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InnaTek Sessions, Cleveland, Blackbird, Man Amen, Thunder St Clair, BSide

5.15 Friday
This Month’s Guest :: Blackbird (Cleveland, OH)
Resident DJs :: Man Amen + Thunder St. Clair
Every Third Friday
BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
No Cover // 21+


Join us Friday 5.15 at BSide for an evening of high potency UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC!!
This fresh monthly event will feature local and national DJs mixing the best in internationally recognized high vibrational sound system music. Get up and get inspired.

This one’s for the true heads… And the dancer types ūüėČ

SEE Y’ALL FRIDAY 5/15 at #BSideArcade!!

Big up our partners Heart and Sole, GANJAOLOGY, Flower City Gift Shop and RWD.FM
– Plus all the homies that have contributed to the inspiration for this event –
We GIVE THANKS to you!

B Side Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Hts Blvd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
Below Grog Shop


INNATEK SESSIONS – Kickoff Event // Friday 3.20 // BSide in Cleveland


For those kickin’ round the rustbelt, Ganjaology Resident selector #MANAMEN will be teaming with Cleveland local THUNDER ST CLAIR to bring you INNATEK SESSIONS –¬†an evening of high potency UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC.¬†This fresh monthly event will feature local and national DJs mixing the best in internationally recognized high vibrational sound system music.

Get up and get inspired. This one’s for the true heads.


Big up our partners Heart & Sole, Ganjaology, Flower City Gift Shop, and RWD.FM plus all the homies that have contributed to the inspiration for this event. We GIVE THANKS to you!

Link up with us on Twitter #INNATEK SESSIONS #BSIDECLE


BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Hts Blvd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
Below Grog Shop

Atyya – Aurical EP

Drums Of War- C. Markle

Drums Of War Art

Portland, Oregon’s C. Markle has put together a masterpiece of a mix that spans the length of 1 1/2 hours and covers a range of music too diverse and fantastic to try to fit into one single category.

Tune in, your ears will thank you later.


Dom Kennedy – Hold you down rain or shine (intro)
Teej – Dead cops (etch’s ’95 vibe mix)
Jetlife – Paper habits feat. trademark tha skydiver and young roddy
Cashius Green – Delicacy
Danny brown – Die like a rockstar
Deru the Damaja – Come clean (saber bootleg)
Busta Rhymes – If you give it to me feat. mariah carey (halogenix bootleg)
Foreign Concept – Falling stars feat. DRS (hyroglifics remix)
Cam’ron – Oh boy (ivy lab bootleg)
Sam Binga – AYO feat. redders
Lost City – Og roots
Konichi – Two stones
R4Y UP7OWN – Serious problems (Sinistarr remix)
New Blood – Worries in the dance (Ivy lab bootleg)
Sam Binga – Freezy
Calculon – Hot skull
Pawn – Your words (Moresounds remix)
Moresounds – Flocon (House of black lanterns remix)
Vordul mega – stay up
Ivy lab – Missing persons feat. frank carter III
Sampha – Too much (spectrasoul bootleg)
Foreign Concept, klax – ask yourself
Technimatic – Music is music
Spectrasoul – Away with me feat. tamara blessa (Calibre remix)
Technimatic – Desire paths (outro)

nonXero – Shaolin

Really fire tune right here. nonXero out of Toronto, Ontario coming with some classic sounding synths over an astoundingly original beat. The percussion is on point. Enjoy!

Free DL

Films by Maxim Sullivan…

I found this music video while researching a tune that has been playing over and over in my head since Om Unit’s set at Bass Coast. The tune – I’m a Creator – is an insanely fresh collaboration between UK bass producer and lyricist Dub Phizix and Skittles. I was impressed by the film, so I decided to look further.

What I found is that the creator of the music video happens to be one of the most impressive moving graphics designers I’ve seen, and further is funny as shit. Check out a few more films by Maxim Sullivan below, and be sure to share the love. Big up Maxim!

Video Remix of the Creator tune… Pretty dope right there. Love the Exit Records splash!

Check this one by Sullivan as well and be prepared to laugh.

Oh my gosh… This guy is funny. Hit play.

Self Evident – Gearing Up For Bass Coast [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview!!]

Self Evident Interview Image

If you’re not already a part of the Vancouver bass music scene, you likely aren’t yet privy to the distinct sounds of Self Evident. This BC native is known for his high grade, genre flexing DJ sets and masterful production. Sticking mostly to the heady, subterranean type vibes, Self Evident’s sets move through dubstep, future bass, raw dub, trap, footwork, jungle, juke and other ill defined contemporary frequencies. The bottom line is that the man has a knack for creating sonic landscapes which push the musical envelope and create opportunity for vibrating gyrations of the pelvic kind.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Self Evident when he was performing in Seattle. While kicking back and enjoying some classy beverages, we chatted about everything from birds to bees to bass… Check out the interview below.

Also, I’ve included some essential sounds by Self Evident. Feel free to toggle to your hearts desire. Just today, he is releasing his 8 track album, Rubbaman with Really Good Recordings. Be sure to cop that on Beatport!

In just a few short days, Self Evident will be headed up to Merrit for the weekend to participate in BC’s most bossed up bass music festival… Bass Coast. He will be performing among other superb acts including the whole team from Lighta! Sound, the infamous Librarian, Michael Red, Goth Trad, Machinedrum, HxDB, Om Unit, Dan Solo, Daega Sound, DJ Cure, Neightbour, Mat The Alien, Random Rab, The Fungineers, Alphabets Heaven, Calamalka, and many more. If you’re going, don’t miss Self Evident’s solo set along with the Lighta! Reggae Jam…

bc banner

Here’s the interview. Big up and many thanks to Ben for his kindness in sharing with us!

GANJAOLOGY: Alright‚Ķ We are here in Seattle. This is Mickey Mars with Ganjaology. I’m here with Self Evident. ¬†He’s from Vancouver BC. So do you want to just tell us a little bit about yourself?

SELF EVIDENT: Self Evident. Vancouver BC. Representing Lighta Sound!.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Very nice. Welcome. So ya, this is your first night playing in Seattle?


GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Well we are looking forward to checking it out. I hope you are enjoying your time in Seattle so far.

SELF EVIDENT: It’s beautiful here.

GANJAOLOGY: Great! Let’s start with the basics. How did you originally get into music?

SELF EVIDENT: Definitely having older siblings helps, like my brother’s four years older than me, and he got into electronic music pretty early. He introduced me to a lot of seriously old school dance music which gave me sort of that leg up that a lot of those british guys have, as far as knowing about electronic music when they were kids. And then… How did I get into shit?

GANJAOLOGY: Did you play any instruments in school?

SELF EVIDENT: I did, I was a musician. I was in a few bands, like playing guitar and stuff. And I guess Max had DJ’d for a long time, I’ve been producing for a long time. And then we sort of traded off those skills a little bit, so that helped. And then, a huge influence was when my brother did a Tuesday weekly called Grime Sessions out of the back room in Shine Night Club in Vancouver, and that still has such a huge impression on me. I used to go to every Tuesday and get really drunk and dance super hard to grime music, and I still… that’s probably the biggest influence on me besides like, dancehall is pretty big for me. But grime does something deep inside of me that I can’t explain, like more than any other style.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice, that’s funny. Well my next question was what is your biggest inspiration, haha…

SELF EVIDENT: Well I still collect grime on vinyl. It’s like one of my hobbies. I have a pretty serious vinyl grime collection, and also UKG and two step. Still collect that on vinyl.

GANJAOLOGY: Any specific artists?

SELF EVIDENT: Ahhhh… Nope.

self evident banner

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Perfect. Haha. That’s awesome man, well we’re looking forward to seeing what you play tonight.

SELF EVIDENT: I guess hip-hop is a huge influence on me too. Gangster stuff. I remember, I think, that my brother bought this NWA tape, “Hundred Miles and Runnin'” And back then you actually had to be of a certain age to buy a thing that was explicit material. I remember him buying that. I couldn’t have bought it at the time. And listening to it. That was a big influence for sure. Lot’s of hip hop. Big influence.

GANJAOLOGY: My mom made me return the Cash Money Millionaires, Juvenile album.

SELF EVIDENT: Oh my god, hahaha. Hilarious.

GANJAOLOGY: Right!? Anyway, I’ve seen you perform a couple times. Always in Canada. I gotta say Canada is unbelievable. The bass scene up there is pretty awesome. Vancouver primarily, but Canada in general. So what can you say about that?

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, I feel really blessed with what’s going on in Vancouver right now. We’ll even get headliners in from London who are like… The scene is even more into the music than in England. You know what I mean, like really dedicated fans. And not only that but fans that know their shit. Like I learn shit from my fans. “You need to check out this” or “you need to check out that” They’re on to it. And their really… Maybe a lot of conditioning from the early Dub Forms parties, but people are open to hear something that they never heard before. They’re almost expecting that from me and from other DJs, you know. They’re ready to give me the fucking, “What the fuck is that shit stuff”

GANJAOLOGY: Ya that’s awesome! So ya, we spoke a little bit about your brother, but I have to ask. Obviously you guys are connected. I’ve seen you at the same events, doing the same shows, stuff like that. You came out with the Eastsiders EP last year, which was awesome! That one track has been echoing in my head all summer.

SELF EVIDENT: “Numba One Stunna?”



GANJAOLOGY: “Move ya, Move, Move‚Ķ” Like aaahhhh. So do you guys have any new releases that you’ve been working on together?

SELF EVIDENT: Working on lots of stuff with my bro. He’s very meticulous about what he puts out so don’t know when that stuff will surface. Really stoked for my collabos with Subcorr. Double Intention is our R&B one, and Blockout is the grime one that we’re working on. Those are going along really well.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Are those going to be EPs or full length?

SELF EVIDENT: We have a whole album produced with the R&B one. We’re just working with a vocalist right now to write some songs. And then the Blockout one, we have about five or six tunes just about done. Just about¬† to start chopping them to labels. Grime with a little bit of dubstep with a future kind of influence.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice that’s awesome. Ya I think one of the things that has majorly impressed me personally is your ability to transition between different genres, and really to just bring a certain level of play. It’s like your sound, but yet you’re moving through a lot of different stuff. I wanted to ask specifically about the Wepa! album. I heard that and it’s just way different, and super cool. So would you tell us a little bit about that one.

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, I met this guy Will Eede from Argentina, and my buddy Dustin (Gameboy) spent a little time in Mexico. And they kinda had a history with Cumbia music and they introduced me to Cumbia, and it was really intersting. Anytime I hear something that’s like so out of the pallet that I know, it’s always like wow. There’s something I can take from that. Whenever I hear something super fresh, I instantly have to go and make something with that influence right away. Anyway, through working with them got super influenced by a lot of the Latin artists. Chancha Via Circuito, Super Guachin, Black Mandingo. But right now kinda working on a little bit of a druggy, trippy sort of indiginious music influenced thing with Will Eede. And then, with Gameboy, we’re hopefully gonna be doing a project with Lido Pimienta who’s out of Toronto. Really, really talented singer who’s originally out of Columbia. So that’s on the horizon for that.¬†


SELF EVIDENT: And if possible, I’d like to mention my co-lab with Yan Zombie that we’re working on right now. It’s like some mad Dr. Dre Chronic shit meets future bass. Really, really excited for that. That man is a king on the keyboards. Which kinda gives me that thing which I don’t have quite yet, which is that live keyboard playing.

GANJAOLOGY: Great. So I’ve seen you a couple festivals as well as clubs. Do you have a specific favorite place to play or general vibe that you like?

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, my brother’s night’s at Open Studios are pretty legendary. Just such a good vibe there. He always puts together a great lineup. Michael Red of course used to put on the Dub Forms parties there in the really early dubstep days, bringing all the early dubstep innovators before people were on to that shit. So that space is amazing. Obviously I have my monthly at the Astoria which is a little more grubby gangsta style.

GANJAOLOGY: What’s the name of that night?

SELF EVIDENT: That’s a good question. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and I still don’t have a name for my monthly. Haha, I actually thought about one while laying in bed last night… And I forgot it. I though it was the one though. It will come back to me. Thinking of a name for something is hard!

GANJAOLOGY: Any big plans for the summer, plans for the year? Anything you are particularly excited about?

SELF EVIDENT: Well Bass Coast Festival of course. Probably… As far as like, for real heads, future heads… I don’t see another lineup in all of North America which has that much quality at the top of it. You know what I mean? Like, not just… I don’t want to name names, but not just shit that the masses are into or know about. You know, like stuff that the real heads wanna see super bad. It’s just a massive lineup, in that sense. Andrea, her taste in music… To have someone picking all the music like that, it’s awesome.

GANJAOLOGY: Yes. Very excited. We’ll be there for sure.

SELF EVIDENT: It’s weird. It’s the only festival I’m playing this year though. I go five last year so…

GANJAOLOGY: You’re pushing the production then, huh?

SELF EVIDENT: Working on it, ya. Oh for sure. Working on a whole album right now. It’s kinda grime, dubstep, kinda thing. It’s weird, there’s a wickid resurgence in dubstep right now. Proper dubstep is coming back. People like Kahn obviously. He’s a big part of why this is coming about. A lot of people are like, “Oh shit. I wanna hear this again” Daega has been saying it to me for a couple months, or even longer than that. I just played in New York City for a guy that does a monthly called Reconstruct, They have a serious following for proper dubstep in NYC right now. Their shows are selling out and they’re bringing all those big names again, and they’re doing it proper.

GANJAOLOGY: Anything you care to share that you haven’t said already?

SELF EVIDENT: August 23rd I’m doing a show at the Astoria with Monolithium from Victoria, and Bevvy Swift from Montreal, and Crusha who just got a release on Mad Decent! And Kimmy K, it will be one of her first sets. She’ll be opening up. Should be good. I think that’s it. And shout out to HxDB, everyone in Lighta! of course, Librarian… Who else should I shout out? Oh my god, they’ll hate me. Ok that’s about it.

GANJAOLOGY: Awesome. Thanks!

Dj Sliink – –ú–ł—ą–ļ–į Keep Watch Mix XXXVI




1. Dj Khaled Ft Drake , Rick Ross & Lil Wayne ‚Äď No New Friends
2. Rocko Ft Rick Ross & Future ‚Äď U.O.E.N.O
3. Rocko Ft Rick Ross & Future ‚Äď U.O.E.N.O (DjSliink X Dj Big O Rmx)
4. Diplo & GTA ‚Äď Boy Oh Boy
5. Missy Eliott ‚Äď Work IT (R4 Jersey Remix)
6. Dj Sliink & Flosstradamus ‚Äď Crowd Control
7. Chief Keef ‚Äď Love Sosa (RL Grime Rmx)
8. Salva & Brenmar ‚Äď Let Me Bang
9. Fki X Dj Sliink ‚Äď Flight (Amdam)
10. Rihanna Ft Future ‚Äď Love Song (Dj Sliink Remix)
11. Le Youth ‚Äď Cool (Dj Sliink Remix)
12. Ace Hood Ft Future & Rick Ross ‚Äď Bugatti
13. Asap Ferg ‚Äď Work Remix Ft Asap Rocky , Schoolboy Q ,French Montana & Trinidad James
14. Asap Ferg ‚Äď Work (Dj Big O Remix)
15. French Montana ‚Äď Ocho Cinco Ft Diddy & MGK
16. Future ‚Äď Karate Chop (Mike Gip Remix)
17. Kreayshawn ‚Äď Go Hard (DJ Sliink Remix)

XXYYXX, Kid Smpl and Giraffage – Live in Seattle [Saturday 3/2 at Rebar!!]

Ok Seattle.

The time has come.

We know all you ladies out there have hardly been able to contain yourselves, but this Saturday at Rebar the proverbial bedroom producer XXYYXX is finally preparing to make his debut appearance in Seattle. With a style that purs and coos, this man of 17 years will be teaming with an extraordinary collection of young producers to provide us with an evening of sex via speakers. XXYYXX will be accompanied by hometown hero Kid Smpl of Bellingham and Giraffage of San Francisco, all three of whom are simply crushing at the moment.

We gotta give a big shout out and a firm THANK YOU to the homies over at Decibel for this one. YUH!

Below we’ve gathered some favorites from each of these guys to give you a taste.

See you Saturday!


Get the XXYYXX album here. NAME YOUR PRICE!

2013 Gem & Jam Festival – Tucson, Arizona

To kick off February this year, the world famous Gem & Jam festival will be taking place for it’s 7th year, in Tucson, Arizona. ¬†Featuring music from Michal Menert, Nit Grit, Vibesquad, Random Rab, and Polish Ambassador, and live painting from Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Oliver Vernon, Damon Sole, and Des10, this is going to be a very rare exhibition of music, art, creativity, diversity, and acceptance of everything amazing.

Gem & Jam will be taking place February 7-9th, which, incredibly, is right before the 59th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show…aka…the largest gem show in the United States. ¬†With almost half a million in town for both events, you should probably just take a week and a half off for this adventure…

Ohio Bird – By Alex Grey

Cannabaccus – By Alex Grey

Secret Writing Magic – By Allyson Grey

Requiem For A Dream – Oliver Vernon

Collaboration Mural between Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon – Flagstaff, AZ

Pipe Dreams – Des10

HOOD PRI$M$ – Snapbacks And Tattoos Mix

This new mix from Hood Pri$m$ is super tuff!!! Starting off with Kris Kross, then jumping over to Riff Raff, and then to Trinidad James, Hood Pri$m$ killed it with the intro. ¬†They did a nice job at letting you know that you’re in for a very hype 40 miutes! ¬†This is a free download, so grab this!


Dash EXP & Ganjaology are proudly bringing you the BLACKFRIDAY Mixtape. ¬†Featuring original tracks and remixes from himself and supporting artists such as Starkey, UZ, Antiserum, Djunya, and Banditz (Ganjaology), Dash EXP is taking you down a 45 minute bass packed adventure that touches on the sounds of today’s bass music movement. ¬†Unlike everything else that’s just on sale today, this mix is absolutely FREE. ¬†Whether your favorite sounds stem from hip-hop, dubstep, house, or techno, you’ll find Dash EXP brings a little of something for everyone with his¬†BLVCK FRIDVY MIXTAPE. ¬†Check it!



mixed by DASH EXP

    01    Fuck The World INTRO (Gucci Mane x Future)

¬†¬†¬† 02¬†¬†¬† ∆ĪZ x CRNKN – Booty 2 The Ground

    03    Dash EXP vs Tony Goods РLose it (VIP Mix)

    04    Antiserum & Djunya РSoul Gravy

    05    Suzie Homewrecker РM.O.E. (Token Remix)

    06    Juicy J РU Trippy Mane (Huggy Bear Remix)

    07    ETC!ETC! & Brillz РSwoop

    08    Mista Hyde РG#1

¬†¬†¬† 09¬†¬†¬† Rick Ross vs ∆ĪZ – Hustlin (Big Once’s Blend)

    10    Steve Starks РRoom Keys & Bitches

    11    Rockie Fresh РYou A Lie (CRNKN & Branchez Remix)

    12    Abrasion Equation РDark Matter (Dash EXP Remix)

    13    Sam Tiba РDem Thirsty

    14    Quantic РMishaps Happening (Flux Pavillion Remix)

    15    Tyga РLap Dance (JWLS Bootleg)

    16    Mykki Blanco РHaze.Boogie.Life

¬†¬†¬† 17¬†¬†¬† Dash EXP – Trimmin’

    18    Dash EXP РEmergency

    19    Son of Kick x Foreign Beggars x Virus Syndicate РEOW (Starkey Remix)

    20    Kanji Kinetic РJiinx

    21    Starkey РDPMO ft Trim

    22    ¡El Cucuy! РThug Theogony

    23    Future РTurn On The Lights (Dash EXP Bootleg)

    24    Starkey РThugs

    25    Dash EXP Р2 Real

    26    RL Grime РFlood

    27    Banditz РDat Ass

    28    Klever РAlright

Mixed Live

Bassdrop Music Presents : CHURCH OF BASS – Seattle Editon – Nov. 7th

Ill-Gates, Stephan Jacobs, and Jay Fay have embarked on an epic North American for the months of November and December (and the tail end of October) that is appropriately titled, The Church Of Bass Tour. ¬†One of their stops is…you guessed it…Seattle! ¬†November 7th is the date that you will be able to experience a sermon like no other. ¬†Priest Ill-Gates, Reverend Stephan Jacobs, ¬†and Pastor Jay Fay have a church service lined up for you that will rid you of all the sins you’ve racked up while secretly listening to your little brothers bro-step and get you back on the right track and ready to prepare for the world to end in December. ¬†I mean…get you back on the right track and properly prepared for the beautiful year of 2013. ¬†2013 will no doubt be stacked with bass, blessed with festivals that are going to go harder than ever, and bring a brand new outlook and appreciation for life from the world.

Accompanying the Church Of Bass Tour in Seattle is Bassdrops local artist, Northstar. ¬†Being born and raised in the Seattle area, Northstar is bringing that Pacific North FRESH vibe to the party and is going to get things officially jumpin’ off from the moment doors open. ¬† He recently released a mix to get you stoked for the Church Of Bass tour that you’ve got to check out. ¬†It’s an hour long with back to back to back club bangers, and is a really nice preview of what you’re going to hear at the party at Rebar on November 7th.

This is gonna be a show you don’t want to miss. ¬†See you on the dance floor!


BUY TICKETS HERE(You can still buy 2 tickets for $20 if you act fast!)

Date : November 7th

Place : Rebar (party from 8pm-2:30am)


Commodo – Rec Room

Gotta get this one up… Here’s a toast to the jazzier side of life. Commodo comes full of expression with this beautiful tune featuring velvety bass, signing drums, and trading vibes, flute, piano. I first heard this on Commodo’s mix for Percussion Lab. It’s definitely worth the listen. The track was released in 2010 with Untitled Records. Tune in to the vibes!


niceFingers – Intercontinental Beat Collection

Intercontinential Beat Collection - niceFingers

What are we supposed to do with all this great music!? I mean seriously, there have been more extraordinary musicians surfacing this year than ever.

Once again, here we have some stellar synth work by a pair of intergalactic sound boys with roots in our home land of Ohio. I met Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider of niceFingers while in school in Columbus. It was just a few years ago that they were beginning to get their fingers dirty while bouncing around town getting into what the ColumBASS scene had to offer. As their fingers grew and danced to the rhythm of their beating eardrums, Nick and Dave went their separate ways to collect inspiration from the far reaching corners of the globe. With one man in China and the other in LA, niceFingers stretched their imaginations skyward to create a symphony of satellite traded synthetic sound.

This is Intercontinental Beat Connection. The album is available via BandCamp for a suggested donation of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! But you know, pay what you will. 

niceFingers SoundCloud

niceFingers BandCamp [FREE DL!]

niceFingers Facebook

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for another big album from this now reunited pair of killer creators set for release later this year.

Dynamic – Up in my World

Here is to another beat stuck on repeat. ¬†If you love those rapid hat hits, ambient bass, or funk spliced jungle-jazz then heres the sound for your ears. ¬†Dynamic ¬† establishes this one with liquifying dnb, pouring the foundation for a vocal sample so timeless and nostalgic it dances in and out with the smoothest of class. ¬†Recently released under the worldwide label, Rubik Recordings, ‚ÄúUp in my World‚ÄĚ is a must for any aural adventure. ¬†Let the music set your free.

Check out more Dynamic here!

Shawna – LIB Morning Set

– Who’s that uber-bad blond behind the decks?

– Oh the one that’s been dropping all those future funk, tropical taste, bass breaks for the last hour.

– Ya ya, the one swagged out in that fur cap.

– Ohhh ya, yo that’s DJ Shawna. I think she’s from Canada, but I heard she’s been lampin’ off somewhere in the Bay when she’s not touring the beyond bass west coast festi circuit.

– Well damn!? I guess leave it to the Do Lab and the whole Lightning in a Bottle Crew to bring all the freshest DJs. This set is very rare.

– Very rare in deed!

Piri Piri – Mami (Cedaa Remix)

Cedaa is holdin’ the bass scene down up in the North West releasing nothing but pure fire to heat up your speakers. ¬†This is his remix of Piri Piri’s,¬†Mami. ¬†Filled with clicks, claps, crashes, barks, twirls, zooms, and that oh so recognizable Cedaa bassline, you’ll have your body grooving to this one in no time. ¬†Enjoy.¬†

Dubstep is Dubstep! Relax…

The motto of Dublin based group Symbiz. Consisting of two Korean German brothers, this duo has been pumping out futuristic beats by the dozen.  The band recently created a 3-fold music video to the song Who Cares.

By uniting graffiti with technology and music, Symbiz is hopefully the start of a new breakthrough in film-making.

Watch the video in 3D.

One thing is for sure, their motto may be to keep it chill, but these two brothers are working hard and clearly enjoying what they are doing.

Check out some of their free demos on their website.

The Making of the video:

Seclusiasis WHO RUN IT?! Podcast Feat. Manikan

If you’re looking for a extra hype, future crunk, head bangin’, party rockin’, ass shakin’, panty droppin’, mix, then you can stop reading now and click play. ¬†This is the Seclusiasis WHO RUN IT?! podcast, mixed by Manikan. ¬†There is a second half mixed by Doshy(Germany) which we will get to later this week. ¬†Seclusiasis is the record label run out of Philly, by none other than Starkey and Dev79 since 01! ¬†Big ups to the whole Seclusiasis team, they’ve been doing their thing heavy for years and keep the world tuned into some spacey ass sounds. ¬†This podcast goes hard!! CHECK IT!