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SaQi – Quest’s End // Jumpsuit Records

SaQi, Quest's End, Jumpsuit Records, Ganjaology

We’ve been searching, listening, longing and laughing – and now it’s time to sound the alarm… Welcome to the West Coast! Here in the belly of the beast, we find the California producer SaQi with his latest creation – the title track to his new album Quest’s End. As the newest addition to Jumpsuit Records, headed up by The Polish Ambassador, SaQi is poised to take the summer by storm. This past year I caught his set at Lightning in a Bottle which came equipped with a superior team of musical backup including Russ Liquid, Lafa Taylor and more. This track is beautifully crafted, with a bass line built for baby making. Enjoy!

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SaQi on SoundCloud

SaQi on Facebook

Jumpsuit Records on SoundCloud

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Moti – Navigation EP [Out Now on Street Ritual]

Pittsburgh based production duo Moti is putting their city on the map with their debut EP – Navigation. Made up of Durtysneakz and Slopes, these guys are making truly inspiring music. Filled with beautiful flowing melodies, firm hitting mids and powerful bass, the Navigation EP is a standout release. Put this on and spend the afternoon dreaming. Enjoy!

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Thanks to Street Ritual for providing on the seductive selections tip.

The EP will be available for purchase February 27, 2013 from Beatport.




Bless up

Diluted – Sinking Coitus

Sinking Coitus.  Let’s break this down.

Sinking : a : to go to the bottom  b : to become partly buried (as in mud) c : to become engulfed

Coitus : physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements

Ohio based producers Elliot Nash and Sal Miller, who together make up DILUTED, have been creating some extremely exciting and progressive music that falls into the way too vague genre of BASS MUSIC.  This is their song, Sinking Coitus, which is a sexy, smooth, downtempoesque piece of audio art.  Sinking Coitus features a gorgeous french vocal sample that does quite a good job at keeping you in a hypnotized state throughout the entirety of the song.

Unless all you listen to is heavy metal and Borgore, I think it’s near impossible not to find some level of enjoyment from this music. Enjoy! 



JCole & Missy Elliott – Nobody’s Perfect – ill-esha Remix

Here is some FREE brand new Ill-esha for ya!  This is her remix of the J. Cole and Missy Elliot collaboration track entitled Nobodys Perfect.  Ill-esha has been giving out a ton  of new tracks via her facebook recently.  With over twenty free songs that range from glitch-hop, to dubstep, to mid-tempo bliss, you’re bound to find a few on there that will perfectly match your need for bass.  Ill-esha’s version ofNobodys Perfect a perfect blend of glitch and dubstep.  The bass line and drums are super thick and not too distorted, while the vocals are slightly chopped up, resulting in the song riding really smooth and not feeling overly glitched out.  As for the synth lines, they could come from nobody else but Ill-esha.  She’s got great style!  Hit up her facebook page and get this remix free along with tons of other tracks!


3 Days (plus some hours!) ‘Till Decibel…BORETA

So as all you bass lovers and Bassdrop Music supporters have been getting stoked for their musical Showcase on the 29th at The Crocodile, Bassdrop Music has been getting ready to break us off with a nice surprise to make the night a lot more exciting.  BORETA of The Glitch Mob is going to be headlining at the Bassdrop Music Showcase!  One of the leaders in glitch-hop will be throwing down a high energy performance along side Marty Party, R/D, Danny Corn, and Kat1lyst.  This night just got a lot more epic.

See you there!

Andreilien – Thra Ka Remix

Andreilien, formerly known as Heyoka, may have changed his name, but his style is still the same.  The Thra Ka remix is jam packed with all the glitchy synths, bleeps, and bloops, you could need in three and a half minutes.  I’m excited to see what the new name change will bring out in Andreilien’s production style over the next couple years.  Bump this one!

niceFingers – Intercontinental Beat Collection

Intercontinential Beat Collection - niceFingers

What are we supposed to do with all this great music!? I mean seriously, there have been more extraordinary musicians surfacing this year than ever.

Once again, here we have some stellar synth work by a pair of intergalactic sound boys with roots in our home land of Ohio. I met Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider of niceFingers while in school in Columbus. It was just a few years ago that they were beginning to get their fingers dirty while bouncing around town getting into what the ColumBASS scene had to offer. As their fingers grew and danced to the rhythm of their beating eardrums, Nick and Dave went their separate ways to collect inspiration from the far reaching corners of the globe. With one man in China and the other in LA, niceFingers stretched their imaginations skyward to create a symphony of satellite traded synthetic sound.

This is Intercontinental Beat Connection. The album is available via BandCamp for a suggested donation of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! But you know, pay what you will. 

niceFingers SoundCloud

niceFingers BandCamp [FREE DL!]

niceFingers Facebook

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for another big album from this now reunited pair of killer creators set for release later this year.

Artist Highlight : Future Simple Project

Future Simple Project was a name that wasn’t incorporated in my music library, and in fact, wouldn’t have meant anything to me at all until I went to Envision music festival earlier this year.  I came across Miraja and Mikey Fisher playing quite possibly one of the most energy packed and enthusiastic sets at this enchanted music festival.  With a crowd dedicating 110% of their energy to the dance floor, stars shining through the tree tops in the jungle, more beautiful women than you knew what to do with,  and Future Simple Project delivering an exclusive mix of grimey, glitchy, wobbles against smooth dub style bass lines, there was nothing else anyone could have asked for at that moment.  Needless to say, I left their show with a new love for the music these two artists are producing and am very proud to support their bass music & artist collective, Dub Animals.

Here are a few tracks to check out!




Mochipet – Moguera

Coming out of the bay area on Daly City Records, Mochipet delivers heavy wags of sound under the genre of Godzilla Bass.  Moguera, the featured track for the Petnation Remix Contest offers a golden opportunity for any of you sound scientists.  Beginning with tin hitting elements and progressing electronically into synthesizer melodies, Mochipet sends every listener through the mediums of a massive danceable cadence supplied by treats of swooping beats.

!Win the remix contest and open for Mochipet on his new stage!


The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi

Tim and Puma Mimi are QUITE an interesting duo.  Their glitchy, electro, pop, hip-hopish music is just about as positive, fun to dance to, and original as music gets these days.  Today marks the day of their latest release The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi.  What really caught my eye about these two is the story behind all their music.  Let me sum this up for you real quick…Listen while you read!

Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan, Tim and Mimi started off as school mates at university in Utrecht, Netherlands, met at an old-school santa party, went on a three week music making binge, said a sad goodbye due to Mimi having to return to Japan, released four tracks onto the ever so intricately woven world wide web, which then made their way into ears in every part of the earth.  From here they continued to shock the followers they already had, and pick up new ones with ease through playing a live show together through…skype?  Yes.  Skype concerts.  Mimi would sing live in her kitchen over a webcam and Tim would have a party set up somewhere in the Europe.  People loved it…and so this was their most familiar and recognized form of musical connection for three whole years.  Now…Here is the best part of the story! In 2011, after 8 years of having known each other, they got married, and are now are releasing their latest full length album, in the year of the dragon, through Mouthwatering Records, an independent record label from Bern, Switzerland.  SO much work has gone into this album, years of sweat and smiles, practice, and….web cams.  Below is a list of all the tracks and the source of inspiration for each song.  Enjoy!

1. Acchi Kocchi
Our friends, Tokyo based band YMCK, inspired us to produce this song. They developed a plug-in (free to download
on the net), producing 8-bit sounds. However, the hi-hat is still Mimi’s “tch”.

2. Surrealism
Inspired by Mimi’s small flat in Shinagawa, Tokyo. 1DK = One Dining Kitchen Apartment

3. Ohayo Baby
Dedicated to Tamaki Takanaga, the newly born Baby of their best friends in Tokyo. For her birthday, they built a little
monster puppet with an mp3-player in it.

4. High 5 Low 5
Inspired by the mood of Tim and Mimi, up and down. Tibetan bells and a wooden flute from Tim’s grandfather.

5. Spiderweb
Inspired by Pastor Leumund’s instruments in Berlin, an old piano and a keyboard that makes funky beats.

6. Tamago
Töbi Tobler: Hackbrett (dulcimer). Tim’s first record he got from his parents was “Töbi Tobler”. He loved it! 25 years
later he asked Töbi, whether he can record him.
Text is inspired by Hans Arp and heavy summer rain.

7. Tigerbalm
Töbi Tobler: Hackbrett (dulcimer), Tim: Flute

8. Belleville Rendez-Vous
Cover song from the crazy animation movie: “Triplettes de Belleville”.

9. Shinjuku
Inspired by the Tokyo train ring tone. Each subway station in Tokio has its own melody, ringing each time, when a
train enters or leaves the station.

10. Green Blood Circulation
Inspired by the Tokyo train ring tone

11. Q-cumber
Song of the electronic cucumber. (Yes the electronic sounds comes from the cucumber!)
Watch Cucumber performance here:

12. Musik Business feat. Zebra Baby
Inspired by IFPI Switzerland (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).
Currently there are investigations running, on whether the IFPI has adulterated the Swiss charts. As guest rapper
on this track: Zebra Baby (Char Johnson + Ali Ramos) from New York.

13. Toryanse
Inspired by the traffic light ring tone in Kyoto. It’s an old Japanese folk song, that is played when the traffic light
changes to green. It’s about crossing borders.Mimi sings the song with a Casio VL-1



Also, Don’t miss this epic music video for their song High 5 Low 5!

Pericles – Ancient Desert [DROPS TONIGHT!]

Tic, tic, tick. The new Pericles album drops at midnight and I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages!

For centuries the soul of Pericles has been searching; selectively sourcing incarnate bodies that have served him  in his quest for a unified consciousness. As the arms of time swing into alignment on the cosmic course of creation, Pericles has found a vehicle with which he can finally share the ancient knowledge he has amassed  during his travels. Ancient Desert tells the tumultuous story of a universe, torn from the ether and tossed into existence. Having become an ever expanding system of sacred beings, desperately drifting through the sands of time; our universe has created for us a key to unlocking the treasures of tomorrow. The vibrations that Pericles has channeled here will serve to share with us the lessons, learned over millennia, in order that we may one day return to that beautiful unity from which we were born.

Since his inception into the consciousness of Pericles in 2007, South Carolina’s premier bass producer has released two full length albums along with quite a few mixes and compilations from labels including Abstract Logic Recordings, Waveform Modulations, Glitch.FM and Vermin Street. With his heart burning a space in his soul, Pericles  represents the Wondrous Temple of Boom, and has played at South East burns such as Transformus and Alchemy. Artists that have shared the stage with this energetic creature include Shpongle, Ott, The New Deal, Nasty Nasty, Freddy Todd, Ana Sia, Alex B, Ben Samples, Pretty Lights, Eprom, Mochipet, Big Gigantic, Ooah, Quetzatl, Eliot Lipp, Signal Path, and Conspirator.

With remixes by Freddy Todd, Charlie P, and Brad Bitt, Ancient Desert will not go unnoticed. Check out this teaser tune, and pick up the whole album when it releases on BeatPort tomorrow!

Also, check the links below for more music from Pericles.

Sun Beams Album // Pericles Bandcamp [FREE DL]

Ancient Desert Mix //

Dolphin Crunk //


Alphabets Heaven – Boosh EP

I love the name of this EP. A friend of mine has the word BOOSH tattooed on the inside of her lip, and until now she’s the only one I really know to use the word. It’s not surprising that Brighton based producer Alphabets Heaven is coming with some rare words to describe the rare sounds on the this expressive EP, released just last month with King Deluxe.  Organic and original, the EP is a mind bender. Enjoy!

This short film from King Deluxe fits nicely with the blossoming frequencies manifested in the music of Alphabets Heaven.


Grab the full EP here.

Govinda – Alchemy Amalgamation Mix

It’s been a little while since we’ve had an hour long mix up on Ganjaology, so here ya go!  This is the Alchemy Amalgamation mix by Govinda featuring some unreleased tracks and some songs off of  Universal On Switch.  Enjoy the worldly vibes you’re going to get with this one and be sure to check out Govinda in a city near you during his summer tour this year.  



What does the future hold? Only we can determine our destiny. Close your eyes and find your still space. Open your ears and find your trill space.

1. NiNA SiM0NE – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
2. THE T0UCH – Bodies Waiting (FRENCH FRiES REMiX)
3. DARK SKY – Be Myself
4. MiM0SA – Pink Sprite
5. DiSCL0SURE – I Love… That You Know
6. STAGGA – Wild For The Night (D0SHY REMiX)
7. LUNiCE – I See U (GiRL UNiT REMiX)
8. TEETH – Shawty
9. JAY-Z KANYE WEST – Niggas In Paris (MiM0SA REMiX)
10. MiM0SA – Ice Box
11. AFRiKA HiTECH – Out In The Streets
12. MiM0SA – Dirty Money
13. Sleepyhead – Summer Lovin

Image by Kris Tate.

Pressha – Everything In Moderation

Sexy…Bassy…Glitchy…Wobbly…Fifty minutes long…what’s not to love about this mix from Seattles own, Pressha?  After getting back from Envision Music Festival in Costa Rica and being surrounded by artists such as Gladkill, Chris B, Ill-Esha, KllSmth, and Russ Liquid, I’ve been on a serious glitch-hop/sexy bass hunt.  Luckily, I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the energy of the gorgeous tunes coming from countless artists across the West Coast.  This mix Pressha released through BassDrop on 4/20 is absolutely ridiculous.  Whatever it is you’re doing at the moment will probably get that much better as soon as you click play and tune into the sounds that have been inspiring one of Seattles most well known bass DJ’s.  FIRST, here are a few words from Pressha himself regarding Everything In Moderation.

“When I set out to make this, I wanted to make a sequel to Sex to make Dubstep to. I found myself wanting to push a very similar sound but yet the tempo increased as I chose tracks I wanted to use over and over. Midtempo and Sexy Bass music has taken a stronger hold of me than I expected and it comes through on this. There are a few unreleased tracks by a couple of my favorite producers at the moment, the whole thing is meant to be played and replayed while making love, partying, enjoying the sunset, and just generally anything that makes you feel good inside.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you.”


1). A Gift To-Sugarpill
2.) Stay Awake-Gladkill
3.) Walking Away-Kastle ft Mc Armanni
4.) It’s when I miss all of you- Goldrush (Gladkill Remix)
5. ) Say you want to- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
6.) I know-Kastle (Bokator and Jock Styles Remix)
7.) November 18th-Drake (Stratus Remix)
8.) Tanktop-Sugarpill (Unreleased)
9.) Roof Back-Minnesota
10.) Cats used to harmonize- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
11.) Back to the Bay-Matty G. ft. Ugene
12.) Pony-Ginuwine (Molecule Remix)
13.) Space Leaf Dub-Polish Ambassador (Gladkill Remix)
14.) Something for Everyone-Frequent C and kLL sMTH
15.) Waking-Guttstar
16.) Sail-Awol-Nation (Slim Thugz Remix)
17.) So Precise- Paper Diamond
18.) Be Cool- Chris B (Unreleased)
19.) Tickle Parts -Oh Tebins
20.) Capture the Flag- Samples

Lucky Paul – I’d Rather Go Blind

Dressing up the vibe in this original classic, New Zealand producer, Lucky Paul raises the bar of creativity.  Building his tracks with stylistic selection  on somethinksounds, Lucky Paul warms Etta’s heartache with rolling bass weaving in and out of her serenading vocals.  In honor of Etta’s life and her contributions to the music world this glitchy rework blends echoing instruments, reverbing percussion, and smooth guitar licks.    Big ups to Lucky Paul for reviving this timeless melody.

See-I – Blow Up (Knight Riderz Remix)

 The magical qualities of bass and how to incorporate the feelings of bass music into your daily life are a couple things I have been studying on a day to day basis for a while now.   So far my studies have left me with the conclusion that if you want to incorporate the feelings of bass music into your daily life, then surround yourself in it.  SIMPLE SOLUTION! 

WU LYF – We Bros (Young Montana? remix)

Treat yourself good today.  Start the day off with some healthy stretches to get your body in the awake state it needs to be in.   Lead that stretch session with some healthy sounds by created by Young Montana? and Wu Lyf.  Follow your stretch session with a healthy bowl of your cities finest greenery.  Good morning…Ganjaology style… BIG UP YOURSELF!

Vapor Mache – Hokum

Get your funky two step on for Vapor Mache’s brilliant bass tune, “Hokum.”  This heavy glitch track emits digitalized catchy vocals backed by bumping basslines.  Turn up the volume and let the reverbing bass move your body to its bold beats.  Vapor’s eclectic style pulls from distinctive electronic genres such as Downtempo, Chillstep, Deep Dub, Bass Crunk, and Glitch Hop.   His next level drops will hook you every time, so anticipate tasty change-ups meant to reel in your intrigued attention.  Vapo Mache’s fresh grooves have been played at artsy events such as Lightning in a Bottle.  So stay on the look out to experience Mache’s rolling, crunk-dub rhythms.


Nico Luminous – Soul Searchin

If you dare to step into the swamps of some sexy subs, get drenched in Nico Luminous’s banger, “Soul Searchin.”  Under the brilliant genre of Soul Whomp, the hard hitting basslines, distorted synths, & dubstep-ish slaps will get your mind wrapped around his rope of whomp.  His glitch hop and downtempo clicks will fill your atmosphere with heavy crunk vibes that will send you down your own soul searchin way.  Lend your ears to this art of sound and hear Nico’s ballin bumps.