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Filth Fest 3.0 [Tonight 3/2/13 in Bellingham, WA!!]


Oh you didn’t know ’bout this!? Better jump in that


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Liquid Stranger – Bionic Beatdown Mix

Here is a brand new mix from Liquid Stranger that he posted on SoundCloud today called Bionic Beatdown.  The name says it all,  Bionic Beatdown…you’re in for no surprise.  As you can imagine, every track on here is absolutely devastating and laced with the some of the heaviest sounds associated with the word ‘Dubstep’.  Liquid Stranger will be making this mix available via his Facebook page sometime in the near future.  The track list for this mix is INSANE! Check it out, and enjoy this mix! #GanjaologyApproved

1. Liberty Prime Vs. Liquid Stranger – Photonic Resonance Overcharge
2. Liquid Stranger – Rapture
3. Going Quantum – Hello
4. Mantis – Shit Talk
5. Figure – I’ll Show You Bass (Calvetron Remix)
6. Drop Top & Figure – We Are Warriors (Calvetron Remix)
7. Calvetron – The Grid
8. Calvetron – Future Proof
9. Downlink & Calvetron – Get Ready
10. Cyberoptics & D-Jahsta – Dr. Frank
11. Mr. Vandal – Let’s Do This
12. SPL & Crushington – Mothra
13. Pixel Fist – Our Sound
14. Dubsidia – Don’t Tell It
15. Antiserum & 12th Planet – Ghost
16. Krafty Cuts – Shake Them Hips (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
17. Modified Motion & Faction – The Takeover
18. Miu – We Are The Bass (Alexander Odden Remix)
19. Pandalogik – Where Are You
20. Dirty Talk – P.O.T. (FS & Reid Speed Remix)
21. SPL & 12th Planet – Looting
22. Dirty Talk – Talking Loud
23. Subshock & Sinister Souls – We Are Pain
24. Terravita – Lockdown (Bare Remix)
25. Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)
26. Gambit – Pistol Grip (Rekoil Remix)
27. Killafoe – Fistful Of Bullets
28. Liquid Stranger – Carnival Of The Damned
29. Figure & Kanji Kinetic – Frankenstein
30. Ajapai – Bounce (Liquid Stranger VIP)
31. Liquid Stranger Vs. Messinian – Octagon
32. Dodge & Fuski Ft. Tigerlight – Adrenaline
33. Heist – I Need Killers
34. Virus Syndicate – Talk To Frank (J. Rabbit Remix)
35. Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers
36. Bar 9 – Piano Tune (VIP)
37. Liquid Stranger – Imperial Strike
38. Atomic – Seismic Charge
39. Getter – Bust Em
40. Getter – Cut Your Face
41. Catalyst – Colossus
42. Evol Intent & Ewun Ft. Vicious Circle – Odd Number (Bare remix)
43. Zeds Dead & Killabits – Just Hold Me
44. Jan Waterman – I Ain’t ‘Fraid Of No Ghosts
45. The Mcmash Clan – Kick Ass
46. Sluggo, Nerd Rage & Itchy Robot – The Warrior
47. Bare & Liquid Stranger – Rage
48. Bare – Droid X
49. Cyberoptics & Mantis – Outlaws
50. Evol Intent – Raw Bass Material
51. Cyberoptics & F3tch – Wormhole
52. Davr & F3tch – Rawness
53. Helicopter Showdown & Calvetron – Drop It Again
54. F3tch – Fuck Your Mom
55. ‪Sabi – Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix)‬
56. The Damn Bell Doors – Kill All Bastards (Captain Panic Remix)
57. Siberun – Stargazer
58. Polymorphic – Robodance (Torqux Refix)
59. Firestep – The Inferno
60. Wonkap & Neva – Total Destruction
61. Quartus Saul – Superheros
62. Tha Twitchaz – Cutta Face
63. K Hoff – Cartoon Protocol
64. Perileyes & Fogus – Unlinked
65. Getter & F3tch – Lower Level
66. Liquid Stranger Vs. Mc Zulu – Timecruch (Excerpt)
67. Torqux & Twist – Hell
68. Hide & Scream – Caligula (Torqux & Twist Remix)
69. Hulk & Dan Wall – Brotorious VIP Ft. Messinian
70. 11th Hour – Invasion
71. Badklaat – Sub Assault
72. Badklaat & Requake – Corruption
73. Benton – Smash That Badger
74. Pixel Fist – Tiger Claw
75. Genetix – Just In Case
76. Symbiotic – Launch
77. Symbiotic – Showdown (VIP)
78, Killafoe & J. Nitrous – Donkey Punch
79. Genetix – Bassline Business
80. ‪Melleefresh N’ Dirty 30 – Beautiful, Rich & Horny (SPL Vocal Mix)‬
81. The Unik – Power
82. Dirty Talk Ft. Messinian – Done Didded (KPC Remix)
83. T.O.B. – Decoy (Mark Instinct Remix)
84. Terravita – Lors & Ladies
85. King Blues – The Future Is Not What It Used To Be (Liquid Stranger VIP)
86. London Elektricity – Meteorites (Cutline Remix)
87. Downlink – Factory (Liquid Stranger Remix)
88. Noisia – Friendly Intentions (Liquid Stranger Remix)
89. Freek – Kung Fu Is Banned
90. ‪Crystal Clear – Pure Thought‬
91. Tayza – Firefist
92. Evol Intent & Run DMT – Good To Go
93. ‪Modified Motion & Faction – Now More Than Ever‬
94. Ozma – Phantoma (Sub Zero Remix)
95. Original Sin – Back For More
96. Deli J – Free (Shufunk Remix)
97. Dominator & Flat T – Mind Body Soul
98. Delta Heavy – Space Time
99. Telekinesis – Cortex
100. ‪Blokhe4d – Gutter Queen‬

Liquid Stranger – Cryo

I have heard about Liquid Stranger’s upcoming album for Interchill Records for a while now and could not be happier to hear that it will be out soon. If anyone doesn’t know what this means, basically it’s another album like The Arcane Terrain which featured tacks like Babylon Beast and probably my favorite song ever, Bombaclaad Star. Just today Liquid Stranger posted up a link to a preview of the song Cryo from the new album, Cryogenic Encounters. Cryo is a very minimal based track and really captures the idea of relaxation in a song. Check this one out and seeeeriously keep an eye out for the album, I can’t even imagine what else is in store.

Liquid Stranger Feat. Robotti – Nintendo


Check out this tune by Liquid Stranger and Robotti.  It’s so dark and bassy that I lose my mind everytime I hear it. TURN THOSE SPEAKERS UP!

Liquid Stranger – Wetware Warfare EP

Man…. Liquid Stranger is seriously too kind. Wetware Warfare was just released for free in celebration of his 30,000 followers on facebook, and oh my lord, each song destroys speakers. There are 5 songs total, 3 Dubstep, 2 DnB. My favorite is the Lockstep VIP of Babylon Beast, mainly because it’s Drumstep (in my opinion) but also it’s just got this rhythm to it that other producers just can’t touch. Then there’s Get To The Point which he did with Excision and although the producers are similar in style you can hear both of their influences; the song is so well put together, it really reminds me of the other track that the two did together One which has this groove to it and an overall ambient vibe. Although those two are great they all are soooo amazing and Liquid Stranger remains my favorite Dubstep producer. Welp, I’m not gonna try to explain much more so have a listen below and grab the Ep in WAV or 320 on his facebook!! Big ups Martin!!! (click here for his facebook)

Orbatak – Ganja Remix Project

Here is a three track remix project of Orbatak’s Ganja, put on by Betamorph Recordings, featuring L-Nix, Ganja White Night, and Liquid Stranger.  Of course, Liquid Strangers remix goes the hardest by far.  Enjoy!

Bombaclaad Star – Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger for years has been putting out some of the best dubstep in the world, my personal favorite Soundboy Killa was what first turned me onto him. He has had various different sounds over the years, from the dubby sounds of Soundboy Killa to the robotic and grimey Excision like, Rocket Fuel. His new album, The Arcane Terrain, has been the majority of what I’ve been listening to for the past week. It contains a lot of ambient, reggae, and of course, bass filled tunes. On my first listen through of the album one song in particular caught me. The song was Bombaclaad Star, the third song on the album. I was hooked. It had the feel of a true dub song that many struggle to capture. If I had to sum up dubstep in one song it would have to be this one, it embodies the core values of the name dubstep and the style of it that isn’t heard as often. Make sure to let Liquid Stranger know what ya think on his facebook, he reads every post and I know it will mean a lot. Also check out the rest of The Arcane Terrain as well as his other songs. Big up.

Some New Hard Hitting/Heavy Ass Drum n’ Bass

Drum n’ Bass has been running along side dubstep since dubstep first came about. In some ways I think of drum n’ bass as dubstep’s faster and more metal influenced predecessor. You can see how the two parallel each other with the sub/hybrid genre drumstep. Now a lot of people might not be as in love with drum n’  bass and just stick with dubstep because they prefer heavy HEAAAVVVY bass. but I would say they might not have heard the right stuff. One song that has been popping up on various compilations that I frequent would be Space Time by Delta Heavy. This song is massive!  It’s on the new Drum N’ Bass Arena and I found out about it through UKF Drum & Bass. The drop…for a lack of better words, drops hard and seems to come out of nowhere. The bass line on the song has a dubstep sound to it while keeping the rhythm of a drum n’ bass track. If Dubstep’s slower pace isn’t doing it for you at the moment I highly recommend this song because it’s kind of like if you gave Dubstep a shot of adrenalin. So here it is, you can get it on beatport right now, Space Time by Delta Heavy.

Another song with a very notable  all around dirty, grimy, and mesmerizing sound is No Problem off Chase & Status’s new album No More Idols. The song immediately makes you want to move with it’s fast pace and hypnotic synths. Like Space Time it also was featured on Drum & Bass Arena: Evolution.  Chase & Status are hitting the Drum & Bass charts hard and they have recently kicked off their US tour and were featured at Coachella. Check it out below, big ups to Chase & Status for this one.

Last but not least is the heaviest of this list. Off of his new album, Mechanoid Meltdown, Liquid Stranger puts out Shake My Ass. The song starts out with a thumping bass and a trancy sounding intro, then gets right into the drum n’ bass tempo with it’s huge bass lines and powerful drums. The song is what a lot of dubstep wishes it could be. If you like deep and heavy bass, this song will definitely satisfy you. Buy the whole album on Beatport!  Now, here is Shake My Ass.