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2011 Banditz Re-Cap

Ganjaology members J Hanna and Dozur AKA Banditz absolutely killed it in 2011, releasing 6 huge tracks over the course of the second half of 2011.  Be expecting some huge sounds out of Florida in 2012! Big ups fellas!

Banditz – In Like Sin

 With the Banditz hard at work in their frosty fresh beat factory (they keep the air at 65*F to be exact, that’s winter coat weather down South!) down in Orlando, Florida, they will with out a doubt be one of the most sought after dubstep duo’s to come from the Southern sunshine state.   In Like Sin is their latest releases that is a collaboration between Banditz and Hijinx, another Orlando dj/producer.  Together, the 3 young producers have created a perfect scenario where beauty and evil compliment each other like never before and intertwine throughout the track like threads of a rope.   It’s rare a song sends shivers down my spine, but hearing this song for the first time through four Mackie SRM450’s and two 18″ powered subs will do just that.  TURN THIS THE FUCK UP!!  An EP should be coming along soon from Bandtiz so keep an ear tuned to and hear it first when it’s released.  BIG UPS FELLAZ!!