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J. Cole & Missy Elliott – Nobody’s Perfect (Tony Goods Bootleg)

Last week we featured a spectacular remix of J. Cole and Missy Elliott’s song , Nobody’s Perfect, that was produced by Ill-esha.  This week, we’ve got another remix of Nobody’s Perfect from the Pacific North West’s, Tony Goods.  When you’re surrounded by grey skies that provide a never ending source of cold rain, you often times find yourself needing something that brings heat to your life.   Bringing the heat is exactly what Mr. Tony Goods is doing with his brand new tropical bass bootleg.  You could be in the worst rainstorm of the year, without any rain gear on, in flip flops, freezing cold, and as soon as you put your (also soaking wet) headphones on and clicked play on Tony Good’s Nobody’s Perfect bootleg you’d be transported to the sunny beaches of Costa Rica sipping on a gin and tonic, watching the waves roll in and the beauties of the beach play volleyball.   The vibes are happy, the bass is kickin, peoples ears are happy.  Enjoy this free download!


JCole & Missy Elliott – Nobody’s Perfect – ill-esha Remix

Here is some FREE brand new Ill-esha for ya!  This is her remix of the J. Cole and Missy Elliot collaboration track entitled Nobodys Perfect.  Ill-esha has been giving out a ton  of new tracks via her facebook recently.  With over twenty free songs that range from glitch-hop, to dubstep, to mid-tempo bliss, you’re bound to find a few on there that will perfectly match your need for bass.  Ill-esha’s version ofNobodys Perfect a perfect blend of glitch and dubstep.  The bass line and drums are super thick and not too distorted, while the vocals are slightly chopped up, resulting in the song riding really smooth and not feeling overly glitched out.  As for the synth lines, they could come from nobody else but Ill-esha.  She’s got great style!  Hit up her facebook page and get this remix free along with tons of other tracks!