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Mochipet – Moguera

Coming out of the bay area on Daly City Records, Mochipet delivers heavy wags of sound under the genre of Godzilla Bass.  Moguera, the featured track for the Petnation Remix Contest offers a golden opportunity for any of you sound scientists.  Beginning with tin hitting elements and progressing electronically into synthesizer melodies, Mochipet sends every listener through the mediums of a massive danceable cadence supplied by treats of swooping beats.

!Win the remix contest and open for Mochipet on his new stage!


Kanye West – Mercy (Triple Six Sound Club’s No Mercy Bootleg)

Triple Six Sound Club absolutely destroyed this remix of Kanye West’s song, Mercy.  I had never even heard the original prior to finding this remix, but there really isn’t much of a point in bumpin’ it at all with this free download available.  This track is FIYAAAAH!!



Minnesota – Ancient Machines EP

Howdy cowboy.  I think today we gon’ try and wrangle us some bass lines and purple music! YEEEEE HAAAAW! 

50 Carrot – Carrots On A Plane

This track has been on steady rotation around my house for the last few days.  It immediately brings a good bouncy feel too your body and then moves towards the direction of the moon.  Okay… I’m a sucker for repetative, spaced out, dubstep and this is a nice example of it.  I’d be happy if this track went on for ten minutes…but it doesn’t…so enjoy this short clip!  

Supreme Beings Of Leisure – Truth From Fiction (Defunk Dubstep Remix)

Chilled out beat + beautiful voice + heavy wobbles = a beautiful morning song

Wiz Khalifa – On My Level (DeathStar FutureBass Remix)

Woooooow!! I heard this remix when MartyParty came out with the Twisted Summer mix a month ago and spent a little time looking for the unreleased track under MartyParty’s name.  MartyParty obviously had a huge hand in the song, but so did Minnesota, and together they form the group DeathStar.  They just released their new EP, Ultravioilet Halo, and on it is DeathStars incredible remix of Wiz Khalifa’s On My Level.  This is hands down the hottest track on the EP and hopefully it will be getting some well deserved play worldwide.  Check this track out and visit MartyParty’s website HERE for the brand new, and free, DeathStar EP.

King Fantastic – Lost Art Of Killing

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Minnesota Remix)

Remember when the first Luvstep mix came out and there was that incredible remix of Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed by Jakwob?  Iit smacked hard as hell and was quickly overplayed on my Ipod.  I am a little surprised that Minnesota did another remix of Starry Eyed after Jakwobs version was such a hit in the dubstep club scene, but hey, there is always room for a new version of an old song right?  I think that is the reoccurring theme of the week.   Anyways,  the new Minnesota remix is rockin’ too!  It is a little easier to dance to for all you ladies out there,  is not so heavy with the wobbles, but the bass is definitely still there.  Here is the Jakwob version for you and the Minnesota take on Ellie Goulding’s hit song Starry Eyed.  Compare them both and let me know what you think!



Here is the Dexcell DnB remix too since we are on the remix topic….


Ghost Town Remix

This track is off the hook!!!  By this track I mean the original…the 50 carrot remix… the DJG bootleg remix…and this other random no-name remix I found on SoundCloud.  The Specials are a band I was raised listening to and so hearing new takes on an old song is always nice.  Especially when you can bump them!  The 50 Carrot remix is a little harsh on the ears but is put together beautifully.  The other two remixes are smooth and preserve that heavy dub sound in a spectacular way.  All these tracks helped keep my past weekend as chill as that mango freeze drink I got in China town last night.

Random Remix

50 Carrot Remix

Ganja Highlight – Chocolope

So you can add a new strain of bud to the top of my ganja list and that would be CHOCOLOPE!  I came across this strain on accident while stopping though a house party in The EverGREEN city.  I walked into the party and there was a strong, strong scent that immediately filled my nose.  The smell was unmistakable.  It was some extremely potent ganja that needed to find it’s way out of  it’s bag and into my possession.  It did not take long to find out who had the weed.  The ganja that was pulled out of the bag was some of the hairiest and smelliest ganja I have seen in my day.  What is the name of this gift of the ground? Chocolope.  A 95% sativa that is a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cantolope Haze.  This is a medical strain that is used to relieve stress and anxiety, and leaves you in high spirits ready to face the day!  Really though…does this ganja have caffeine in it!?  It truly is a very high energy bud that is awesome for daytime consumption.  The Ganjaologist approves this bud.


Doctor P – Tetris

Hot Damn!! Good God DAMN!!! HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE….!!!!!!!  I don’t even know how to begin describing this song! Okay thats a lie. Lets start with the intro…it sounds like…TETRIS!! The Tetris theme song is easily recognizable by everyone from the ages of ancient all the way down to the three year old in the back seat of the soccer mom van playing on their GameBoy.  So knowing Doctor P’s style after hearing his hits like Sweet Shop, Big Boss, and Neon, weekend after weekend in every club I go to for the last 24 months, I had high expectations of this track when I first heard someone mention it to me.  After searching for the song on youtube the only thing that came up was a video of Doctor P dropping his unreleased track at a show in Melbourne, Australia, and DAMN THE CROWD GOES FUCKING NUTS!!! Look at the dudes face at 0:18 in the video! He has me laughing super hard every time I watch it.  Anyway, on the 13th of this month the Doc released Tetris for the world and has had the club crowds going insane ever since.  Doctor P is definitely one of the biggest names in dubstep right now and is getting ready for his first trip to Seattle next month! Stay posted for info about the upcoming show.


MartyParty – Twisted Summer Mixtape

Summer time is here and mixtapes are dropping left and right!  MartyParty just posted this Twisted Summer Mixtape to his SoundCloud a few hours ago to celebrate the arrival of the sunny season, and his recent release of his debut album,  Purple.  You should be familiar with his sound by now, but if you’re not, you are in for a pleasant surprise!  This 43 minute mix is riddled with wicked bass lines and upbeat, high energy samples and melodies.  Once again, this is another free download, so click HERE to add it to your music library!

J Hanna – Loyal To The Game

A few months ago I’m chillin’ around my house relaxing with some ganja and some tunes on when my phone rings.  I look at the caller id and It’s J Hanna on line one from Florida.  “What up mane?” I say as I answer the phone.  “Chillin’ maaaan, I’ve been working on this new track though!  I’m gonna send you what I have so far so you can check it out and tell me what you think.”  J Hanna responds.  I’m always down for some serious discussion involving music, so I waited a few minutes while J Hanna dropped the clip he had in our DropBox.  I was expecting nothing short of the best from J Hanna, but what he had produced far surpassed the best and is up there with the greatest.

My ears were in heaven.  The clip started off with a smooth beginning with a bouncy synth and a nice clap.  From there I heard a familiar voice…

There ain’t a cop that can stop me, My posse is cocky and they don’t quit until they drop me, I’m loyal to the game!

Really? Yes, really. J Hanna did the fool and sampled the ending line of 2Pac’s first verse of Loyal To The Game.  Following up the bounce and the catchy sample are some well put together wobbles that truly capture J Hanna’s dedication to the music game and his enthusiasm for life.  This song will get you ready for anything…surfing, smoking, fucking, sucking (shout out to all the girls going wild over this one!), skating, working, I MEAN ANYTHING! You name it, this song will make you do whatever you do 100% better. Enjoy it!

 From the first time I met  J Hanna many years back he was always involved in music. Starting off with a highschool ska band, moving on to doing some light production with Quiz of Digiraatii, and now to the minor leagues studying music production at Full Sail University, this amateur is sure to turn pro sooner or later.  Keep an eye out for more free downloads from the up and coming producer and be expecting more ill tunes in 2011!!


One love.


Don Carlos – Young Girl Remix

The first time I heard this song I was sure I was going to hate it aaaaand…I was wrong.  Based off the first ten seconds of the song I decided I did not like it and changed it to a song higher up on the SoundCloud page.  Since SoundCloud conveniently plays songs back to back, the Young Girl remix found it’s way back into my speakers.  This time I had a completely different reaction.  I did not notice the first ten seconds of the song this time and I went to see what was playing after the first verse was over I was surprised to see it was the song by Don Carlos that I had recently decided I hated.  This is a huge remix of an old song he did for his album titled Don Carlos released in 2009.  Skip the intro and get right into the track.  Check out the original Young Girl when your finished with the remix too!

The Beatles – Come Together (David Starfire Remix)

So a couple months ago when I saw David Starfire at Contour, in Seattle, Washington, he opened up his set (it might have not been the first song but it was close!) with an incredible remix of The Beatles, Come Together.  He dropped the song and the whole vibe of the room seemed to shift in a positive manner and people were literally coming together on the dance floor.  David Starfire has a distinct sound that incorporates world beats, with glitch, hip hop, and dubstep, mashed up all together and spit back out with his own heavy bass take.  It’s catchy, inspiring, and gets feet moving! Enjoy this one.

Minnesota – Roof Back (320 Download)

3…2…1…aaaand GO! BLOW YOUR SPEAKERS! This is a new beastly track from Minnesota called Roof Back which features a Rick Ross sample, “My roofs back, My moneys right..” (hence the name of the song), and the heavy bass sounds of Minnesota.  This track is super ill! I love hearing hip-hop samples mixed throughout dubstep, and Minnesota did an awesome job of this track.  I am truely impressed.  It is a sound I would refer to as thugstep, and the shit is straight grimy as ever son! BUMP THIS SHIT, DAMN!

Noah D – Seeerious Moombahton Remix

Back in 2009 when Portland native, Noah D, dropped the track, Serious, on Subway Recordings, it moved dance floors worldwide.  I just recently came across a new moombahton remix of Serious by Enzed, a producer from the Netherlands.  This track has got a nice flow to it!  Moombahton is not a genre where I would say I like the majority of the music, but this song hits hard and should definitely get some play on your Ipod.   Noah D was first introduced to the Drum & Bass scene in the late 90’s, but did not get heavy into the scene until the early 2000’s.   He started off Djing and from there moved to producing his own tunes.  In his eyes this was how he was going to make a career out of music, and thats sure what he has done!  Over the past years he has had songs played by some of top drum & bass and dubstep Dj’s in the scene such as Diesel Boy, Emalkay, Freq Nasty, Plastician, and has gotten play on major UK radio stations such as BBC radio 1.  Keep an eye out for new music coming from the great American producer.  He has recently been working with Beenie Man on a dancehall track (needless to say its bangin’) and will have some new drum & bass and dubstep out for all his fans this year.  Shouts out to Jeremy Fish for coming up with the dope design on Noah D’s t-shirt in the picture too!!! West Coast Steeeeeeze. Enjoy the original Serious and the new remix from Enzed!


DnB Highlight! – Tantrum Desire

Last month Tantrum Desire released his remix of Blind Cobblers Thumb by Futurebound. The song hasn’t seemed to have hit off yet but wow is it good. The bass is very powerful, much like songs like Space Time by Delta Heavy and Tarantula by Pendulum. Overall the song has a jungle sound to it sticking true to older Drum & Bass and sounds of older DnB icons like Aphrodite. As the song builds there is a feeling of something big to come and when the song kicks in it goes hard. It’s spacey sound and fast pace will definitely be killin’ dance floors around the world for years to come. Now listen up!!

Datsik & Excision – 8Bit Superhero (Megaman)

This symphony of synths, put together by two of Canada’s biggest names in dubstep, is sure to be blowing up all over the web in the coming weeks. I’d heard that Datsik had been dropping it at recent shows but hadn’t been able to find a good version of it online. It’s heaviness, melody, grime, and beauty, all thrown in a blender with some nice northern womps. Check it! J Hanna out.

Get Nasty Feat. BORGORE

This weekend at King Cat Theater Borgore and Reid Speed are gonna be bringing in the bass and all the fit birds to Seattle!  Bring the bitches, bring the blunts, bring the bass, bring the ice cream, and fucking buy a pre-sale ticket HERE because you know this one will sell out! SWAG!

Here are a few new tracks from the pro bird watcher.  The second track Someone Else feat. Adi Ulmansky is definitely a new favorite.  The song really concentrates on the lyrics of the song, and the production is steering away from the loud crashes and typical Borgore sound.  The melody is strong and the bass is heavy, therefore, I am in love.