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Just picked this song up off Zippyshare and wow, I am in love. This track, Playing The Villain by Son Of Kick, is awesome.  It contains a very dark sound that just sucks you in. The bass is deep, hypnotic and heavy as ever while the breaks bring a SICK rhythm. The song hits so hard and each time the bass kicks you can almost feel it. This and Doctor P and Flux’s remix of Louder are definitely the two biggest tracks out right now Playing The Villain however has a sound that you do not hear often. It’s very similar to Contact by Noisia which is very dark and just an overall loud song like this. Anyways enough of me, LISTEN UP!!! SPIT VENOM GET BLAST BLAST, BASS BLAST!!!

Download it right here, happy listenin!


Some New Hard Hitting/Heavy Ass Drum n’ Bass

Drum n’ Bass has been running along side dubstep since dubstep first came about. In some ways I think of drum n’ bass as dubstep’s faster and more metal influenced predecessor. You can see how the two parallel each other with the sub/hybrid genre drumstep. Now a lot of people might not be as in love with drum n’  bass and just stick with dubstep because they prefer heavy HEAAAVVVY bass. but I would say they might not have heard the right stuff. One song that has been popping up on various compilations that I frequent would be Space Time by Delta Heavy. This song is massive!  It’s on the new Drum N’ Bass Arena and I found out about it through UKF Drum & Bass. The drop…for a lack of better words, drops hard and seems to come out of nowhere. The bass line on the song has a dubstep sound to it while keeping the rhythm of a drum n’ bass track. If Dubstep’s slower pace isn’t doing it for you at the moment I highly recommend this song because it’s kind of like if you gave Dubstep a shot of adrenalin. So here it is, you can get it on beatport right now, Space Time by Delta Heavy.

Another song with a very notable  all around dirty, grimy, and mesmerizing sound is No Problem off Chase & Status’s new album No More Idols. The song immediately makes you want to move with it’s fast pace and hypnotic synths. Like Space Time it also was featured on Drum & Bass Arena: Evolution.  Chase & Status are hitting the Drum & Bass charts hard and they have recently kicked off their US tour and were featured at Coachella. Check it out below, big ups to Chase & Status for this one.

Last but not least is the heaviest of this list. Off of his new album, Mechanoid Meltdown, Liquid Stranger puts out Shake My Ass. The song starts out with a thumping bass and a trancy sounding intro, then gets right into the drum n’ bass tempo with it’s huge bass lines and powerful drums. The song is what a lot of dubstep wishes it could be. If you like deep and heavy bass, this song will definitely satisfy you. Buy the whole album on Beatport!  Now, here is Shake My Ass.

Pendulum Rumors…

About a week ago I sent Rob Swire a message on Facebook.  I was not expecting anything back but felt it was worth a shot.  I asked him “Are you guys gonna release any more dubstep tracks?” and after a few minutes I heard the little “bloop” Facebook gives you when you receive a new message. His response was “Yes, but under a different name.” I’m really excited to see what has to come of the new group with an unknown name.  To this day, Set Me On Fire still has one of the heaviest drops I’ve heard and Rob Swire’s Drumstep Remix of Witchcraft truely defines the hybrid genre.  Take a listen and keep an ear out for new music from Rob Swire!

Make sure to listen in 720p!