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Lightning In A Bottle – Artist Highlight – ill-esha

With only one week left to prepare for the legendary West coast music festival, Lighting In  A Bottle, thousands of people are getting ready to congregate and celebrate all the beauty of life through music, dance, and all other art forms, in Temecula, California.

With tons of artists to see throughout the course of the five day extravaganza, there are a few names you should put at the top of your ‘Do Not Miss’ list.  Ill-esha is definitely on that list.  Native to British Colombia, Canada, but currently living in Denver, Colorado, ill-esha has been a name in the bass music community for years now and has released music on Dub Police, Subway, Street Ritual, Muti Music, Simplify, and most recently, Gravitas Recordings.

Ill-esha captivates the crowds attention 100% when she is performing.    March 2012 I was able to catch a live performance (that I accidentally stumbled upon) at Envision music festival in Uvita, Costa Rica.  The energy from that night has stuck with me ever since.  Between DJing, singing over her own tracks,  covering genre’s from glitch-hop to midtempo to dubstep, triggering samples and playing keys,  ill-esha displays a true love for the music she makes and plays.

Below are some examples of the sounds ill-esha has been pushing for the last few years along with the title track of her new album Whiplash Recovery. 




2013 Gem & Jam Festival – Tucson, Arizona

To kick off February this year, the world famous Gem & Jam festival will be taking place for it’s 7th year, in Tucson, Arizona.  Featuring music from Michal Menert, Nit Grit, Vibesquad, Random Rab, and Polish Ambassador, and live painting from Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Oliver Vernon, Damon Sole, and Des10, this is going to be a very rare exhibition of music, art, creativity, diversity, and acceptance of everything amazing.

Gem & Jam will be taking place February 7-9th, which, incredibly, is right before the 59th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show…aka…the largest gem show in the United States.  With almost half a million in town for both events, you should probably just take a week and a half off for this adventure…

Ohio Bird – By Alex Grey

Cannabaccus – By Alex Grey

Secret Writing Magic – By Allyson Grey

Requiem For A Dream – Oliver Vernon

Collaboration Mural between Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon – Flagstaff, AZ

Pipe Dreams – Des10

Knight Riderz – Positive Vibez EP (Muti Music)

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed that Canada is becoming a huge leader in the North American bass music scene, and artists are popping from cities across the country up left and right.  Most recently I caught wind of Knight Riderz latest EP, Positive Vibez, which was released on Muti Music a couple weeks ago.  Having heard previous tunes of his such as For Real and Killer, I had an idea of the huge, glitchy, sounds I was going to hear.  All four tracks are infused with a surplus of bass, contain a crisp wall of percussion, and an all around fresh sound that’s hard to find in a lot of electronic music today.  I hear a lot of producers trying to add too much noise to the music and fill every space that doesn’t already have a sound in it.  With the Positive Vibes EP I’m hearing the opposite of that.  Knight Riderz took a very mature route with this EP and although it’s glitchy, wild as ever, and really gets your blood flowing, it is a sound that is clearly crafted by a seasoned professional who shows a lot of care and passion for his work.  If you haven’t already got Knight Riderz Positive Vibes EP in your music library you’re missing out on some serious bass sounds! Do yourself a favor and grab the EP.  You’re also able to download the song Positive Vibes HERE, exclusively from

 Also worth checking out from Knight Riderz is the brand new, all original mix that he just finished for Dub Selekta up in Victoria, BC.  It’s got tracks from Positive Vibes along with brand new unheard awesomeness from the 2013 Knight Riderz Remix EP Million Miles which will be coming out on Seclusiasis on the 21st.

Here is what Knight Riderz had to say to Dub Selekta about this mix…

“Hella stoked on be able to showcase this new mixtape with the one and only Dubselekta! This mix is a 100% original Knight Riderz material with a bunch of exclusives, remixes, edits, collaborations and freshly released music. The Dubselekta podcast gives a good glimpse into both the present and future of the Knight Riderz project. Watch out for the new Million Miles EP coming out on Seclusiasis on Dec.21st. In the meantime head over to beatport and pick up the Positive Vibez EP here.” – Knight Riderz





2NUTZ – Bi-Tetral-Inadvertancies – Muti Music

COLORODO STAND UP! There is never a lack of  funky glitch driven sounds sounds being blasted from the great Rocky Mountains into the world, and this new group named 2NUTZ proves just that.  Being made up of glitch commanders kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor, they have taken the sound of the future to a whole new level.  2NUTZ will launch you to a new planet who’s inhabitants live in a spacious atmospheric environment and survive solely on low end frequencies and roaring synth lines played by the most creative minds in the galaxy.  With Muti Music behind this West Coast power duo, 2NUTZ is only getting a started on a project that will blossom into one of your favorite glitch-hop groups to date.

”My sole mission in life is to keep your ears listening, your brain thinking, your
hearts radiating, and most of all, your booty shakin” and making music that is; “glitch-hop,
dubstoops, lazer-crunk, future love, all things in between and throughout.” – kLL sMTH

Take a few minutes and prepare for your Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies experience.



Desi Boliyan (Govinda remix)

Govinda absolutely killed this remix of a Desi Boliyan track! World-Glitch-Hop.  WOW.  LISTEN!

Ill-Esha – Making Friends At Altitude – A MiniMix

Ill-Esha has been known for making some of the funkiest and moving gltich-hop this world has ever seen.  This mini mix entitled Making Friends At Altitude, is just another display of the talent this West Coast based producer poses.  Here is what Ill-Esha has to say about this mix in her own words…

“The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio.

“Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and the transformation it has affected throughout my life. Paying homage to the raging glitch hop basslines and midtempo funky vibes of the mountains, but also the sincerity, love and pure energy that its people have shown me and inspired in me.

I thought I’d weave the two EPs together to make this minimix, and throw in a verbal layer of friends both real and imaginary through acapellas. Featuring three of my extremely talented MC friends – ProbCause (Chicago), Chadio Treetrunk (Vancouver) and Joe Mousepad (San Francisco) – plus some people I wish I actually knew, I hope you enjoy this montage of original music and fresh energy!!!”


Cover Art excerpted from Aaron Geeraert’s piece created specially for the track “Imaginary Friends”

Tracklist (All Tracks Produced by ill-esha, x = acapella)

The Only Cure (Imaginary Friends)
Mood Swings (Imaginary Friends) x ProbCause “Flex” (The Recipe, Bonafyde)
Imaginary Friends (Imaginary Friends)
Lakeside (Imaginary Friends) x ill-esha “When The Bass Drops” (original w/I-Cue, Envloop)
Altitude Sickness (Altitude Sickness) x Chadio Treetrunk “Victoria Block” (unreleased)
Tropic Thunder (Imaginary Friends) x Joe Mousepad “Chicken Scratch” (Joe Mousepad vs Glitch Hop, Street Ritual)
Oxytocin ft. Ronnie Sumrall (Altitude Sickness)
Capricious Nights (Altitude Sickness) x Outkast “Ms. Jackson”
SwaySway (Imaginary Friends) x Aaliyah “Rock The Boat”
Mountain Opus ft. Samuel Wexler (Altitude Sickness)

Joney – Oh Allright

 Jonas Schiefferdecker, better known in the music world as Joney, is one of Germany’s most original and up and coming underground bass music producers.  Having an incredible ear for the percussive side of music, Joney has come up with a sound that incorporates genre’s from all different backgrounds, but all share one beautiful quality.  They all make you dance!  Just before Christmas you will have an early gift from Saturate! Records, which is the release of Joneys ILLOWHEAD EP.  Drawing influence from glitch-hop, dubstep, trap, garage, electro, and sounds far beyond classification, Joney is ending the year of 2012 with a bang with this future bass release on December 21st.  Here is a preview of what’s coming your way!

Moontricks – The Ignition EP [Really Good Recordings]

Welcome to Ganjaology.  Let me hit you with some quick info.  Mat The Aliens new record label Really Good Recordings has just released some of the most original, non-overproduced, organic, and overall appealing glitch hop I’ve heard up to this date.  The group you’re listening to goes by the name of Moontricks and is made up of long time friends and Canadian residents Nog and Mr. Mercy.  The name of their EP is The Ignition.

When I hear the word Ignite I think of a match lighting…or some sort of flame bursting into existence.  When I hear The Ignition EP I hear a that flame being lit.  That flame represents a new take on Glitch Hop and a new appreciation for the more minimal side of the genre.  That flame then turns into a steady fire consisting of beautifully hot guitar melodies and scorching bass lines that burn away any silence in the surrounding area.

I can’t really pick one song out of the four to call my favorite…the EP is short enough to listen to all the way through without the thought of changing any of the songs occurring.  In fact, I’d like there to be a few more songs!  Oh well…I guess we’ll have to wait for the next release.  One last thing I would like to note before wrapping this up is how well Moontricks incorporated breaks into all of the songs on The Ignition EP. It gives the whole EP a very airy and spacious feel and adds as much character to the music as all the funky bass lines, drums, synths, and guitars do.

Listen, Share, Support, Burn A Fatty.



Intelepaths – Neon Arrows EP

July is upon us.  In the year of the dragon, us Americans will be celebrating the 236th year of our independence as a country on July 4th.  Along with all the days off work, proud emotions, arguably some of the most epic BBQ’s world-wide, and an incomparable amount of fireworks going off nation wide, the 4th of July is known to many as a reason to throw the most outlandish parties imaginable.  This year there is a special treat for the bass music community not only in the United States, but around the world…

On Tuesday, July 3rd, Intelepaths will be releasing their debut EP, entitled Neon Arrows, through Critical Beats.  Made up of Ill-esha, and Unlimited Gravity (aka two of the West coasts most well known glitchy/dubby/hip-hoppy/all-around-awesome artists around), Intelepaths is a brand new project and a brand new name, constructed of two bass music veterans.  Both Unlimited Gravity and Ill-esha have a very steady and enthusiastic following which seems to have already launched this project into the “sucessful” realm of things.  Upon hearing about the beginning of Intelepaths from Ill-esha herself a couple months ago, I was immediately intrigued by the sound that these two would produce together and had a feeling it may be a sound unheard before.

“2 people doing live singing, rapping, looping…we both produce” was what I was told.  And that is exactly what has been delivered…and a whole lot more…

Made up of 5 songs, Neon Arrows is an INCREDIBLY different take on what you’ve been hearing in glitch-hop.  Combing their beautiful harmonized voices, over top beatbox recordings, over the funkiest of bass lines, backed by the thickest, crispiest drums, and topped off with an orchestral ambiance,  Intelepaths have crafted a sound that they can genuinely call their own.

You all heard the preview of what was on the way with Intelepath’s cover of Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me.  I don’t doubt that this will be one of the most sought after releases from Critical Beats this year.  In TWO days you’re able to get your copy of Intelepaths debut EP Neon Arrows to properly set off your 4th of July with the fireworks of their sound.

Until then…enjoy the previews!

Intelepaths on SoundCloud

Intelepaths Facebook

Critical Beats


kLL sMTH – “Serendipitous Travels EP”

Releasing the EP, “Serendipitous Travels,” on Simplify Records, kLL sMTH delivers fresh frequencies by journeying his sound-ship through galaxies of intergalactic glitch.  Dialing in cyber style, sMTH welcomes you into a reality where lazer beams beat rhythmic vibrations through a full bloom of heavy synths rooted in a bassful foundation.  Tasteful layers of electronic instrument melodies set in tune so perfectly they pave the way like stepping stones into an electrified dimension. So enjoy the next level listeners!

Delivering with funky feel properly, kLL manifests sensory awe by beginning with swing influenced vocal samples.  These soulful vocals will swing your feet into cadenced grooving, setting up for the flourishing flows of digitized sparkles scattering across the soundscapes sky like luminous celestial gems.  By focusing on the catchy vocals, sMTH constructs an awesome buildup toward the last quarter of the tune.  The breakdown crunches heavily with a tornado of hover craft rutters spinning and drilling until the track slowly winds down in its original style.

kLL sMTH & iONik’s melodic synth patterns form the spacy foundation.  Spinning turbines constantly sound through the glitchy atmosphere.  These flying object accents spiral through pyschedelic cyber effects setting the feel for a planetary discovery.  Notice how the great range of tempo change keeps the pace aurally engaging. Listen for the wide variety of deep to high pitched lasers bursting against springs spinning off into the atmosphere of yuh and digital grrrs.

If you haven’t been lifted enough by the hovercraft sputters, the bubbly yuh intro of this one will flutter you into the clouds and land you into a net of glitch hop  giggles, gurgles and grumbles.  This tune radiates a vibe so nostalgic I feel like I’m vibing off the speaker cabinets of Tipper’s LIB 2012 set.  sMTH, lighting the way, adds awesome twists consisting of glitched vocals that will keep your attention hooked.  Sounds of so much precision and rhythmic intricacy is meant to get you off your seat and flowing to the freestyle of your feet.  Make this your traveling tune because this track could fly you to the Opiuo moon.

KLL sMTH’s mad production skills are displayed through the perfect track name “Brain Drops,” which actually is my favorite track of the EP at the moment!  This beat carries so much rhythmic variety with heavy pulls and pushes of elastic sounds.  The yuhs wrap around rubbery drops layered through hyphy style vocal cuts.  Something noticeable in sMTH’s style are volume changes which lay down perfect set ups for wild techie melodies.  Emitting psychedelic vibes, this track pops properly for perfect dance floor rhythms.

The rainstick effected intro grabs the ear like a professional piercer.  Shooting you that adrenaline rush, KLL Smith keeps the excitement churning with insane buildups of chopped up vocals melting into metallic splatters of space time continuum.  The swooshes of swooping sub slaps perfectly accompany the high pitched beep accents.  Along those sounds you will hear layers of synths slicing stylefully in space crunk formation.  The waving rhythms though are smooth enough to give you that danceable beat.  This track will leave you ready for more glitchy hits.  Large ups to kLL sMTH for this fresh EP!

Freeze Tag-Tidal Wave (DJ Self Help Remix)

 Here is brand new remix out homie Self Help did for a Cleveland based electronic artist named Freeze-Tag.   Tidal Wave is right up my alley for the beats I’ve been listening to recently.  Not too heavy, not too many words, a nice hard kick/snare/clap combo to keep your feet moving, and yes, it of course has Self Help’s energy oozing out of your speakers and into your heart.  The orginal Tidal Wave is definitely worth checking out too so here is the video for that.  Sexy and smooth.  It’s that simple. Enjoy!

Nico Luminous- Puddle Town

Feel your feet splash into the puddles of another brilliant soundscape of Nico Luminous.  Hear his glitch-crunk filled sounds wind and unwind with more flavor every second.   Enjoy Nico’s musical journey through cultural inspired melodies, sexy spacey sounds, and the attracting break-like vocals moving through the smooth gypsy remedies where lazer-licious basslines are bound to take over your senses.  Or if that doesn’t, Accordian arpeggios weaving through digital dubs definitely will.  Sink into “Puddle Town” and enjoy the Soul Whomp in this splashy slapper.  “Elevate Your Mind”  (painting above created by Milpz) to this track and get to your epic download here

Kalya Scintilla – Whomp Shanti

Listen low for tribal infused sounds weaving through deep and organic instrumentals.  “Whomp Shanti” will make sure to wrap you  in its ancient spiritual essence  of a web.  Attracting with tasty tinges of mystical sitar riffs Kalya Scintilla’s production proves as smooth originality.  While listening to this song of glitch, indulge in your own expression and live Kalya’s word of, “Dance the Spiral Never Ending.”  Let the rhythm and beat paint a tempting Eastern mirage of land dominated by golden sands.  Watch the bass bring about the Bellydancer’s and more as they show off the fresh, rolling, ancient flow of this antique beat.  Enjoy this brilliant tune and fill your soul with some sizzling Shanti.

Fractal Sky – Take Me Away

Ahhh glitch-hop, I do love you so.

Ahhh glitch-hop, I love it when you get them fine ladies on the dance floor.

Ahhh glitch-hop, why do you exist?

This track is incredible! A lot of glitch-hop is just…too glitchy for my ears! Fractal Sky has found that sweet spot that is kinda leaning towards the hop side of glitch-hop.  Honestly what really drew me in to finding Fractal Sky’s sounds, were all of the artwork associated with his music.  Chronpaul, big ups! Fractal Sky, big ups!

This post is dedicated to my good friend Chris Edwards who never fails to enlighten my musical taste.

Datsik & Bassnectar – Elevate / YES

Sooooo happy this is out, been waiting for Elevate since last June when I saw Datsik and Bassnectar down at Starscape in Baltimore. You can really hear each artist’s influence on the song and both styles blend so smoothly. The other song YES is probably my favorite of the two it’s got a Drumstep style to it with the 175 BPM but has a lot of Glitch hop influences. The artists were also kind enough to give both of these tracks away for free!! Have a listen and download em here!