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Callisto – Fall Days : Volume Two


Fall Days : Volume Two, is an instrumental hip-hop mix made to reflect the vibes of autumn.  This mix was made by Colorado based producer, Callisto, and is the second volume in an annual mix series (Fall Days) started in 2014.  This is one of the deeper hip-hop mixes we’ve heard in a while. Click play and let your experience begin.



I’ve been hearing a lot of real dope hip-hop lately.  I was really excited to get this release from Tokyo Dawn Records and Pugs Atomz, BAMA PI.  This is an album you can play from start to finish and not skip a track.  ENJOY!

Sonic Bloom Artist Highlight – Templo


Prepare to step into a world made of thick drum kits, deep melodic bass lines, and beautiful futuristic melodies.  These audio landscapes have been carefully crafted by Denver based producer, Templo, who is known for his unique blend of house, downtempo, hip-hop, funk, and dub.

Templo’s latest ep, Sunrise Vol. IIis compiled of 5 all original tracks that have an uplifting and refreshing vibe.  The beats are very intricate and quite fast at points.  These complex rhythms are then complimented by atmospheric synths and pads that bring a water-like coolness to each song.

I recently heard someone say that a “Fully Writable Album” is an album you can play from start to finish in one sitting without having to skip a single beat.  I’d have to say that Sunrise Vol. II would definitely qualify as a “Full Writable EP”.

Make sure you don’t miss Templo at Sonic Bloom 2015!  He’s no stranger to the stage, and with a handful of releases and festival performances under his belt, Templo will have an impressive set that will surely be a highlight of the festival.

Cashmere Cat – Grog Shop Cleveland – WEDS 3/3/15

Cashmere Cat, Ganjaology, Grog Shop

Young Norwegian producer, Cashmere Cat will be performing at Cleveland’s premier east side venue The Grog Shop this Wednesday March 4th. CC aka Magnus August Høiberg has made serious waves on a global scale in the last few years since the release of his debut EP Miru Maru in 2012. Famous for his intelligent remixing of some of todays hottest hip hop and R&B acts Cashmere Cat has cornered the market with this a creative style of future bass all his own.

He will be supported by Cleveland locals Sean 2:16 and DJ Corey Grand. Plus be sure to head down to The Grog’s sister club B Side Liquor Lounge after the show for sounds by Noah Peele.


Bambooman – Dulcet EP

Ganjaology, Bambooman

I found this album while digging around on Bandcamp the other night. UK sound creator Bambooman, has captured my ear space and left me lifted. Haling from Yorkshire, UK – Leeds based sound creator crafts a sonic landscape full of textured percussion and atmospheric synths. Dulcet will inspire your nervous system. Enjoy!

Buy It Here.

Maxo Kream – Clientele (Feat. Ski Mask Malley)

This song came out a few months back. Maxo Kream and Ski Mask Malley went in on it, check it out below. Free Ski Mask Malley!!

Treyzilla – Ghost Town EP

Azizi Gibson – Backward Books EP

Ganjaology, Azizi Gibson, Brainfeeder

I’ve been bumpin’ this Azizi Gibson lately and it’s just so fresh. Dinosaur rap has never been better. Check out the Backwards Books EP here and be sure to peep the tune “Smokin’ With The Gods.” If you’re not hip to Azizi’s work already you’re in for a treat. Check out his collabs with Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, and Thundercat, plus his releases with Brainfeeder.

Backward Books EP, Azizi Gibson, Ganjaology

Black Smurf – Hustle God 2: Mind Over Matter

Black Smurf, Ganjaology, Hustle God 2

East Memphis MC Black Smurf comes with a fresh new mixtape entitled Hustle God 2: Mind Over Matter. The sample in the first tune gives me shivers. Oooohhh…
Don’t sleep on this one!


Ganjaology Presents: Pussy Brunch – Chronic Kitty [MIXTAPE]

If you aren’t already familiar with the infamous ladies of Pussy Brunch, you’re in for a wild ride. This pair of bad girls take bedroom beats to a whole new level. We had the pleasure of kicking it with them during their set at What The Festival last month. It was ridiculously fun dancing to their stellar sound, and so – we decided to do a mixtape!

Hailing from the Labia Majora, Pussy Brunch’s Teagan Thais and Lauren Clayton are holding it down for the real hood. Their space crunkin’, booty whomp knockin’, bacon beats, are served along with a healthy side of turnt-up toast & twerky jerky. Their hand crafted blends of hyphy & thump chronic smackers, move through the speakers & stimulate your feelers. Bring extra panties caus’ their pu$$ypoppin beats will leave ya dripping to top off the cream in your coffee.

Peep the mix below, and please note: This is a PARENTAL ADVISORY release. Haha, seriously though. It’s good. It’s fucking good. So go ahead, prep those drawls and turn up that appetite for…

Ganjaology presents: PUSSY BRUNCH – CHRONIC KITTY

Be sure to follow Pussy Brunch for more more music!

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – Shame (Badbadnotgood Remix)

Ganjaology, Rappcats, Freddie Gibbs, BBNG, Badbadnotgood, RemixWe all have our ups and our downs, our ins and outs, our goods and our bads. Sometimes it’s painful to see ourselves in these darker reflections, but we must remember… It’s all in balance.

I was reminded of this tune this past weekend while checking out a good friend’s DJ set during which he really played the badman role. This tune was developed and created originally by one of my longtime favorite badman producers Madlib in collaboration with a newer super cold rapper who’s certainly hit the hotlist, Freddie Gibbs.

In this soulful remix, musical editor Badbadnotgood (BBNG) brings a fresh perspective to this already thought stimulating track. Through his use of live jazz drumming, minor chord arpeggios and crafty percussion samples BBNG pushes the limits of contemporary hip hop with elaborate musical expression. If you’re not hip to what these guys are talking about, spend some time with the video for the original tune. The imagery alone tells all. And remember, life is not all light and rainbows… listen to the sounds and feel the vibes. This is real shit. It’s a cultural thing.

What does that mean anyway… Shame?


Peep and purchase the whole album from BBNG here.

Bluetech, Pressha, Nordic Soul, Young Benoit – Nectar Lounge 2/16

Ganjaology, Bluetech, Nectar Lounge, Pressha, Nordic Soul, Young Benoit

Pahoa, Hawaii native Bluetech will be gracing the stage at Nectar Lounge this weekend with local support by Pressha, Nordic Soul and Young Benoit. With Bluetech’s recent release of his new album Space Chronicles Vol. 1 just last week, the show is sure to jam packed with updated sounds to satisfy your craving for star studded intergalactic earth riddims. Check out sounds from each of those performing below and be sure to RSVP on the Nectar Facebook where you can also find the ticketing link. See y’all at the show!



Darkstorm – Mind Like Water

Ganjaology, Darkstorm

Mellow hip hop, bordering on UK grime and at times darker, more sinister rhythms – Mind Like Water is a purely original piece of sonic art. From the depths of his being, Abdullah Al-wali aka Darkstorm of London, UK brings us this album brimming with soul and steeping with curiosity toward the darker side of life.

These are the frequencies from which we guard our sleeping children when we sing to them before sending them off into the dream time, where they otherwise might be haunted by the sights and sounds of Adam’s original wife, Lilith. But, as adults we relish in these sounds, that bring us to the edge of awareness…. To that strange place between sleep and dream. Our minds are strange in this way. And so is this music.

Al-wali is the co-founder of Bad Taste Records and also makes music under the alias Lean Low. Check out more from him here. And if you like the album, be sure to buy it direct via Bandcamp here.

Knxwledge – Kauliflowr

Ganjaology, Kauliflowr

This album dropped this autumn, and it’s come like a leaf that is whisked by your face as you walk. It takes you by surprise at first as it’s delivered with a slight briskness which makes your nose tingle. Though the broken beats and shuffled nature of this musical gem at first seem startling, if you turn your head just slightly, your ears will know exactly where the one is; just like the way you turned your head to follow as the leaf gently floated to the ground. Once it’s touched down, it’s time to return your focus to what you were doing before the wind again alights within you the need to turn another leaf.

LA beat maker Glen Boothe (aka Knxwledge or Knx.) spins magic with this release. The 18 tune LP was dropped digitally and on wax earlier this fall with Dublin label All City Records. Get it direct… here.

Sight & Lowgritt – The Ascension

Over the past year and a half, Californian based hip-hop artists Sight and Lowgritt have been steadily grinding away at a project that has finally come to an end.  Their debut album together, The Ascension, is a display of funky West coast beats and conscious lyrics that are meant to inspire you…make you think…and above all, make you get down on the dance floor!  This 12 track album is a really positive piece of art.  In a day and age where a lot of rap and hip-hop coming out is about violence and drug dealing, an album that has such a ‘bass music’ vibe and at the same time keeps a more classic hip-hop style really stands out.  Sight and Lowgritt even featured Ganjaology’s Callisto on a couple tracks!  Be sure to give The Ascension a good listen and support Sight & Lowgritt down in sunny Cali.

Here are a few words for the artists themselves…

“The creation of this album took place during the cosmic transition which has brought our planet into the age of Aquarius. The idea was to create an album that could capture that moment of transition through lyrical, thought-provoking vocals and emotionally engaging productions that were tuned harmonically at 432 hz. We began working on The Ascension in the early months of 2012. ” – Sight & Lowgritt

People Music Presents :: Peanut Butter Wolf :: 9/14 Seattle

Peanut Butter Wolf, Ganjaology

This weekend at Rebar in Seattle, our good friends at People Music will be hosting the infamous founder of Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf.

World famous for his exquisite beats and insatiable appetite for sniffing out MCs of magnetic lyrical potential, Peanut Butter Wolf could certainly be considered a “people’s champion.” With his label Stones Throw Records, PBW has brought together some of the best producers and lyricists hip hop has ever heard including Madlib, J Rocc, MF Doom, Madvillian, Guilty Simpson, Quasimoto, MED, Anika and J Dilla among others. If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to read the Stones Throw history, written by PBW himself here.


Since its inception in 2010, People Music has been responsible for some of the highest grade hip hop and electronic acts to come through North Coast Territory. Showcased artists include Eprom, Lorn, Mux Mool, Starkey, DJ Vadim, and Take to name a few.

Shout out to the homie Justin for all his work in making the group thrive. Keep up with People Music on Facebook, plus more info and TICKETS at the People Music website here. RSVP here.

Peanut Butter Wolf, Ganjaology, People Music

B. Durazzo – Beats Vol. 1

B. Durazzo, Ganjaology

This one’s for the original hip-hop heads. For the nodders… and I don’t mean the sandy-eyed bed-timers. Oakland beat maker, B. Durazzo comes alive with this impressive display of sample selection and rhythm weaving on his album Beats Vol. 1. Durazzo has a unique style that catches the ear, stretches the spine, and moves the flesh. I caught his set at The Nectar Lounge in Fremont here in Seattle a couple weeks ago, and I was blown away. The man sets up behind two matching MPCs and makes those machines sing. With beats on his left hand and melodies on the right, he has no time for error, only space to massage his soul into the speakers through the limitless freedom of his fingers. I would highly recommend giving this album a true listen. Big up B!

Check out more from B. Durazzo here.

Tha Geeks – “Tip Toe”

We gotta say big ups to the homies over in Cleveland, THA GEEKS!  They’ve been hard at work over the last couple years…from traveling the world…to keeping the positive beats flowing out of CLE…to assuming the large roll of keeping proper greenery around…they’re definitely putting in the work to keep a buzz.  This track in particular, Tip Toe, catches my attention because of how well everything throughout ALL of the production flows.  From the catchy lyrics to the smooth screwed video to the incredibly beautiful beat…this tracks an underground banger, and 100% original.  You’ll be seeing these cats around…make sure you say what up!

Tha Geeks on Facebook

Trellion // Miggy Manacles – Just Maintain

Trillion, Miggy Manacles, Just Maintain, Ganjaology, Morriarchi

Just ran across this track, and I have to share. The lyrics on this carry some serious flow. I love the droney synths and bouncy percussion which make up this underground style hip hop beat.

Big up Trellion on the words, Miggy Manacles for the beats.

More by Miggy Manacles aka Morriarchi here.

Thriftworks – Terry D // Untz Mix April 2013

Thriftworks, Terry D, Ganjaology

For the past two months I have hit replay on this album day after day like religion. I think that its been just enough time for me to digest the fullness and freshness of this beautiful piece of sonic art. Terry D by Thriftworks takes electronic music to a new level of passion, a new height of creation. With impeccable production and mastering, Terry D is an album to spend some time with. Bubbling synths and magical sweeps, wrapped around twisted hip hop and poetic sound frames characterize this fascinating release.

Pick up the album digitally here. Name your price!

Luckily for those of us who have been patiently waiting, Thriftworks has just released his newest collection of sounds. In this rare and exquisite mix, filled with mostly unreleased music, Thriftworks takes us on a journey of magnificent proportion. Wow… Upside down that’s Mom. Wow.



ganjaology, thriftworks, untz mix

Peep some ultra rare footage below. We have BluPrint moving, DayDreams singing and Thriftworks cranking!


More here.