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Westerley Live @ Shambhala 2013 – Living Room Stage

Big shout out to Westerley for this huge dubstep mix!

:Michael Red on the Mic:

1) Author – After Time
2) Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive
3) The Others – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)
4) Dcult – US
5) LAS – Blood
6) Karma – Smear Dub
7) Gantz – Lifebound
8) Deafblind – Humanism
9) Gantz – U Wont Mind
10) Catacombs – Badman Culture
11) Piezo – The Omen
12) Daega Sound – Rainmaster
13) Sleeper – Species
14) D-Operation Drop – Genesis
15) LAS – Minus 2
16) Commodo – Space Cash
17) Gantz – Stayer
18) Amit – No Mercy
19) Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
20) Chewie – Mesmerized
21) Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
22) Perverse – Tribute
23) Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
24) Benton – Wormholes (Soap Dodgers Remix)
25) Thelem – Elemental Fears
26) J Robinson – Mysticism
27) Matt U – Frequency
28) Daega Sound – Under Pressure
29) Demon – Door 13
30) Biome – Black Widow
31) Asylum – Blindfold
32) J:Kenzo – Ricochet
33) Daega Sound – The Ridge
34) Westerley – Keys Of Time
35) Daega Sound – State Of Mind
36) Amit – Acid Trip
37) Fatboy – Sick (Artikal Remix)
38) Ipman – Persistent Dread
39) Goth Trad – Born To Know
40) Ipman – Sensory Deprivation
41) DJG – Time Is The Fire VIP
42) Killawatt – Static Tension
43) Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
44) J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
45) Icicle – Caffeine
46) J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
47) Ipman – Signal Motion
48) Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
49) Chapta – Late Night Jazz
50) Asylum – Afterlife
51) Wayfarer – Reflections
52) Dub Phizix – Yukon
53) Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptikal Remix)
54) J:Kenzo – One Drop
55) Chimpo ft. Dub Phizix & Skeptikal – Buzzin’

Proxima – Lie Detection

OH MY WORD!! Needless to say, this track is HUGE! Super minimal vibes, but heavy at the same time? If that makes any sense… Anyways, I just heard this one on the Shogun Audio Podcast with Icicle, and I nearly jumped out of my seat when the drop hit. It’s got some very deep and eerie synths, and the lead up brings the feel of a simple minimal track. As the drop hits the feeling is completely washed away as the tune kicks in with some heeeeavy basslines. Not even gonna explain more about this one, give it a listen and make sure you listen on good headphone or speakers, it makes a huge difference. Big up Proxima!!!

Benton – Acute Studio Mix

Here’s some weight for the bass head’s crate.  Getting down on some heavy compiling for Acute Promotions Agency, Benton slays his musical catch through mixing in talent of Kryptic Minds, Sleeper, Biome, and Thelem. Damn!  That’s only to name a few of those contributing to the sounds of every depth of treble and hardcore bass.  Anyways if your ears are at all picky like mine you will keep this beat on repeat.  I dare you to download this one and drowned in the pool of buzzing LX One shocks & quaking bass shakes from the beast of Benton himself.  Enjoy the rudeboy frequency!

Icicle – Acid Step

Ohhhh my  god, I can’t even express how excited I am for this track. Icicle, known for his deep liquid dnb tracks, is also a phenomenal minimal dubstep producer! If you saw my post for Shogun Audio’s Way Of The Warrior EP, then you probably already know this with his and Distance’s ExhaleAcid Step is just a teaser of what is to come on his EP that is in the works, forthcoming on Shogun Audio. This track got it’s first play on Dj Friction’s Shogun Audio Podcast and the second I heard it I had to turn my system right up. This track has all the dark qualities of his liquid tracks but also brings the groove that only dubstep can put forth. Been hearing a lot of Skrillex-ish dubstep lately so this is a great refresher. Everyone check this one out and make sure to crank your speakers!!!! Big ups everyone and big up Icicle!!!

Icicle & Distance – Exhale

Icicle is by far one of my favorite DnB producers because of his super minimal liquid DnB sound; As for Distance, sad to say, I had never really heard much of him before this song. Anyways, never did I expect to hear Icicle making a Dubstep tune and was surprised and sooo happy to hear it on the Way Of The Warrior LP. Exhale has that really ambient minimal dub sound to it; every time I’ve listened to it so far it I’ve just gotten that urge to just move. Anyways I’m not gonna try to over analyze it, check it out below and if you haven’t heard the other songs off the LP yet, give em’ a listen!!

Shogun Audio – The Way Of The Warrior LP

YES! FINALLY! Shogun Audio, after months of anticipation, has released The Way of the Warrior LP! No amount of exclamation points can emphasize my happiness. Shogun Audio, the record label to which artists like Icicle, Friction & K-Tee are signed, puts out some of the best Liquid DnB out there. The songs on the LP are sooo smooth, great music to listen to after a frustrating or stressful day. If I had to emphasize one song on here it’d be Jupiter by Friction & K-Tee (just cause I heard about it first and have been waiting to get my hands on it for a while haha!) but no one song is better than the other, the whole album is awesome and filled with relaxed vibes. Big ups to all the artists who contributed to this LP and Shogun Audio for bringing them all together under one amazing label. Check it out below and buy it on the Drum & Bass Arena Website.