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Income The J:Kenzo! [Tempa 097]

The Dark Sub Lord J:Kenzo is set to release a 3 track EP on vinyl and digital via Tempa. The tracks are said to be released in March 2015 so check the the smooth bouncing tunes J. has produced and get set to own ’em for yourself!

Future Brown – Room 302 (Feat. Tink)

Future Brown_All White

What do you get when you take good production, sex appeal, and a tight mc? Well, a really good party, but you also get the song “Room 302” by Future Brown and Tink.

This four piece futuristic producer group based in LA and London have linked up with one of Chicago’s top emerging vocalists Tink, to create a truly progressive song. This fresh production, teamed up with Tink’s RnB flavor, creates a smooth tune with a hint of grit to it. Future Brown’s sound has said to have taken influences from both whats going on in the London Grime scene, meanwhile combining the fresh sounds of Chicago Rap and you can hear a touch of both in the song below.

The group’s self titled full length album is set to debut on Warp February 24th, so if you dig this one get set for more to come.

Darkstorm – Mind Like Water

Ganjaology, Darkstorm

Mellow hip hop, bordering on UK grime and at times darker, more sinister rhythms – Mind Like Water is a purely original piece of sonic art. From the depths of his being, Abdullah Al-wali aka Darkstorm of London, UK brings us this album brimming with soul and steeping with curiosity toward the darker side of life.

These are the frequencies from which we guard our sleeping children when we sing to them before sending them off into the dream time, where they otherwise might be haunted by the sights and sounds of Adam’s original wife, Lilith. But, as adults we relish in these sounds, that bring us to the edge of awareness…. To that strange place between sleep and dream. Our minds are strange in this way. And so is this music.

Al-wali is the co-founder of Bad Taste Records and also makes music under the alias Lean Low. Check out more from him here. And if you like the album, be sure to buy it direct via Bandcamp here.

Self Evident – Gearing Up For Bass Coast [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview!!]

Self Evident Interview Image

If you’re not already a part of the Vancouver bass music scene, you likely aren’t yet privy to the distinct sounds of Self Evident. This BC native is known for his high grade, genre flexing DJ sets and masterful production. Sticking mostly to the heady, subterranean type vibes, Self Evident’s sets move through dubstep, future bass, raw dub, trap, footwork, jungle, juke and other ill defined contemporary frequencies. The bottom line is that the man has a knack for creating sonic landscapes which push the musical envelope and create opportunity for vibrating gyrations of the pelvic kind.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Self Evident when he was performing in Seattle. While kicking back and enjoying some classy beverages, we chatted about everything from birds to bees to bass… Check out the interview below.

Also, I’ve included some essential sounds by Self Evident. Feel free to toggle to your hearts desire. Just today, he is releasing his 8 track album, Rubbaman with Really Good Recordings. Be sure to cop that on Beatport!

In just a few short days, Self Evident will be headed up to Merrit for the weekend to participate in BC’s most bossed up bass music festival… Bass Coast. He will be performing among other superb acts including the whole team from Lighta! Sound, the infamous Librarian, Michael Red, Goth Trad, Machinedrum, HxDB, Om Unit, Dan Solo, Daega Sound, DJ Cure, Neightbour, Mat The Alien, Random Rab, The Fungineers, Alphabets Heaven, Calamalka, and many more. If you’re going, don’t miss Self Evident’s solo set along with the Lighta! Reggae Jam…

bc banner

Here’s the interview. Big up and many thanks to Ben for his kindness in sharing with us!

GANJAOLOGY: Alright… We are here in Seattle. This is Mickey Mars with Ganjaology. I’m here with Self Evident.  He’s from Vancouver BC. So do you want to just tell us a little bit about yourself?

SELF EVIDENT: Self Evident. Vancouver BC. Representing Lighta Sound!.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Very nice. Welcome. So ya, this is your first night playing in Seattle?


GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Well we are looking forward to checking it out. I hope you are enjoying your time in Seattle so far.

SELF EVIDENT: It’s beautiful here.

GANJAOLOGY: Great! Let’s start with the basics. How did you originally get into music?

SELF EVIDENT: Definitely having older siblings helps, like my brother’s four years older than me, and he got into electronic music pretty early. He introduced me to a lot of seriously old school dance music which gave me sort of that leg up that a lot of those british guys have, as far as knowing about electronic music when they were kids. And then… How did I get into shit?

GANJAOLOGY: Did you play any instruments in school?

SELF EVIDENT: I did, I was a musician. I was in a few bands, like playing guitar and stuff. And I guess Max had DJ’d for a long time, I’ve been producing for a long time. And then we sort of traded off those skills a little bit, so that helped. And then, a huge influence was when my brother did a Tuesday weekly called Grime Sessions out of the back room in Shine Night Club in Vancouver, and that still has such a huge impression on me. I used to go to every Tuesday and get really drunk and dance super hard to grime music, and I still… that’s probably the biggest influence on me besides like, dancehall is pretty big for me. But grime does something deep inside of me that I can’t explain, like more than any other style.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice, that’s funny. Well my next question was what is your biggest inspiration, haha…

SELF EVIDENT: Well I still collect grime on vinyl. It’s like one of my hobbies. I have a pretty serious vinyl grime collection, and also UKG and two step. Still collect that on vinyl.

GANJAOLOGY: Any specific artists?

SELF EVIDENT: Ahhhh… Nope.

self evident banner

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Perfect. Haha. That’s awesome man, well we’re looking forward to seeing what you play tonight.

SELF EVIDENT: I guess hip-hop is a huge influence on me too. Gangster stuff. I remember, I think, that my brother bought this NWA tape, “Hundred Miles and Runnin'” And back then you actually had to be of a certain age to buy a thing that was explicit material. I remember him buying that. I couldn’t have bought it at the time. And listening to it. That was a big influence for sure. Lot’s of hip hop. Big influence.

GANJAOLOGY: My mom made me return the Cash Money Millionaires, Juvenile album.

SELF EVIDENT: Oh my god, hahaha. Hilarious.

GANJAOLOGY: Right!? Anyway, I’ve seen you perform a couple times. Always in Canada. I gotta say Canada is unbelievable. The bass scene up there is pretty awesome. Vancouver primarily, but Canada in general. So what can you say about that?

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, I feel really blessed with what’s going on in Vancouver right now. We’ll even get headliners in from London who are like… The scene is even more into the music than in England. You know what I mean, like really dedicated fans. And not only that but fans that know their shit. Like I learn shit from my fans. “You need to check out this” or “you need to check out that” They’re on to it. And their really… Maybe a lot of conditioning from the early Dub Forms parties, but people are open to hear something that they never heard before. They’re almost expecting that from me and from other DJs, you know. They’re ready to give me the fucking, “What the fuck is that shit stuff”

GANJAOLOGY: Ya that’s awesome! So ya, we spoke a little bit about your brother, but I have to ask. Obviously you guys are connected. I’ve seen you at the same events, doing the same shows, stuff like that. You came out with the Eastsiders EP last year, which was awesome! That one track has been echoing in my head all summer.

SELF EVIDENT: “Numba One Stunna?”



GANJAOLOGY: “Move ya, Move, Move…” Like aaahhhh. So do you guys have any new releases that you’ve been working on together?

SELF EVIDENT: Working on lots of stuff with my bro. He’s very meticulous about what he puts out so don’t know when that stuff will surface. Really stoked for my collabos with Subcorr. Double Intention is our R&B one, and Blockout is the grime one that we’re working on. Those are going along really well.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice. Are those going to be EPs or full length?

SELF EVIDENT: We have a whole album produced with the R&B one. We’re just working with a vocalist right now to write some songs. And then the Blockout one, we have about five or six tunes just about done. Just about  to start chopping them to labels. Grime with a little bit of dubstep with a future kind of influence.

GANJAOLOGY: Nice that’s awesome. Ya I think one of the things that has majorly impressed me personally is your ability to transition between different genres, and really to just bring a certain level of play. It’s like your sound, but yet you’re moving through a lot of different stuff. I wanted to ask specifically about the Wepa! album. I heard that and it’s just way different, and super cool. So would you tell us a little bit about that one.

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, I met this guy Will Eede from Argentina, and my buddy Dustin (Gameboy) spent a little time in Mexico. And they kinda had a history with Cumbia music and they introduced me to Cumbia, and it was really intersting. Anytime I hear something that’s like so out of the pallet that I know, it’s always like wow. There’s something I can take from that. Whenever I hear something super fresh, I instantly have to go and make something with that influence right away. Anyway, through working with them got super influenced by a lot of the Latin artists. Chancha Via Circuito, Super Guachin, Black Mandingo. But right now kinda working on a little bit of a druggy, trippy sort of indiginious music influenced thing with Will Eede. And then, with Gameboy, we’re hopefully gonna be doing a project with Lido Pimienta who’s out of Toronto. Really, really talented singer who’s originally out of Columbia. So that’s on the horizon for that. 


SELF EVIDENT: And if possible, I’d like to mention my co-lab with Yan Zombie that we’re working on right now. It’s like some mad Dr. Dre Chronic shit meets future bass. Really, really excited for that. That man is a king on the keyboards. Which kinda gives me that thing which I don’t have quite yet, which is that live keyboard playing.

GANJAOLOGY: Great. So I’ve seen you a couple festivals as well as clubs. Do you have a specific favorite place to play or general vibe that you like?

SELF EVIDENT: Ya, my brother’s night’s at Open Studios are pretty legendary. Just such a good vibe there. He always puts together a great lineup. Michael Red of course used to put on the Dub Forms parties there in the really early dubstep days, bringing all the early dubstep innovators before people were on to that shit. So that space is amazing. Obviously I have my monthly at the Astoria which is a little more grubby gangsta style.

GANJAOLOGY: What’s the name of that night?

SELF EVIDENT: That’s a good question. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and I still don’t have a name for my monthly. Haha, I actually thought about one while laying in bed last night… And I forgot it. I though it was the one though. It will come back to me. Thinking of a name for something is hard!

GANJAOLOGY: Any big plans for the summer, plans for the year? Anything you are particularly excited about?

SELF EVIDENT: Well Bass Coast Festival of course. Probably… As far as like, for real heads, future heads… I don’t see another lineup in all of North America which has that much quality at the top of it. You know what I mean? Like, not just… I don’t want to name names, but not just shit that the masses are into or know about. You know, like stuff that the real heads wanna see super bad. It’s just a massive lineup, in that sense. Andrea, her taste in music… To have someone picking all the music like that, it’s awesome.

GANJAOLOGY: Yes. Very excited. We’ll be there for sure.

SELF EVIDENT: It’s weird. It’s the only festival I’m playing this year though. I go five last year so…

GANJAOLOGY: You’re pushing the production then, huh?

SELF EVIDENT: Working on it, ya. Oh for sure. Working on a whole album right now. It’s kinda grime, dubstep, kinda thing. It’s weird, there’s a wickid resurgence in dubstep right now. Proper dubstep is coming back. People like Kahn obviously. He’s a big part of why this is coming about. A lot of people are like, “Oh shit. I wanna hear this again” Daega has been saying it to me for a couple months, or even longer than that. I just played in New York City for a guy that does a monthly called Reconstruct, They have a serious following for proper dubstep in NYC right now. Their shows are selling out and they’re bringing all those big names again, and they’re doing it proper.

GANJAOLOGY: Anything you care to share that you haven’t said already?

SELF EVIDENT: August 23rd I’m doing a show at the Astoria with Monolithium from Victoria, and Bevvy Swift from Montreal, and Crusha who just got a release on Mad Decent! And Kimmy K, it will be one of her first sets. She’ll be opening up. Should be good. I think that’s it. And shout out to HxDB, everyone in Lighta! of course, Librarian… Who else should I shout out? Oh my god, they’ll hate me. Ok that’s about it.

GANJAOLOGY: Awesome. Thanks!

MIK Versus Kahn – The Mix

MIK, UK, Brixton, Kahn,

Ok grime fans… This one’s for you. Brixton killah soundboy Kahn has teamed with the sinister word smith MIK on this simply filthy mix. If you don’t know already, MIK is one of the hardest hitting MCs coming out of the UK grime culture. With support from his crew Family Tree including MCs Merky Ace, Ego, TKO and Shifman and in-house producers Faze Miyake and Splurt, MIK spills lyrical genius into his music. This mix is that fire.

For those that like to smoke

BLUNT after BLUNT after BLUNT after BLUNT

roll up and kick back to this

DUB after DUB after DUB after DUB.

Track List:

Back You Know (Swizzee)
Wooo Riddem Freestyle (SX)
Ice Rink Freestyle (Wiley)
Duppy & Leave (Kahn Dub)
Fly Boy (Wiley)
Flushing MCs (Kahn Dub)
Do It (Kahn Dub)
Ninja Freestyle (Exo)
TMEYE Freestyle (Kahn Dub)
Trouble Maker 2 (Wiley)
DPMO (Nu Klear)
Shut Down Feat. Merky ACE (Kahn Dub)

MCs Merky Ace, Ego, TKO and Shifman

Skream – “Problem Dog + The Blue Crystal”

Well I’ll tell you what, I’m pumped about these two tunes. Skream just posted them up to soundcloud about 6 hours ago and both of em deserve a post. I think Skream may have just perfected the balance of darkness, grime, and cleanliness with these tunes. Reverbs – perfect. Percussion – crisp of course. Creepy, dark vibes – check.

What’s really amazing to me, is that in this well saturated Dubstep game, Skream is able to STILL come up with unique sounds and patterns, and maintain his signature style. He mentioned in the info of the two tracks that Youngsta will be playing these in the coming months, maybe this means a release on Tempa? Wouldn’t that be a treat. Big up Skream as always. Now check em!

5 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Starkey

Out here on the West Coast, some folks can get a big head about the scene and all the amazing opportunities available. Many wanna talk about the Best Coast  or Blessed Coast, thinking this is the only real Bass Coast. Philadelphia producer PJ Geissenger aka Starkey reminds us that the sounds coming out of the East can truly embody that high flying eagle – creator energy.

Producing predominately dubstep and grime, Starkey’s tunes transition gracefully through hip-hop, street bass, and ambient as well. When he’s not laying down devilish sets around the globe, Starkey teaches music theory at the University of Philadelphia. Look out for this guy as he develops his sound over the next few years!

Check the recently recorded mix Starkey did for the Мишка Bloglin Keep Watch Mix Series, and don’t miss this man at DB and Surefire Boat Party next Friday. Separate tickets are required and are sure to sell out, so get ’em now!

Jammer – Big Man 2012 (Produced by Skream)

Here is a brand new Skream and Jammer collaboration entitled Big Man 2012.  It seems like the trap train is making it’s way around the world!  This tune is huge, stay tuned for a release date.

Toki – The Slug

This tune is absolute fire!  The repetitive and beautifully crafted wobbles Toki  created for this tune leave a really smooth bounce in your step.  Along with that new found bounce in your step you may find the need to start The Slug over a couple times.  Don’t worry…you’re not the only who’s having these symptoms…

Distance – “A Result Of Sound”

If you like deep grimey dancefloor killers, Distance is definitely an artist to mention. His grungy bass lines make one cringe and dance at the same time. This tune has such a big sound with a beautiful dark melody to it. It is set to release on Distance’s label Chestplate at some point this year, however it does not have a date yet. Check out this one as well as the tune that will be along side it on the CHST020 release!

More Fire Crew – “Oi”

OI WHO’S THAT MORE FIRE CREW!? Takin’  it back to ’06 with this one. I heard this grime tune for the first time last week when DJ Preacha dropped it on Get Darker TV. I was surprised when I looked up the date and saw that it was nearly six years ago that the tune came out! Check out these guys, pretty cool tune with a bit of an old school vibe.

Caspa – Sell Out EP Preview

Ahhhh,  It’s gonna be a great end May with Caspa releasing his newest Ep entitled , Sell Out, on Dub Police.  Here is a quick little preview of what’s in store for your subwoofers for the rest of the summer.  My favorite tune out of Room 324, Jungle Juice, and You Sell Out, is definitely You Sell Out.  It’s such a heavy tune and really captures that classic Caspa grime that was one of the original driving factors in the development of my love for dubstep, however, all of the songs are so different, and EXTREMELY progressive in the realm of dubstep that I’m sure you’ll be amazed by them all.  It’s not ALL about the heavy stuff, and Caspa really shows that by bringing in some sexy synths and throwing a very liquid/downtempo element onto Room 324. As for Jungle Juice, I was expecting to hear some jungle when I clicked play! Nope. Guess again. It’s some four to the floor dubstep for ya!  Caspa has always been pushing the limits of what is considered possible in the world of bass and proves why he is a top player in the game, once again, with this upcoming EP, Sell Out.  Stay tuned for more Dub Police on Ganjaology.

50 Carrot & Getter – Madman

Here is an absolutely massive tune coming straight out of the UK/USA by one of Britain’s hottest up and coming dubstep producers, 50 Carrot, and one of the States hottest young producers, Getter.  50 Carrot has been on my radar for a while now…Getter, I couldn’t tell you too much about him other than he’s from San Jose, California, and BLOWING UP.  Madman, is a collaboration between the two, and it’s currently shakin’ walls worldwide.  Enjoy.

“Drum Roll” – Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers released their EP Wheel & Deal Recordings about a month or so back. Both songs have a dark, heavy feel. But maintain a crisp sound by not overdoing the grimeyness – in my opinion the best way to do it. The Dozeman hit me up today asking me to drop him a .WAV of this tune, so I thought I would post it up. Check this tune out, and if you’re in the Miami (FL) area, watch Dozur spin it live at club Mekka tonight!

Scion A/V Presents: Skream & Benga

Wooooo! Well if it isn’t the two dubstep dons at it again with a nice quick release for all to hear. This 5 track sampler is available for early free download currently at

I chose to share two of the five with you friends, because these two… they’re just amazing. First up is benga’s Electro West.

I have been waiting for this damn track to be released for quite a while now. Every time I see videos of Benga he’s dropped this, everytime i’ve seen him live he’s mixed it in, they even teased us with it in the magnetic man essential mix.  Now, finally its here and I honestly can’t wait to mix this one in myself.

Second Is Skream’s Phat Head. Skream never ceases to amaze me. The way he creates these loopy songs that instantaneously evoke motion is unlike anyone else. This ones definitely a head bobber and drops nicely with the fat Skream synths.

Truth – “Full Baked”

This ones another deep dubstep tune that truth has conjured up. The ambience is a nice filler to this bouncy yet deep tune. The new zealand producers have some very nice sounds coming out and have released several EPs in the last month. Check their soundcloud for the rest of the tunes but definitely check this one!

Firedog – Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6

This is an enormous multi-genre (hence the name of the mix), hour and three minute long, super mix, put together by Budapest, Hungary’s, György Preyer, better known to the music world as Firedog.  Whether your favorite style of bass music be moombahcore, DnB, grime, electro, dubstep,  or drumstep, you will get an equally heavy dose served to you from Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6 .  Firedog puts no limit on the levels of bass he throws around here.  Enough reading, it’s time to listen! Click play, then download this mix (for free, duh!) and make sure to let it play out at the next party you have and keep an eye out for more Firedog mixes on!  

9/16 Weekend Preview – Tunnidge @ Contour, Presented by Shift Recordings

With Decibel Festival coming near, Seattle has a lot of amazing electronic music to look forward to over the next few weeks.  Everything from ambient, to deep house, to glitch-hop, to dubstep will be filling our green cities air with melodic and wobbly sound waves.  If you’re as excited as I am for the parties to come, then you just can’t wait until the 28th for the madness to begin.  Luckily, Shift Recordings has set us up with some heavy sounds for this coming weekend to get you in the right mood for Decibel.  Coming straight out of London, England, and to Seattle for the first time ever and the first stop on his debut US tour, is Tunnidge.  This dubstep heavyweights sounds are strictly for all the serious bass heads out there!  With kick drums and basslines low enough to rattle your body down to the bone,  Tunnidge keeps that true underground UK sound that is being heard less and less throughout dubstep shows around the US.  Not much more needs to be said…except… show up with your wompin’ shoes on! Here are some tunes to tide you over until Friday.


Who? – TUNNIDGE (Deep Medi Music) with local support from TZR & Press (Shift Recordings) and Dash EXP (Shift Recordings)

Where? – Contour, located at 807 1st ave (1st ave between Columbia and Marion)

When? – 10pm  Friday the 16th of September 2011

Rufio – Pistol In My Pants

Betamorph Records has an insane arsenal of artists…Rufio being one of them.  This is his brand new track ,Pistol In My Pants, which was released today.  When playing the song for the first time I was expecting a verse to go over the filthy drumstep beat, but there are only a few lyrics that need to be said. PISTOL IN MY PANTS! ROCKS IN MY DRAWS! WOMP! WOMP! WOMP!  Get this free download HEEEEREEE