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Sevdaliza – The Suspended Kid [EP]


This EP is a great example of where pop music is going to be going in the next year or two. Drawing production inspiration from more underground outlets like Trap, Dubstep, Deep House, and HIp-Hop the EP provides a fresh array of songs. When you mix those inspirations with Sevdaliza’s entrancing vocals and incredible song writing, you get fresh, unique music that will set trends for plenty of others to follow.

Check the sounds below and buy the EP on itunes



Maddman – Good Day EP – Dank N Dirty Dubz

A couple days ago I was looking around at some of the new releases when I came across some of the most beautiful dubstep I’ve heard in ages.  Florida native, Maddman, just released an EP called GOOD DAY on Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz that carries strictly positive energy and represents the lighter side of the dubstep genre.  Gorgeous melodies intertwined with Maddman’s deep sub lines leave the Good Day Ep  well defined and very fresh.  Enjoy this one! Big ups Maddman! Big ups Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz!

Tiger Fresh’s Chinchilla Tanktop Mix

Tiger Fresh went in on this mix! 


1. Acid dance | bleep bloop (snippet)
2. Untitled | Untitled
3. Sweat like keith | ta ku
4. Bitch dont kill my vibe | kenndrick lamar
5. Witching hour | xxyyxx
6. Call me i the morning | Sweater beats
7. Wanna fuck you all the time | Sweatson klank
8. You in my world | deebs
9. Rainbow thorns | Sexy time vs gucci louie prada tiger fresh mashup
10. Slurring | Ryan Hemsworth (baauer remix)
11. Cold and tempted | Ryan Hemsworth
12. Jaw Dropper | Chromatic
13. Sultans request | Flying lotus
14. Twista vs makes van | I aint that nigga (duncan gerow mashup)
15. Burn whole vs eprom mashup
16. Frantic | vndmg
17. Fuck it none of yall dont rap | Evian Christ
18. Nader | Bands to make her dance
19. Turn my swagg on | Dynoo
20. Top floor | TNGT
21. What happened | Thugli
22. Bob ya head | Dreams
23. Sid Pattni
24. About you ft. two chainz (fergie ferf trap edit)
25. Till the club close | Footwork’s big chillin remix
26. Wasted | Lazloh
27. To the ground | Mack Blajik
28. Jose Conseco ft. riff raff | Fat Pimp
29. Uz | Trap shit vol.4 vs wild for the night vs
grimes oblivion vs dr.dre tigerfresh triple mashup
30. Volt | Kid kanevil remix
31. Swimming Pools (drank) | Kenndrick Lamaar (bonus track)
32. Honey Badger | eprom-(snippit)
33. Love Number | Eprom
34. The way you do | RL Grime-shlohmo edit vs big shit poppin tiger fresh mashup
35. Sky is the limit-Kid Khaos
36. Mike G | Everythings yours remix
37. 773 love | Cashmerecat edit
38. Daps and hugz | Tiger Fresh
39. Brush Metal | Devon Who
40. Ambition ft. meek mill and rick ross
41. Euthanasia | The Drum
42. Not in love no more | Sideboard Edit

Paper Diamond – The 40 Thieves

Here is some new freshness to add to your trap collection from Paper Diamond.  This ones a big anthem. I’m listening to it through earbuds right now and am highly anticipating the moment I arrive home and get to hear The 40 Thieves through my speakers!

Positive Vibes From ‘Pogo’

This post is a little bit different than most of my others. These 3 tunes below aren’t bass heavy, they’re not dark, and they don’t have any wobbles. These beautifully crafted remixes have a very unique sound. The producer Pogo a.k.a. Nick Bertke takes sound clips from a set movie or show, chops and tunes them to his liking, then builds funky, melodic and beautiful tunes. The best part is, it’s not only music! The videos are edited to follow along with the song. Below are three that I found to be really cool, there are MANY more on his youtube channel though.

Check out his youtube channel at:

And his website at:

Enjoy these beautiful, positive songs!


Banditz – In Like Sin

 With the Banditz hard at work in their frosty fresh beat factory (they keep the air at 65*F to be exact, that’s winter coat weather down South!) down in Orlando, Florida, they will with out a doubt be one of the most sought after dubstep duo’s to come from the Southern sunshine state.   In Like Sin is their latest releases that is a collaboration between Banditz and Hijinx, another Orlando dj/producer.  Together, the 3 young producers have created a perfect scenario where beauty and evil compliment each other like never before and intertwine throughout the track like threads of a rope.   It’s rare a song sends shivers down my spine, but hearing this song for the first time through four Mackie SRM450’s and two 18″ powered subs will do just that.  TURN THIS THE FUCK UP!!  An EP should be coming along soon from Bandtiz so keep an ear tuned to and hear it first when it’s released.  BIG UPS FELLAZ!!