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MartyParty – Bully (off the new Sub On EP)

October 4th marked the day of another MartyParty EP release!  This time his new EP is called Sub On.  The name is perfect, the cover of the EP is hilarious too!  The names of the tracks on Sub On are Pac Man, Bully, Icre Cream, Lose this, and V8,  all of which are represented on the cover.  Overall the Ep is incredible, as expected from the South African native, but the track that stands out the most is Bully.  Bully is not your typical MartyParty track with a strong, beautiful, synthy melody and several different breakdowns and build ups throughout the song.  Bully is straight to the point.  Grimey, wobbly, and FILLED with the deep bass you’re anticipating.  I love it, I think it shows progression in MartyParty’s style and shows that he can hang with the best in the production world when trying to bring the bass.  Download SUB ON HERE at MartyParty’s website.  


Diplo & Skrillex – Amplifier

Ohh man, this one is sick. Two huge names in electronic music coming together to produce some heavy moombahton. The feeling I get from listening to this, is Diplo took Skrillex’s somewhat repetitive (yet heavy) sound, put his spin on it, and threw it over a nice moombah riddim. They really came together nicely on this one, diggin’ the melody and the grime.