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Make Love to Silence EP


2NUTZ – Bi-Tetral-Inadvertancies – Muti Music

COLORODO STAND UP! There is never a lack of  funky glitch driven sounds sounds being blasted from the great Rocky Mountains into the world, and this new group named 2NUTZ proves just that.  Being made up of glitch commanders kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor, they have taken the sound of the future to a whole new level.  2NUTZ will launch you to a new planet who’s inhabitants live in a spacious atmospheric environment and survive solely on low end frequencies and roaring synth lines played by the most creative minds in the galaxy.  With Muti Music behind this West Coast power duo, 2NUTZ is only getting a started on a project that will blossom into one of your favorite glitch-hop groups to date.

”My sole mission in life is to keep your ears listening, your brain thinking, your
hearts radiating, and most of all, your booty shakin” and making music that is; “glitch-hop,
dubstoops, lazer-crunk, future love, all things in between and throughout.” – kLL sMTH

Take a few minutes and prepare for your Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies experience.



kLL sMTH – “Serendipitous Travels EP”

Releasing the EP, “Serendipitous Travels,” on Simplify Records, kLL sMTH delivers fresh frequencies by journeying his sound-ship through galaxies of intergalactic glitch.  Dialing in cyber style, sMTH welcomes you into a reality where lazer beams beat rhythmic vibrations through a full bloom of heavy synths rooted in a bassful foundation.  Tasteful layers of electronic instrument melodies set in tune so perfectly they pave the way like stepping stones into an electrified dimension. So enjoy the next level listeners!

Delivering with funky feel properly, kLL manifests sensory awe by beginning with swing influenced vocal samples.  These soulful vocals will swing your feet into cadenced grooving, setting up for the flourishing flows of digitized sparkles scattering across the soundscapes sky like luminous celestial gems.  By focusing on the catchy vocals, sMTH constructs an awesome buildup toward the last quarter of the tune.  The breakdown crunches heavily with a tornado of hover craft rutters spinning and drilling until the track slowly winds down in its original style.

kLL sMTH & iONik’s melodic synth patterns form the spacy foundation.  Spinning turbines constantly sound through the glitchy atmosphere.  These flying object accents spiral through pyschedelic cyber effects setting the feel for a planetary discovery.  Notice how the great range of tempo change keeps the pace aurally engaging. Listen for the wide variety of deep to high pitched lasers bursting against springs spinning off into the atmosphere of yuh and digital grrrs.

If you haven’t been lifted enough by the hovercraft sputters, the bubbly yuh intro of this one will flutter you into the clouds and land you into a net of glitch hop  giggles, gurgles and grumbles.  This tune radiates a vibe so nostalgic I feel like I’m vibing off the speaker cabinets of Tipper’s LIB 2012 set.  sMTH, lighting the way, adds awesome twists consisting of glitched vocals that will keep your attention hooked.  Sounds of so much precision and rhythmic intricacy is meant to get you off your seat and flowing to the freestyle of your feet.  Make this your traveling tune because this track could fly you to the Opiuo moon.

KLL sMTH’s mad production skills are displayed through the perfect track name “Brain Drops,” which actually is my favorite track of the EP at the moment!  This beat carries so much rhythmic variety with heavy pulls and pushes of elastic sounds.  The yuhs wrap around rubbery drops layered through hyphy style vocal cuts.  Something noticeable in sMTH’s style are volume changes which lay down perfect set ups for wild techie melodies.  Emitting psychedelic vibes, this track pops properly for perfect dance floor rhythms.

The rainstick effected intro grabs the ear like a professional piercer.  Shooting you that adrenaline rush, KLL Smith keeps the excitement churning with insane buildups of chopped up vocals melting into metallic splatters of space time continuum.  The swooshes of swooping sub slaps perfectly accompany the high pitched beep accents.  Along those sounds you will hear layers of synths slicing stylefully in space crunk formation.  The waving rhythms though are smooth enough to give you that danceable beat.  This track will leave you ready for more glitchy hits.  Large ups to kLL sMTH for this fresh EP!