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Bambooman – Dulcet EP

Ganjaology, Bambooman

I found this album while digging around on Bandcamp the other night. UK sound creator Bambooman, has captured my ear space and left me lifted. Haling from Yorkshire, UK – Leeds based sound creator crafts a sonic landscape full of textured percussion and atmospheric synths. Dulcet will inspire your nervous system. Enjoy!

Buy It Here.


50 Carrot – Carrots On A Plane

This track has been on steady rotation around my house for the last few days.  It immediately brings a good bouncy feel too your body and then moves towards the direction of the moon.  Okay… I’m a sucker for repetative, spaced out, dubstep and this is a nice example of it.  I’d be happy if this track went on for ten minutes…but it doesn’t…so enjoy this short clip!