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Photek – KU:PALM

DnB pioneer, Photek is back in action with his first album released in over 10 years! After a brief escape into other musical realities, Photek resurfaced on the dance scene in 2011 with his release of the Avalanche EP, shortly followed by the Aviator EP. With a grammy nomination in 2012 for his Daft Punk remix on the TRON soundtrack, Photek has set the stage for his smashing new album…


Intelligent and dynamic, KU:PALM is a fine blend of old and new. The album focuses more on sonic frequency and fluidity than genre specific  pattern building. Each track can be connected to the last, creating a well written, interwined album. Though each song stands alone, the album offers a comforting cohesiveness. Blending elegant sound aesthetics with high level composition, KU:PALM leads us on a sonic journey through space and time.

Known best for his futuristic drum and bass sounds of the early to late 90s, UK born Rupert Parkes aka Photek has been at this a long time. Since his inception into the global dance scene in 1992, Photek has produced an impressive array of music including DnB, downtempo, deep house and experimental. Some labels with whom he has worked include Tectonic, Rudeboy, Virgin, Sanctuary, and DnB legend Goldie’s Metalheadz label; along with his own Photek Productions. Now after 20 years in the scene, Photek has revamped and reenergized to bring us an album that is as pleasing to the soul as it is to the ears. This is KU:PALM.

We’ve listed a few tracks to give you a taste of what can be expected from this album, along with Photek’s recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

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