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Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz – 420 FREE EP – 2015

Big up Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz!  The 420 Free EP is something every true dub head looks forward to.  This years EP features a heavy selection of some of todays top dubstep producers.  We always look forward to the next release from Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz.  Make sure you follow them on SoundCloud if you’re not already!

It’s A Ganjaman’s Holiday… Happy 420 . 2013!

I’m sure Obama is even celebrating with us today…

Happy Holidaze!

Here are some tunes for you to burn to all day day.

Tonight! Ganjaology in Portland, OR, @ The Slate

Last FridayTonight in Portland, Oregon, the artist collective known as TMK1 is throwing their monthly art & music event at The Slate.  TMK1 has recruited Ganjaology, Abigail Press, and Dash EXP to bless the speakers with heavenly bass driven beats throughout the entirety of the event.  With 4 hours full of live painting, hung art, and some very rare tunes, this Last Friday is going to be a great way to get your night started.






This event is FREE and All Ages!
@@@ 2001 NW 19th Ave #104 @@@
Portland, OR

Featuring Art From Kristina Griffith

“Ganja Rush”

“Ganja Rush”,

or the Regulation of a Natural in the Land of a Thousand Kisses,

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

The prohibition has ended. Welcome to the second G…. Rush.

For the first time in the history of American capitalism, the tobacco and alcohol industries are going to get some serious competition. Their markets will shrink a substantial amount; may be 25%.

How is this going to happen you might ask?

Very simply: the new kid on the block is called cannabis (C). Its consumption and its trade is now, as we speak, being legalized by the state governments of Washington and Colorado. You can now walk the streets of downtown Seattle while puffing on a (C) cigarette, freely. I was doing so last month one evening. A policeman walked by me. He did not say a word, nor did he even look in my direction. But he for sure smelled it. I suspected he probably smoked it too…

A new society awareness is being invented by the American population. One can draw a direct parallel with the 1930’s when alcohol became finally legal.

Only one must add to this comparison a fact of pure wonder, the one that will change the world as we know it: cannabis acting as the “health angel”, which in turn will prove alcohol (as well as tobacco) as “hell’s angels”. An iconic, societal combat is about to begin.

We will separate our study in two parts:

The first explains how cannabis teaches you the creative process, which starts with the thought process and finishes with the emotional one, while the link is played by the nervous system. Creativity is the voyage between the thought and the emotion. To travel the distance, we depend on the nerve. We ride on it.

We must therefore protect the latter — which is what alcohol (A), tobacco (T) and cannabis (C) do so well — in order to facilitate the creative process. Only we will explain how one of those three actors, (C), does it so much more effectively, because, among other reasons (those two being linked):

It creates much less side effects than the two others; which, in turn, makes (C) a much better actor on neuro-transmitters.

The second part will explain how the (C) makes you physiologically aware of the deficits of (A) and (T), and their taxing on one’s psycho-physical wealth. We all know about how bad those two compounds are for us (except for the moderate consumption of wholesome, pure, synthetics free red wine). But here, we will explore how (C) gets you to the feeling of such deficits, which in turn will subconsciously dictate behavioral and life style changes. And that for the better.

Photo by Noom Srisunakorn


Tonight at Sea Sound Lounge Kum Curek Productions new trap weekly, DAMN SON!, will be hosting New Jersey’s DJ SLIINK!  DJ Sliink made into Vibe Magazines “Top 30 DJ’s To Watch In 2013” list, and has had songs playing throughout the electronic music festival circuit and the world wide club scene heavily the last couple years. Basically, he makes awesome beats, and you’ll enjoy dancing to them.  See you tonight!

RSVP through the Facebook page for discounted tickets at the door.

2NUTZ – Bi-Tetral-Inadvertancies – Muti Music

COLORODO STAND UP! There is never a lack of  funky glitch driven sounds sounds being blasted from the great Rocky Mountains into the world, and this new group named 2NUTZ proves just that.  Being made up of glitch commanders kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor, they have taken the sound of the future to a whole new level.  2NUTZ will launch you to a new planet who’s inhabitants live in a spacious atmospheric environment and survive solely on low end frequencies and roaring synth lines played by the most creative minds in the galaxy.  With Muti Music behind this West Coast power duo, 2NUTZ is only getting a started on a project that will blossom into one of your favorite glitch-hop groups to date.

”My sole mission in life is to keep your ears listening, your brain thinking, your
hearts radiating, and most of all, your booty shakin” and making music that is; “glitch-hop,
dubstoops, lazer-crunk, future love, all things in between and throughout.” – kLL sMTH

Take a few minutes and prepare for your Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies experience.



Happy Holy Daze From Ganjaology!!

Today is the day on which we celebrate the birth of Christ, and this year it seems all too appropriate. As the Mayan calendar ends and the Age of Aquarius flows in, we stand on the shores of an ocean of truth. We are ready to honor Christ for the values that he truly embodies. Forget the bible – Here at Ganjaology, we know what Christ was really all about…


And with that, we will revamp, refresh and renew the music we sing to celebrate this stellar holiday. For starters, here’s Lafa Taylor’s rendition of the classic tune, “Sleigh Ride”.



Self Help Goes To Moombahtown [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Self Help is on fire this year!  Self Help Goes To Moombahtown is his brand new three track EP that consists of remixes of songs by When Saints Go Machine, Busy Signal, and Tennis.  This EP is going to take you on a short musical road trip to Moombahtown where you’ll find nothing but 80 degree days coated in sunshine showers…free 32oz margaritas at every corner…and clubs that bump nothing but moombah vibes out of their front doors at all hours of the day.  Self Help Goes To Moombahtown is particularly cool because of the AWESOME sampling job Self Help conducted in the construction of each of these remixes.  Hearing Self Help’s versions of Parix, Cool It Baby, and Petition, followed up by the originals  lets you see just how unique Self Helps ear is and will give a little glimpse into the mind of the Ohio based artist.  Enjoy this summer energy!

Plastician – Japan


sMILOdon – Roll One

Here is a new tune from sMILOdon entitled Roll On.  This track is trapped out!  There are big vibes comin’ from a big producer on this one!  Shouts out to whoever did the cover art too!

Quantum Soul – Traid and Incubate

Quantum Soul just dropped clips of two new tunes on his soundclound account this morning that create some serious presence.  Both songs, “Triad” and “Incubate” bring that ancestral vibe with dark, polyrhythmic, growling bass-laden foundations, and  icantatory support from eerie vocals and wind.  The atmosphere of these tunes creates a weightless and meditative sensation regardless of listening medium or location, and for that, Quantum Soul truly deserves acclaim.  Although all we have are clips for now, look out for the release of these in the future and stay tuned to Quantum Soul.

EDIT: Quantum soul has taken the songs off of his sound cloud for now…. 


 These clips come only a few weeks after the release of his Self Knowledge EP on Tribe 12 , which is well worthy of a listen as well. Quality sound from Quantum Soul, mad respect!


Kromestar and Jay 5ive – Knowledge EP {DEEP MEDi musik}

Kromestar and Jay five have demonstrated, with their September 24th release on DEEP MEDi musik, that dubstep is still as progressive and exciting as it has ever been.  The diversity of sound and production quality on this EP not only command  respect, but lead the way for the future.  From the darker more industrial sounds of  the first track, “Clearly Distorted”, to the deeper and more jazzy sounds of “Words” and “Try Harder”, this EP shows how clearly these two gentlemen out of London have utilized their combined creative worth to provide a fresh experience.

Although clips of this album have been out on Jay 5ive’s soundcloud  for a while now, and the release was about two weeks back, this EP is well worthy of mention.  With Each track as valuable to the arsenal as the next, please give it a listen start to finish.  Clips of the album below.

Also check out DEEP MEDi for a grip of other artists that are pushing the sound

Ganjaology Guest Mix – BLEED (Shift Recordings)

Ganjaology is proud to announce a new guest mix that our big homie Bleed, representing Shift Recordings, did for us to kick off the Halloween energy that is about us this month.  Bleed kicks off the mix with a HUGE original, unreleased tune entitled I LOVE HATERZ.  The sample is from one of Kat Williams stand up comedies that I’m sure most of you have heard 1000 times before…but never like this!  This mix is enormous.  It’s an hour and six minutes long and touches on all different areas of dubstep.  Your ears may or may not be bleeding after you’re finished listening to this one.  Enjoy the heavy vibes!






Corner Of Ya Block – Original Mix – High Rankin
I Call Shots (Symbl Remix)
Stomp – Original Mix – Richie August
Track 10 – Stenchman (Dub)
Teflon ft Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Kelly Dean & Steady
Supaskank – Kidonabike
Nothing – Culprate
Jane – Riskotheque, Triage
Kamikaze – AntiSerum, No Thing
Enemies – Bare
GearBox (VIP) – UltraBlack
Bad Bitches – Hulk
Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz) – Kanye West
Roughed Up – Mantis
Psycho Skank – The Widdler
Rise From The Ashes – SPL, Messinian
Let Us In – Tetsuo
Track 02 – Stenchman (Dub)
Smoke Screen – Surpass & Cease
Pull Up – Megalodon
Sippin On Some Syrup (Acapella) – Three Six Mafia Ft UGK
Simon Says (Dubstep Bootleg) – Pharoah Monche
Dumbo Riddim – Wulf
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Layer Cake – DJArtery
I Make Bass – High Rankin
AngelDust – Hulk
Forever (SPL Remix Alternate Version) – Drake (Ft. Lil Wayne & Eminem)
Sunset Trippin – Bleed
9.Left The Room – Skream ft P Money
Middle Finger – Skrewluce
Out for Blood – Bleed
Spitfire EQ – Tetsuo
MeetMeOutside_VIP – Symbl
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Sellin Bass [BLEED REMIX] – Lukki
Raw Eggs – Banana Bomber
A Millie (Excision & DatsiK Remix) – Lil Wayne
Fracture – Dubtek
Dark Circles – J:Kenzo, TZR, Bleed
Exodus (HavocNdeeD RemiX) – Bob Marley

Artist Highlight – Animal Laughter

Kissimmee, Florida, is a place that I have heard of, a place I have passed through while riding the Amtrak from Tampa to Orlando many times, a place I have heard stories of, and also a place that sits in my head as an economically broken and beaten southern city that has very little left to offer. Or, that’s what I thought until I recently heard the beautiful and intriguing bass music of Animal Laughter.  With a style that would sit nicely on the West Coast, Animal Laughter is coming with a very smooth, sexy, 808 driven sound that you can play in any setting.  I can imagine hearing his tunes in a club setting…at a nice lounge style lunch restaurant on the beach…on one of my favorite mix cd’s on a long road trip…this cat is really versatile.  The two tracks that stick out to me the most are his Color Motion tunes (the original mix and 808 edit).  These are just downright sexy tunes meant for a bedroom.  The 808 edit of Color Motion has got that new juke bassline and you guessed it, that 808 drum kit that just smacks! I don’t have too much more to say about Animal Laughter, except you should definitely show some love for the Florida resident who is bringing positivity back to his town, and stay tuned for more coming from this youngin’.

Banditz – Infestation

Once upon a time there was a little bug named Alfred.  Now…there are lots of little bugs in this world. Some of them are kind and caring bugs that like to frolic in the sunny puddles of love, others are less forgiving and can be seen playing without care in the poo of larger life forms in various parts of the world.  Alfred didn’t fit into either of these categories…or any category in direct relation to what I just mentioned.  Alfred was a different breed of bug.  He traveled in a pack…came out in the dead of the night…attacked…and infested.  Alfred was a bed bug and he lived for Infestation.  TO BE CONTINUED…

 Enjoy the preview of the new Banditz tune.

Russ Liquid – PURPLEZ MIX

This is the kick start to a having the freshest and most stress free day of your week.  Russ Liquid…on a Saturday morning…with a fatty spliff… on the front stoop…accompanied by a mimosa (no not the artist).  Sound alright to you? Okay, perfect, have fun and enjoy!

The Californian bass scene is ON FIRE. GOD DAMN!

Suspect & Mr. Boogie – Stinking Mug

Yet another fresh crisp tune from across the pond, what else is new? Some serious sound design in this riddem, lovin’ absolutely every synth in this peice very gutteral and drenched in verb, gives it such a nasty deep feel and I’m digging the hell out of it. The ambience really gives the tune space making it sound other worldly. Excellent work on this one keep an eye on these two. Also, the sample is just awesome.


The Aliens – Enough Said (Megalodon VIP)


Megalodon goin’ in on this VIP! this tune is the meaning of massive, massive enough for a rewind or two! Crushing percussion and deafening chugs… just what I like. The Aliens already killed it on the original but fuck it, let’s give it a double tap. BIG UP THE MEGALODON BIG UP THE ALIENS

Stinkahbell – Stinkahz in Paris

THIS ONES A STINKAH!! Haha…seriously though…Stinkahbell went in extra hard on this one.  I’d take this over Jay-Z and Kanye any day.  Nuff said!  The samples are hot and the wobbles are killin’ my speakers! In a good way.  Okay, CHOON IN! Huge shout out to everyone in the UK coming with that next level bass music for ears worldwide.

Pressha – Everything In Moderation

Sexy…Bassy…Glitchy…Wobbly…Fifty minutes long…what’s not to love about this mix from Seattles own, Pressha?  After getting back from Envision Music Festival in Costa Rica and being surrounded by artists such as Gladkill, Chris B, Ill-Esha, KllSmth, and Russ Liquid, I’ve been on a serious glitch-hop/sexy bass hunt.  Luckily, I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the energy of the gorgeous tunes coming from countless artists across the West Coast.  This mix Pressha released through BassDrop on 4/20 is absolutely ridiculous.  Whatever it is you’re doing at the moment will probably get that much better as soon as you click play and tune into the sounds that have been inspiring one of Seattles most well known bass DJ’s.  FIRST, here are a few words from Pressha himself regarding Everything In Moderation.

“When I set out to make this, I wanted to make a sequel to Sex to make Dubstep to. I found myself wanting to push a very similar sound but yet the tempo increased as I chose tracks I wanted to use over and over. Midtempo and Sexy Bass music has taken a stronger hold of me than I expected and it comes through on this. There are a few unreleased tracks by a couple of my favorite producers at the moment, the whole thing is meant to be played and replayed while making love, partying, enjoying the sunset, and just generally anything that makes you feel good inside.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you.”


1). A Gift To-Sugarpill
2.) Stay Awake-Gladkill
3.) Walking Away-Kastle ft Mc Armanni
4.) It’s when I miss all of you- Goldrush (Gladkill Remix)
5. ) Say you want to- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
6.) I know-Kastle (Bokator and Jock Styles Remix)
7.) November 18th-Drake (Stratus Remix)
8.) Tanktop-Sugarpill (Unreleased)
9.) Roof Back-Minnesota
10.) Cats used to harmonize- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
11.) Back to the Bay-Matty G. ft. Ugene
12.) Pony-Ginuwine (Molecule Remix)
13.) Space Leaf Dub-Polish Ambassador (Gladkill Remix)
14.) Something for Everyone-Frequent C and kLL sMTH
15.) Waking-Guttstar
16.) Sail-Awol-Nation (Slim Thugz Remix)
17.) So Precise- Paper Diamond
18.) Be Cool- Chris B (Unreleased)
19.) Tickle Parts -Oh Tebins
20.) Capture the Flag- Samples