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I’ve been hearing a lot of real dope hip-hop lately.  I was really excited to get this release from Tokyo Dawn Records and Pugs Atomz, BAMA PI.  This is an album you can play from start to finish and not skip a track.  ENJOY!

Swindle – Summer Fruits

Listening to this song makes it oh so easy to imagine ones self in warmer climates.

Such vibes on this, Swindle does it again.

Buy Here

Splatinum to Release Funkonology! [Interviewed Live at The Crocodile, Seattle 11/15]

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

Seattle based mad sound scientists Splatinum rocked the Crocodile Friday night as one part of the sold-out Bassdrop Music event which also included performances by Wildlight and Polish Ambassador. Decked out in their undeniably awesome USA jumpers, this energetic pair of intergalactic musical messengers took the stage by storm, playing an all original set featuring tunes from their upcoming album Funkonology.

Before the show, we had the chance to meet with the boys in the green room to chat a bit about the project, their new release and what’s happening in this heady little bass circuit which we call home. Adam and Andrew, which together make Splatinum, were humble yet hilarious… and artfully playful in their responses.

Check out the interview below, and be sure to cop the new album when it drops in December!

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

Get your copy of Funkonology here!

Also, be sure to stop by Monkey Loft in Sodo 12.20.13 for the album release party!


Big thanks to Bassdrop Music for putting together the event and getting us connected to do the interview. The evening was purely a success.

Now read on to hear for yourself what Splatinum has to say…

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

GANJAOLOGY: This is Ganjaology and we’re here with Splatinum at the Crocodile in Seattle where they’ll be opening up for The Polish Ambassador. So why don’t you guys introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about Splatinum.

ADAM: I’m Adam. I’m one half of Splatinum, along with the man sitting right next to me…

ANDREW: And I’m Andrew. I’m the “Splat” in Andrew’s enum. So we started making music officially as Splatinum four years ago and it’s been an awesome ride since then. We both share a lot of the same musical tastes and both came up in the scene in the South East, and then reconnected again here in Seattle. We realized that we were both making the same kind of music and eventually decided to blend it together into one project.

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

ADAM: Ya it was really about breaks and breakbeat when I first got into it, Adam was already putting out records and I was buying his records. We were both more into this Florida / UK Breaks kind of sound, which evolved into stages of garage and drum n bass for me for a while. It sort of came full circle for me when I came out west to Seattle, I discovered Laptop battle and I got all into this kind of computer music. It was all about making music on a laptop and I thought that was really cool, to make music that sounded like electronic music… It sounded like it was made on a laptop. I felt like this is new, this is something different. This is pioneering technology!

ANDREW: Ya for sure and I think that kinda pushed us into only wanting to do live performances of our own stuff. We both competed in laptop battles which is this great thing which got started in Seattle. It is similar to like a DJ DMC battle, if you’ve ever seen one of those guys, except it’s strictly for laptop musicians who do these three minute rounds.  You come out and basically bring out your bangers…

ADAM: Single elimination, three minute rounds, and you get one controller. It’s pretty fun.

ANDREW: Ya they’re great. So doing those, and me having the production background of releasing stuff… I used to do an all hardware Live PA. I used to do that back in the South East for years. And then I got into DJing because I was like, oh I just need like 30 pounds of records instead of a truck full of gear. Now we fit everything in a laptop and like three controllers… and well, it’s nice.

GANJAOLOGY: You touched on some influences, but how would you describe your sound now?

ANDREW:  We’ve gotten a little groovier in the recent past for this new album. And a little funkier than we have in the past. I think we started out a little more hard edge and then…

ADAM: You know, it’s funny because the grooves that we’re making now have more space. Sometimes they’re more easy going, but I think in our early days we were just trying to write music that sort of progressed through this story line, and we sort of never let up.

ANDREW: Super dramatic…

ADAM: But now we just use more musical techniques to drive the interest of the song and the direction of the song like verses and choruses and bridges. And chord changes and stuff like that. And I think we’re just more aware of what’s happening with the music. And so, I think that we’ve developed more patience with the groove, which is interesting. I guess, we’re doing more funk influenced stuff too.

ANDREW: This album is one that we’ve put together fully as an album from the beginning. We really tried to write songs for the album, whereas our first album was a collection of all the stuff we had written up until that time. Which was cool, but it was pretty varied. But this one we set out to consciously approach it as an entire album and to have songs that really were interrelated to one another.

ADAM: I think the approach to song writing is just a little different. Before whenever we’d make a tune it was as if we had this linear approach to answer the last thing that was just created. But what was cool about collaborating is that in passing it back and forth we could keep this passion and fire going just by answering each other with whatever happened in the tune. But now I think we have this kind of Gestalt view or overview perspective. We have more of a vision when we approach something so it unfolds easier in that regard. Maybe we just know more of the options. It’s not as linear.

ANDREW: All of our stuff, you can kinda follow from the beginning. It’s kind of an on going musical conversation between me and Adam. With a lot of jokes.

ADAM: Yes, a lot of jokes.

GANJAOLOGY: Awesome. So tell me, this upcoming album… It’s called Funkonlology?

ANDREW: Yes, so when we started Funkonology, we realized pretty early on that it’s more than just an album. And that it was highly researched and based on the science of sound, and really is a self improvement tool. So for anyone that wants to come listen to it, it’s full of healing bass waves. It’s really good stuff.

GANJAOLOGY: So you guys seem to be focused on the science behind the music, which now in the digital age is obviously very important. You have to really know what you’re doing with the tools that you’re given. I wonder specifically, are you using any targeted frequencies? You mention healing.

ANDREW: Ya so there’s all sorts of different sacred frequencies that you can work in. For us its’ really an intuitive process. Half science, half intuition. We find what works. I think most of the science comes in with the usage of the tools and mechanisms in the production process.

ADAM: Where it becomes scientific is when you’re exploring the different axes of sound and the limitations and the various dimensions of the software that you’re using.

ANDREW: And psycho acoustics. There’s a difference between the science of the physics going on versus what the human ear can interpret, and the further the human brain… And then deeper than that, the soul.

ADAM: There’s a balance between the visceral component of heavy bass and the psychological component of the harmonics and how they setup the drops or how they build tension and release and all of that. It’s scientific but it’s also emotional.

ANDREW: It’s like you can go out and listen to really hard, angry music all night, and that’s what you’re going to walk away with. For us, we’ve really always wanted to make music that allowed people to have some sort of release, some sort of transformative experience, hopefully a positive one every time.

ADAM: When we sit down to make a tune, we’re just trying to bring to life a fantasy about a dance floor, to inspire movement and to imagine what the peoples’ reactions will be.

GANJAOLOGY: Yes, that’s super cool. I think there’s major benefit in just movement. Let alone what’s actually being ingested, but the response in movement. Let’s talk a little bit about the scene. Is it EDM, dubstep, electronica… How do you guys fit in?

ANDREW: We started out when it was still super underground. Even the large parties that I went to when I was just a wee tike… It might be a 5,000 person party but it will still feel super underground. It would be in some weird converted warehouse space. You couldn’t really play in any clubs. And it’s been awesome seeing this music, which I love, which no one understood for years, to see it now… Finally the stuff that I like is getting some love and excitement around it.

ADAM: Ya, I grew up in North Carolina. It was tough. You had to really dig deep to discover electronic music. I DJ’d empty rooms for years. I think it was partially because it was harder to access. To hear the fresh new music that was just disappearing into someone’s new crate, you had to go to the store and listen to actual records.

ANDREW: You had to call your friend at the record shop and let him know, “Anything you get new in the shop this week, hold it for me. Make sure you don’t sell it.” Everyone would do like 500 white labels, like test pressings of something and then each record store might get like one or two copies of each. So you had to have a good relationship with the guy at the record store so you could get the white label, so that you could get the freshest stuff. Whereas now, it went from there being gatekeepers to it being this internet based thing where it’s less about getting the advance release from an established artist as it is about finding that guy that has two tunes on Soundcloud, and they’re amazing. Then it’s about getting up with him like “Hey, why don’t you send that music to me.” So I think that’s what the DJs are doing now. That’s how they’re crate digging as opposed to going to the stores looking for vinyl.

ADAM: Nowadays, it’s so much easier for someone to decide to learn about electronic music and to go discover it.

ANDREW: It’s perfectly suited for this age. It’s technology based music being spread through fast paced technological channels.

ADAM: We were discussing this earlier. This build in EDM has been going on for years. It’s been a slow rise, but I don’t think this is some flash in the pan freak occurrence. People love to dance!

Splatinum, Ganjaology, Bassdrop

All photos seen here were taken by Travis Tigner. Thanks!

SaQi – Quest’s End // Jumpsuit Records

SaQi, Quest's End, Jumpsuit Records, Ganjaology

We’ve been searching, listening, longing and laughing – and now it’s time to sound the alarm… Welcome to the West Coast! Here in the belly of the beast, we find the California producer SaQi with his latest creation – the title track to his new album Quest’s End. As the newest addition to Jumpsuit Records, headed up by The Polish Ambassador, SaQi is poised to take the summer by storm. This past year I caught his set at Lightning in a Bottle which came equipped with a superior team of musical backup including Russ Liquid, Lafa Taylor and more. This track is beautifully crafted, with a bass line built for baby making. Enjoy!

If you like, be sure to how your support!

SaQi on SoundCloud

SaQi on Facebook

Jumpsuit Records on SoundCloud

Jumpsuit Records on Facebook

Skream – “Mood To Funk”

Here’s a free release from the main man skream! What a great picture right?

Download it here for free without the guilt of illegally downloading it!!

Tonight! Ganjaology in Portland, OR, @ The Slate

Last FridayTonight in Portland, Oregon, the artist collective known as TMK1 is throwing their monthly art & music event at The Slate.  TMK1 has recruited Ganjaology, Abigail Press, and Dash EXP to bless the speakers with heavenly bass driven beats throughout the entirety of the event.  With 4 hours full of live painting, hung art, and some very rare tunes, this Last Friday is going to be a great way to get your night started.






This event is FREE and All Ages!
@@@ 2001 NW 19th Ave #104 @@@
Portland, OR

Featuring Art From Kristina Griffith

Tokyo Dawn Records Presents… Makings of Amalia

Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to shed your shell and take back that beautiful soulful step buried deep within your being? We invite you to please press play and proceed to privilege yourself with the delicious lyrical treasure that is Amalia.

Since the start, this celestial sound seamstress has brought an energy of exuberance and bliss to every tune she sings. Tokyo Dawn Records has decided to deliver a taste of this delectable diva’s tunes to the world with…

Amalia – Makings of Amalia 

Featuring an impressive array of international collaborators, the album highlights some of the best tunes of Amalia’s superior career as an artist. Gently guided by the playful spirit of Amalia, this album launches us into the outer reaches of futuristic funk music.

We hope you enjoy it!

 The album is available for digital download from Tokyo Dawn Records, here.

If you like it, be sure to also grab her solo album Art Slave.

Positive Flow – Flow Lines LP

UK-based multi-instrumentalist producer Jesse Reuben Wilson has blessed us this year with his first ever full length album, recently released through Tokyo Dawn Records. Adopting the name Positive Flow as the moniker for this project, Wilson uses the Flow Lines album to positively project a stellar vision into the culture vortex that is music.

Gathering influences from funk, soul, hip hop, and electronica Flow Lines offers fifteen tracks packed full of sounds. Including a multitude of both analogue and digital synthesizers, plenty of full bodied live instruments and an extraordinary collection of vocals from fellow UK recording artists, Flow Lines is a multifaceted journey through sound. Joining him on the album are UK soul legend Omar along with Stacy Epps, Colonel Red, Vanessa Freeman, Andre Espeut, and Heidi Vogel of the Cinematic Orchestra to name a few.

After listening to this album, you will surely know the mastery and creativity with which this man creates. If you are interested, we invite you to check out his bio directly from Tokyo Dawn Records here. Purchasing options are listed below.

Enjoy Positive Flow!


Tokyo Dawn Records is currently hosting a remix contest for one of the tracks from the album featuring vocals by Omar. Download the Acapella below and create your own beat. There are 24 days left to submit your tracks to TDR.





Tokyo Dawn Records : The Boogie Volume 3

Tokyo Dawn Records is bringing back the boogie with their recently released compilation album, The Boogie Volume 3.  This 17 track album is made up of artists from around the world, who collectively share one common knowledge.  What is that one common knowledge?  Understanding what it takes to make your feet move, no matter who YOU may be.

This is a really refreshing album to listen to.  It’s the third installment of the Tokyo Dawn Records Boogie series, and they’ve made quite a splash in the international dance community with this one.  With my inbox being flooded with glitch-hop and dubstep, it was really nice to open this gem and experience the cool positive vibes each track pushes from the speakers.

My favorite track on The Boogie Volume 3 is Eternal Wisdom by Reeno.  From the 80’s opening synth line all the way down to the clear muffled drums, this track flows like water.  It’s the kind of song you start moving your body to and all of a sudden 4 minutes has gone by!  The simplicity and concentration on the synth lines really brings the atmosphere being projected from Eternal Wisdom  to a whole new level of chill.

If you like beats inspired by hip-hop, funk, soul, and R&B, you’ll love The Boogie Volume 3.


6 Days ’til Decibel Festival – B. Bravo – Teeko

So there’s two purposes to this post. First off the tune below, which is part of an EP released yesterday, is just downright funky. The perfectly crafted grooves that have the feel of the 70’s but the production quality of today, accurately show the two producers talents and capabilites. The duo hailing from the Bay Area, California have been musicians for quite sometime. Although the two have created quite an electronic feel, they have both been influenced by many jazz and funk artists, which can be heard in their music. Teeko, who has toured from coast to coast, as a DJ and as a Jazz musician has made quite a name for himself today. B. Bravo is nothing short of that himself, starting the label Frite Nite and touring as a DJ and live performer as well.  The EP is available on iTunes as well as directly from the Record Label’s website, It’s available in digital and vinyl so go and grab it!

The second part to this post is that B. Bravo will be performing on Sept. 28th, at DECIBEL FESTIVAL!  So you can hear him live on that friday if you’re in the Seattle area!

Preview of the entire EP:

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Ray Ray

Emerging from the sands of Wellington, New Zealand, Fat Freddy’s Drop roots themselves deep as musical connoisseurs.  This futuristic dub/electronic funk/jazzy/soulful masterpiece, “Ray Ray,” radiates with the raddest of rhythms suited for everybody’s infinite expression.  Wether its the beating of bass roping in your attention nodes or the breaks of laser flares inciting body grooving swerves, the simple question “what’s the world with no soul” will wrap your mind around this earful of a track.  Incase this one is new to you and you’re feeling this beat pay attention to these lines so powerfully presented.

“Tell me what’s the world with no soul?”

“The world to me, is more than evolution

More than money, more than technology

I believe, that there’s more than evolution

Like you can change your mind, but you can’t change your destiny

Blood is blood, and thicker than water

Men will die, to live forever

The race is on and I could be standing still

Cos I have faith in something more than my will”


Self Help – Gingko Biloba

Welcome Self Help back to Ganjaology as we present his brand new piece of sound art, which is (as you may have already guessed) absolutely incredible.  With the idea for this song stemming from an afro-funk sample and  over a year of thought and hard work put into every aspect of this “afro-tropical-house” beat, Self Help has come to terms with his beautifully bassy creation and is calling his finalish draft, Gingko Biloba.  Gingko Biloba also known as the Maidenhair Tree is a rare species of tree found in China that has no close living relatives and has been used in traditional medicinal practices in the past.  Is it a coincidence this song, which contains healing powers of it’s own, carries the name of an ancient healing tree?  I think not.  Self Help is one aware being, and this is his medicine that he’s giving out to the world, through one of the most ancient forms of administration. Through Music.   Enjoy this tune, it’s made up of nothing but love and positivity, and be sure to check back for more Self Help in the future!

Self Help on FACEBOOK


Self Help on Twitter

Dynamic – Up in my World

Here is to another beat stuck on repeat.  If you love those rapid hat hits, ambient bass, or funk spliced jungle-jazz then heres the sound for your ears.  Dynamic   establishes this one with liquifying dnb, pouring the foundation for a vocal sample so timeless and nostalgic it dances in and out with the smoothest of class.  Recently released under the worldwide label, Rubik Recordings, “Up in my World” is a must for any aural adventure.  Let the music set your free.

Check out more Dynamic here!

AfroMassive – Sunrise [Live in Fremont Thursday!!]

This is a calling to the masses! Peoples of the planet, students of the anti-system – California’s own AfroMassive will be performing tomorrow night at Nectar Lounge in Fremont. Ganjaology invites you to step up your Thursday and head down to Nectar to party with us and experience a dancehall unlike what you’re used to. AfroMassive will be bringing a team of bad boy musicians to keep us rocking all night. Tune in with us tomorrow night at sweet, sweet Nectar in Fremont.

AfroMassive brings a sound that is sure to keep you moving. I would maybe describe them as an afro-beat, electro-funk bass team. Turned up and tuned in, these guys rock it. With live ingredients including drums, bass, guitar, percussion, keys and horns along with synths n’ triggers, AfroMassive is busy producing the riddims that will make you vibrate. I had the chance to join these guys for a few shows when I was recently down in the Bay, and their vibrant energy is FRESH. Check back in the next few weeks for an interview with this big up and coming group!

SaQi – Heart’s Castle EP

Fusing the speakers with cultural rhythms and instruments, SaQi brings the danceable beat around with engaging tempos.  SaQi, a composer, producer, and trumpet player emerging from Portland flourishes in bohemian style on GYPSYPOP RECORDS!  On his 6 track EP, “Heart’s Castle,” SaQi incorporates talented vocalists into a wide variety of intimate instruments blending with stylistic synths.  The combination of sexy brass,  unique vocals, buzzing distortion, and wobble fusion keeps your ears glued to his sounds and will surely get your body in a deep groovin focus.  Support the artist on and reward yourself with his tracks of treasure.

David Lynch – In Heaven (Self Help)

“In Heaven, everything is fine.  You’ve got your good things…and I’ve got mine…”

Here’s some new Self Help for ya!   This time he’s bringing some unclassifiable awesomeness to your home speakers with a remarkably graceful remix of David Lynch’s, In Heaven, from the movei Eraserhead.  It’s stellar.  Check it out!

Will Saul ft. Ursula Rucker – Where Is It? (The Gaff Remix)

“Where is it? I want it. Now.”

Take this for whatever you want it to mean. For me, it means a ticket to Basscoast.

Where is it?

I need it.

I want it, NOW.

I found out about The Gaff while checking into the lineup for Basscoast 2012, which will be held in Squamish BC, August 3-6.  If you aren’t hip to Basscoast, and you will be in the Northwest this summer, I would recommend checking it out here. In the meantime, have a listen to this beautiful remix of Will Saul’s “Where Is It?” by The Gaff, featuring Ursula Rucker; one of today’s most talented spoken word artists.

You can find the whole remix EP here, which includes an instrumental of The Gaff’s remix.

Santa Swag on Funky Earthship

They say that art represents first and foremost that which manifests in the eye of the beholder. By that logic, the image above depicts the carrier in which we experienced a most magical adventure down in Black Rock City this past month. Swagging super tough in our satin slacks with beards blessed white, we brought the Kris Kringle crew on board the Soul Train only to rock so hard we damn near rocked the wheels off. As we neared our next stop to no where, we distributed gifts from our satchels, stitched special by Mrs. Claus and were gone in a flash. On Dancer, on Prancer, on Ganji on Gretta!! Oh damn. Dressing up like old St. Nick is just too much fun.

The piece is by Mike Dubisch, of San Diego. Check out more of his art here.

Oh yes, and what do we have here. A dirty freak out funk mix!? Oh I think I will have a listen. Thanks to Keith Griffiths AKA Funkademia of Manchester for the tunes.

Buraka Som Sistema – Komba

Set for release on October 31, Enfuchada recording artists Buuraka Som Sistema’s much anticipated album ‘Komba’ will certainly mark a new page in the story of the exuberant electronic music project from Portugal. The album is the second major release from the group since their first album ‘Black Diamond’ in 2008. Since then the band has been touring the world, rocking dance halls, clubs, festivals, and dusty streets – creating an atmosphere that would make a man with a cane walk straight and the young and strong wobbly kneed. With influences ranging from all corners of the globe, Buraka’s driving rhythms enlighten listeners’ ears with sounds of Kuduro, Hip-Hop, EDM, Samba and Funk.

The album ‘Komba’ is named for an Angolan religious ceremony held seven days after someone has passed away. During this ceremony, friends and family gather to enjoy the finest food and drink and to celebrate the life of the deceased. Ironically, the idea that the best party of your life will happen after you are dead is the theme for the album. Think of it like this. If the best party happens when I die, I should make the most of my life right now. The better the party when I’m alive, only more alive can that party be when I die.

Be sure to pick up ‘Komba’ on its release date this Halloween, and in the mean time check out some of the videos by the group below. The first two are releases from the new album, and the last is simply… RAW.

‘(We Stay) Up All Night’ feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor

Hangover (BaBaBa)

“Buffalo Stance” from album, ‘Black Diamond’. Check out the original track from 1989 here.

Cut Chemist – The Soft Sell

It’s been a grip since I really tilted my ears toward much funk. I grew up listening to thoughtful, soul-filling rhythms spilling endlessly from my father’s stereo. From immortal music masters like Sun Ra and Thelonius Monk to Cool and the Gang and Edwin Starr, my father’s records enticed my curious young mind. Don’t forget the small collection of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh recordings that somehow when removed from the case, still smelled like that strange, not quite just any cigarette smell that would sometimes creep upstairs when the family hosted late night gatherings. Sometimes lately, I think my brain might actually explode for all the hours I spend bumpin’ lyric-less bass music.

So without getting too lost in the real old school, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with a taste of funkiness brought to you by Cut Chemist. Like Cut Chemist, this is just a soft sell… If you like what you hear, keep listening.