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‘Red Forest’ – Callisto – [Free Download]


Here is a brand new track from Callisto called ‘Red Forest’, which embraces the energy of Autumn.  The lo-fi vibe is strong on this track!  From the thick low end, to the menacing koto sample, all the way to the gritty high hats, this tune rides.  Enjoy the sounds of ‘Red Forest’ and make sure you check out more of Callisto’s music on SoundCloud.


Savon – Tokyo Pt. 2 (Feat. Sango)

It seems like Japanese culture…their style, their technology, their seemingly opposite world from that which we live…has had a huge influence on American hip-hop and urban culture over the last several years.  We have seen artists such as Yung Lean, Retro Su$hi, and Trap Sensei make reference after reference to Japanese influence, and even have quite a bit of Japanese text throughout their video’s and promotional art.  What you’ll be listening to in a moment is another American producer who’s influence from Japanese culture has been reflected through imagery, words, and sound.

The song you’re about to listen to, Tokyo Pt. 2,  is produced by a 19 year old artist named Savon.  It is featuring fellow Michigan based producer, Sango, and very well represents the chill vibes of this beautiful year, 2014.  Tokyo Pt. 2 is the seventh track off of Savon’s second EP, Always & Forever, which got it’s name because, in Savon’s own words, “… I will always & forever do music”.  Those are strong words to come from such a young adult right?  Well you won’t be surprised Savon would make such a statement once you listen to the clean quality of his production.   It would be easy think someone twice his age was behind the scenes of the mixing board!

This is a wonderful piece of audio art.  Enjoy!

Tony Goods – That’s Paper

Tony Goods has definitely been putting in work when it comes to his music.  His new track, That’s Paper, has been getting some heavy play throughout his parties the last couple months, and now it is time for the rest of the world to hear this club banger.  I don’t know where to begin trying to categorize That’s Paper…all I can say is…it SMACKS. Hard. Japanese label, Proper Pedigree Collective must be super stoked to be releasing such an original sounding, high energy track, from Tony Goods.  You can catch Tony Goods live every Thursday night at See Sound Lounge in Belltown, Seattle.  Enjoy this one!

Tony Goods on SoundCloud

Tony Goods on Facebook

Tony Goods on Twitter

The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi

Tim and Puma Mimi are QUITE an interesting duo.  Their glitchy, electro, pop, hip-hopish music is just about as positive, fun to dance to, and original as music gets these days.  Today marks the day of their latest release The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi.  What really caught my eye about these two is the story behind all their music.  Let me sum this up for you real quick…Listen while you read!

Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan, Tim and Mimi started off as school mates at university in Utrecht, Netherlands, met at an old-school santa party, went on a three week music making binge, said a sad goodbye due to Mimi having to return to Japan, released four tracks onto the ever so intricately woven world wide web, which then made their way into ears in every part of the earth.  From here they continued to shock the followers they already had, and pick up new ones with ease through playing a live show together through…skype?  Yes.  Skype concerts.  Mimi would sing live in her kitchen over a webcam and Tim would have a party set up somewhere in the Europe.  People loved it…and so this was their most familiar and recognized form of musical connection for three whole years.  Now…Here is the best part of the story! In 2011, after 8 years of having known each other, they got married, and are now are releasing their latest full length album, in the year of the dragon, through Mouthwatering Records, an independent record label from Bern, Switzerland.  SO much work has gone into this album, years of sweat and smiles, practice, and….web cams.  Below is a list of all the tracks and the source of inspiration for each song.  Enjoy!

1. Acchi Kocchi
Our friends, Tokyo based band YMCK, inspired us to produce this song. They developed a plug-in (free to download
on the net), producing 8-bit sounds. However, the hi-hat is still Mimi’s “tch”.

2. Surrealism
Inspired by Mimi’s small flat in Shinagawa, Tokyo. 1DK = One Dining Kitchen Apartment

3. Ohayo Baby
Dedicated to Tamaki Takanaga, the newly born Baby of their best friends in Tokyo. For her birthday, they built a little
monster puppet with an mp3-player in it.

4. High 5 Low 5
Inspired by the mood of Tim and Mimi, up and down. Tibetan bells and a wooden flute from Tim’s grandfather.

5. Spiderweb
Inspired by Pastor Leumund’s instruments in Berlin, an old piano and a keyboard that makes funky beats.

6. Tamago
Töbi Tobler: Hackbrett (dulcimer). Tim’s first record he got from his parents was “Töbi Tobler”. He loved it! 25 years
later he asked Töbi, whether he can record him.
Text is inspired by Hans Arp and heavy summer rain.

7. Tigerbalm
Töbi Tobler: Hackbrett (dulcimer), Tim: Flute

8. Belleville Rendez-Vous
Cover song from the crazy animation movie: “Triplettes de Belleville”.

9. Shinjuku
Inspired by the Tokyo train ring tone. Each subway station in Tokio has its own melody, ringing each time, when a
train enters or leaves the station.

10. Green Blood Circulation
Inspired by the Tokyo train ring tone

11. Q-cumber
Song of the electronic cucumber. (Yes the electronic sounds comes from the cucumber!)
Watch Cucumber performance here:

12. Musik Business feat. Zebra Baby
Inspired by IFPI Switzerland (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).
Currently there are investigations running, on whether the IFPI has adulterated the Swiss charts. As guest rapper
on this track: Zebra Baby (Char Johnson + Ali Ramos) from New York.

13. Toryanse
Inspired by the traffic light ring tone in Kyoto. It’s an old Japanese folk song, that is played when the traffic light
changes to green. It’s about crossing borders.Mimi sings the song with a Casio VL-1



Also, Don’t miss this epic music video for their song High 5 Low 5!

Ajapai – “Blast”

I dunno how I missed this EP but it was released early september. I had a few 320’s of his but I hadn’t kept up with his releases, and then I found this nice swinger. At first I thought it was just another average heavy tune, but as I kept listening it had a uniqueness to it. The pauses in between these swung wobbles I think were honestly what caught me, and as the pattern started catching me as well I knew I just had to spread this tune also. I caught wind too that he may be making the trip from tokyo to orlando for a show. Hoping to hear some very rare japanese dub.