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KSH & Soloman – Oh My

Okay so, picture Soloman’s scratchy dark bass synths and KSH’s vocoder/vocal sample tweaks and just smash them together with a bangin’ beat and some beautiful synth work and you’ve got this AWESOME collab. They went all out on this one, this is without a doubt in my mind some of the most original work I’ve heard in quite a while. It is a very progressive tune which is something to be cherished with this style of bass music.

big up KSH and big up Soloman

KSH – Power (Clip)

DANGGGG! KSH is putting out the sickest tunes! This one is definitely my favorite one he has done and its not even out yet. The moment I heard this I kicked my chair back and started getting down to it, shits dope. Check it out!

If you want his Soundcloud click HERE!

For his Facebook page click HERE!

KSH – “Annihilate”

Skream and Benga just dropped this track annihilate tonight on BBC Radio 1. There’s clearly a reason why they selected it for their weekly show. This track is a huge 4×4 track that keeps a unique flavor (they can often sound the same). KSH a producer from the UK has created this massive tune keeping his unique style very present in the wobble patterns and the percussion. He also has recently released a free EP entitled the “Numbers EP” as a kind gesture to his fans which you can download here. This track is huge and I’m sure there is more to come from this guy.