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Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)

Bonobo, Black Sands Remixed

Really been vibin’ this video. The track is taken from a collection of remixes of Bonobo’s recent album Black Sands. Machinedrum spins magic with the edit, while illustrator Anthony Shepard feeds our minds with incredible visuals. Bless…



Free Downloads From Self Evident (Vancouver BC)

 Here are some new free downloads from one of the most outstanding  producers in Vancouver, Self Evident.  You’ve heard his name before, or maybe not…either way…start clicking download! These are some of the best free tunes I’ve heard in a minute.


It’s A Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle Edit)

This track goes SO HARD!  The footwork movement has made it’s way out the ghettos of Chicago and into the worldwide bass music scene.  This remix of It’s A Jazz Thing by Phillip D Kick is outstanding.  It’s extremely easy to get your body groovin’ to this track.  Everything from the smooth bass line, all the way down to the tambourine sits nicely in my speakers and mind.  Bump this one!

Tony Goods – Lose It

Tony Goods, the bastard love child of Dash EXP, has just released some new fire to heat up your speakers and re-energize  all the positive vibrations in your world.  With his new song Lose It, Tony Goods is really showing that the North West is and will always be a leader in the North American bass music scene.  His take on juke is downright awesome.  What’s really caught my ear about this track is how nicely Tony Goods has made his sub, kick, and sample interact and play off of each other.  It gives the song a very liquid feel and keeps your feet moving nicely even though the percussion and drums are sporadic and on their own agenda.  Lose It is being released through Brapdem! Recordings on the first edition of their new multi-artist mixtape series called All Day.  The whole mixtape is really funky and definitely worth picking up.   It’s filled with a lot of fast, 808 packed, ass shaking, tunes that are laced up with extra deep bass lines and beautifully chaotic breakdowns.  Pick up the new Brapdem! mixtape HERE and be sure to check out Tony Goods on FACEBOOK, and SOUNDCLOUD to support his hard work!!!

Piri Piri – Mami (Cedaa Remix)

Cedaa is holdin’ the bass scene down up in the North West releasing nothing but pure fire to heat up your speakers.  This is his remix of Piri Piri’s, Mami.  Filled with clicks, claps, crashes, barks, twirls, zooms, and that oh so recognizable Cedaa bassline, you’ll have your body grooving to this one in no time.  Enjoy. 

Self Evident – Stripped

Tonight would probably be a good night to get out on the dance floor and let loose. I mean seriously, we wanna see some booty shakin’ people!

Image by Mars-1.