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Doshy – Malfunction

Doshy never ceases to amaze me. His imagination and creativity constantly pushes his music forward and in my opinion pushes the envelope of what sounds fresh and new in the electronic game. The mesh between his older hip hop roots with his 808 based sound (to generalize), along with what sounds like influences from Trap and Dubstep, this German producer’s sound keeps moving in new wild directions. His newest, “Malfunction” is truly an example of this. The production is clean and crisp, the melodies are fresh and he breaks the mold percussion-wise. Check out the tune below, and grab it for free from XLR8R!


1. The Artificial Emotion

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

There is a permanent fact engraved in the complex web of the homo sapiens’ psycho-physical wealth: emotion is the primary precursor of behavior, the primary decider of action.

Life is a moment to moment process that specializes in producing surprises after surprises. There is no way not to let events affect us. Emotions arise and drive our actions.

Sometimes, the event creates emotion that goes through our psychology prior to accessing our physiology. Sometimes, it works opposite: it hits the flesh before it hits the head.

In any case, we are presented with emotions that mysteriously stimulate us (or not) and that need to be processed by our system of being.

In order to be creative, we do not have a choice but to create a system that gets us to the emotion without going through the event; a system that gets us to a specific kind of emotion without going through a specific kind of event.

Once the “artificial emotion” is created and processed by both our psychology and physiology systems, we can get into gear, into action, into creation…

So, how do we create artificial emotions? First, we start with the thought process in order to create a thought; which could be a memory or something imagined. Then, we let that thought travel all the way to the emotion process, via the nerve, by means of numerous messengers called neurons that go back and forth.

The nerve is the connective route between our psychology and our physiology. It must be kept like a “state of the art” highway system so neurons can freely, fluidly take it and ride it at will.

Neuron transmission is the key to the creative process, because it allows the primary thought (the idea) to transform into an emotion (the reality).

Therefore, the nerve must be protected. So let us look at what is available here in America, as far as legal substances, to help us do that (those options will not include any pharmaceuticals, considering that their side effects are just too incalculable).

There are three compounds: alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.

Let us start with alcohol (we will not include here the wholesome, non synthetically “yeasted” red wine alcohol that stands as an exception when consumed in moderation; later in this essay, we will explore the specifics regarding this only source of natural alcohol the world possesses).

When alcohol enters our system, it helps us reach the specific kind of feeling we expect to experience as we prepare and create the original thought. A sense of calm and creativity starts to envelop us, which easily brings us to that emotion in question. But science has proved that alcohol damages our brain and the neurons in it. Our little messengers must be multiple and kept healthy (instead of being destroyed) so they can ride the nerve route in large numbers. Alcohol protects that same route by helping the neurons transmit their messages successfully (which gets us to the emotion from the thought) but it does it by eliminating those that have not started their trip yet, those that are still in the brain and not yet ready to leave it and venture out into the body via the nervous system.

The price to pay is just too high. Self destruction, even though it has been the mantra of some of the best of our past artists and pioneers, is to be avoided when it comes to learning the creative process. May be for the simple reason that it is year 13, a third millennium, and that our perception of things through science and other disciplines has changed. For instance, the concept of neuro-genesis (the reproduction of neurons, a notion that has only been accepted during the last 25 years), the opposite of the neuron destruction that alcohol is responsible for, has started to take hold within the society of scientists, savants and artists. We now know that our psychology and physiology systems possess receptors, including the nuclear one, that are sensitive to cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis. Besides, those same cannabinoids are, as we speak, being studied by scientists as potential precursors of that same neuro-genesis.

Joney – Oh Allright

 Jonas Schiefferdecker, better known in the music world as Joney, is one of Germany’s most original and up and coming underground bass music producers.  Having an incredible ear for the percussive side of music, Joney has come up with a sound that incorporates genre’s from all different backgrounds, but all share one beautiful quality.  They all make you dance!  Just before Christmas you will have an early gift from Saturate! Records, which is the release of Joneys ILLOWHEAD EP.  Drawing influence from glitch-hop, dubstep, trap, garage, electro, and sounds far beyond classification, Joney is ending the year of 2012 with a bang with this future bass release on December 21st.  Here is a preview of what’s coming your way!

Dazed Dog – Marijuana [Free DL!!]

Here’s one for your middle of the week, midday smoke session. German producer Dazed Dog does work with this bassy trap selection. Tight hi-hats and seething synths wrap themselves around lyrics by Ritchi Spice from his classic tune, “Marijuana Pon Corner”. Time to wrap yourself in Miss Mary’s seductive perfume. Blaze it up!

Buzz A Buzz – I Don’t Give A Fuck

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Moombahton RoundUP W/ Buzz A Buzz







Dubsalon – Durban Chamber LP

Big up to the Dubsalon for this wicked LP, every single aspect of this well-crafted piece is absolutley amazing! What grabs my attention most though is the groovy percussion, every hit, every fill is so clean and panned ever so proper. The album changes tempos every so often giving the listener a nice relief from the previous groove, nothing but good vibes coming from this piece. The first tune on this LP entitled “In a Dream” hooks you into this deep space ride, training you, getting you ready to expierience something many people will never get to encounter. With synths that sound as if they were falling from the skies and ambiences only those of different galaxies can comprehend this tune takes you on a ride you won’t soon forget, and of course right smack in the middle is a thick bassline just carrying the tune right along. I suggest opening up your mind and forgetting all that you know and just letting the music take control, many people may say that but it’s not very often that the music is as smooth and thorough as this. The next tune on the album cannot be named more perfect, it is called “Shifting mood” and that’s exactly what the music is doing, the tempo slows down giving the tune kind of a “moomba” percussive feel but forget all those mid range squelches and noises, nothing but pure music and positivy is layed upon this beat, once again I love Dubsalon’s use of panning he really makes sure your head is in a different place when you listen to this, the space he provides is unbelievable and only helping that is the increble use of delays and reverbs, so clean and no masking. With all the space there is so much room for melody and Dubsalon took advantage of that like no other. Dubsalon tends to keep this slow groove for a few more tunes before bringing the tempo back up. The order of the songs on this album is even awesome, this being one of the most important things (even though most don’t know it) it makes sure the listener does not feel too dragged along and listening to this album… well, I DID NOT want it to end. BIG UP DUBSALON AND BIG UP IDEOLOGY RECORDS!

Pick up the album here (free)

Check Dubsalon’s tunes here

like Dubsalon’s facebook here

Here are a few tunes from the LP

Kasar – En Automne

What you’re about to witness is definitely out of the ordinary for what’s the norm here at Ganjaology.  All though our focus is generally bass music, sometimes we’ll put up a little surprise and step outside the box.  What we’ve got for you today is an absolutely incredible video of the electronic producer, and classical pianist extraordinaire, Arnold Kasar, performing his song En Automne live at Emil Berliner Studios.  Armed with just a sequencer and a Steinway grand piano, Kasar brings a beautifully crafted sound unlike any other to the speakers of the world.  Kasar just released a new album, The Piano Has Been Smoking, through Fabrique Records, who will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary of existence this fall, so be sure to so him some love, enhance your musical library, and awe all your friends with 5 of the most uncategorizable and downright amazing songs of 2012.  Kasar, you’re definitely on our radar! Fabrique, early congrats on your 10 year anniversary!

Purchase : The Piano Has Been Smoking

Fabrique Records

Kasar’s Website

Big shout out to Lukasz Polowczyk with for introducing this wonderful artist to Ganjaology.

Bukez Finezt – “Head Noddah (VIP)”

Biggin’ up this german dubstep producer, this tune is a massive one. I need to check out more of his stuff to be honest, but the few songs I’ve heard have a nice vibe and all have huge sounds. Check this new VIP he posted 2 days ago!

New Sounds From DOSHY

I think Berlin may be the next “I have to go here!!!” destination on my travel list.  After traveling with my homie, Saar, who lives in Berlin, and hearing all of the glorious stories of the nightlife at clubs that never close, enough art galleries to lose yourself in for a lifetime, and some of the moste beautiful women on the face of the planet, I’ve oficially picked my 2013 New Years destination.  To top it all off, Berlin is home to one of the most explosive artists involved with the worldwide bass scene.  Yes, I’m talking about Doshy. Check the previews of his new tues Get Started and DCU.  Could the bass hit any harder!?  Maybe if he wanted to give everyone permanent hearing damage he could bump the levels up a little bit…enjoy these ones, we’re looking forward to the release!

Bukez Finezt Promo Mix

Really been diggin’ this dude’s vibe lately. Banger after banger with his dark underground sound this German producer is coming up fast with a unique fashion that will destroy any dance floor that stands in his way. Check out his promo mix. !DANGEROUS!

Power Punch Sound – Bad Acid Riddim

The title of this song reminds me of a story from Burning Man… **TO BE CONTINUED**