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Firedog – SUCK MY DISCO Mix

Here is another HUUUUGE mix from our friend Firedog over in Budapest, Hungry.  His last mix, Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6, was one of the most versatile and well constructed mixes I have heard this year, so of course I had high expectations for Suck My Disco.  Without fail, Firedog has brought another energy filled, club banger mix to the world, and of course, it’s a free download.  I hope we get a track list for this mix soon! Crank you speakers, it’s about to get real evil wherever you are.

Firedog – Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6

This is an enormous multi-genre (hence the name of the mix), hour and three minute long, super mix, put together by Budapest, Hungary’s, György Preyer, better known to the music world as Firedog.  Whether your favorite style of bass music be moombahcore, DnB, grime, electro, dubstep,  or drumstep, you will get an equally heavy dose served to you from Without Fucking Genre Limit Part 6 .  Firedog puts no limit on the levels of bass he throws around here.  Enough reading, it’s time to listen! Click play, then download this mix (for free, duh!) and make sure to let it play out at the next party you have and keep an eye out for more Firedog mixes on!