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Hulk – Bang Boom Ping Pow!!

Check out this extra rowdy mix by Hulk! That’s right… We got Megalodon, we got Dodge and Fuski, we got Trowa… Datsik, J. Rabbit, and that new Diplo Track. Oooh damn. Some like it rough.

Tear it up Hulk!


DnB Highlight #3! Talk To Frank

While listening to Digiraatii’s latest mix online I heard some crazy crazy facemelting tunes. One of which that caught my ear with it’s HUGE drop was J. Rabbit’s remix of Talk To Frank Originally by Virus Syndicate. The drop is up there with some of the biggest in all my time listening to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Everything about this song is just awesome, it’s bass is deep as hell and it hits so hard. The lead has a jungle sound and although you know something huge is coming when the “You can say no, you dont have to get high its cool, but i got flake, blues, MDMA, and Peruvian nasal fuel” picks up you have no idea how massive the drop is. Now this is more Drumstep than anything however it fits the DnB Highlight bill. Anyways… Here’s the song and the download link!! More DnB Highlights soon to come!