short of that himself, starting the label Frite Nite and touring as a DJ and live performer as well.  The EP is available on iTunes as well as directly from the Record Label’s website, It’s available in digital and vinyl so go and grab it!

The second part to this post is that B. Bravo will be performing on Sept. 28th, at DECIBEL FESTIVAL!  So you can hear him live on that friday if you’re in the Seattle area!

Preview of the entire EP:

10 Days ’till Decibel – Bassdrop

 This year at Decibel Festival, one of Seattle’s most well known names in the dance music community will be hosting their own musical showcase featuring some of the hardest hitting bass heavyweights in the game.  Ganjaology would like to congratulate Bassdrop Music on hosting MartyParty, R/D, Danny Corn, and their own artist KAT1LYST, at The Crocodile on Saturday, September 29th.  Bassdrop is known for the diverse assortment of shows they’ve been bringing to Seattle over the last few years, and this show is going to be another memorable night put on by the forever-grinding label.  In celebration of the Bassdrop Community Bass Session taking place at Decibel, KAT1LYST has released a promo mix called Trunk Muzik, which is just a little preview of what you can expect on the night of the 29th.  The name kinda says it all about this mix…you’re on your way to the trap.


The Human Experience – Bucureşti

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  This is  The Human Experience.  I met David Block, better known in the music world as The Human Experience, at Envision Music Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica, two weeks ago under the most pleasant of circumstances, and at one of the most peaceful and magical festivals in the world.   Before my journey down to Central America I was unaware of how strongly I would be inspired by the new music I was getting exposed to and by all the spectacular and talented people I would meet along the way.  The Human Experience was one of those spectacular and talented people.  He’s as authentic a human being as I’ve ever met.  His music is a direct reflection of the energy he carries with him and at the same time expels through his kind and wise words on a daily basis. Open your mind and let his song Bucureşti echo through the walls of your heart and the speakers of your lovely home.  Bless up and light up!

Paper Diamond – Imagine The Possibilites

Imagine the possibilities of the year 2012.

Imagine the possibilities of the festival season.

Imagine the possibility of positive energy spreading like a plague in the year of the dragon.

Imagine the possibility that you might not wake up tomorrow.

Imagine the possibility of living every day as if it were your last.

Imagine the possibility of spreading nothing but love.

Imagine the possibilities within a smile.

-The Ganjaologist

Brown and Gammon – “Blow My Mind”

So I had heard this tune while jealously watching a video of the 2011 Outlook festival. This one is an absolute smasher. Brown and Gammon keeps progressing his music further and further and comes up with these crazy different sounding wubs that maintain his unique style as well as bringing new flavor each time. The second I heard this I had to spread this amongst the rest of you bass heads. Anywho, give it a listen!

Skream – Outlook Dub

 Here is the brand new track, Outlook Dub, from the dubstep legend and pioneer, Skream.

Rare Auto #4 Pride Edition


Been saving this one for a special occasion. I spotted this sexy limousine in Vancouver outside the club after seeing Dirty South perform. Since its Pride Weekend in Capitol Hill, I figured it was a perfect time to imagine yourself in the good old 80s grooving to some pop influenced early electro tunes. For now check this Grace Jones edit by Sam Boogie. And if you haven’t had one yet, stop by Cupcake Royal for “The Gayest Cupcake Ever.” Enjoy with pride while supplies last!